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Postby ElvenChild1292 » Mon May 09, 2005 1:44 pm

Alany woke with a startle. She had been dreaming about her family.

Her father was showing her how to fight, using a spear at the time. And her brother was her opponent. He would strike and she would move. She would strike and he would move. This went on for a while, until her mother walked out. She was so beautiful and smiling. Then someone from her father's squadron brought him and her brother a letter. It stated that they were to leave immediately for the approaching war. The training was ended at that moment.

Her dream switched to the time when her father and her brother left. Her father held her mother tight while she cried. Her brother was comforting her mother as well. When they had finally let go of her mother, they came to her. Her father whispered in her ear that he promised to return, and then hugged her. Her brother gave her his personal carving knife and told her to use it wisely.

Then she woke up. Her pillow was wet. I must've been crying again. she thought.

It was morning already so she decided to get up. She changed into her traveling clothes, walked to the sink and washed up. It was then that she decided to leave the inn, and resume traveling. Her traveling had no purpose, but then again she had no more family to go to, so traveling was the only thing to do.

When she got downstairs, she decided to check out the group that had been wanted. Maybe she’d find something interesting. She had seen the posters for quite some time and wondered what it would be like, but first got breakfast.

“What would like this morning, miss?” The waitress said.

“Oh, um, just some water and bread, thank you.” She smiled.

The waitress returned quickly with the bread and water. Alany ate quickly so she wouldn’t miss the group leaving.

When she finished, she paid for the food and asked where the group would most likely be meeting this morning. The lady told her it was in the council room.

She walked through a pair of wooden doors, and there was indeed a large group, although they were scattered about. They were eating curries. She tried to find the captain of the group. She couldn’t so she asked a nearby man.

“Excuse me. Can you point me in the direction of the captain?"

The man looked at her funny, and then nodded. “That way,” and he pointed towards a man in a cloak, talking to someone.

She thanked him and walked to the man.

She saw that he was speaking, so she waited until he was through. A few moments passed and he finally turned around, almost bumping into her in the process.

“Sorry,” he said, then turned to go to the bar.

“Wait! Um – I was wondering when your recruitment was to leave.”

“Why does it matter to such a young girl like you?”

She frowned. “Not to be rude, my kind sir, I may look young, but I have not the skill of a child, or there lack of.”

“Well, still. Why does it matter to you?”

“I wanted to – err – help.”

“Help? How so?”

“I,” she hesitated. “I can fight, track and cook.” She added more confidently.

The captain looked at her, as though thinking very hard on the thought. She waited for his hopeful agreement.
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Postby Mugen » Mon May 16, 2005 4:46 pm

The sun was still low in the sky as the troops assembled beneath the Flets. Overhead the clouds were rolling eastwards in the brisk morning wind, leaving the skies more or less clear in the immediate region. Archer stifled a yawn as he and the other officers attempted to organzie the recruits into some semblance of order. It had been a long, long morning, what with the meeting, distribution of supplies, and the whole explanation about Raina over breakfast. That matter had taken longer than expected, but in the end Andel had shrugged his shoulders and let the Gondorian woman come along. A few more horses were donated by some stalwart patriots at the last minute, and one extra recruit signed up in the morning which bumped the number of cavalry to forty one.

Archer's own horse, a somewhat stubborn black mare he had rode for a few months, snorted and bucked slightly beneath him. "Calm down, girl... " he patted the horse's neck. The mare was having none of it and attempted to turn around and bite its rider, failing miserably in the process.
"I got to find another horse," Archer muttered, shoving an apple in its mouth which it more than happily munched on. In truth though, he was somewhat fond of the mare, whom he had never bothered to name, admiring its spirit which had never been broken.


Captain Andel rode back and forth, inspecting the assembled troops. Satisfied at the moment, he gathered together the officers alongside him.

"Keep the ranks in mind," the Captain said. "You know of myself and my second, Lieutenant Renault here. The three gentlemen beside him are also of officer rank. Second Officer Gerhald!"
A tall, heavyset man with gray flecked brown hair nodded gravely. He looked to be of Gondorian descent with his stark gray eyes.

