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Postby samsmyhero » Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:33 am

Denegal stood politely aside as three wayfarers stepped through the door. Two of them, one male, one female, had an odd look about them and he noticed their ears in particular seemed starngely shaped. Well, no matter. he had pressing business inside.

Stepping into the office of the Pony Express, Denegal smiled to see his former acquaintance still at his post. The hobbit, Nob, nodded his head briefly as he turned to assist another patron who was having a bit of difficulty writing. No wonder - the creature had no hands to speak of. Only long, slimey tentacles slithered across the floor and desk. Denegal caught a snatch of murmured conversation, as Nob was asking "Now, Mr. Watcher, do you have any other past work experiences besides trying to eat Mr. Frodo and his companions?" Denegal picked up a quill and began scribbling quickly.

We, the players of "A Soldiers' Tale" RP, currently being found at the Prancing Pony RP forum, are looking for a few good men and women to join our company in the struggle to save Middle earth from the ultimate evil of Sauron. Plagarizing unashamedly from Tolkien's actual tale of the taking of Osgiliath, the siege of Minas Tirith, the ride of the Rohirrim, etc., etc., we are attempting to tell the story from the point(s) of view of the common soldier, be he or she Gondorian or Rohirrim, or any of the other humans who fought in these epic scenes. Elves, dwarves and hobbits welcome only if willing to assume the roles of Legolas, Gimli, Merry or Pippin, as we are trying to stick to actual events as related by the great man himself. But there's still lots of room for creativity in character choice as evidenced by our varied and interesting cast as now assembled. Even orcs would be welcome (somewhat) to tell the tale from their side.
Here you will find our stirring tale: ... 3fd577cc9e
If you find yourself irresistibly drawn into the battle of good versus evil, you may contact us in the OOC thread here: ... 3fd577cc9e
If that don't work, you can always email me, Denegal, at:

The young soldier reread the advert several times, and, finding it satisfactory, stepped over to where the young hobbit was still attempting to understnad the low groans and hissing sounds emanating from the huge, damp monster. "I'm sorry to be in such a hurry, Nob. But Osgiliath has already fallen to the orcs and the siege of the City is about to begin. I must be getting back."

"Don't you fret, Mr. Denegal." Nob smiled and took the proffered ad. "I'll post this just as soon as I get done with the watcher, here."

"Thanks! I'll come back another time, when the war is over and let you know how it all went."

"Oh, well, sir, I do believe we all know that." But Nob's words were spoken to the back of Denegal's head as he hurried from the office.
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Postby Taethowen2108 » Sun Jan 30, 2005 4:24 pm

A lavender-grey cloaked elf entered the Pony Express, the bell tinkling as she allowed the door to close behind her. The elf hesitated, at first unsure what to do, then saw the paper and quills on the counter. Without further hesitation, she approached the counter, pulled her hood away from her eyes, and began to write her notice:

Taethowen--called Taeth-- is a short elf at 5'6. Golden blonde hair, grey eyes and a firecracker temper at times. A weaver by trade, but also accomplished at cooking and knows a little bit about healing. Good defensive fighter but prefers not to fight at all. Has a horse, Enalduriare, but calls her Dura.

Tae flashed a smile in the hobbit's direction and handed her notice to him.

"I'll be around here or in the Inn some, but it will probably be quicker to contact my pigeon mail address, I'd reccommend looking there first."

At that, Tae pulled her hood back up over her eyes and headed for the door, the bell's consistent tinkle confirming her exit.
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Postby Rhiannon_Altatari » Thu Jun 23, 2005 11:58 pm

Rhiannon stepped through the door of The Olde Pony Express, and heard a bell tinkle somewhere overhead. This looks like the place those kind hobbits told me about, she mused to herself. She removed her silver-blue traveling cloak, tossed it over one arm and shook her long blonde hair into some semblance of order. Let’s see….I’m to put up an ad letting others know of my needs. She glanced around and noticed benches with writing materials beneath a board that appeared to have other notices hanging from it. Stepping over to the benches, she picked up a piece of paper and a quill, and sat down to think of what she would write. She began to write:

I’m not even sure myself of what I need. All I know is that my mother insisted I go to Imladris, in Rivendell. I have many questions concerning my family history, and she would tell me nothing but that I must go to Rivendell. So I suppose I will need a guide and companions for this journey I must undertake. For those interested, I am of Elven descent…my mother having been raised in Rivendell before running away to be with her beloved. Now my father is dead, and my mother nearly so. Her dying wish is that I meet her side of my family. Anyone wishing to help me may contact me at

Rhiannon glanced around, having finished writing her note, wondering what to do with the paper. Should she just pin it to the board? She thought she’d better ask first. “Hello?” she called out. “Is anyone here?”
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Postby atalantea » Sun Jun 26, 2005 9:38 pm

"I've been waiting for soooooooo long already! I need to be doing something!" Karimlan seethed. She stared hard at the door where people seemed coming in and out. "I'm going in there and for those who will try to stop me, the Valars have mercy on them!"

