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Postby *E*V*E*N*S*T*A*R* » Sat Jan 29, 2005 7:02 pm

CanadaFan wrote:The Fell Beast is a disappointment.


I just bought one on eBay heh. That's a shame, because I've been wanting one for a while, and there hasn't been any ToyBiz item I thought was bad. To be honest, I had to stop taking them out of their packages almost two years ago (no room for them, and boxes are easier to stack anyway), but the reason I continue to buy so many is because I was impressed with all the initial figures I got. Hope I am more impressed with the Fell Beast than you were. I couldn't afford Sideshow Weta's version.

The Dark Galadriel figure looks like an amazing piece of art. This sounds cliched, but I really cannot wait to get one. It's great! I know they're soaking us fans for every penny we're worth, but I have to say that I love how many figures are coming out lately. They're all so cool, and will look like quite the army some day when I have room to display them. What I've always loved about the ToyBiz figures was the closer look at some of the costume designs I can't make out in the films. The general 3D view of them. I can't steal sets or actors, but I can collect $15 action figures, and that works fine for me. I just wish that I had some place to display them, because I fear that when I open them years from now, the weapons and clothing will be irreversibly misshapen. Something that could be avoided if I opened them now. *sigh* What can you do...

Would love to review every figure I have, but I am regretably lazy. It's on my ever-increasing list of things I want to accomplish, next to labeling my videotapes, getting caught up on old TORC threads, and taking pictures of all my collectibles.

One day, hopefully.

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My reviews

Postby CanadaFan » Mon Jan 31, 2005 7:03 pm

1. Aragorn (Black Gates)
I like this Aragorn, though my friends don’t. I like his expression, and his cape. The knife behind his back is a nice touch. He looks good in defiance of the Mouth of Sauron.

2. Aragorn (Helm’s Deep)
This Aragorn looks a little funny. He looks constipated. Given that I have a hard time balancing him to stand, this makes him look even worse.

3. Aragorn (Coronation)
No comment yet – not yet received.

4. Armoured Troll
This is one great toy. His chains are a special treat, and the roaring is a bonus. The leather and loincloth are nice additions. I like how his mouth moves when he roars. Too bad the buttons have to be so big.

5. Arwen (Coronation)
No comment yet – not yet received.

6. Bilbo (Birthday Party)
Overall, a rather plain figure. He’s not very flexible, and isn’t very stable for standing, especially atop the barrel.

7. Boromir (Armour)
This Boromir isn’t the best, but the likeness is good. I like the tattered cloth cape, but otherwise it’s mediocre – blends into the crowd.

8. Denethor
The likeness is very good. I like the fur coat despite it limiting his movement. For standing still, the coat helps balance the figure. As far as being superposable, I don’t understand why Toybiz did this. His hair seems a little funny without draping it over the fur.

9. Elendil
This figure is very nice. I especially like the vest/jacket under his cape. The 3 layers really give him some depth. I like the extra articulation in the ankles. The long scabbard helps with stability.

10. Elrond (Robes)
The likeness is good, though I prefer the other Elrond. His robes make him very stable. He’s not very flexible, and his arms must be just right or his sleeves look silly defying gravity.

11. Eomer
This was a nice try by Toybiz, but I think they missed. The resemblance is poor. Though the armour is nice, he seems overly skinny in it. His head seems too big for his scrawny body. Being skinny, he has some stability issues.

12. Eomer (Coronation)
No comment yet – not yet received. This Eomer looks far superior to the other, and has great movie likeness. The details I’ve seen are remarkable.

13. Eowyn (Armour)
One of my favourite figures, Eowyn looks superb. Her clothing is beautiful and the helmet looks great. I don’t know why she comes with a spear.

14. Eowyn (Coronation)
No comment yet – not yet received.

15. Faramir (Armour)
Same as Boromir, this figure is quite plain. I like the armour, but it almost looks as if Boromir and Faramir were cast of the same mould. That’s not much of a problem if you think the armour SHOULD be the same, but it seems so generic. I never did see a Ranger Faramir, so I had no choice but to buy him. I’m glad his helmet comes off. I just tuck it under his arm in stance. His slashing action button is just WAY too big!

16. Faramir (Coronation)
No comment yet – not yet received.

17. Fell Beast
This creature really makes a collection feel complete. However, I must say I am greatly disappointed with its size and material. The wings are solid, brittle plastic, with a hinge near the middle. The wings can be “folded” the slightest amount (30 degrees?) about this point. Don’t bother putting the ringwraith on the saddle – looks plain silly due to scale. I put him on a separate shelf, overhanging the edges for cool effect (and to distract people from gauging its scale issue).