"Third Officer, Dirgon!"
This time, a slightly smaller man, around his thirties smirked and waved a hand. He was rocking back on his heels and his freckled face gave him a mischievous, cocky loook.

"And Fourth Officer, Fiord!"
Fiord was more or less a plain and unassuming fellow in his late twenties, balding early unfortunately. Still, he grinned cheerily enough as he was introduced.

"Also, that's our ace, Archer, the masked fellow over there. I'm sure many of you have seen him from before."

"Yo." Archer introduced himself blandly. There was a bit of muttering about his age, but that died down quickly. An ace was an unofficial rank in armies, consisting of a man or two who had exceptional skill in one on one combat. Occasionally, when two armies met on the field, the captains might decide to parley, and during the parley, they might decide to settle some matters on the basis of an "honorable" duel instead of risking all their troops. This was where aces came in. More than anything, it boosted troop morale if their own ace beat the opposing side's.

"Now on the matter of our scouting network." Andel announced. "It will be rotation based, with four hour shifts. Both cavalry and infantry scouts will consult with one another when convenient. As was told before, our objective is finding an enemy squad. Based on previous data we estimate their numbers to be no greater than twenty, and at one point they had wagons with them. Be on the lookout for any stray or divergent tracks. They may try to split up. Report anything unusual immediately. We do not have any information on the cargo they carry and any clue found might take us a step closer to finding out.
"Also be on the lookout for enemy troops. As you know, squads of Gondorians and Rohirrim are more and more likely to appear as we move closer to the border. An ambush must be avoided at any cost and this reponsibility falls directly on the scouts' shoulders. Do not take this position lightly. Now, all those who would claim knowledge in tracking, come forward so you may be assigned your shifts."
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Postby Monoceros » Tue May 17, 2005 12:35 pm

The meeting was over for now. Her offer hang in he air, everyone stood and started talking to each other. Captain allowed everyone to have short meal before starting that journey. What else Miriam could call this doubtful idea?! Chasing Something that had probably annihilated every citizen of Lisahl. Miriam recalled some rumors she heard from the fellows-thieves… If the item the rebels are after is really that powerful, what could prevent Gondorian guards from using that very weapon against the Rebels’ chasers?

*So Gondor chose the eastern lands to be a polygon for experiments,* Miriam thought, “With This they can conquer the whole world. If only Valar will take steps to prevent this craziness,” she chuckled mentally. “If only Valar existed.” She sighed, everything would be much easier if legends rose from the past and became true…

Meanwhile Elamar was promising to find horses for those who were in need of such. Some went to Silver Leaf to have early breakfast. Miriam followed Elamar and others to the stables to check her stallion. Shaking and swinging wooden paths didn’t bother her, a professional thief has to keep the balance, as this can save his or her life some when. Every thief has to walk or even run straightly on the edge of the roof, to use clothing ropes to move from one house to another very fast, and other dangerous things. One smallest mistake can cost one’s life. For her the wooden planks that connected one flet with another seemed broad roads…

While everyone was busy with their horses, Miriam tried to find her own that she had left in the evening. He wasn’t really hers in the sense that Miriam bought him in Gondor right before she and Kegan moved to the northern borders. She had just found the way to communicate with him and learned how to rule the stallion’s movements, but though he was quite young, not more than 5 years, she wasn’t the one who grew him up. He was the most stubborn and “hot-tempered” horse she’d ever met, but she managed to tame him. The stallion was of unperceivable grayish color with darker spots on its head, legs and back. Miriam bought him in such hurry that she didn’t want to hear his name or his genealogy. He was larger than average horse, but his complexion gave away not very good breed.

She found him almost on the edge of the clearing. He was well groomed and fed. She whispered in his large ear, “Hello, how was your rest?” The stallion nodded his big head that was several times as large as Miriam’s own. She patted him over his neck, “I’ll call you Bek.” She smiled as he puffed and nodded again. She gave him a lump of sugar that he ate immediately. “I’ll come back soon,” she promised and asked a young groom to saddle the horse. She paid a silver coin and went out of stables. Her companions were nowhere to be seen, *they must have gone back to the tavern*, she thought.

