OOC: The Captains of the Sirion

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OOC: The Captains of the Sirion

Postby Claymore » Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:44 am

This scenario popped up in my mind some time ago. I don't know if it is good, but hell if I don't want to try it out.

Time: 495th year of the first age, shortly after the Sack of Nargothrond
Place: the Havens of Sirion, Beleriand's coast, the River Menning, the River Sirion and their tributaries.
Scenario: After the Nirneath Arnoediad, many elves and men were uprooted and chased by Morgoth's forces who now freely roamed the land. Many of them found a safe place in the Havens of Sirions, helped by brave ship's captains who ventured far and wide along the coasts of Beleriand, defending refugees and executing swift attacks against Morgoth's forces. They were led by Earwen captain of the Sea-Otter. It is now 495 years after de Landing and a new tragedy has befallen the men and elves of Beleriand. Nargothrond had fallen and the rescapees of the massacre are crying out for help.

I will be playing Earwen and her son Elendur, though probably mostly Earwen. I am searching for people who want to play crew-members of the Sea-Otter, other captains and their crew and maybe also a few refugees. Knowledge of the Silmarillion is a requirment and if you don't know anything about sailing, please read a bit about it. It can be extremeley confusing if I start writing about jibing and tacking, starboard and port and no-one else knows what I mean. Humans are just as welcome as elves since I have the impression that the Havens of Sirion were a true melting pot. Playing a dwarf is also possible of course though I don't think dwarves liked water. Anyway I'm extremley curious what will come of this. To your pens people! Here are Earwen and Elendur's biographies.

Name: Earwen , jokingly nicknamed "The Storm" by her crew.
Race: Noldo/ Falathrim
Gender: Female ,thank-you-very-much, no matter what people say about her not being feminine
Age: 420 years old
Heigh: 5 feet 7 inches
Build: Slender, compact and wiry, with rather broad shoulders for a woman, thanks to years of swimming, climbing and wielding weapons
Eyes: grey
Hair: black and long, usually worn in a pony-tail
Special features: Earwen has a scar on the left side of her face that runs from halfway her cheek to her jawline and the tip of her right ear has been sliced off during a close encounter with an arrow.
Clothes: Loose-fitting and practical. Usually blue, grey or brown. She goes barefoot on her ship or wears sandals. On land she uses a a pair of sturdy boots. When fighting on sea she wears light but solid leather armor, on land chainmail. She always has an old utility belt slung around her hips, containing all the essentials of a sailor, going from maps and compass to thread and needle. Another belt secures her two short elven swords to her waist. She also always carries a silk fan with her, a keepsake her father took with him from Valinor. It represents her hope for a world where people can worry about such things again.
Marital Status: widow, does not intend on marrying ever again
Family: Only her son, Elendur is still alive. Her husband and daughter were killed during the fall of Eglarest. Her mother died during childbirth and her father was swept away in a storm many years ago.
Occupation: Captain of the Sea-Otter, her father's ship.
Personality: Blunt, matter-of-fact and tough as nails are the words to describe Earwen. Many are offset with her brusque manners but she couldn't care less and only forges friendships with those she truly deems worthy of her respect, a respect that is very difficult to earn. She is brutally honest and certainly doesn't chew her words but seldom to intentionally wound someone. She inspires a great loyalty in those who know her and in return is just as loyal to them. Her crew would do anything for her though it is something she seldom makes use of. Her desire to keep anyone else from suffering her grief, has made her very driven about the rescue missions and she has until now never given up.
Biography: Her father was not an usual Noldor and fell in love with the sea during the Crossing of the Helcaraxë. When the Noldor helped building the Havens of the Falas he stayed and build his own ship, the Sea-Otter. Soon after he fell in love with his Second Mate, a sassy Falathrim. They had a child 75 years after the Landing but sadly Earwen's mother died in childbirth. Unwilling to leave his daughter on land when he was sailing, Earwen's father took his daughter with him on his trips. Earwen grew up on the Sea-Otter and spent most of her childhood on the sea. She was raised by all the crew and her father taught her everything about sailing. She steadily worked her way up in the ranks and after a while she became her father's First Mate. Though she could have build her own ship she never did. The Sea-Otter was her home. When many years later her father was swept away during a storm she became the Captain of the Sea-Otter. During her travels she met a Sindarin bard, going by the name of Arorn. They met whenever they could and fell in love after a while. Both their wandering life-styles prevented them from marrying though so it was only when Arorn decided to settle down in Eglarest after a crippling injury that they formed a family. Elendur was born in 466 and two years later little Galadwen. They were happy for a while despite the growing shadows but it could not last. After the Nirneath Arnoediad the forces of Morgoth roamed freely and a year later the havens of Bithrombar and Eglarest were attacked and fell. Earwen had been out harassing Morgoth troops along the coast and only learned of Eglarest's fall when she saw the smoking ruins. Anxious she quickly sailed to the Havens of Sirion but the only survivor of her little family was her shell-shocked son, Elendur. Arorn, hindered by his bad leg, had not been able to run fast enough and little Galadwen had been slayed with him. Elendur had run forward and had seen everything from a distance. Deciding the land was not a safe place anymore she took Elendur with her on her next trip, and she began setting up rescue missions all across the coast, and up the rivers. Most of them have been succesful so far and many refugees have safely reached the Havens of Sirion thanks to her. Now with the fall of Nargothrond, she wil be very busy again.
The Sea-Otter : A three masted schooner originally built for trade, she was converted to a quick warship after the Nirneath. She now equipped with archer-stations and catapults and enough space to house a large amount of refugees for a short time.

