Recruiting members for NEW LOTR game (online)

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Recruiting members for NEW LOTR game (online)

Postby Nicrlaitheking » Thu May 29, 2014 4:10 am

Hello to those who might read this!

So I'm making a new free online game about Middle Earth :)

Many of you probably know the tabletop game "Axis & Allies" which is about WWII.
so i kinda like the concept and since i love the geography of Middle Earth i thought it could be quite cool to have a Lord of the Rings version of the game. (yes i know there already exist LOTR risk... but it's bad, compared to axis and allies, imo)

anyway boardgames are kinda oldschool and i found out you can play axis and allies online. So was thinking to make this game free and online as well.

Name of the game:
Middle Earth: Dawn of a New Age

What I'm seeking:
-Coders who can help
-UI/2d artists, people who can make all the visual parts

if you wanna join the team feel free to leave a message or pm me.

The game will have singleplayer & multiplayer (singleplayer will mostly be for new players and multiplayer for those who are skilled). I hope there will be an online chatroom while playing a multiplayer game, a tab for you and your allies and a general world-tab for chatting. That way people can plan how to win the game etc.

Basic gameplay:

- Each faction is controlled by a player (or AI if not enough players online)
- Each region has a "value" 0-9 points.
- the points are used for recruiting soldiers, building structures & naval forces
- you can only recruit men in "cities"
- there can only be 1 city (basically large cities & famous cities known from LOTR) in a region.
- Each faction needs to control a specific amount of cities to win
- Each faction has a main mission (like Mordor's main mission: destroy the faction; Gondor)
- infantry can move 1 region per turn (unless the information says something else in the 'units' category. see below sections)
- you get points for each turn. you can end your turn whenever you want (if you play online you will have a time-limit (could be adjusted to make the game even harder))
- Each faction has it's own startup men & heroes (see sections below for more)
- The Heroes your faction starts with has their own advantages, and cannot be revived or recruited.
-the skulls you can see on the map are 'dangerous areas' if you move men into the area you can risk to lose some (AI will roll a dice)


Land Units: Cost: Attack: Move:
-Peasants (snaga for orcs) 2, 1, 1
-Light Infantry 3, 2, 1
-Heavy Infantry 4, 3, 1
-Cavalry 4, 2, 2
-Heavy Cavalry 7, 4, 2
-Catapult, Balista (needed to captured regions with a city) 10, 4, 1
*Special units*
-Trolls (can be used to capture a region with a city) 17, 4, 2
-Oliphaunts 20, 5, 2
-Fellbeast (can only be used with a nazgul hero) 25, +1, +2
-Ents (Not recruitable) -, 4, 1
-Eagles (Not recruitable) -, 5, 3
-Rangers (only Good factions) 4, 2, 2
-Giant spiders (can only be recruited in Dol Guldur) 15, 3, 1
- Hero (different from person to person) *can not be bought

Naval Units:
-Battleship (can take 2 hits) 21, 3, 1
-Galley 15, 1, 1
-Transport (can carry 2 units) 15, 0, 1
Special ships:
- Corsair ship (can carry 2 units) 18, 3, 1 (can move 2 first round after recruitment)


-Upgrade a 'town' to city (will enable recruitment) 100, 2 rounds to construct
-Barricades (max 1. can take a hit instead of a unit) 8, 1 round
-Rebuild a ruined city 75, 2 rounds
-Build a Harbour (will enable recruitment for naval forces) 30,

*note about 'attack' (damage). you roll a dice per unit. The 'attack' indicates from what number and below they hit. example:
Light Infantry = attack 2. if you get 1 or 2 you hit and your enemy can choose which unit to lose.

