Your Day of Gaming

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Your Day of Gaming

Postby Leon K Fox » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:35 am

This was inspired by an ever ongoing thread on the other forum I post on and thought it might be fun to bring it over here. :P

The title will basically tell you everything there is to know about the thread, just post about Your Day of Gaming!

It could be games you've played demos of, tried out in stores, games you're working through as of get the idea. ^^

Sadly for being the first post in this thread I haven't actually played any video games today...unless you count Temple Run 2 but that's basically a really long if not endless mini game with barely enough depth to discuss in any kind of detail, but then it HAS been made to be played on a smart phone, so... :P

Curious to see if this thread picks up steam or not!
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