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Postby Shadow_of_the_Past » Sun May 14, 2006 12:56 am

Gillian hacked at the spiders, already tired from the long march, his blows weakened and his reactions slowed. he had lost site of the others in the mass of tangled black bodies.

He slashed at the hairy bodies for what seemed like hours when he heard Carnil booming something in... entish?!

Gillian almost dropped his sword when he saw not only one ent but several stepped foreword from the surrounding forest and began fighting the spiders. Gill was rewarded for his carelessness by almost getting bitten, he swung back into action with new hope. Within minutes they ents had slaughtered of driven the remaining spiders back into the depths of the forest.

Gillian sheathed his sword and dropped heavily to the ground wanting nothing more than to go to sleep but decided against it and went to the others.

They all looked equally exhausted, tending to various small injuries, it’s a miracle we all survived gill thought as he surveyed the scene and was glad Tug has got through relatively unscathed and was off grazing with Raylon and another horse. Another horse? Gillian realised that someone else was here. Just as the thought entered his head Carnil came over, a hooded woman in tow. “Gillian this is Teth, she helped Saline out of a tight spot back then and she’ll be travelling with us, we make for Lorien.” Gill nodded and smiled with amusement this groups just getting bigger and bigger..

He lead Tug to the rear of the company where he walked beside Durbereth, Xylith joined them a minute later. They exchanged a few words but mainly trudged on in silence, Gill pulled up his hood and became lost in his thoughts.
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Postby blackthorn » Tue May 23, 2006 5:27 pm

The companions arrived in good time to the edge of the forest. Even though they had been through a grueling day they had still been in high spirits. Just before the exited the final stand of enchant trees that towered into the sky Gillian lifted his hand to stop every one with in the dark shadow of the trees. “Do you hear it,” he spoke in a soft voice just loud enough for every one to hear.

It sounds like the beating of my rapid hart,” spoke Saline holding the child to her chest tightly.

I thinks it more then that,” Tethcelebel voice almost inaudible was heard behind Saline.

It sounds more like drums,” piped up Caligo from behind a tall ever green with dropping branches.

War drums,” cried Carnil.

They all quietly made there way towards the very edge of the wood were the sat in silence watching the horrible seen that lied in there very path. Thousands upon thousands of Orc’s were setting up a camp. Trolls were pushing giant logs around a wide perimeter trying to make some temporary fortifications. Oily skin tents were erected in haste in haphazard manner about the camp as leaders ordered about slaves to various tasks.

Saline was about to cry out in anguish when she felt a hand cover her mouth. It was Gillian who held her tongue and made a quieting motion with his other hand. He then pointed over too an Orc century who was standing guard at the edge of the forest holding a cruel spear in his dark twisted hand.

Back into the trees, quickly” Xylith spoke in a quiet voice. Every one followed and arrived a small clearing out of voice range.

What are they doing here?” Saline spoke first in a painful voice to break the silence.

It appears that they are making camp,” answered Carnil.

I think its more like a fort, by the looks of there construction. They would build fortifications it this was only a temporary situation.” Caligo stood silent in deep thought after he spoke.

Yes,but…but why a fort and why hear,” Saline was getting more upset by the moment. She had been through being thrown out of her home, fighting for her life and now this. It was beginning to be too much for the maiden to handle. Desperation was beginning to cross her face as she looked from face to face of each and every one of the group.

They must be making preparations to attack. It would be a very defensible place to set up a base,” Gillian scratched his chin and looked back to the forest edge, “We have got to find a way around.” They could still hear the drums betting in a rhythmic tone and the crack of a master whip followed by a distant scream.

well what ever direction we go we are not going to be going in that direction,” Tethcelebel Made a gesture with her hand towards the fading scream.
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