PJ never acknowledges original actors

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Re: PJ never acknowledges original actors

Postby Frodome » Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:09 am

solicitr wrote:Frodo was I think a more mature individual at the start of his journey than Bilbo was at his (and I'm sure Tolkien very deliberately made them the same age). Bilbo was in a lot of ways very childish, or child-like, when he set out, whereas Frodo (largely thanks to Bilbo of course) was aware of the wider world, schooled in the Elvish tongues and had a grasp, even if incomplete, of history. He is wiser and more 'longheaded' than his companions, even if he is outdone in down-to-earth pragmatism by the practical Merry. He is unquestionably the leader of what are constantly referred to as "the younger Hobbits"- he is NOT a wide-eyed child, characterized by constant confusion and shock the way PBJ wrote him and Elijah played him-- although the former of course had a lot to do with the latter, not least in denying Filmrodo all agency throughout FR and making him mere luggage.

(And then in the Hobbit flicks PBJ gets it wrong again, since Bilbo up to Mirkwood really was just luggage).

I kinda agree with you, here. Bilbo & Frodo's observations are good. Again, I don't think blaming Elijah is really fine. You know from the books, Frodo is not a character you can put on the screen. If you think Elijah couldn't do it, I'd guess, no one else could do it either. I'm not saying Elijah isn't at fault, he is for not having read the books. But acting? That's not the point. He's a good actor and portrays Frodo excellently. From a carefree, innocent Hobbit to the broken, humble person, he portrays this beautifully.
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