Miriam hesitated whether to keep her promise about buying drinks for everyone. Well, at least not drinks but something else – alcohol could be an obstacle for everyone during the journey. She made her mind to keep her word, not keeping your promises could cause some troubles later.

She almost moved to toward one of the lifts, when a sign for start was given. She frowned, *Some other time, maybe.* and jumped on the Bek’s back...
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Postby Frelga » Sat May 21, 2005 8:40 pm

"That one? That's my horse?" Geli asked as Elamar pointed her to one of his not-stolen horses. The charcoal mare snorted at her new owner. Geli looked very much impressed indeed.

"That's the one," the Rider confirmed. "Why, Geli, is something wrong? You can ride, can't you?"

"Of course I can ride," Geli retorted. She could - the patient cart horses or the good-natured white gelding of the trick rider, or even a noble's pampered mount. But this was a true-bred warhorse from the Rohan plains; every line bespoke an alert, fierce strength. "It's just… you have my thanks, sir, and all that, but as you see I cut my hand yesterday, getting away from those Gondorian brutes, and this horse looks like it will take two good hands and then some to handle."

"Oh, is that the matter? I'll help you to saddle her, if you'd like. Once you are up in the saddle, a Rohan horse will keep your safer than any other would." Elamar spoke kindly, and Geli perked up again.

"Yes, sir. I mean… please, sir, do help me if you'd be so kind."

The jester offered her mare a piece of bread on the flattened palm and gave the horse a respectful pat on the neck. "Good morning, my lady, I am called Geli and I will have the honor of riding you." She heard the Rider chuckle and turned to wink at him before addressing the horse again. "I will take very good care of you and you just kindly don't throw me off and stomp on me. Is that a fair deal? I will call you Ditty if that's agreeable." Ditty took the bread and blew warm air on the girl's palm.

With Elamar's skilled help, Geli saddled up the horse and mounted. The Rider shortened the stirrups for her before turning to his own horse. Geli gathered the reins and clamped her legs around the horse's flanks. She could feel the roll of powerful muscles, like rumbles of a volcano. A moment later, the Rider was in his saddle. Geli squeezed her knees and rocked back, making a ridiculous kissing sound. To her thrilled surprise the horse obeyed, and they followed Elamar out of the sheltered meadow.

Ditty stood patiently through Captain's brief speech. Geli began to relax a little. In her mind, the jester already saw herself at full gallop, her cheek against the flowing mane. The Captain's call for scouts shook her out of her daydreams.

"Well, Ditty, shall we come forward?" Geli asked. The horse acquiesced again, and the two of them approached officers. The jester sat tall in the saddle with the air of a veteran soldier, copied faithfully from the solemn Gerhald.

"Excuse me, Captain," she said when her turn came, throwing Adel's clipped tones right back at him. "I've not much wood lore and if I track something it's usually a sweets seller's cart. But if someone were to find the Gondorians for me, I could…" she returned to the jester's cheerful chatter, "well, they usually don’t mind me going in the camps and such. As long as I stay away from maps, far as they know," she added serenely in response to Archer's meaningful stare. "I could nose around and look at the cargo and such, or maybe distract them for a little while. So… should I go with the scouts, sir?"
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Postby Arwen902 » Tue May 24, 2005 6:57 am

As the small group had reached their horses again it seemed that everyone had fully realised what they had agreed to. Finally they had each joined the rebellion and none now truly knew where they were headed or how long they would be away for, or even how long they would travel in peace before the first battle broke out. There was no fear or anxiety that Kylion could identify in the faces of those around her, the only expression that seemed constant was a resignation to this mission and even excitement in the eyes of some as they set off on this new journey. If anyone did feel apprehensive or nervous they were hiding it very well.