Name: Elendur "the Silent"
Race: Noldo/ Falathrim/ Sindarin
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6 feet
Build: Lanky and wiry
Eyes: grey-green
Hair: black, shaggy and messily cut. Neither he or his mother have to patience to do it properly.
Clothes: loose and comfortable, giving him a lot of freedom of movement. Usually blue, brown or grey like his mother. Wears leather armor on sea and a fishscale shirt on land. Like all sailors goes mostly barefoot on deck but wears solid boots on land. Wears a multitude of knives on his person, ranging from small throwing knives to long and slender battle-knives. Also possesses a small child's flute, a gift to his sister from his father, the only thing he has left of them.
Marital Status: single for now
Family: Only his mother, Earwen is alive. His father and sister were murdered before his eyes.
Occupation: Third Mate of the Sea-Otter
Personality: Withdrawn and quiet , he is in some ways even more inaccessible than his mother. He hates orcs with a deep and burning passion for what they did to his family and never hesitates to kill them when he can, sometimes acting rashly. Though getting rarer he still has nightmares about his father and sister's death, and after the tragedy he did not speak for years. He still seldom opens his mouth and sometimes reverts back to sign language.
Biography: Born in 466 he had a happy childhood untill Eglarest fell. During their flight to the Havens of Sirion his father and little sister were killed before his eyes and from that day on the merry young boy was gone, replaced by a silent ghost. He did not speak for years despite all his mother's efforts and only started speaking again when he was sixteen. Ever since the fall of Eglarest he has spent nearly all his time on the Sea-Otter and grew up in the company of sailors and warriors. Though everyone loved him dearly this did not improve his grim disposition and he was an excellent fighter before he even started speaking again. His mother taught him everything about sailing just as her father did for her, and Elendur has now recently risen to Third Mate.
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Postby erinhue » Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:48 am

I was thinking I might get into this with my half elven character Leander. I have not used the elven assassin since another sea going adventure, Ocean Voyage. It seems fitting to use him because the First Age is way too early to use The Bard who is about 35 years old and belongs to the very end of the third, beginning of the fourht age.

Although Leander is a seaman I know nothing about sailing or boats. I know port from starboard but that is about it. I shall try to get in some research unless you are willing to put up with me faking it, which I do very well. Let me know and in the meantime I will go dig up Leander's character profile. TTFN, Captain 8)
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Postby erinhue » Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:50 am

Hammmmm seems I will have to ammend Leander's profile. This takes place in the First Age and I designed Leander to function in the Fourth Age. He's half Elven and could well be placed in the First Age but I would need to rethink his background. I'll get back to ya :wink:
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Postby Claymore » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:38 pm

Ow wow, I hadn't expected anyone to react on this anymore :D
You're more than welcome Hue!
Faking is alright. Knowing port from starboard is already a start.
I don't know anything about ships with more than one mast either. SO I too will be faking a bit :rofl:

Anyway I can't wait :happydance:
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Postby Cock-Robin » Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:54 pm

Hmmm....I'll have to keep this in mind. I'm not sure what to play yet, I've got to do a bit of thinking.

