good touch

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good touch

Postby Veritas_ » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:32 pm

Time for me to throw out a post or something!

So, I read the books when I was young. Loved 'em. When the movies came out, I saw them. Loved 'em. The key is that I never went in with any expectations, other than "I can't wait to see a fantasy story on the big screen!" In this way, I had the most fun watching them and wasn't disappointed. That, and knowing the fundamental difference in storytelling between the two mediums.

I love getting lost in the story, and these ones definitely suck me in. I think another key part is the music. Now, I don't show my emotions much, and people often say I can be aloof. However, there are scenes that, when combined with the music, epicness, and overall presentation, bring out the emotions! It just strikes a chord that I originally didn't know was there, but now I just love it when those scenes pop up.

I don't care about cliches or tropes or whatever, I just like seeing what I see. So by way of example, one that always gets me is in the Two Towers: "TO THE KING!" Just so awesome and beautiful and I'm lame, so yea.

Are there any special scenes that get you in the feels?
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Re: good touch

Postby Elrond Hubbard » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:36 pm

In FOTR, as an example, with all that Elrond's trying to orchestrate and prepare for, his very deep concern for his daughter's welfare always moved me. When Aragorn tells him that Arwen wants to stay in Middle-Earth, because there is still hope and Elrond admonishes him with, "... she stays because of you!" And later, Elrond petitions his daughter to leave with the rest of the Elves, reminding her of her realities - even if she were to get all that she wanted with Aragorn - and then he sits beside her and asks, "... do I not, also, have your love?" I suppose, Elrond could've 'ordered' his daughter to obey his wishes, but in trying to appeal to her better instincts, he reveals that he really does understand her and that he probably recognizes himself in her, in some ways. I don't know ... with the end of all ends coming their way, that he would still be so cool and collected and not put any more weight on Arwen's shoulders than needed to be there, really made him seem likeable to me. He was so together in a way that even Gandalf, strangely enough, was not. And Elrond was pretty courageous in battle, besides that. He seemed like a great leader ... I admire how well-written and well-acted his character was.
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Re: good touch

Postby Chariot Rider » Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:36 pm

One of my favorite scenes was the scene were faramir is charging with his men into osgiliath. The scene before and the scene itself I find to be very powerful emotionally. Pipin's singing with no other sound effects was also very interesting. This scene just makes you feel bad for faramir. His father turned his back on faramir and faramir had his world destroyed. In order to impress his father he essentially throws away his life. That in itself is very powerful but Jackson hit the nail on the head. The "parade", music, the charge, and the lighting were all so well done. In my opinion this is one of the best scenes in the trilogy. It captures what Tolkien wanted to say and it says it so well.
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