Signing off as bluicebank.

What do you think of Tolkien on the silver screen...? Whether Bakshi, Jackson, Amazon, BBC radio play, or whoever else, come on in and discuss your reflections, opinions, and memories...

Signing off as bluicebank.

Postby here2fore » Mon May 01, 2017 3:49 am

Before I go from this once-famous forum: I love you all. It seems sadly quiet here. I sneaked in a while back, because I couldn't quit you.

Long ago I was banned, owing to a dispute with a forgettable moderator over, well I forget why. It probably had something to do with ringwraiths. I am the author of this poorly written thing, back when the internet was still young:


Yeah, hard to follow since the HTML from TORN didn't translate well. But I have now ID' myself as a "permanently" banned member aka "bluicebank," though not as notorious as others. Even so, it seems a pity that the ban-hammer remains more than a decade after the fact, for a site that is sorely in need of old or fresh blood. Our ability to joust or parody dived since the site was so haughty.

So have at it, mods. I am Spart... ok, I won't go Greek. But I'm bluicebank, and if you want fun for your site, at the very least combine my accounts and free the other children. For your own sake. We Olds don't much care, I assure you.

Oh wait, I was supposed to post a rant about Saul Zaentz. Shoot.
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Re: Signing off as bluicebank.

Postby Gungnir » Tue May 02, 2017 2:21 am

Yes, it is *very* quiet in here. I still can't believe I've been a member for 17 years!
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