Let's be honest here

What do you think of Tolkien on the silver screen...? Whether Bakshi, Jackson, Amazon, BBC radio play, or whoever else, come on in and discuss your reflections, opinions, and memories...

Let's be honest here

Postby MisterNazgul » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:25 am

Im not sure if anyone noticed this, but during the battle of the black gate, one of the ringwraiths can clearly be seen struggling to hold on his steed after it, and then falling off. Since the ring was destroyed shortly after this happened, and since it appeared (to me at least) to be still alive when it fell, what exactly would happen to it? Would suddenly everyone be able to kill it? would it age rapidly and die?

http://cdn.roaring.earth/wp-content/upl ... Nazgul.png here you can clearly see the wraith hanging on the steed before falling off
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