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OOC: :twisted: Gladly, Master Rhenferry

Rana did not remove her dagger, nor did she remove the deathly glare from her features. “I shall do with what is mine as I wish, Master Rhenferry,” she retorted angrily, still smarting from her being detected and revealed in such an uncouth manner.

With a look of annoyance, he attempted to bat her hand away, and was rewarded with a concise slash of her knife across the back of his hand. Chuckling, he brought the wound to his mouth. “I am afraid for that two drinks are in order.”

“I would not be worrying over what I owe you, Master Rhenferry,” she spoke, low and menacing. “I would be more concerned about what you owe me – some answers.” He stepped back slightly and felt the wooden door at his back as she brought the dagger to the level of his adam's apple.

“And what sort of answers do you require, Rana? That is your name, is it not? Please supply them to me so that I may earn the removal of this rather inconvenient dagger from my throat.”

A hint of a smile twitched at the corner of her mouth. Somehow, it did not make him feel any better. “Call me what you will. And we shall see what you can think up first. Then, if you are still alive...” A spark shooting from her dark eyes hinted at an attempt at humour, but he was not certain. She drew back and flicked the knife tip. “Shall we go somewhere more private, Master Rhenferry? I would hate to make a scene in the common room. Lead the way.”

“I would like to keep my own anonymity as well, if you don't mind,” he protested, wondering if making a scene would entail his body parts strewn across the floor. Yet, to be alone in any room, especially his own quarters, with this wildcat would not bode well with his personal well-being either. Not to mention he had an unconscious girl lying on his bed.

She grasped his shoulder and pulled him away from the door with suprising strength and pressed the knife tip into his side. “You do not have a choice, Master Tracker,” she spoke with unbridled contempt.

He had two choices. He could either risk a punctured lung and attempt to disarm her, or he could agree to play her game for the time being.

“Do not push me, Master Rhenferry,” she growled in his ear, sensing his thoughts. “My dagger has a mate.”

Well, so much for that idea.

He succumbed to the pressure of cold steel felt through his clothing and walked to his quarters, Rana ne'er more than a half-step behind him. Once behind the closed and locked door, Rana turned and noticed a bloody girl lying on the floor halfway between the door and the bed. She gave Chase a condescending smirk. “Been busy in your new home I see.” She leaned down and felt for a pulse before rolling the maiden unceremoniously, yet gently, away from the door and commanding him to sit, which he did.

“She's just a lass in need of a little aid. Leave her be,” he emphasized the last part with a slight hint of a warning. Chase could have sworn she had to stifle a laugh.

“You misunderstand me, Master Rhenferry. What has she ever done to me?” she answered flatly, causally unbuckling his sword and sheath from around his waist and leaning it up against the wall by the door, all the while keeping her dagger within easy slicing distance.

As she swept his room for other weapons or traps, he could not help but make conversation. “You have quite good reflexes. I have never seen a blade move so fast... except by an elf once. But that was quite a long time ago. They have surely have all left by now.”

She gave no answer, but he had noticed the slight tensing of her shoulders as she grabbed a chair and positioned herself between him and the door, yet quite out of his reach, he noticed. She then proceeded to whet her dagger. “Now, who are you, Master Rhenferry?” she asked with sickening politeness, as if she were at a party and inquiring about the weather. Her dark eyes bored into him.

“That is the question, m'lady. And I am afraid the answer would take quite a while in the telling. But the short answer is I am a thief in the Thieves Guild, same as you,” he answered cautiously, wondering how far he could provoke her before she decided he was not worth her time.

She let out a snort of disgust. “I see. Why did you follow me from the inn?”

Chase spread his hands, his temper slowly rising again. “Have I not answered these questions once already today? And seeing as you were listening in, I see no point in me repeating myself. Therefore, I see no point in this conversation...” He rose from his seat and took a step towards her and the door. A resounding twang made him pause and glance down at his boot, which now possessed a cut in the toe from a very sharp dagger.

“I did not say you could leave, Master Rhenferry,” she commanded, daring him to resist with her cocky smile and hands loosely clasped behind her head. She was testing him. If he was a Guard or anyone of honest nature, he would not dare attack a maiden. A thief on the other hand, would do anything to escape manipulation and bodily harm.

Chase sighed. “These were my favorite pair of boots.”