18. Fountain Guard
This figure is rather plain, but the helm and spear make up for it. To have him stand guard on my shelf looks good. His cape doesn’t really stay on unless you have him stand straight with his arms downward.

19. Frodo
I got Frodo with the wraith-world stand. He looks good enough to be my only Frodo in the collection. He has a little trouble standing by himself. I wish his arms would bend so it wouldn’t look so silly to use the sword slashing action.

20. Galadriel
This is a beautiful figure. My step-mother thinks she’s the prettiest of the bunch… well, when you’re comparing an Elven Queen to orcs and dirty men, I suppose the statement doesn’t mean much. I like her white cloth robes, but I’m not sure how to use the cape. I just drape them behind her. She has some SERIOUS problems with stability. Her legs are like Barbie legs, and both her feet are turned the same way. I can only make her stand by putting her in a walking position – one foot way behind he, and the other stepped forward. They could have painted underwear on her.

21. Gamling
This is a great addition to the collection. I don’t know what it is, but the figures with shields appeal to me. Maybe it’s their good sense. His scale-mail armour is nice. He’s always been easy to stand up.

22. Gandalf (Grey)
I got the first Gandalf the Grey from Fellowship. Not sure of the differences, but I know I like mine compared to the newer one. This Gandalf has an extra grey shawl-type thing that fits over his outstretched arms. He has no scabbard, but at least he doesn’t have a blue one. His staff lights up if the batteries were alive. It looks as if his hat fits better than the new one’s.

23. Gandalf (White – Black Gates)
I love this figure. The cloth robes are much better than all the rubber ones. His hair looks a mess, but this is part of the charm. He looks busy and in action.

24. Gimli (Black Gates)
Since I don’t have the original Gimli, it’s hard to compare this one. I really like the detail on this figure. The 4 axes are really cool, and the swinging action is one of the best of the entire collection – probably because he is so stout and sturdy. His cape has trouble staying on, but as a display, he’s perfectly stable. I like his helm and its ability to come off.

25. Gimli (Coronation)
This is nearly the same as the Black Gates Gimli, only with 2 fewer axes and no helmet. Still a solid figure.

26. Gollum (Superposable w. Ring)
With all the Gollums out there, I think I got the best. So what if he has a ring in his palm? His superposability is a treat beyond comparison – the attraction of the entire set. He’s never left alone by passers-by without turning into a pretzel.

27. Gorbag (w. Webbed Frodo)
I’ve heard negative reviews of this figure. I’m not so nit-picky about paint jobs, so I’m happy with the movie resemblance of this figure. Mostly, I love the webbed Frodo. I laughed my guts out when I saw it – right after exclaiming that I wanted THAT figure when watching the movie (not realising that one existed). Of the orcs I have this one is just fine.

28. Hama
No comment yet – not yet received.

29. Haradrim Archer
This is one of the best in my collection. The detail is superb. The Superposability I sgreat and he’s very stable when standing. I don’t know what to do with the sword though, since he doesn’t have a sheath.

30. Isengard Orc
I like this orc’s colour. He stands out from the rest because of it. The axe is a unique weapon, and looks great held with 2 hands. Unfortunately, his ankles are way too lose, and he barely stands on his own. I don’t know why his toes can curl up to his shins anyway.

31. Isuldur
Unlike Elendil, I find his son rather plain. Maybe a cloak does a man good? I think some detail is just missing or has been neglected. There isn’t much I like about him, really. The movie resemblance is ok, and his stability is alright. I’d rank him down with the Fountain Guard, if I was ranking the figures.

32. King of the Dead
I’m at odds with this figure. The glow in the dark feature is so cool, yet his likeness and paint (or lack thereof) really suffer. His articulation is really limited and he is very unstable when standing. If it wasn’t for the glowing and the fact that I want all characters, I’d pass on this one.

33. Legolas (Black Gates)
This Legolas looks very bland compared to others. The good thing is, his likeness is very good from what I’ve seen of the others. He stands pretty straight, and the slashing action is very clean. If I had to have 1 Legolas, I might chose this one just for the face alone. Overall, pretty plain. I was lucky to get this Gift Pack since at the time, I couldn’t find Legolas OR Gimli to complete my Fellowship. Or Sam, but that’s coming.

34. Merry
I got Merry from the Moria Orc/Pippin 3-pack. His looks are sufficient. I’m not terribly impressed by him, yet not too disappointed. He is rather plain, but looks great in Treebeard’s hand. His cloak hinders the slashing action.

35. Moria Orc
Again, from the 3-pack. I think he looks great, maybe because he also has a shield. The helm kind of just sits on his face – I don’t like that. Crouched real low, he is very stable. I got the impression from the films that these orcs were a little smaller than others, yet he looks big compared to others.

