ORCumentary - Orc-Themed Music!

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ORCumentary - Orc-Themed Music!

Postby orcslayr23 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:49 am

Hey everyone, figured i'd tell you a bit about my band!

I started ORCumentary back in 2006. It's a solo comedic metal endeavor with the lyrical content based on orcs. While I was heavily influenced by LOTR, none of my songs are about LOTR. I've created my own story, world, and characters. An orc named Orc Adams sets out to destroy the elves, dwarves, humans, and goblins. I've been playing piano/keyboards for 16 years, so the music is intelligent and not a beat on loop or anything.


You can listen to a few songs on here. The first 3 songs are on my latest album, "Orcs 1 Goblins 0", which follows the story as Orc Adams defeats the goblins! Hope you like it! My music is on facebook, twitter, youtube, itunes, amazon mp3, etc.

I also have cds and shirts at www.orcumentary.bigcartel.com in case anyone is interested. Thanks!
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