Rana smirked. “I am sure I can think of some things you would much rather not lose than a pair of boots. Now, as to my question?” She could see the impatience welling up in his eyes, though he attempted to mask it from her. Yet she needed to know that he had not compromised her position here in the Guild.

She visibly tensed as he reached up to unclasp his cloak. He quirked an eyebrow in a question. “I am sorry. May I, m'lady? Interrogations make me rather hot-blooded.” She gave him the now all-too-familiar glare and settled back into her chair. Slowly he undid the hook and swung it from behind his shoulders. Then, without warning, he continued the movement and flung it at Rana. For once in her life she was caught unawares and flailed at the heavy fabric as it collided with her head. Almost immediately she felt strong arms wrap around her shoulders, pinning her arms to her sides and pressing the cloak against her face. She stifled a gasp as he lifted her off the chair and flung her on the bed.

“Now, Rana. If you will excuse me, I have other business to attend to. I assume you can find your own way out?” he said with a laugh. Just as his hand found the latch, he heard a whoosh of air and jerked his hand back just in time to escape the dagger that embedded itself in the doorjam. He was certain he would have lost a few fingers that time, not just an article of clothing.

“You should learn to be more careful with those things before they get you in trouble,” he said, reaching to pull it from the wood. He never got the chance as his legs mysteriously disappeared from beneath him and he found himself on the floor. He instinctively rolled to break his fall and would have sprung to his feet had not a slim and well-muscled leg slammed into his chest, knocking him on his back.

Rana perched on top of his chest and pressed two slightly shorter daggers against his throat in a V-shape, his neck in between. He stared up at her and remarked dryly. “How many of those things do you have?”

“One more than you would expect,” she replied.

He smiled, and she felt his legs curl up and wrap around her waist, effectively throwing her backwards. She let out a cry as his heavy form landed on top of her, his weighty hands crushing her wrists and sending her daggers flying across the floor.

She twisted uselessly against him for a few moments before realizing he knew how to pin an adversary, and he could do it well. “What do you want from me?” she gasped, attempting to sound ferocious besides the pain in her wrists.

“Oh, now you are the victim, is that it?” he chuckled. “Well, Rana, the truth is you interest me. You have beauty and charm, yet you refuse to use it. Instead you gain your reputation through the drink. You have the reflexes of an elf, yet you are plainly mortal. You seem not over the age of twenty, yet you have experience and wisdom well beyond your years, with a mastery of weapons to match. Apparently you have a story to tell, or you would not have apprehended me. No, most thieves would have tucked tail and run by now. My guess is you have no where else to run, and so decided that if I represented a threat to your habitation, I needed getting rid of. Am I close to the mark?”

Rana could only stare. Apparently she had underestimated this Master Rhenferry. He saw the truthfulness of his statements in her reaction and knew that he would not have to worry about hidden daggers and death warrants from this maiden any longer. Yet he could not help a little fun whilst having this dangerous wildcat declawed.

“Yet if that answer does not satisfy, perhaps this will. What I want from you is merely what I requested before,” he leaned his face down close to her's, eyes twinkling. “A drink and dinner at your expense.”

Her surprise turned into kindling anger and she flung her head up into his. He jumped back with a yowl and pressed his hand to his forehead, drawing it back to reveal blood staining his fingertips. “That is the second time you have drawn my blood tonight!”

Rana had since leaped to her own feet and stood, smirking, a few feet away.
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OOC: Why is it every time I write a guy, females begin flinging themselves at him? :roll: :P

