The Best Concerts Ever!

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The Best Concerts Ever!

Postby Finarphir » Wed May 28, 2008 2:49 pm

Some most excellent shows have been mentioned in other threads, so it causes me to wonder: What are the top 3 shows that you've ever seen?

For me,

1. King Crimson, 'Three of a Perfect Pair' Tour '84. The most instrumentally awe inspiring show I've ever seen. Fripp, Belew, Bruford and Levin made the best incarnation of this band ever. If you've never heard or seen them, check this out,

2. Yes, 'Union' Tour, '92. Two incarnations of one of the greatest bands of all time playing together/seperately, at the same time. Incredible!

3. The Police, 'Synchronicity' Tour, '83. I saw them at a SF Bay Area festival known as "Day on the Green" (not sure if it still happens or not). The Police headlined and were absolutely fantastic! In addition, other bands included The Fixx, OK; Oingo Boingo, Brilliant as they always were; Madness, Awesome!; and the Thompson Twins, Ok but ultimately forgetable.

There are other great shows in my experience, but these were the cream.
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