"Karimlan, will you relax? You are drawing too much attention to yourself! Not that I don't like the attention, it's not as if the people will remain looking at you with me around but you are making too much noise! Please! My audience is bothered by your noise and existence!" Kundiman flicked her glorious raven hair that framed her more than glorious face to the side and winked at a knight that passed her way.

Two striking women, they stood there. One with alabaster skin, glowing in the sunlight, her mahogany hair cascading behind her, a goddess of beauty in a mortal's body... beautiful, glorious body. Her striking, more than shire-green emerald colored eyes hypnotizing the passers by, hiding the mind and witt behind them.

The other one, golden bronze skin, haloing her. Eyes that one can drown in, midnight blue lined with silver that one cannot help but gaze into it. Her body more than perfect, athletic, gracefull, agile and lithe. Her raven hair, black as midnight, the curls in wild and gorgeous abandon. The liberal, the one who loves freedom and thrives in it. Her smile pulsing with life.

"Do you think I care about that? I am dying here! I need to do something! Anything! Dammit! See? Now I'm even arguing with you!"

"No need to kill each other, I've solved the problem, we did not leave any way for them to contact us, I've already taken care of it," Atalantea smiled regally at them. The only elf in their company. Her hair mahogany, shades darker than Kundiman's and her eyes bluer than that of Karimlan, reflecting depth and wisdom from the long years of her life. She led them towards their steeds. "I'll just be waiting for the calls, I'll inform you once one or all of us are contacted, there is none to worry about,"

"Did you tell them I'm willing to do anything?" Karimlan hoisted herself up her horse.

"I think they know that," Atalantea said.

"Anything as long as there is a good looking male around, the more the merrier," grinned Kundiman.

"We'll see," she remembered the adress she left. and She supposed that was enough. She also prayed that the invitations would come fast.

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Postby Borin_Silversmith » Fri Sep 09, 2005 5:24 pm

The bell above the door tinkled as a young dwarf walked in. "Hello sir,"he said "I've been told that this was the place to post an advertisement."

A Hobbit with the name Nob on his shirt looked up and said "This would be the place sir. IF you've got your advertisement you can hand it here if not there is paper and ink over there."

I have my advertisement sir, and may I introduce myself. My name is Borin Silversmith , resident Dwarf, part-time bartender, pygmy Balrog bouncer and jack of all trades at a new Inn opening up over in Welcome.

Come One--- Come All

Now open... The Lucky Fortune Inn... Friendly Service... Good Food...

Cold Ale on Tap...Fine well as coffee and teas

come on in join in a role play..especially if you are a new comer.. We have many characters ready to interact in a little light role play...Ask us questions or just join the fun.

Just contact erinhue or one of the others over in the Lucky Fortune Inn, over in Welcome.

The Hobbit checked it over and agreed to post it. Borin thanked the Hobbit
and left to go back to the Inn.
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Postby Ilyda » Tue Sep 20, 2005 5:48 pm

The door opened once again, and a tall figure came into the room. The entrant appeared to be a Ranger, a man at first sight. But if one looked deep into the eyes, there was still a hint of femininity hidden beneath the years of turmoil and hardship.

The Ranger approached Nob and, speaking softly, asked for paper and a quill. Clearly, another advertisement was coming soon. The Dunedain spent a few moments in a corner, carefully constructing an ad. She soon returned with both borrowed instruments.

Experienced Ranger looking for further travel. Skilled with herbs and a sword. Part of Grey Company during War of the Ring and generally well-traveled. Please contact at Stout Hobbit Inn.