And we'll all hope it's the last, he thought to himself. He wiped at his forehead again, scowled...
"Since the direct approach does not appear to work on you, I'll try charm. May I please, please dear lady, have my father's coin purse back? I'm attached beyond reason to it, and it was the last thing my mother gave me before brigands came through, burning and pillaging and destroying, and I was a lad of but seven. And you may call me Chase, unless you enjoy the 'Master' bit as much as I do."
She folded her arms, undecided as to whether to be amused at the obvious lie or annoyed with it. She chose the former, and decided to be annoyed with the 'Master' bit.
"You can have the purse, but I keep the coin."
He shrugged. "Fair enough, but you still have to buy me dinner with it. And if you're going to keep all that bit of it, I stand in need of a good pair of boots."
"Mind how you speak to me, Chase," she said, spitting his name as though it tasted bitter.
He snorted a laugh. "Mind that you're in my rooms, lassie, and not to take that tone with me in here."
"You like being bloodied?"
"You like being difficult?" he shot back. "Nothing is being compromised here but my personal privacy, my personal safety and... my personal space!"
"I require more assurance than that, Chase."
He decided then that charm wasn't going to work. "To your credit, you're a very difficult person to track. Call me a fool, but when you're on a difficult track you take pains not to be obvious that you're following. I'd lay money you're holding that nobody in the Guard is nearly that bright, or that perceptive, or that talented. They'd happen on it by some stroke of carn bloody luck, and nobody is that lucky. Ever."
She shrugged, the hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.
"I really don't want to be backed into a corner here, lassie."
"Don't," she returned cooly, "call me that."
He snarled something garbled under his breath, and tried to think of what the old priest would have told him to act like. His age more than his boot numbers, more like than not.
"I meant what I said about the coin," he told her. "It's against Guild rules to steal from other thieves."
"You weren't a Guild thief yesterday," she returned cooly. "Property's mine. As for your 'deal', you're making promises with coin you don't have. I gave you your daddy's purse. Take it or leave it."
She certainly had him there. He sighed, and decided that the old priest would have to beat him for this one. "I'll give you a ringing headache if you don't return my coin."
"Beg pardon?" she returned, lifting an eyebrow in disbelief. Surely he wasn't some wizard, though it would explain the high level of perceptiveness he had...
"I'll give you a ringing headache and I will steal every stitch of clothing you own and leave you nothing but your stocking feet to creep about in until such time as you see fit to return my coin."
She snorted a laugh and spread her hands. It was an old game, not unheard of for thieves to play on one another. "That's difficult on you old boy, since I and my daggers are here, and you are still over there."
"That I am," he returned, glancing over at where the girl still lay on the floor where Rana had moved her. "Although I think we ought to both stop a moment, and get her out of the way. I don't like how she looks at the moment."
Rana looked as though she was going to protest, and his hunch that she would proved not to be unfounded. "She's fine," the taller woman snapped. "Don't think for a moment I'm going to just let you... hey!" she protested, as he dropped his guard entirely and moved over to crouch next to the still-comatose girl.
"I don't like how this looks," he said again, feeling of the bandage he'd wrapped her ankle with. "Looks as though she woke enough to try going for the door, and didn't make it." He cradled her head under one arm, noting how pale she was, and how shallowly she breathed.
"Master Rhenferry, I insist--"
"Lock it shut," he told her softly, his tone not one to be gainsaid. He might have commanded his own ragged pack by now, had his heart been in it. He'd had offers to that effect, earlier in his career. He gathered the younger girl up, being careful of her shoulder, walked over to the bed again, and laid her down. Since he had time now, he could do a more thorough inspection of her injuries. He had about the skill of your average thief-turned-field-medic in such things, but he could tell sound flesh from unsound. Many remedies consisted chiefly of binding an injury so as to keep it immobile, or to keep it from bleeding.
Beginning with her head, he felt for any knot or swelling, or broken flesh. All that hair might cover a lot of things. He already knew her shoulder was injured. Presently it was a little beyond him to fix. He would see if there was something he had missed in his first inspection of her. He was careful, but very thorough. Rana kindly held her tongue behind her teeth and refrained from unnecessary comment, which he appreciated.
"I think it's just the ankle and the shoulder," he said at last. "Though there was some swelling under her ribs that worries me. I don't know if there's a break there, and I don't know if there's blood under the skin." He shrugged. "One's hands cannot tell that sort of thing."
There was silence a moment or two.
"Do you people have a leech, or do they just allow you to rot when you come home marked?"
Rana shook her head. "I've been here only a bit longer than you. I don't know."
Chase sighed. "In that case, we'll have to wait until she wakes enough to tell us where else she hurts. I'll decide then if she needs more skill than I can offer. I can try to wrap the shoulder, but that's really the best I can do. Mind fetching some towels, and putting those blades to good use?" he queried amiably.
She nodded once, bristling a little at how freely he issued orders.
"When you've tended to your lady-love there, bear in mind I have business with you."
"Mm?" he answered, taking the long strips as they were cut and using them to wrap the girl's shoulder with.
"You're going to give me a ringing headache, remember?" she repeated mock-sweetly.
"Oh, that. I'll need my sword for that."
Rana barked a laugh and shook her head. "What ass's cart have you been hitched to all your life?"
He grinned as she handed him the last of the scraps, which he used to tie the whole affair off. He felt of the girl's head, and there was some fever. He felt of the skin at the base of her neck, and it was cooler, and a little clammy.
"Poor lass," he murmured, and shook his head. Too young for this sort of life, far too young. He scowled, rearranged her limbs so that she would be comfortable, and folded the blanket around her to keep her warm.
"Touching in the extreme," Rana sniped. "I think I might have tears, Chase."
He snorted and straightened again. "That'd be a shame," he replied cavalierly.
