♫ Tolkien Songbook (Playlist with a timeline)

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♫ Tolkien Songbook (Playlist with a timeline)

Postby Elaini » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:31 pm

I have been collecting Tolkien music a lot lately to my playlist ♫ Tolkien Songbook. I have preferred the official sources if possible, and you can also listen to it in YouTube Music, though all the tracks aren't available there yet. Basically the idea is to insert the Middle-Earth songs of various artists in a timeline and also a bit of audio drama so you can listen to them like a story, in a chronological order. It starts with The Silmarillion.

I also have another playlist like this for metal, though it's not ordered quite yet.

If you see anything in the timeline that should be fixed or if you know artists that I don't know yet, please tell it here. I would very much like to add more of the topic of Gondolin or Gondor to be added, for example.
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