With the advertisement posted, the Ranger exited the inn, leaving only silence in her wake.
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Postby blackthorn » Fri Oct 28, 2005 1:31 pm

Blackthorn slid from of the dark ally way gust up the street from his destination after the last traveler or adventurer left for the night ,leaving only the hobbit to close up.
"Go I will not need you for now."lifting his right hand so his falcon companion could have a good jump for his departure.
After his falcon took to flight Blackthorn walked in the night mist unnoticed and placed his hand on the oak an iron door to stop it from shutting were as the hobbit was about to lock it up.
"Ah sorry sire we are closed come back in the morning,"the hobbit replied very startled from the unexpected stranger."This should only take a moment of your time master hobbit."Blackthorn answered forcing his way in out of the night.

"what is the nature of the emergency master?we are not prone too serve people in the middle of the night"as the hobbit returned to the back of the desk
"Parchment please master hobbit."as he was standing there the hobbit reached under the desk an retrieved what he was looking for."Quill to?"asked the hobbit.
"That will not be necessary."Blackthorn reached up in to his raven black hair an retrieved an orange feather .The Hobbit was surprised for never seeing a feather like it before.

Instead of using the ink well Blackthorn turned the feather up side down so the edge of the feather stroked the parchment, words be gain to appear from under the towpath. The hobbit took a step back .
After Blackthorn was done he walked over to the posting board and took out a 1 inch black thorn pinning his add to board.
Turning he smiled at the hobbit, flipping a gold coin to him he said"for your troubles."then disappeared out the door again.

The hobbit rushed over and locked the door. Back to the board he was reading the message.


Age. unknown

Race. mother-human--father-unknown

weapons. prefer-hand ax and short sword

position applying for-scout


back ground info. Found abandoned, raised by dwarfs

befriended by-

Radagast the brown..wizard
Patic grayhammer....Adopted father
Tom Bambadagast...Trainer and mentor

Gray streak name of befriended falcon...companion

Distinguishing crystal blue eye one emerald green eye


leav contact at the welcom forum
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Postby Arvandor » Tue Nov 15, 2005 11:22 am

Would you mind taking down my add. I'm actively searching now :shock:
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Postby Arvandor » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:05 pm

Adventurers wanted!
Mission: To purge Dol-Guldur of it's remaining evil and cleanse the Elven forests.
Who we need: Any adventurer looking to help out, as any profit the tower may hold is unknown; soldiers, mercenaries, warriors, or anyone who is able and willing to fight it out. Other help is of course needed but we will be in dangerous lands and situations so beware.
Contact: OOC IC

Stop in!
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Postby Arvandor » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:05 pm

Adventurers wanted!
Mission: To purge Dol-Guldur of it's remaining evil and cleanse the Elven forests.
Who we need: Any adventurer looking to help out, as any profit the tower may hold is unknown; soldiers, mercenaries, warriors, or anyone who is able and willing to fight it out. Other help is of course needed but we will be in dangerous lands and situations so beware.
Contact: OOC IC

Stop in!
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Postby bellmaker4 » Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:34 pm

A Trip to Tolfalas

Greetings, traveler. I am Celegal, ranger of the North, and I invite you to prove yourself worthy to join our roleplaying thread, A Trip to Tolfalas. The possibilities are unlimited, the glory to be grapsed as we make our way to the island of Tolfalas. Anyone is welcome, must be adventurous and brave.
For more information, go to the the
OOC thread at:

To find out more, and to create a profile!
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Postby Sith~Happens1292 » Fri Apr 21, 2006 8:46 pm

A sleek, quick-footed traveller entered the Inn and slid to the bar practically unnoticed. One could see that this weary ranger was a man - at first glance. But as one studied the figure, how they walked and spoke with utmost elegance, one could then understand that this was no man, but a woman. A woman with stout heart but a raging temper if tampered with too much.

The barman studied her for a moment, aware of the upcoming ad. She quietly asked for a quill and parchment, and he got one, before she could finish. She wrote swiftly but neatly, laid it on the counter, and, thanking the barman, made her way out of the Inn. He skimmed over the ad to read:

Swift and skillful with any blade, staff, or bow. Adiquate cooking and a traveller of many quests. Likare Nitroral, 17, from the Ice Bay of Forochel, contacted at

Forochel? Where this could be found baffled the barman, but put it on the wall none-the-less.
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Postby Zantares » Thu May 11, 2006 11:06 am

A cloaked figure walked into the Inn, and, without looking at anyone, heading straight fore the bartender. It was an elf, as he was elvish in the way he walked, and how he handed over a small piece of paper, with the cleverly concelded coin behind it.