And with blinding speed he lunged and tackled her to the floor so she was facing it and not him. After some energetic struggling and some vicious cursing on her part he finally had her pinned, his weight positioned such that she really wasn't going anywhere, nor could she offer him any trouble with her boots, or her head. He sighed when she finally stopped wriggling.
"I would like to reopen negotiations," he said at last. "I will recind the part about the ringing headache if you give me my coin."
"So help me Chase...!"
"Anything in the world, lassie. Anything at all." He grinned, though she couldn't see it.
"This is not," she spluttered, "remotely fair!"
"I'm a thief," he chuckled. "We don't play fair. Or weren't you paying attention?"
Rana's mind flew through her options. He outweighed her. He had pinned her arms such that they were not remotely useful. She could not twist out from under him. She couldn't use her head on him.
That left a skill she'd never developed, but it just might work...
"Please?" she begged, allowing a tiredness she didn't feel to creep into her voice. "Please leave me alone, dammitall, it's been rotten for me ever since you got here!" She sniffled, and went completely limp, apparently defeated. She felt him shift in surprise. He let her arms out of the hold he'd had on them and she folded them up and buried her face in them. She hadn't cried in ages, and playing at it filled her with equal parts amusement and disgust, but she sniffled again and let out a very small sob.
"Ah blast it all, come on now..." he apologised in a rush, taking the rest of his weight off of her and settling to one side.
"You just had to, didn't you? Had to follow me back here, had to embarass me in front of the Guild Mistress, had to humiliate me with that... that door thing, and on top of it all you have to take my winnings?" She curled up and let out another sob and set her teeth so that she wouldn't start laughing.
Chase was completely at a loss. He didn't know whether to hold her or to pat her or whether he should even touch her, so he ran a hand through his hair helplessly and tried to think of something helpful to say.
"I'm really... really sorry, I didn't know... Carn!" he swore, "come on now girl, I didn't mean it..."
Her shoulders began shaking, and it put him in an even more agitated state.
"Carn it Rana, don't cry!" he hissed desperately.
She sniffled, and choked down another fit of laughter. "It's just awful of you..." she moaned.
"I didn't mean it," he repeated helplessly. "I'd call it off, I just need some of it to pay off some debt--"
She began shaking again, the intensity of her mirth really hurting now. "How can you?" she gasped. "You selfish, unfeeling, unfit pig of a man..."
"I'll call it off then!" he exclaimed, his desperation enough to raise his pitch as well as his volume. "You don't owe me a carn bloody thing, I can fix it some other way just please, please stop crying..."
Being as he was facing her... rather, the ball she had curled herself into, when she lifted her head for him to see the mirth glinting in her dark eyes, it took him a moment or two to realize that she'd played him like a minstrel's harp.
He was another moment deciding how to feel about this.
He was another few moments planning his revenge.
Altogether, it was a good half minute before he was actually able to say anything, and by that time Rana had given up any pretense of laughing and was near to pounding some polish into the already well-worn floorboards.
"I ought to beat you..." he hissed
She rolled to her back and continued to slap the floor at random, near howling with laughter.
"You fork-tongued little serpent I ought to... where's my sword..." he snarled, casting about for where she'd put it. There, draped over her chair, still enclosed in its scabbard... He got to his feet, stomped over and pulled the thing ringing from its tooled housing.
"Commere you little wench!" he thundered, swinging blindly in her direction. She yelped and rolled out of his way, but continued to laugh. Indeed, she was yet so helpless with it he might have killed her already if he'd been in earnest.
He followed, the flat of his blade clanging about rather discordantly, until he finally connected with flesh.
Rana yelled, cursed viciously, and twisted on her hip to kick his feet out from under him. He landed in a rather unceremonious sprawl, his sword clattering away until its progress was halted by one of the chairs.
She nursed her smarting hip with a thunderous scowl. "That," she sniped acidly, "hurt."
He offered her a glare, and rubbed his back where he'd fallen. "Good," he returned sullenly. "You deserve it."
She gave him a shove and got to her feet. "I don't owe you the coin anymore," she stated, smugly triumphant.
He grunted and got his own feet under him, wincing at what would surely be an impressive set of bruises by this evening. "If you don't owe me coin, you owe me something," he groused.
She gave him a sweet smile and bent to pull one of her daggers out of the floor and the other out of the door frame. "I hereby grant you your life," she declared. "You may go now."
It earned her another glare. "It's my room. You go."
She folded her arms and refused to move. A glare that might have melted ebony sparked between them for a few moments. He sighed, looked at her again, and grabbed her arm to leverage her closer. As he'd suspected, the other came to his throat armed with one of her blades. Instead of sparking off another glaring match, he offered her a wolfish grin and slipped his other arm around her waist.
"Don't you dare," she breathed, her dagger pressing coldly into the skin under his jaw.
"What? You afraid or something?"
"Let. Me. Go."
He chuckled. "Wild little scrap like you probably hasn't had a decent kiss in her life."
She brought the point of the dagger up under his chin, tipping his head back a bit. "Let. Me. Go."
He eased his arms away from her, tilted his head to one side, and continued to grin. "That's heartbreaking, Rana. Really."
"Well, break your heart all you like," she growled. "Now," she said, lowering the blade. "We'll get on just fine."
He shook his head and chuckled. As his back was to the door, he stepped toward it, lifted the latch, and pulled it open. "Have a lovely day, lassie."
She offered him a brief glare on her way out as she swept past him. He held his head out of the way of her blade as she crossed the threshold, and paused in the doorway. She planted a fist on her hip and grinned.
"I win."
He rolled his eyes and slammed the door so hard it propelled her forward with enough force to make her stumble. He had not thrown the bolt before she had rebounded off of the other wall and come pounding and yelling curses fit to bring the roof down.
He sighed with satisfaction, pushed himself away from the door, and sat on the edge of the bed. He glanced at the girl and figured that if she'd slept through all of the morning's goings-on in here she'd sleep through anything.
He lay down and put an arm over his eyes and listened until Rana stopped pounding. Then he smiled to himself and drifted off to sleep.


