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What do you think of Tolkien on the silver screen...? Whether Bakshi, Jackson, Amazon, BBC radio play, or whoever else, come on in and discuss your reflections, opinions, and memories...

The Movies Forum - What You Need To Know

Postby PLEASE READ! » Sat Sep 11, 2004 1:39 pm

The Movies Forum - What You Need To Know

Welcome to the Movies (LOTR) Forum. Now, as you may or may not know - Tolkien Online is unique in that it is more of a community than a message board. This forum, as well as the others, is a society complete with police, veterans, teachers, students, and the odd bum (you'll know them when you see them). We welcome new members, but there are a few things that you should know and understand before posting.

Everyone here has varied opinions on Peter Jackson's films, but there are standards that should be met in expressing them.

  • Intelligent discussion is extremely appreciated. I'm sure you know that actor related discussion (or swooning as it is known ;)) belongs in the Fandom Forum. Now, just as intelligent discussion is appreciated, so is a good sense of humour. It takes a fair amount of thick skin when first coming to this forum, but rest assured, the members of this forum are genuinely good people and mean no harm to you. Respect them and they will respect you. :)
    The same is expected of the veterans. Please be tolerant of those who ask questions that you've heard before or who haven't yet learned all the nuances of posting on Tolkien Online. The best way to demonstrate your knowledge and experience is to help them out.
  • Friendly teasing is one thing, but blatant insults/personal attacks are another. These are violations of the Terms of Service. I suggest you take a good read through the TOS before posting. If you see a violation, contact a moderator. Please don't return insults with insults.
  • This also applies with moderators. ALL moderators. If you have an issue with a Mod's behaviour, use the channels that have been set up for this specific purpose: E-mail the Admins at or the Mods at Disagreement with a mod is acceptable - public hangings are not.
  • At times, when news is scarce, the silliness of the forum surfaces more than usual. This is fine, however: Spam, exclusive threads, and exclusive behaviour is not going to be tolerated. Chat threads should also be kept to a minimum. We do have several chat forums, such as Talk, Tom's House, etc, for your enjoyment. Play nice, play fair. Use your head.
  • Before posting new threads, please use the Messageboard Search to check if there is already an ongoing thread on your topic. Also, many classic threads are listed in the META Movie Forum. If you can find no pre-existing threads, or if the threads are very old, feel free to post your thread. When posting, please be sure to give your thread title an appropriate name. Message titles such as "What does Weta mean?" or "New Ian McKellen E-Post!" work better than "A Question" or "Important Information..." Please don't make people enter your thread to find out what it's about. Also, refrain from putting spoiler information in your title. If your thread contains spoilers, label the title with "(Spoilers)".

Again, please feel free to contact a mod with any questions or concerns!

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