The Shire
Thranduil's Realm
The Dwarves
Woodsmen & Beornings
Dúnedain of the North

Dol Guldur
Orcs of the Misty Mountains
Hill-men of Rhudaur

Logath clan (not playable)
The Lossoth tribes (not playable)
Clans of Enedwaith (not playable)
Rivermen of Annon Baran (not playable)
The Drúedain (Woses) (not playable)

Basic Map: (WIP):


54 points
-Anórien= 1x light infantry, 1x Rangers
-Cair Andros= Faramir, 2x light infantry, 1x Rangers
-Osgiliath= Boromir, 1x heavy infantry, 1x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Pelennor= Denethor II, 1x light infantry, 1x Cavalry, 1x barricade
-Arnach=1x peasants
-Lebennin=2x light infantry
-Hills of Tarnost
-Eastern Belfalas=1xlight infantry
-Western Belfalas=Prince imrahil, 1x heavy infantry 2x heavy cavalry
-Edhellond= 1x light infantry
-Mornan=1x Rangers
-Lamedon=1x peasants
- Andrast
-Anfalas=1x light infantry
-Pinnath Gelin
-Sea Zone 39=1x Battleship
-Sea Zone 32=2x Galley

25 points
-Folde= Théoden, 2x Heavy cavalry, 1x peasants
-Fenmark= 1x peasants
-Eastfold= Éomer, 2x light infantry, 1x Cavalry
-Westfold= Théodred, 1x heavy infantry, 1x light infantry, 1xbarricade
-Parth Calenardhon
- Gap of Rohan=1x Cavalry

The Shire
13 Points
-Westfarthing= Pippin, 2x light infantry
-Eastfarthing= Sam, 1x peasants
-Southfarthing= 1x peasants
-Northfarthing= Frodo, 1x peasants
-Buckland= Merry, 1x peasants

-Breeland=Barliman Butterbur, 2xLight infantry
-Taur Iaur

33 points
-Mithlond= Círdan, 1x light infantry 1x heavy Cavalry
-Ardolyalinya=1xlight infantry
-Thalos=1x peasants
-Emyn Beraid
-Apariath=1x infantry
-Sea Zone 12 1x transport, 1x galley

13 points
-Rivendell=Lord elrond,1xheavy infantry 1xheavy cavalry 1xcavalry
-Northern Eregion

13 points
-Lothlórien=Celeborn, Galadriel, 3x rangers, 1x light infantry
-Cerin Amroth= Haldir, 1x rangers, 1x light infantry
-Parth Celebrant

Thranduil's Realm
13 points
-Greylin Vale
-Thranduil's Relam= Legolas, Thranduil, 2x rangers, 1x heavy infantry
-Taur-e-Ndaedlos= 1x light infantry
-Eastern Mirkwood

13 points
-Dale= Brand, 1x heavy infantry, 1x cavalry
-Esgaroth= Bard II, 1x light infantry
-Gramavuld= 1x peasants

The Dwarves
18 points
-Erebor= Dain II, Gimli, 2x Heavy infantry
-Iron Hills= Thorin III, 1x light infantry
-Thorin's Halls=2x light infantry, 1x peasants
-Kibil-dûm= 1x light infantry

Woodsmen & Beornings
12 points
-Rhosgobel=Radagast, 1x peasants
-Western Nan Anduin=1x light infantry
-Eastern Nan Anduin= Grimbeorn, 2x light infantry
-Hithaeylir=2x giant eagles
Woodsmen's village= 1x heavy infantry

Dúnedain of the North
9 points
-En Egladin=2x light infantry, 1x peasants
-Emyn Sûl= Aragorn, 4x rangers, 1x cavalry, 1x light infantry
-Sarn Ford= Halbarad, 2x rangers, 1x light infantry

11 points
-Dorwinion=2x cavalry, 2x light infantry, 1x heavy cavalry
-Dorwinion Mountains=2x light infantry
-Talath Arroch= 1x peasants
-Northern Ehwathrumavuld=2x peasants
Sea Zone 49= 1x transport


41 points
-Barad-dûr= Mouth of Sauron, 3x light infantry, 2x heavy infantry, 1x catapult
-Minas Morgul= With-king, 2x heavy infantry, 2x snaga, 1x heavy cavalry
-Shelob's Cave= 1x giant spider
-Morgai=Shagrat, Gorbag, 1x heavy infantry
-Isenmouthe= 4x snaga, 1x heavy infantry
-Ûdun= 2x light infantry, 2x snaga
-Morannon= Gothmog, 3x light infantry
-Mount Doom
-Gorgoroth= 1x heavy infantry 2x snaga
-No Mans land= 2x snaga
-Gaer Durlith= 2x light infantry
- Perth Ulmyn= 1x light infantry
- Den nurn= 2x snaga
- Western nurn= 2x snaga
- Eastern Nurn= 1xlight infantry
- Lithlad
-Maegond Vale

