What other authors do Tolkien fans enjoy? Come on in and enter into a broadened conversation on the great literature of this and other times.


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    This is a forum for discussion of all forms of literature, excluding only the works of JRR Tolkien (because they have their own forum). Here you may discuss anything from the Odyssey to the latest bestseller; from Shakespeare to JK Rowling; from fairy tales to cyberpunk. All we ask is that you observe these simple guidelines:

    1. Most importantly - avoid redundant threads. Please, please, please use the search function before you start (say) another Harry Potter thread -- if an appropriate thread exists, simply add your comments. The front page should never contain more than one thread about a given author, unless they are in-depth discussions of separate books.

    2. Make sure the name of the author and/or book you are discussing are included in the thread title.

    3. Out of courtesy to your fellow posters, PLEASE use standard English spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. It's much easier to read, and will generally draw more thoughtful responses. Many of us dislike "Netspeak" (u no what i mn) and there are also many here for whom English is a second language, and cryptic abbreviations such as "anyone" for "anyone" can be indecipherable. In any case, it just makes sense to write in a literate manner in a forum devoted to literature, don't you think?

    4. Please avoid "spam" type posts, especially when starting a new thread. These are very brief posts that require little thought or effort, such as "I liked this book - what about you?" without any further elaboration. Such posts do nothing to stimulate discussion. Thoughtful posts tend to inspire thoughtful responses.

    5. Group reads and book studies are very welcome here as long as they are limited to a single thread and open to anyone who wants to participate.

    6. NO NEW TRIVIA THREADS. These are permitted (though limited) in the Tolkien Books forum, but they only have one author to discuss! Trivia threads are actually better suited to Tom's House, eg there is a Harry Potter trivia thread in that forum.

    7. General discussion threads, such as "What are you reading now?" or "Can someone recommend a good children's book?" are permitted, but let's try to limit them to only one or two at a time. There are already quite a few in this forum.

    8. Courtesy to other posters is very important. Also, be aware that this is a message board, not a chat room. You may find yourself in discussions with people on the other side of the world. Be patient when responses are not immediate.

    9. There is currently a project to compile an index of this forum. Go here to contribute ideas.
    Please post any comments or suggestions here, or email them to mods@theonering.com.
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