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Postby PatriotBlade » Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:18 pm

Haddie had no idea how long she'd been asleep, where she was or why everything hurt so bloody bad. She grogilly opened her eyes and tried to move. she quickly found that it less to be still, but her hiss of pain had allerted the person behind her that she was awake. The blankets were warm but she still didn't... The memories of the last few weeks' events drew the last of the fog out of her gray eyes. She suddenly tried to sit up again with a pained cry. The person behind her gently pushed her back down into the warm softness, but when one lives in a den of thieves, strangers are frightening.
"Let go of me! Let me go!"
"You're in no condition to move, Lassie."
Trembling, she allowed the man to gently push her back down. "Who are you?" she gasped. "Where am I?"
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Postby Cerridwen » Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:43 pm

Chase had allowed himself to drift into a bit of a half-sleep, his arm still thrown over his eyes. The blood from knocking heads with Rana had dried, leaving the broken skin itchy, but that was nothing compared with the soreness of the headache.
Then all that bumping about. She was a fiesty girl.
His thoughts had drifted about, and had almost carried him away into dreams when the girl beside him stirred herself awake.
Then she tried to get up, and he had to wake completely to keep her from further injuring herself.
He did what he could to soothe her, but she was a skittish one. He might be too, in her position.
"Name's Chase, lassie. I found you at the head of the stairs down the hall. You'd fallen, so I brought you in here where you could rest. Anything else hurt you, other than the shoulder and the ankle? Settle down a little, nobody's going to hurt you," he soothed.
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Postby Monoceros » Sat Apr 30, 2005 12:26 am

Miriam woke up again when the Sun was moving to the West. The room was empty and dim. The only door that led out of it was ajar and someone was moving there. Miriam tried to yawn but a sudden and sharp pain twisted her. Something hurt inside her chest and strangely she didn’t feel her left arm. The brain seemed swollen and whole body was nastily weak and disobedient.

A young maiden came in and greeted her, “How are you now?”

Miriam tried to move her lips and they hardly obeyed, “What did … you … give me? My … body is like a … sack of sand…” That was too difficult for her. The ceiling became shaky and trembling, then slowly spun around. She immediately closed her eyes and took a deep breath causing the same pain.