36. Mouth of Sauron
Another favourite of mine. I like the cloth clothing and the head sculpt. His horse is what I like best, being the only horse I own. The rubbery head is creepy. One of the pride of my collection, what more can I say about it? I leave him on the horse, so tere’s no posing or stability issues.

37. Pippin
Again, again, from the 3-pack. Same as Merry, but his cloak falls off way too easily. It forms around his neck, but is too soft to stay there when touched. He looks great on Treebeard’s shoulder/back.

38. Prologue Elven Warrior
This figure looks amazing. I’m so glad to have found him. I;m not sure what to do with his bow, however. With a sword, spear, shield AND a bow, he has too few places to put anything. I tried putting the bow on his back, but it’s gigantic and falls/doesn’t look right. The shield and helm are cool.

39. Ringwraith
I have 2 of these babies – one I haven’t opened. One came with the Fell Beast, but he looks much better standing by himself. His cloaks isn’t long enough to reach the ground, and barely covers his knees. Not a good look. At least it’s cloth. His right arm is in the most awkward pose, and I’m scared to move it lest I break him. It already popped out once.

40. Sam (Mount Doom)
Ah, Sam… I couldn’t find a Sam for years! Years, I tell you! One day after Christmas, I saw him amongst the 1000 Frodos at a Toys R Us, and snatched him with a huge gasp. My friend wondered what had happened to me, but I was clutching the prize – a crazy grim across my face. For this, I have a deep admiration for the figure. Rightly so? Not sure. Too biased to say. I think he looks fantastic.

41. Saruman (Magnetic Palantir)
There’s something strange about his face – maybe the overlarge painted eyes – that make Saruman look too young. His movie resemblance is not very good. I don’t even like the red palantir, but his robes are kind of nice. I’m still very glad I have him to make my collection more complete.

42. Sauron
This guy is da bomb! His voice might be a little too loud for the speaker because I find it hard to make out what he’s saying a little. The armour looks wonderful, and as often as my friends keep trying, no, the helmet doesn’t come off. Not sure how the cloak gets up to his shoulders, but he looks good regardless. Bonus is the fingers can get chopped off and there’s a ring to lose when you do so. Yeah… very easy to lose…

43. Sharku on Warg
I love my Warg. Hmm… sound like a bumper sticker idea…. I like the biting action. Weird that nobody wants to put their finger in his mouth – not like his teeth are sharp or even hard for that matter! I think he looks better perched on a stand. For now, Theodred’s dead body does just fine. Sharku has issues. I really dislike his legs. They have that old Barbie “snap” bendiness to them, without the ability to go to 45 degrees even. I can’t make it look s though he’s really riding the Warg properly. Boo to Toybiz for this figure. The Warg is cool though.

44. Theoden (Armour)
Theoden looks alright. His movie likeness is good, but he looks fat in his armour. It’s cool that Toybiz made him left-handed because Mr.Hill was. The button on his back is so big, it appears that he’s been stabbed by something.

45. Theodred
I don’t know why they made him. He’s quite plain, but I suppose he could be passed as a generic Rohirrim soldier. I never did see a generic soldier though – I’m sure he’d be better than this guy. He makes a great stand for my Warg.

46. Treebeard (14”)
The coolest figure I have. I love the fact he’s to scale. The hobbits look great on him. The talking is a bonus, though he says the Gandalf line WAY too fast. Very UN-Entish. I like that his knees bend very little. This is a stable figure, if I’ve ever seen one. Being solid plastic makes me value him more. His detail is exquisite.

47. Twilight Witch King
I can’t make this figure stand. He looks good, and I like the stabbing action, but he won’t stand up. It seems as though a leg is too short. The flowing robes really hinder the stabbing action. If I didn’t have to lean him on something, I’d like him a lot more. Right now, I feel cheated – like I bought a dud toy.

48. Witch King (w. Mace)
Although he doesn’t move much, I love this figure. His rubber cloak gives him a lot of stability. The mace swinging action really works, and looks great. He’s far superior to the regular ringwraith.

49. Wormtongue
The movie resemblance is a little lacking in my opinion, but this figure is remarkable. The stabbing action works well. His robes are highly detailed. A delight to have him in the collection.

Oops. Somebody counted the horse and the Warg as separate figures. Guess I lied earlier.
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Postby Lonely_Mountain_Hermit » Mon May 23, 2005 8:38 pm

I finally got my hands on a Peter Jackson hobbit, so right now that's my current favorite. :)

The likeness is dead-on. It's definitly worth the trouble of hunting one down. 8)

Oh...and The Pelennor Fields gift set is awesome too. It's worth it just for the Mumakil rider.
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