Reminder: Please do not use this forum for Sales

The artistic interpretation of Tolkien's imagination can be breathtaking. Or it can be appalling... Join in on the discussion of the artistic representations and collectible items in the Tolkien universe.

Reminder: Please do not use this forum for Sales

Postby ElvenArcher » Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:09 am

I've had to remove a couple of threads here. According to our TOS, classified ads and sales of any sort are not permitted in the regular forums. We do not at this time have a classified forum.

This forum is for discussion of Tolkien Inspired Art and Collecting. Please do not use it to sell your merchandise.

If someone posts something they've made, simply to share and discuss, and another person is interested, they certainly are free to contact them via PM or email (if the user has email available). But solicitations are not permitted. And please keep all sales off the board. Thank you.

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