Everyone was fairly quiet as they saddled their horses and Kyl watched them all for a short time before walking forwards to tend to her own horse. The animal was a large grey horse that had patches of speckled black along its back and neck and liquid brown eyes that showed intelligence as she approached it and reached out a hand, her branded hand, to stroke its velvet nose. It was perhaps a little taller than would have perfectly suited her height but the creature was beautiful and evidently very well looked after, and Kylion had always loved horses and had ridden at any opportunity while still at home. She knew immediately what she would name the horse as no-one had mentioned to her its name, if it currently had one. She would call it Ryth, for her brother who had died in the service of the very army she had now joined the rebellion to fight.

He had been the second youngest of her five brothers, and the one she had always been closest to. One of two who became soldiers and joined the Gondorian army, the other had since deserted and joined the rebellion himself. Of her other three brothers two had followed in the family tradition to become historians and scribes and the other, the youngest, had become a mercenary and Kylion had not seen him in years. There had always been an awkwardness between her and the rest of her family as they were all introverted, solitary people who found it had to get on well with others, but Ryth had always looked after her, had always got on well with her, he had been the one who taught Kylion to use a sword and bow in the first place.

When Kyl was just twenty, Ryth had been twenty four and he left their home determined to join the Gondorian army. He had grown up listening to the stories of years before that their parents had told them, and despite what anyone said to him he was adamant that no matter what they had heard, the Gondorian army was a noble and good force that he would be honoured to join. After just one year in service, Ryth was involved in a battle and was wounded badly, despite the presence of many healers, the commanders saw him as “just too much of a burden, unable to fight” and was left to die on the field of battle with so many others who were in the same situation.

Once this story got back to Kylion and her family, she decided to join the rebellion despite what her father said to try to dissuade her. She spent years practising sword skills and any other skills she thought would be useful and, as soon as she could get away from her responsibilities at home, simply left. And here she was, with so many others who had also joined to fight Gondor although for reasons of their own. She glanced around this new assembled company once more, wondering what had happened in their lives to bring them here, and found herself watching Nyx who stood closest to her.

Kylion had realised, soon after meeting the young boy, that he was not completely what he seemed and now she suddenly realised what she had missed before. In this light rather than the dim shadows in which she had talked to him before, the curves of his face were softer, his movements more graceful than she would have expected normally, Kylion found herself remembering someone she had known before, a young woman who had travelled in the guise of a man in order to be allowed to take part in the wars. Derica Tovin had been from the same village as Kylion and had fled to escape marriage and take part in what she had always seen as adventure, but Kylion found that this young boy Nyx reminded her a lot of Derica. Then Kyl realised, as Nyx flashed her a polite smile from where he sat on his own horse, Nyx was not who he, or she in fact, had claimed to be.

Kylion was not able to find a second to mention this matter to Nyx while they were preparing to leave because while she had been lost in memories and thoughts of her family all the others had prepared themselves and were simply waiting for her. Smiling apologetically, Kyl saddled her horse hurriedly and was soon ready to leave. She waited patiently through the Captain’s speech with the others and was debating whether or not to move forward as a scout as she found herself right beside Nyx, but she was not sure whether or not it was a good idea to let the young woman know that she knew her secret.
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Postby Monoceros » Tue May 24, 2005 3:30 pm

Bek trotted eagerly to the start point. Miriam was on time to hear the words of the Captain Andel calling for scouts. The thief thought it was the thing she could do.

A young maiden rode closer to him and asked to join the scouts. “I could nose around and look at the cargo and such, or maybe distract them for a little while. So… should I go with the scouts, sir?" she added then. Miriam recognized the one who told a story of her runaway from Gondorian guards. She recalled her name - “Geli”.

Miriam patted Bek’s neck and he obediently made several steps forward. Miriam said calmly, “Captain, I’m Miriam and I would like to join the scouts, too. I can track, sneak and spy; I know lots of tricks to mess my own footsteps. And I know how to disguise and to stay unnoticeable.”

Praising herself in front of the crowd was the thing she never liked, but being in scout could give an opportunity to learn about cargo herself. Not too look too boasting she added, “But I’m not a fast rider, and in case of revealing I’ll need someone to cover my back while I retreat.”
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Postby Mugen » Thu May 26, 2005 6:02 pm

"I believe we've met earlier," Andel nodded towards Geli, before turning to Miriam. "But I have not seen you before."