The bartender scanned the ad once, as he placed the coin in his pocket, turned and pinned the add to the front of the bar, as the elf turned and walked straight out of the inn, without looking at anyone.

Once the elf had left, a number of curious folk approched the bar to read the new ad. One read aloud...

To one and all

We have need of adventures to join us. They need not be experienced, for neither am I, but then, thats the adventure.

If you wish to heed the calling, then please contact me at
or simply write yourself in at
and remember to enjoy

Zantares Alosen
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Postby Impenitent » Thu Oct 05, 2006 8:12 pm

The little bell tinkled as Nobby opened the door to The Pony Express office, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and yawning so widely his ears wagged. it was early, the rays of the newly risen sun creating long shadows across the counter.

Nob made his way behind the counter, breathing a sigh of relief that he'd managed to open the office on time even though he'd slept in - his grandad, Old Toby would accept no excuses for what he called his 'laggardly ways' - their customers knew they could depend on The Pony Express during all the hours of the day, sunrise to sunset.

He picked up a couple of notices that had fallen to the ground - new requests, it seemed. Zantares Alosen requiring some adventurers and Sith~Happens1292 seeking an adventure to join!

Nob scratched his head; these new customers seemed to think The Pony Express was an Inn; ah well; never mind. As long as they paid for the notices they put up, they could imagine anything they wanted. Nob made his way to the back room, the swinging doors sqeaking in a friendly fashion behind him, to put on the morning pot of coffee.

"I wonder," he thought, "Do Zantares and Sith still want these notices put up now, or have they made their own arrangements overnight, while the office was closed? I'll put these notices aside until they come in to let me know what they want."
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looking for RPers! 'OOC: Red Sunrises'

Postby elerrina_narloth » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:00 am

a young elf rushed into the room, as if she was deeply excited about something. She grinned broadly at the hobbit.

"I hear you do advertising sir! I am looking for people to join me on an ancient quest, a battle more specifically. "

she then told the tale of a battle , where a city had been warned man times of their treating with the enemy. She told how Celebrimbor made the three elven rings of power. She told of the Elven high king of the Elvish nation to which that city, called Eregion, belonged. This high king sent his regent to save the city when the enemy finally began to attack, but there were too few elves to fight. Sadly, this regent had left in the cpaital from whence he came a young girl desperately in love with him. They fought much to be reunited! Even battling against the high king, Gil-Galad, Elrond's close friend and Celebrian's admirer.

A RP to do with the sack of Eregion, and all the events around it, especially the romance between Elrond aand Celebrian and the strife that came from it. And the unspoken question: did Gil-Galad send too few men with Elrond to Eregion because he wanted to see Elrond dead and have Celebrian for himself? I have no members as of yet, and I would desperately need some! see the thread 'OOC: Red Sunrises' for more info.As a minor I cannot post my email, so you can find me usually in the threads of 'teens of Eru' or in my thread 'Another thread: who are you crazy about?' but you will probably easily find me at the OOC.
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Postby Impenitent » Sat Oct 21, 2006 7:10 am

Nob had just taken a very large bite of his mince and mushroom pie when the elven lass rushed into the Pony Express, bubbling over with excitement. Nob chewed as quickly as he could, unable to speak for his mouth being too full, but he nodded his head with gusto as he listened to her speaking ten to the dozen while he took notes.

She smiled at him, finally, as she stopped talking, paid him a silver coin and rushed out as quickly as she'd come, leaving him breathless and still chewing while the little bell at the door tinkled its tune.

Nob went over the advertisement carefully to check for errors, then walked over to the noticeboard to pin it up. He swallowed down his pie and smiled. It had been some time since he'd had a new notice to put up and he was very pleased.

He walked back behind the counter and took another bite out of his steaming and most delicious pie.
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Postby bill_n_sam » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:25 am

Robin Smallburrow, shirif of Frogmorton, bustled officiouly into the small office. Thrusting a hand printed notice under Nob's nose, he said "I've been asked by a friend to see you post this here ad-vert. It's important, so see as you don't lose track of it."

Nob carefully scrutinized the ad, a puzzled look growing on his face. "But, it says here that this is all about slaves and wainriders and Rhovanion and . . . "

"Yes, yes, lad. I've got naught to do with it. Just told a friend that I'd see it gets posted. So, I've done my part, now you do yours." With a brisk nod, Robin turned abruptly and left.

Nob reread the ad in his hand.