Happy New Year!

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Postby Claymore » Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:08 pm

you're welcome to drop in any time you want. :wink:
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Postby Thraen » Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:07 am

Just a character; don't read the background because I only wrote it to get an idea of what he's been trough. Hopefully we can get the story started soon!
(Oh, and great setting, thanks Claymore! -Not that I hadn't told you that already-)

Name : Askelad of Gjelland
Race : Human
Gender : Male
Age : Forty- six
Height : Five feet, eight inches
Build : Slim and straight as a board, appearing quite stiff.
Eyes : A pale brown colour.
Hair : Short and grey, already turning white on top of his head. Lucky for him, he still has most of it.
Special features : A short beard, at least as light grey as his hair, if not lighter.
Clothes : Decent travellers gear of the more expensive kind, including a well-made pair of leather boots and a leather waistcoat. The overcoat is made of a fine woven black cloth that keeps the rain and wind out well and because it’s thin only adds to Askelad's overall rigid appearance.
Marital Status : Single
Special ‘luggage’ : Nothing unusual, just a very sharp mid-length sword, a rather nice pouch filled with silver in his pack, oh, and of course two little girls. One of seven and the other ten years old. They’re not his children though; he just takes care of them.

Family :
Some, far away. Askelad's 'profession' involved quite a lot of travelling both for the purpose of turning profit as well as his personal safety. Not that there was a lot of family to be separated from, only the household he was raised in.
Occupation :
Currently unemployed, if he ever could actually be called 'employed' anyway. Askelad is considered a veteran in the art of pseudo-legal affairs.
Personality :
Askelad is everything but the quiet type. This really isn't a good thing in his profession and it is only because he has trough years of experience learned to be quiet that he still walks freely. Years of experience, it is necessary to add, that he survived simply because his sword was quick and this thoughts even quicker.
Needless to say this isn't a man that would speak freely to anyone but one or two 'colleagues' and getting to know him well takes time. Chances are that he'll get to know yóu rather than the other way around, in particular if you are a potential threat.
To the two –presumably parentless- children he has with him Askelad tries to be comforting, with only a little success. Even though he is friendly and helps them just as their parents would, somehow he’s never able to find the right words. But what’s there to say? Their father already passed away and the group their mother was in was probably taken by a band of orcs.
Biography : (Don’t read, I just got carried away, that’s all.)
Having spent his youth as the oldest and only son of a simple farmer Askelad was practically deprived of any education at his tenth birthday. His father, a hard working man who had been lucky enough to marry the only daughter of the farm's previous owner had every intention of making Askelad inheriting the land. It wasn't that he feared Askelad couldn't claim some of the many free fields around them. Hardly anyone lived near to claim them as their own but fertile, soft dirt wasn't as readily available and neither was a decently roofed house.
His father's intentions, good as they were, did not interest Askelad in the least. First of all Askelad didn't posses the easily satisfied mind his father had, not quite. Askelad wanted to know the world, tales of cities and modern craftsmanship lured him, he desired more than to live his life out in the wilderness with at best a year's harvest to look forward to.
On a day in his fifteenth year of life Askelad found himself in a small village bordering the river Sirion with his father already on his way back to the farm and himself having a coin or two in his pocket. It had been a better year to the household and Askelad's old man thought giving him some space would put Askelad at ease, and it did. It did that quite well as Askelad boarded the first vessel that went downstream and disappeared.
This all went rather easy and he even got paid for helping the boat unload as they reached a rather large place several days later and the crew asked him whether he'd stay with them for a while. They could use a pair of strong farmers hands but Askelad declined, he wanted to see the city and at that point still intended to return to his father's home.
It was there that Askelad learned to read and write a little, he quite cleverly arranged it by getting himself employed by one of the wealthier merchants in town. Rather than making some decent money Askelad wanted only enough to live from in addition to being taught the basics of literacy. As peculiar as the merchant thought this was, having the naive young man work for hardly anything at all sounded appealing and he agreed.
As an accession to learning what even in the cities most people couldn't do, that being basic reading, writing and enough maths to be of help the the business, Askelad now was in a position that introduced him to the miracles of modern day technologies. He worked with blacksmiths, carpenters, leatherworks and a great many other crafts.
Five years long did Askelad stay employed in the city, or as he now knew it was: A decently sized town. He sent word and some gifts to his parents but refused to return to the farm, never wanting to see that Valar-forgotten place ever again. Besides, the old merchant had grown fond of him and it wasn't unusual that Askelad represented the business when the master was out of town.
Business changed over time as competition grew and some other merchants came to town who didn't mind using some dirty play to give their business a kick-start. The first signs were a competition in prices but that didn't work well enough and after several weeks suddenly goods started to disappear from stock. The attempt to force prices up worked well, his master was forced to order Askelad and two other of his well trusted employees to gather a group. They were to stop the robberies, as the regular order didn't intervene.
It all resulted in the twenty-year-old Askelad and two good friends, aided by two shady guys he hired guarding the storages for a week. As these things go it was of course on the very last day they would do so that things actually started happening. A fight broke out and as the intruders drew knives it soon became apparent they didn't yet know what kind of punch Askelad's group had in their arms. To be truthful, only his two friends and Askelad himself were quite that strong. The other two he had brought just drew more knives than the intruders and did so with an acuteness that should have sent anyone running.