"My name is Miriam." the young woman said.

"Miriam, if you're confident in your abilities, then you may take point." The captain looked less certainly at Geli. "You might do as a spy should we ever have a need... though your recent...ah... record, gives me pause."

Both Archer and Linn coughed a little.

Andel raised an eyebrow in their general direction before continuing. "But what we need right now are less spies and more trackers, folks who can pursue the enemy and find them while avoiding getting found out themselves."

"Weeeell, naow, pardin' my interruptin' and all," someone drawled from the back of the troops. "But ah'll argue for the little lady if you don't give no mind, captin'."

The crowd parted before a big bear of a man, well over 6'4, ruddy faced and blue eyed. He was the very model of a grizzled old hunter. He had a great brown beard which any bird would be proud to call its nest. A few small twigs stuck out from it here and there, suggesting a few birds at least tried.

"The name's Danith, Danith Werth, though folks call me Danner," he drawled pleasantly. He took off his wide brimmed straw hat and bowed his head a bit. "Was born 'n raised here in Eriador, down by Mirkwood to be exact!"

This drew some murmurs. Though the darkness of old had been lifted from that ancient wood, its reputation as a dangerous wilderness persisted, if not grew in the years to come. And there were still the spiders...

"Not to be a boastin' but for fifty five years I called that forest home." Danner continued, his blue eyes sparkling in reminiscence. "Been deeper than any man has a right to be either, ah' reckon, trackin' down those white stags you hear tell in the old tales... huntin' them big spiders (And don't you young fellers laugh! They're real alright!)... and, well, I come to an understandin'.
"If'n you got the eyes 'n ears, yer' halfways to bein' a decent tracker. Halfways, mind you. I ain't sayin' you'll be the next Strider, but you got a good chance just the same. I think the little lady has what it takes, so long as she wants to learn. Myself and the other young miss can guide her along all subtle-like if'n we partner up every other shift."

Andel nodded absently. "I see what you're saying. Well, if Geli doesn't object, she can go along with a scout every other shift until one of you deems her fit for normal scouting. If nothing else, there is safety in numbers."

"Hey," Archer murmured to Linn. "Aren't you going too?"

While Linn was young, the sharp faced man had one advantage over many more experienced trackers. His nose was as sharp as a bloodhound's.

"Heard you were a scout in the last little outing," Linn muttered back. "Why aren't you going up?"

Archer shrugged and stifled another yawn. Scouting was pretty damn dull for the most part, as he had found out. When he hadn't been staring at the ground for hours at a time, picking out half decent paths or spotting tracks, he had been stressing out on something that might or might not be important that he might have overlooked, wondering if the entire squad had been slaughtered thanks to a simple oversight. No, he just wasn't cut out to be a scout, though there had been little choice back then when most of the regulars had been killed or injured.

With Linn, that added up to three trackers and one would-be tracker for the cavalry. They met up briefly with their counter-parts in infantry before moving on. The scouting shifts were still being determined, who with who, when and where. While the squad travelled through the territory of the Checkpoint, there was no need for scouting as of yet, since Rangers had marked the paths discreetly. In an hour, however, they would be out in the greater part of Eriador, heading steadily east and south where the paths were scarce and the lands wild.

The sun shone in the sky that autumn morning and the troops trotted out at a brisk pace, cavalry pacing farther and farther ahead of infantry. As Andel's squad travelled beneath the great silverwoods, a whisper-like sound could be heard from the foliage above. Archer looked up and saw a cloud of leaves and flowers floating gently down. Golden hued mallorns, sweet blossoms of Lindens, chains of white Asphodels, and by far the most abundant, delicate silvery veined leaves that fell like soft rain upon the heads of the soldiers.

A silent show of support for these rag tag soldiers, a quiet belief in the rebel cause, and the trust of the people of Eriador...

Archer tentatively held out a hand, grasping a silver leaf delicately. He held it up for a brief moment, gazing upwards into the great trees, wondering if Melys was watching him. Gently, he let the leaf fall.

"Goodbye." he mouthed. He turned to the path ahead and left the Flet Checkpoint.
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