Some time later she dared to open her eyes. The girl was cleaning silently the room. Miriam must have fallen asleep. She smiled to her weakness. Several days she would be unable to work at all. The left elbow itched and she touched it with her right hand. Tons of bandages covered the broken arm. It felt cold but now she could move her fingers. The maiden heard Miriam moving and came to the bed.

“I’m Aileen, Miss. You are in the Guild’s Healing House. Is there anything you need?”

“I’m thirsty, and I need to know what did you give me.”

“Right away, Miss. I will call the healer.”

Miriam slightly nodded and stared at the doorway. In a couple of minutes a woman of forty came in and sat near Miriam’s bed. She took the girl’s hand and said, “Call me Keelin. I was said you wished to talk to me.”

“Yeah, when I will be able to walk and …, you know, work,” the lips moved easier now, the drug was fading.

“That’s a special potion, it will help you recover very quickly and ease the pain, but it is also very relaxing. If you wish I can tell what it consists of.”

Miriam moaned and shook her head.

“All right.” The healer smiled and looked at the door wondering where was the maiden. Then she continued, “You will be able to walk in a week or so. You broke your left arm and two of your ribs. You hardly hit your head, too. You need time to be cured …”

“What?! It can’t be, I… I just… cannot stay in bed so long I need to … to…” She closed her eyes and growled in despair. The growl turned into hiss and a terrible cough. The latter in its turn threw the pain in her chest. She tried not to breathe and the pain calmed down. “Where are my clothes?”

“Here, in this chest.” The woman pointed at a place behind the bed.

At last the girl brought a jug with water and a glass. She helped Miriam to drink and then put it all on the night table. The healer stood up and with a nod went away.

Miriam asked the girl, “Is that your mother?”

“Yes, she is very strict with her children and patients, too. By the way, while you were unconscious a messenger from Mistress came, she wants to see you.”

“Thank you, I need a rest before visitors.”

The girl frowned and asked, “You failed, didn’t you? She is so mad these days, as another thief also was hurt. What happened?” Her large sky blue eyes stared at Miriam. The girl was so naïve that she considered the thieves to be adventuring every day, avoiding dangers and stealing. Miriam caught a glimpse of envy in Aileen’s eyes. She smiled unable to laugh.

“Yes, my dear, everyone is apt for mistakes and failure. I’m not an exception. But what happened there I will reveal to no one. My mistakes will remain mine.” She closed her eyes as if falling asleep again. The girl stood silently, somewhat offended because of Miriam refuse; then she took the sweep and went out shutting the door.

Miriam peered though half-open eyes to make sure the girl is out and made her best to sit down. Why did Keelin say she would stay in bed for a week? She didn’t break her legs or back, and broken ribs are not an obstacle for her. She sat up and bit her lip not to make any sound. After taking breath she continued until she was standing on her feet. Holding on the bedpost she came up to the chest and sat down on it to rest. She examined her chest and fingered an abominable mess of something in the place of one of the ribs. The drug was still in power and she didn’t feel the pain yet.

Miriam stood up on her knees and opened the chest. Her clothes and weapons were carefully wrapped and packed inside. She turned everything over and took out her boots where she had hidden her loot before she fainted. The small purse with gems was still there. Old thief trick. She trusted the healers, but the one who found her lying unconscious outside on the ground was a thief, no doubt.
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Postby PatriotBlade » Sun May 01, 2005 1:57 pm

Haddie's breath was coming in gasps both from the pain in her ribbs and from fear. The stranger's voice was gentle enough... A thought occured to her and she burried her face in her hands, going from fear to the throws of anguish in mere seconds.
"Just get it over with, please!" she begged through her tears. "He sent you to find me, so just kill me quickly lest I languish away in some dark prison or die a painful, torturous death at the hands of those I've betrayed!" She she bemoaned her fate, she arched her head back, exposing her pretty throat for a knife blade.
Had he not been so concerned for her injuries, he would have found her melodrama amusing but at the moment, it was annoying.
"Lassie, I told you I won't hurt you! Now where are you hurt? You need help."
With a few more sniffles, she lay still and looked hard at him with her soft gray eyes. "I hurt everywhere." she finaly blurted. "My head feels as if it were filled with charging war horses, my shoulder feels as if my arm had been ripped off, by ribbs hurt when I move or breathe, I can feel my pulse in my ankle and the rest of me just aches. As would be expected." she drew a ragged breath. "You really weren't sent to find me?"
"No, Lass."
"How bad off am I?"
"You maybe could use some stitches in that shoulder, you're ankle and ribbs aren't broken that I can tell, and you look very pale. Probably need some food."
She closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing. "Food would be good. I guess this is what I can expect from a night last night."
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After approximately thirty seconds of shouting curses at the solid wooden door, Rana came to the conclusion that one: the door was not going to open, two: thoughts of revenge would more adequately be addressed in the sanctity of her room, and three: all she had succeeded in doing was most likely drawing unwanted attention to herself. So, for the time being, Rana stifled her indignant rage and composed herself. As she turned towards the stair well, she could not help a slight grin crossing her face. That Chase was certainly cut from a unique mold. She could not remember the last time she had agreed to participate in such friendly banter between fellow thieves.

