A New Enemy Has Risen: War upon the Numenor

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A New Enemy Has Risen: War upon the Numenor

Postby Tári Undómiel mí Gondor » Wed Jan 31, 2007 11:53 pm

Treis tightened his cloak as the rain continued to beat down on him. He was a Ranger, a Numenor, just like his cousin, Aragorn, used to be, who was now the King of Gondor. Treis' favorite place to be was in the forest, but after 7 days of raining, he began to lose his patience.
He got up and began to run at a mild pace, silently and quickly. He was in the realm of Gondor and was very close to Minas Tirith. He was going to report to Aragorn, about the happenings of the forests, and wanted to do so as quickly as possible. Lately the wheather was very bad, in the heat of summer. Good game was scarce and the fruit and plants didn't seem very fresh. Treis had a sense that some evil was lingering in the deeps of the forests of the world. He had traveled to many forests, and all felt the same.
As he was passing the last trees of the forest, the rain stopped and the sun was already attempting to dry him. When he was almost to the city, he turned back and saw that an abudance of rain clouds were gathered, hovering over the forest, empting it's seemingly endless supply of rain drops. While Pellenor Fields was having a glorious summer day, it looked as if the forest was contained inside a rainy globe. "Perhaps there is no need to inform the King, perhaps he already knows." Treis thought to himself. Feeling a matter of urgency, he broke into a run as if Morgoth himself were chasing him. Within minutes he was at the gate of Minas Tirith. "Who goes there?" yelled a gaurd from atop the wall. "Treis of the Numenor! Open up! I have urgent news for the King!" His answer set the gaurds straight to work and as soon as the door opened, he was speeding up the levels of the white city.
He reached the White Tower and burst through the doors to find the King speaking with his counselors, stroking his beard with a worried look on his face. He was not dressed as a King, but more as he used to, as a Ranger. Aragorn was startled at the coming of his cousin. For a moment his face brightened when he saw him. He gave him a hug and said, "Treis, it's so good to see you! But I must ask, have you found out anything? I'm sure you've noticed the gathering clouds." "Evil is stirring in the forests. I fear that a new enemy has risen." Treis replied grimly.
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