The Search for a Princess - Hyldan's Journey

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Postby Sauron's_Nagging_Wife » Sun Jul 29, 2001 7:55 pm

"Good day!" called the fair haired horseman who had easily overtaken them. "Do you make for the Ford of Isen?" He smiled at the three: a youthful, dark haired man-at-arms in the uniform of some noble house who looked suspiciously at him; a lovely dark-haired woman who looked enough like the man-at arms to be his sister; and an elegant lady who was completely hidden by the hood of her richly embroidered cloak.<BR><BR>"We do," answered the man curtly. "But, the ladies need rest and we shall stop soon."<BR><BR>The stranger noticed that the sister was frowning and staring at him. Then, the secret lady spoke, and he tuned to her.<BR><BR>"Are you a Knight of Rohan?" she asked, her intense gaze making the man uncomfortable even from the shadows that kept her face from view.
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Idril had felt the same comraderie with Jaxon and she hoped to journey with her further. She wanted to offer to travel with her.<BR><BR><i>"Why don't we travel together and since you know where Hyldan heads, you lead us. We would be safer during the journey if we stick together. Besides your story intrigues me."</i><BR><BR>With that they began breaking camp and readying for the journey.<BR><BR>
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Postby the mouth of sauron » Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:26 pm

this was a grand thread <img src=""border=0>
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Hyldan caught up with them easier than he had expected. He gave them a curteous enough greeting, but was himself greeted most strangely. The man-at-arms scowled fiercely and muttered something about stopping. The dark haired girl smiled warmly and Hyldan almost caught himself smiling in return. The real curiosity was the cloaked Lady. Without even seeing her eyes, he felt the strength of her gaze.

"Are you a knight of Rohan?"

Hyldan paused. In this land, that could be a death sentence. However, his pale hair and beard could not be disguised. Yet, even as his mind sought to come up with an explaination that would satisfy any curiosity about the combination of arms and Rohirric features, his mouth was already answering.

"I was. Now I wander, in a land not my own."

The man-at-arms had stiffened, but the two women were staring at him with apparent interest. Legrace could feel the despair pulsing from Hyldan, mingled with great sorrow. Hyldan continued.

"I have not seen that land for...a score of years."

Hyldan's eyes flicked again over the trio. A most mysterious lot, especially in Dunland. And why was he saying these things? That man-at-arms...Hyldan knew the great houses of Rohan and all the surrounding lands, and that coat of arms was from many miles south. Why? Hyldan felt pulled, almost compelled, to stay. Yet, his heart burned within him. Helzzar was dead. His duty was vengence or...or what? As though the layers of an onion were being pulled back, Hyldan was seeing what lay inside him for so many years. He didn't know. He'd never known. A bitter quest, doomed from the start. Now he had brought friends here, and were they all to die, as well?

No. It was the end. Hyldan had failed. It was his last duty to report his failure to the aged Gram, or his son Helm, if Helm now ruled. Hyldan's eyes fell to the ground in his contemplation. All these years, only to fail. He was, indeed, no longer a true knight of Rohan. A true knight would not have failed.

Hyldan turned his horse to ride on. "You said you needed rest, and I must press on. Farewell."

Hyldan began to ride, when a soft but commanding voice halted him in his tracks. "Stop!"
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