For that matter, she could not remember the last time someone had gotten a rile of such proportions out of her. Of course, she thought wryly, you don't remember much of anything these days, now do you, lassie.
Seeing from the window in her room that the night was mostly gone, Rana chose to forego sleep and instead hit the streets. She was feeling especially lucky after her successful charade with Chase and knew that the clear air and the feel of her dexterous fingers on dangling purses would only serve to heighten her boisterous mood.

“And mayhaps after thoroughly convincing the Mistress that I am a little more than useless,” she spoke softly to herself, “the question of my dishonourable discharge can be addressed.”

Mere moments later a figure wrapped in a lavender cloak, hood drawn up, passed noiselessly through the common room and disappeared up the stairs leading to the workplace of her craft.
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Postby Cerridwen » Thu May 19, 2005 2:35 pm

He let her final comment hang between them for a bit before he replied. "Indeed lass, I expect you'll see many other such nights on a road as dangerous as this one," he murmured, before leveraging himself up off the bed. "Does this place have room service, or aught like it?"
She blinked, and curled up to lay on her other side. "I confess I don't know."
"Hm." He dared not open that door again, if Rana was still on the other side. "Does this place even have kitchens, or are we made to steal our food, too?"
At another time, the idea of stealing from the mistress might have made her chuckle at the outright madness and folly of whomever was suggesting such a thing, but today was not one of those days. Haddie curled into an even tighter little ball, pulled the covers up to her nose, and emitted the tiniest little thread of a whimper. When Chase turned to regard her again, he was met by a pair of lovely gray eyes that had grown wide and bright with naked terror.
He ran a hand through his hair and exhaled through his teeth. "Lass, I didn't mean it," he told her, in as even a tone as he could manage.
She pulled the covers up over her head, emitting another little thread of a whimper... although this one was more muffled than the last had been. He leveled a finger at the quivering little pile of blankets and scared girl. "Don't you move," he told her, in the firm, even tone he used with skittish horses who were being more than a little dense. "I'm going to get you some food, and then we're going to take a good look at those injuries of yours, and then you're staying in bed for the next four days. Is that clear, missy?"
He was answered by another whimper. He sighed.
Rana, you'd better not be on the other side of that door. I haven't the time for any of the funning and folly the likes of what you are capable of...
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Miriam made several steps before she realized she hardly could feel anything to the touch. The floor swung like ship’s deck in the middle of a storm. She caught grasp of the doorknob; the door moved forward and Miriam made her best to stay on her feet. She tried to restore her balance and the door shut with a tremendous noise. Miriam froze, but no one was in the next room. She opened the door as quietly as she could and tried to peer through the opening. She felt shame and thought she looked ridiculous trying to sneak after making so much noise.

She found herself in a corridor of the Healing House; such pompous name hardly suited several rooms prepared for injured and sick. Her room was not far from one end of the hall. She closed the door behind and turned her head to perceive the slightest movement. Several voices came from the opposite door. Miriam bit her lip and stealthily made for the massive entrance door. A short spiral stairway was closed by another door. Miriam descended and peered through the keyhole. Another corridor was seen. It was strangely dim, only several candles lit it. She tried the handle, the door moved. *A thieves’ den and all doors are open.* She reached the end of the hall and to her great surprise there wasn’t anything that looked like a door. Only clear cold wall.