That day two unknown men died on the merchant's grounds. Deaths that had to be explained and the panicking merchant did the only thing he could do: He put the blame on Askelad's group. Askelad was snatched away from work on the day he was to be round up. The two men he had hired were not only good with knives but appeared to have some other valuable qualities as well.
They left town and travelled even further downstream of the Sirion until they were sure no-one would come looking for them anymore. The five of them were now faced with the trouble of making a living in an unknown place and with very little resources. It was that moment they decided to turn the tables and live of the merchants’ money for a while and this is the way Askelad entered the world of threatening, bribery and extortions. It wasn't a fun business to be in but it paid well and at least the original five of them could help each other out. Having friends you can trust is probably the most valuable possession any of them ever had, occasionally matched by a sword or a knife of course.

The overwhelming victory of the orcs on Nargothrond had ended the relative quiet of the region and as orcs and other dark creatures roamed the lands life once more changed. The wealth Askelad had built by then he used to bring his ‘family’ of friends and acquaintances to safety. This involved buying several vessels and moving the group of a good thirty people well supplied down the Sirion.
Of the five of them that had fled together already so long ago only Askelad and the two ‘shady figures’ as he had thought they were, remained. Their actual names were Geir and Kent but that is of little importance right now. The other two, Askelad’s former colleagues under the merchant, hadn't survived the years and while only one of them got stabbed to death the other still did pass away of illness.
The three survivors were now faced with finding their deceased comrades' families and getting them to safety as well. The advantage they had was that they had three swords and the resources to easily set up the search but the timespan to do so wasn't as favourable. Eventually the managed to trace only one of the two families they had been looking for. There they abandoned the search as bands of orcs plagued the unprotected town and fled.

The absence of anything that could call itself a boat forced the new formed group to travel by land and some unpleasant encounters with orcs separated Askelad and two little girls (Neither old enough to hold a sword) from the others. They would regroup later Askelad decided and with his horse carrying the children he reached the relative safety of Sirion’s harbours.
Two weeks later the other half of the group still didn't show up and Askelad has taken up the search for a vessel to carry the children to safer places.
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Postby Claymore » Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:14 pm

Yeehay, More people, more Joy! Glad you were finally able to join in, Thraen.
I will try to write something before the end of week, to kick-start this a bit. I will try keep the other captains and the crew as faceless as posible to give others a place to drop in.
*cracks her fingers in anticipation*
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