Are you longing for adventure? Want to spice up your holidays with a little intrigue, a little romance, a battle or two???? Need a little escapism to get through RL?

Then visit "Silent All These Years:OOC planning thread" here:

The time: 1899 of the Third Age
The place: Rhovanion, home of the Northmen - ancestors of the Rohirrim
The story: The brutal Wainriders of the East have invaded and enslaved much of South and East of Rhovanion. Calimehtar, King of Gondor, plans revenge against these interlopers who killed his father. Amongst the Gondorian traders who are doing a lucrative, if illegal, trade with the Easterlings, the King has planted a spy, or perhaps more than one? The enslaved Rhovanions, meanwhile, are desperate to throw off the yoke of their accursed overlords. At least some of them are - others may be more inclined to use their fellow slaves' plans for revolt to their own advantage.
Calimehtar's spies have been instructed to foment this rebellion in aid of the King's plans to bring the Wainriders to open battle.

We need slaves! We need spies! We need nasty Easterlings
and nefarious Gondorians! Young, old, craven or bold.

Stop by the planning thread today and sign up for a fun time!"
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Postby eliana-returns » Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:51 pm

A tall, lithe figure entered the small office and passed a cleanly written note across the counter with more than the required price and left without a word.

The cloak she had been wearing, for Nob assumed it was a woman based solely on her build, had obscured all but her outline and shadowed her face. As Nob picked up the note he couldn't help but wonder whether he had been seeing things or if her fingers really [i]did[/] have claws instead of fingernails.

He read the note:

Individuals interested in defending the United Kingdom and all Middle Earth from an as of yet unidentified evil. Participants must be willing to travel long distances into unknown lands searching for stones thought long lost.

Our enemies are turning nature against us, using wolves as warriors and weather as walls. They seek the lost Palantiri in order to spy on our kingdoms and manipulate our kings.

We must locate and secure the stones first, possibly recover stones already in our enemies possession.

Interested wanderers and adventurers please gather in the Prancing Pony Forum at the thread speaking of OOC: The Farsighted and the Lands Beyond.
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Postby Novice » Sat Jul 26, 2008 8:20 pm

The door opened with a tinkle of the bell and closed again with another tinkle. Novice stopped just inside the door, dropping her hood back so she could look around the Express office, with its many noticeboards and ink-spattered benches. The office was quite empty though some murmurings seeped through from the back room.

The large board with the sign above it declaring "Here be vacancies in Roleplay Stories" caught her eye and she hurried over eagerly to see whether any suitable positions were available for any of her cast of characters. She read through them all carefully, her shoulders slumping a little as she came to the end of each notice...most of them appeared to have been filled, and of the remainder, none seemed suitable. She sighed and nibbled at her lower lip, a nervous habit when thinking. Novice cast her eyes down, wondering whether it was worth writing out her own notice to display. Couldn't hurt.

She glanced at the counter, which was amply supplied with paper, quills and ink. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and walked decidedly over to pick up a quill.

Wanted: a part to play in an ongoing adventure or story. Slow-moving would be best, and the capacity to develop character essential. A wide draft of characters is available - human and part-human for the most - and can be developed in appropriate directions to suit an intelligent ensemble...

...Novice's quill slowed to a stop. She re-read her notice with a sinking heart. No, this was all wrong! It sounded so cocksure and arrogant and would be overlooked for sure! She put down the quill and rested her chin on her folded hands on the counter, feeling quite demoralised.

It had been so long since she'd adventured. All her old comrades had either faded away or graduated to tight-knit crews with their time and energy dedicated to busy journeys across the boards.

What was she to do? She nibbled her lip some more. Could she resurrect an old story? The Sea Wolves had scattered, but the plot was all there, shiny and tempting...The Map of Nogrod was closed...Rain on Bree perhaps...No, she could see no way of re-invigorating them. Sometimes history is best undisturbed.

Perhaps a new thread then? Novice pondered it, lips pursed. She lifted one foot to scratch the back of the other knee and shifted weight, her chin still resting on her hands. No, if finding a crew to join was hard, gathering a new crew from scratch was certainly beyond her.

Perhaps Rally the Eldar would satisfy a small corner of her craving as it continued to hiccup along its long journey and in the meantime she'd bide her time and keep her eyes open.

Yes, that was the best she could do. Decision made, she stood straight with new determination, crumpled the first note and pulled a fresh piece of paper towards her. She dipped her quill into the ink and thought for a moment, composing her simple desire.