8 points
-Nan Curunir= Saruman, Ugluk, Lurtz, Sharku, Mauhur, 6x heavy infantry, 2x snaga, 3x cavalry

25 points
-The Dune Sea
-Harnen=2x heavy cavalry, 1x peasants
-Haruzan=2x peasants, 1x light infantry
-Harondor= The Golden King of Harad, 2x light infantry, 2x cavalry, 1x heavy infantry
-Northern harondor= Suládan, 1x light infantry, 1x peasants, 1x cavalry
- Imlad Carnen=2x light infantry
-Lurmsakûn= 1x peasants
-Chelkar= 1x light infantry
-Sea zone 41= 1x galley

13 points
-Sakal an-Dalajaf= 1x light infantry
-Umbar= Dalamyr, 2x light infantry, 1x peasants
-Glinfalas=3x light infantry, 1x peasants
-Sea Zone 45= 1x Galley
-Sea Zone 46= 2x Corsair ships

23 points
-Southern Rhûn
-Agasha Dag= 2x light infantry
-Decranamel= Amdûr, 2x heavy cavalry, 2x light infantry, 1x peasants
-Gathod= 1x cavalry, 2x light infantry
-Southern Gathod= 2x light infantry
- Cairn Angle
- Sagathavuld= 1x light infantry
- Southern Dor Rhûnen= 1x peasants
- Talath Harroch
- East Bight= 2x light infantry

Dol Guldur
11 points
-Dol Guldur= Khamûl, Grishnakh, 5x snaga, 2x heavy infantry, 3x light infantry, 1x giant spiders
-Emyn-nu-Fuin=3x giant spiders

Orcs of the Misty Mountains
27 points
-Moria= 3x light infantry, 1x snaga
-Gundabad= 5x snaga, 2x light infantry, 1x heavy infantry, 1x cavalry
-Goblin-town= 4x snaga, 1x light infantry
-Dain's Halls=3x light infantry, 2x snaga
-Zagh Kala=1x snaga
-Nan Lóke
-Uthrael Beoac

14 points
-Carn Dûm= Agandaur, 2x snaga, 1x heavy cavalry, 2x ligth infantry
-Nan Angmar=Morgomir, 2x snaga, 1x cavalry
-Parth Gurthil= 1x snaga
- Mount Gram=2x snaga, 2x light infantry

Hill-men of Rhudaur
8 points
-Ettenmoors=2x light infantry, 1x cavalry
-Magillos=1x peasants
-Pinnath Aeyring
-Rhudaur= 2x light infantry, 1x heavy infantry

13 points
-Dunfearan= 2x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Lugiu= 1x peasants
-Fortriu= 2x light infantry, 1x cavalry, 1x peasants
-Choil Caerdh=1x peasants
-Smertiu=2x peasants, 1x light infantry


Logath clan (not playable)
5 points
- Logathavuld=2x light infantry, 1x peasants, 1x cavalry
-Sagath=2x peasants
-Dyr= 1x heavy infantry

The Lossoth tribes (not playable)
5 points
-Forochel=1x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Northern Forochel=2x peasants
-Talath Muil=2x peasants
-Lódalf=1x peasants
- Rammas Formen

Clans of Enedwaith (not playable)
11 points
-Saralainn= 2x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Lond Daer= 3x light infantry
-Angrast= 1x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Dor Wathui
-Enedwaith=2x light infantry, 1x peasants

Rivermen of Annon Baran (not playable)
4 points
-Egenyar= 1x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Dor-í-Tínuvíel=1x peasants
-Girithlin=2x peasants

The Drúedain (Woses) (not playable)
7 points
-Drúadan Forest= Ghân-buri-ghân, 1x light infantry
-Balorn= 2x peasants
-Drúwaith Iaur= 1x light infantry, 2x peasants
-Perth Iaur
-Eryn Vorn= 2x light infantry
-Hairaverkien= 1x peasants
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Re: Recruiting members for NEW LOTR game (online)

Postby Amdur » Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:40 pm

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