Miriam paused, too early did she laughed at the open doors. She touched the wall. Solid. Not a hint of secret passage or the smallest niche behind the surface. She slightly knocked the wall. Nothing. Miriam felt despair rising in her heart. Then, sudden thought struck her mind; there wasn’t any door behind that wall. She turned around and had a look at the sidewalls. Nothing strange to her sight. *I begin loosing my qualification…* She walked along the right side running her hand over the surface. Her chest ached at the movement, but feeling like a bird in the cage she continued her search through the pain. Right side was clear. Now it was turn for the left one. In the middle of it she felt air stream coming from a narrow hole behind the wooden panel that covered the lower part of the walls. She examined a part of wall around the hole. One broken piece of the panel drowned under her hand. She heard clicking sound and hidden door was open. She took her breath and ripped sweat from her forehead.

*Why would anybody want to hide the exit from inside of Healing House?* Miriam looked around. Her senses were recovering slowly. She smelled the air but didn’t perceive anything. Slight draught pulled closer to the floor. She shivered and turned her head again. The place was well lit. Another corridor didn’t surprised Miriam, but unlike the previous ones, this was very long and broad. *The whole Guild was an enormous labyrinth, with its secrets and traps,* Miriam thought, *Chief is sick with her own safety*.

She caught someone’s voice not far. *Seems like a man,* she thought, and then imagined that person coming out and looking at her poor condition. The thought hastened her.

Walking through the corridors confused her a little bit and she had no idea where in that wretched Guild she was. She exited the corridor and came into another one. *Damn! They drive me crazy!* The one she entered looked familiar… she tensed her memory trying to get rid of the remains of drug. A vision was in front of her eyes. Photographical memory was the thing she was really proud of in herself. She had been here only once – it was the main corridor that led to the thieves’ quarters and Chief’s office and another end led to the hall with the exit from the Guild.

A sigh of relief came out of her chest. The pain reminded about itself and Miriam held her breath. She rested a little, running around the Guild without having a piece of bread in her stomach was a dangerous thing. Suddenly she felt herself very hungry. But remembering the message from the Chief she decided not to anger Mistress.

Miriam knocked and opened the door. The woman sat behind her desk and grim face gave away her thoughts. Hearing someone coming she lifted her beautiful face, emerald eyes pierced Miriam. The Chief was disappointed to see her, Miriam could swear.

Without greeting or introduction the woman said roughly, “Your failure is the failure of the whole Guild!” Her lips became a crooked thin line.

“It was an a… “

“No! I don’t want to hear anything! Gossips are spread all over the City, that stupid maiden remembered your face and described you to the guards. Do you know what that means?!”

“Yes, I…”

“It means that if you had been tracked, the whole Guild is in danger!” the Chief tried to control herself and then in more or less calm voice she said, “You’ll have to leave us. Another failure will cost me too much.”

Miriam was shocked, “Mistress, I’m sorry. I swear it won’t happen again! I will do my best…”

“I don’t change my mind so easily, unless…” she grinned.

Cold sweat ran down Miriam’s back from that look. “Unless what?” her left eyebrow went up.

“As I said, gossips are quickly spread. That maiden deposes that you have stolen great deal of her precious jewelry…” the woman harshly eyed Miriam. A sparkle of greed appeared in her eyes. Who could tell confidently whether the woman knew about exact list of the loot? Of course gossips change the truth, and Chief could ask more than Miriam really had stolen.

“So you mean I will give you my loot for your permission to stay?” Miriam was about to laugh when a grim and huge figure of the bald man stepped over the curtains. It was Kreten. He looked heavily at Miriam. She felt trapped. She didn’t want to give her gems to the Chief if the latter would anyway throw out Miriam from the Guild. On the second thought, the woman could order Kreten to kill the failed thief and to take the whole loot. That was the factor Miriam was always forgetting about. Failures are punished. “You suggest me buying my own life for several stones?”

The Chief nodded, the greedy fire in her eyes went out and she looked the same beautiful woman. Miriam growled and took out of her pocket small purse. She threw it on the table, but Mistress was fast enough to catch it before it landed. Miriam stood up, “I believe the conversation is over.”

“Not yet, for some time, you’ll have to cover your face and change your outfit. And I think you are clever enough to avoid thieving in that area. That’s it.” she said and turned away.
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By the time Chase had returned, The little red-head had calmed herself down considerably. When he pushed the door open, she was no longer cowering under the covers and didn't jump or start to cry. She looked at him evenly with sad, tired gray eyes that looked wiser than their obvious few years. He handed her a bowl of soup and a mug.
With shaking fingers she raised the mug to her lips. She swallowed and coughed.
"Water?" She quirked an eyebrow at him.
"Water." The look on his face detured further argument on the subject.
She laughed lightly, then moaned and held her side.
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