Wanted: a part to play in an ongoing adventure or story. Old hand has returned, eager and hungry. Will consider any serious offer and is willing to offer ongoing commitment in return for same. Contact Novice on

She signed her name with a confident flourish and took her notice to the board. She pinned it firmly, using four strong pins and nodded to herself: yes, now the thing was done! She pulled up her hood once more - it looked like rain outside - and stepped out, the door closing on the tinkle of the bell.
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Postby RavenTinuviel » Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:58 pm

Raven walked in to take shelter from a passing thundershower that sprang up a night closed in. She was only a little bit wet, with the first drops being driven into her by the gusting wind. She would just haveto rest, and finding a candle, she worked a flintstone to try and light it.

The light set aglow its immediate surroundings, and Raven decided to pass the time reading old ads that had been posted through the years. There was much dust about the place, but some footprints on the floor told that somebody had come by recently. There was onenote tacked up that had not yet yellowed with time, and Raven leaned forth with candle in hand to read it.
Novice wrote:Wanted: a part to play in an ongoing adventure or story.
Old hand has returned, eager and hungry.
Will consider any serious offer and is willing to offer ongoing commitment in return for same.

Hmm... Raven thought. Had she been here back when this was tacked up, she would have offered them to write in Mists of Eriador. But maybe it was too slow moving, or too detailed and wrapped up in a past tales to draw interest? Raven did not know, but she took note of the address, and thought she would pen a letter to them anyway. She set the candle down and took a fresh parchment from the writing desk. The quill had dried up, but Raven found another, and some ink that was still usable.

Dear Novice:

I was looking at a board where I found your request to write in an ongoing tale where the writers are commited. I realize I am quite late in this, but I was away for some time. Still now, I ask if you may want to consider writing a part in Mists of Eriador? We few writiers are commited to it but also know that life takes precedence, and so it moves at its own pace. If you are still looking for a tale to write in, then give it, and the OOC and Character bios a read and maybe consider joining us? If not, or you have found other tales to commit to, then I thank you for your time.


Using another parchment as an envelope, Raven addressed it and went to find a post box to drop it in to.
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Postby Martin the Warrior » Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:56 am

This offer is no longer open.
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Postby Lenne Linwe » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:12 pm

I am in search of anyone willing to take some available jobs located in my inn. The name of it being, "The Lavender Inn".
Just click on the link above, which is our OOC thread, and apply there! We'll be glad to have you!

Visitors and travelers alike are HIGHLY welcomed there! :)
Lenne Linwe
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Postby Lorial Ethrian » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:14 pm

Lori gazed up at the faded sign, a frown on his face. He could barely make out the script, but he had been told that people came here to socialize and participate in roleplays. Unfortunately for Lori, his status as a mercenary required that he would always be on the move. But, surely, it wouldn't be too troublesome if he signed up for one, could it? And no doubt he would be able to learn from those who were more experienced with these sorts of things.

His mare nickered softly, startling the elf out of his thoughts, and he turned to her. She gazed at him with her warm brown eyes and nudged him with her nose, as if urging him to enter. Lori smiled gently at her and nodded. Glancing once more at the sign, he took a deep breath and pushed open the door to Ye Olde Pony Express, causing the bell to ring merrily as he walked in. The auburn-haired elf glanced around, and he spotted another sign, this one advertising roleplay vacancies. Hmm...

There were manydifferent papers with writing on them, and he flipped through them all, quickly skimming the contents. However, they didn't seem to be to his tastes...unless he may have skipped over a thing or two, which could have been the case. With a sigh, he decided maybe it would be best to fill out a request to participate in a roleplay. The mercenary picked up a quill, its tip still wet from the previous user's note, and began to write on a blank sheet of paper.

Elvish mercenary seeking to participate in an action-based roleplay, at the very least with non-human companions. Short, sweet, and to the point. He nodded to himself and placed the quill back in the inkwell, waiting a minute or two for the ink to dry before taking his request to the board. Seeing no pins available, he shrugged and unsheathed a dagger, one of the many he'd acquired from past missions, and pinned his request to the board with that.

He exited the way he'd come, drawing his cloak more tightly about his body, for rain was already beginning to fall. His horse whinnied when she saw him, and he swung easily onto her back. "Let's go," he murmured to her, giving her a gentle nudge in the side. With a toss of her head, the mare galloped away from Ye Olde Pony Express.
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