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Postby Chariot Rider » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:08 pm

I read Beowulf and found it to be quite fascinating not only because it is thousands of years old but Tolkien actualy had a translation of the story. The "book" itself revolves around a Scandinavian prince by the name of Beowulf. Big shock. Anyway he aids the king of the geats whose land is being teorified by the demon Grendel. A great many warriors have died in many attampts but Beowulf does slay the beast with his bare hands because he just says "you know what, I'm not using a sword. I don't need a sword". Then there is gifts, wealth, and glory at the banquet that follows. However after the banquet Grendels mother comes and takes revenge on the city. In the fight Beowulf's sword which has never failed to slay an opponent is stopped by Grendel. There just happens to be a giant sword in the lair they are fighting in so he uses it and slays her after wich the sword melts from her steaming blood. So more feasting. Yay! As Beowulf is leaving the king of the geats says that he would be a very good king. And then beowulf becomes a very good king for 50 years. Then a dragon awakens and is ravaging beowulfs kingdom. So Beowulf goes out to fight it. However right before the fight his hand selected group of men that have served him for his entire life and he had given honour and gifts all run away except for one. After an intense fight Beowulf and the dragon are mortaly wounded. For his dying wishes he asks his one loyal companion to bring him a single piece of the treasure and that after he dies he wants a massive burrow to be built for him. After he dies his other companions come back and find thier king dead and realize the kingdom is doomed. Beowulf had kept out every other kingdom because of his might. But with him dead there will be war on all sides and the kingdom will fall. Yay happy ending not. Anyway that is a basic summary of the book. I think this had a big impact on middle earth inany subtle ways and I feel it deserves its title of EPIC POEM. What are your thoughts on the book. Read it!
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Re: Beowulf

Postby Billobob » Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:28 pm

Wow that was really good.
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Re: Beowulf

Postby Denethor » Tue May 17, 2016 11:17 pm

Not sure if it really counts as spoilers if the story in question is over a thousand years old...

But, yes, the poem had a profound influence on Tolkien, who was an internationally recognised expert on it. Check out his 1936 essay, The Monsters and the Critics.
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