Curse of the Monkey Island

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Postby Aglanor » Sat Jul 15, 2000 6:54 am

I just finished Curse of Monkey Island again, and I must say: I was in love with the game again. Although the graphics are not Q3 quality, they're very nice in their own way and the gameplay rocks. <BR>It is quite difficult though, and I had as hard time searching for a way. Now I just can't wait for Escape of MI. Although the graphics are now true 3D, I don't like em as much as Curse, but they're still Ok. <BR><BR>I will miss some characters, though. Haggis McMutton, Cutthroat Bill and Edward VanHelgen were my favorites. Did any of you play it? Cause if not, it's a great and I recommend it for all adventure fans!!
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Postby DopeDragon » Fri Aug 04, 2000 11:01 am

Yeah i played em both on the Amiga.....when the 3rd one came out i suppose Mr Threepwood had to transform somehow,,,,but for me they got it all wrong........i feel........I loved the Duel of insults way cool<BR>and the spitting contest in the second game........inspired<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0> took me ages to see the flags blowing...... And when you found out Le Chuck was your brother at the end????????I was into Simon the sorceror<BR>which was just a rip off but good nonetheless and the same happend when they introduced a talkie version.....even though it was Chris Barry of Red Dwarf just didn`t seem right.......
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Postby HELM'S DEEP » Sat Aug 19, 2000 10:20 pm

I have recently just completed DEATH, MISSING PRESUMED........ a graphic computer adventure similar to MONKEY ISLAND, but based on the characters and world of Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD.<BR>
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Postby Thengel » Sat Aug 26, 2000 9:26 am

COMI was a fine game, although I don't think it had quite the ambience that Grim Fandango had. Can't wait for the sequel.
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Postby Tom Fool of a Took » Mon Sep 04, 2000 8:11 pm

The curse of monkey island is one of the best games out there. <BR><BR>"I am MURRAY! the demonic talking skull!!" He is the best, popping up all over the game with hilarious dialogue.<BR><BR>"Um, would, would you mind picking me up so I could bite you?"<BR>"No!" <BR>
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Postby Themedes » Fri Sep 08, 2000 5:19 am

I like the Monkey Island -series and I can´t wait for the fourth part; Escape from Monkey Island, which btw will be done in full 3D! <BR>The same guys who wrote "Sam And Max hit the Road" (one of my favourites) will be doing the game! The game is set on Melee island and most of the old characters will be there (plus lots of new characters as well)! <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>
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