Wanna be a Mithril Knight - the lists are open

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Wanna be a Mithril Knight - the lists are open

Postby erinhue » Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:17 pm

While reading Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, did you ever really want to be there traveling in the wild to visit places like Rivendell or Rohan? Did watching the movies make you want to grab a sword and go hunt some Orc through the dark thickets of Mirkwood or Fangorn? Well we can’t get ya first class tickets to Middle Earth, but we can offer you the next best thing. Come raise a pint in The Prancing Pony and become a Mithril Knight.

Founded by Elbren, in the long ago era of TORC’s first incarnation and the opening of the RP and Guild forums, The Mithril Knights are TORC’s one, only and original Warriors’ Guild. The guild is totaly devoted to RP and strives to create the very best imaginative writing and holds to a high standard in the art form known as Role Play as practiced here on these boards.

At this time we are beginning an Initiation thread to induct those who had their Knights In Training adventure by participating in the guild’s preceding RP thread The Mithril Knights - Guardians of Middle Earth. The Guild Lists are now open and seeking new members. All you have to do is write your way in.

That’s right you write yourself into the Initiation thread and come join the party. Here’s what you do

You just received word that the Mithril Knights are taking on new members, pack your gear, say so long to the folks and hit the road. In your writings show us who your character is give us a glimpse at their fighting skills ( we are a warrior’s guild after all) and a taste of their background. Oh and most importantly show us why they want to join the Knights.

I say show us and not tell us because that is what we want you to do. Don’t tell us who your character is, show us. Tell us their story. Don’t talk about them, BE THEM. No collection of statistics in list or prose form. No lengthy descriptions of sun kissed golden hair or details on every stich of an embroidered vest or long flowing anything. We don’t want to see some generic warrior, no run of the mill Elf, Man, Dwarf, whatever. We want to see Elsina, the sharp eyed Elven archer who lost her lover in battle on the outskirts of Lothlorien or Thran, a Dwarf that managed to escape the slaughter that ended Balin’s failed retaking of Moria. One of our new inductees is the last of the Great Eagles left in Middle Earth.

We’re looking for someone that has all the basics, spelling, grammar and that sort of thing, good imagination that can be translated into well used words, an ability to maintain story continuity, to be able to follow and add to the plot of a story and to be able to write in an interactive manner. RP writing is not like story writing in that you do not make up the flow of the tale all on your own. You must be able to play well with others. Your writing must allow for others to participate in your ideas and in your posts. We call it leaving a hook for the other posters to latch on to in the next post. RP is not done alone; it is a form of collaborative writing with an emphasis on the collaborative factor. We want to see your character have some interaction with the other Writers/Characters in the thread (when you get to where they are) and there’s always the OOC thread for backstage chatter and clarifications.

Got all that? Good. Yes I know it sound like a lot but anything worthwhile is worth a little effort. And I can tell you it is indeed worthwhile. Where else can you ride with the Swan Knights and chase down giant spiders. Where else ya gonna go to get your heart pumping and the blood boiling in a good old fashioned skirmish against the Hordes of Darkness or do battle with a dragon? Where else can you get the chance to explore Middle Earth and if the story really gets going to actually feel like you are actually there even if it is for only as long as you keep writing. Yep I’d say that was worth the trouble and then some.

So how’s that sound? If it sounds good to you stop in and chat us up down in The Prancing Pony forum, in the Wanna be a Mithril Knight- Initiation thread OOC. The party does not start for three days, story time so we really are at the beginning…..and that is an excellent place to start.
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