Tired of Effeminate Depictions of Elven Men

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Re: Tired of Effeminate Depictions of Elven Men

Postby Numenohtar » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:30 pm

Denethor wrote:There's something hilarious about the manufactured outrage of this. Our poster is so desperate to find offence at Fingolfin *crossing his legs*, yet not one peep from him at John Howe and Ted Nasmith portraying the High King of the Noldor as a blond. It's almost as though this rant is less about accuracy and more about homophobia.

Actually, I share your dislike of the very idea of a blonde Fingolfin. However, we should be more accepting of homophobic views on a Tolkien forum (though obviously not homophobia for the sake of mere homophobia). JRRT was a devout Catholic, as many of you know, and had many traditional views regarding sexuality, gender and race.
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