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Postby IVIaedhros » Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:11 am

Maglor watched Maedhros as they were eating breakfast. He knew his brother had not told him everything, of course. But when Maedhros stiffened when a Man entered, he thought he had identified the Southron. That was the cue that breakfast was over.

He stood, and his brothers did likewise. "I'm going to inspect their equipment; see what sorts of bows they have in their armory."

Maedhros nodded his agreement. "Might as well, until this rain lets up."

Maglor smiled at him. "No, don't think you're getting out of this. I am most certainly not going to start poking around without mentioning this to the Generals. And that involves you."

Maedhros turned to his other brother. "Have we always let him boss us around?"

Celegorm decided it would be best not to answer that question. "I'll see you both when you return." He left them and returned to their rooms.

The generals were not hard to find, and they considered Maedhros' suggestion courteously. Not that Maedhros had ever learned how to 'suggest' anything. He had taken to ruling armies of his own a little too readily.

"I see no reason why not," Kador said at last. "Gondorian archers are quite formidable, and ours have proved insufficient at best in some of our recent campaigns. Any improvement would be appreciated."

"So Gondor is a threat, then?" Maglor asked.

"Best to be prepared," was all Barrock said in answer.

Maglor insisted that Maedhros come with him. "If I'm going to whip their archers into shape for you, you're going to fill me in on some things."

Maedhros nodded, reluctantly.

"First....the Vale?"


"It was you, not Tyg, wasn't it?"

"How did you know?"

"Baph hinted at it. He seemed to know what was going on here while we were out."

"I used the Silmaril. I thought...I thought I should start with something...wholesome."

"There is no taint of evil in what you did, it's just..."

"A bit much?"

Maglor nodded. "Take it easy; there is no need to rush."

"I...I wanted to...I did it for Tyg," he finally blurted out.

Maglor cocked an eyebrow at his brother. "Really?"

Maedhros nodded. "Do you think...I'm being stupid about this?"

Maglor smiled. "We're all stupid about such things. That's how you know you really are in love, because..."

"Wait, I never said..."

"You don't have to say it. You think I don't know you by now?"

"That's what worries me," Maedhros admitted. "I don't want to...."

"Don't worry, you won't be as foolish as Celegorm in his obsessions."

"Well, that is some small relief." He smiled.

Maglor put down the bow he had just picked up. "But this talk of conflict with Gondor bothers me. I do not want to pit Men against Men when peace seems imminent."

Maedhros frowned. "King Aragorn seems reasonable. He will not go to war needlessly."

"And Tyg?"

"Less reasonable," Maedhros admitted. "But she feels that it is her lands being threatened by Gondorian encroachment. So...she's allowed to be a bit defensive."

"If the discussions fail, will you fight for her?"

Maedhros looked troubled. "I...I hope it does not come to that."

Maglor looked down and did not say anything. Maedhros might not know it yet, but he would. That much was clear. He sighed. He would follow his brother, in this, as in all other things. But he would work as hard as he could to avoid a pointless war. Really, to lose lives over an uninhabited forest!

"That's enough; I know what I have to work with now," Maglor said at last. "Let's get out of this dark hole."

Maedhros laughed. "I never thought I would have liked a basement dungeon, but the home of the Silmaril is quite nice..."

"Yes, about that...don't use it alone."

"Why not?"

"Someone should keep an eye on you," Maglor said in all seriousness.

"If you insist," Maedhros shrugged. "But it will be you, not Celegorm. I don't want him near it, or to even know of it."

"Agreed. Not while the Oath still lives."

When they reached their rooms, they found Celegorm waiting for them.

"Well, Maedhros, the rain is letting up," he said cheerily. "Are you ready to get beaten?"

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Postby IVIaedhros » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:56 pm

Moments later, the brothers emerged from the fortress, and entered the practice field. The rain had let up, but the ground was muddy and sprinkled with puddles. The area of the exercise field that was covered with sand still had firm footing, though, so they decided to use that. There weren't many people about; the troops generally did their exercise in the morning.

"Practice swords or real?" Maedhros asked Celegorm.

"Real, if you're up to it," he offered with a shrug.

Maedhros nodded, and pulled out his sword with his left hand. He then switched to his right.

"Oh, so you are right-handed again?" Celegorm asked, getting his own sword ready.

"No," Maedhros replied. "I've gotten so used to using my left hand, I don't want to lose that. But the right hand is weaker, at the moment."

"Too bad," Celegorm said. "I was hoping for a challenge."

"I'll see what I can do," Maedhros said, with a small smile.

Then they began, testing out each other and the footing. "You will have to be quicker than that," Celegorm chided, easily blocking Maedhros' blade. Maedhros didn't answer, but did pick up the pace. Celegorm nearly matched him in height, surpassed him in agility, and was stronger in hand-to-hand combat. But Maedhros (in the distant past) had been more skilled with a blade. It was just a matter of getting it back...

Maglor watched them for a bit, weaving about more like energetic dancers than fighters, and then went over to pace out distances from the targets that were already set up. Maybe if he started with a small group and saw what they were capable of, he'd know how much work he had cut out for him...

Maedhros' arm was getting tired; Celegorm was stronger than him, and if it were a matter of endurance, he'd outlast him. Annoyed to be losing, he switched the sword to his left hand, and renewed his attack.

"Hey, what's this?" Celegorm called in alarm, not expecting that.

"I told you I wanted to use both hands," Maedhros reminded him, grinning.

Celegorm recovered from his surprise, and countered his brother's attacks. But he was on the defensive now, because his wrist was getting tired. Deciding to cut this short, he attempted to disarm Maedhros, but it didn't work. Rather, it backfired, and a moment later his own sword went flying.

They took a break while he went to retrieve it. "I like that! Switching hands," he said with a huff. "What else aren't you telling me?"

Maedhros looked at him uneasily. "What do you mean?"

"When were you planning to tell me that getting your hand back made Tygarya sick?"

Maedhros looked confused. "I...didn't?" He looked over at Maglor. "Didn't Maglor tell you that?"

Hearing his name, Maglor came over. "Tell him what?"

"About Tyg's...illness. Didn't you tell him that first night?"

Maglor looked at them in surprise. "No, I thought you did. It was so hectic, I didn't realize..."

Maedhros looked a bit sheepish. "Sorry, Celegorm. I guess I was so worried about it that once she was better, I didn't think...."

Maglor swatted his head. "You never think. Now, back to work."

Maedhros looked back at Celegorm. "Ready?"
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Postby rowanberry » Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:24 am

Rwhen had some letters to write, and since the rain had ended, Tygarya suggested that she and Rowanberry would go outside for a while, before she would have to start taking care of her duties again.

They walked upon the lower walls to avoid getting all too muddy. From one of the walls they had a good view to the exercise field, where Maedhros and Celegorm were sparring, and stopped to watch them for a while.

The brothers had very different fighting styles. Celegorm was stronger and more agile, but Maedhros was more cunning, and even with his weaker right hand, he was able to defend himself very well, and even go for attack at times. But, his brother didn’t let him off easily. Again and again, he got at him…

“He does quite well already”, Tyg said.

“Yes, and he really keeps his brother working”, Rowan answered.

They looked at each other, and burst into laughter, realizing that they had meant different brothers.

“I still don’t know what to think of Celegorm”, Tyg said. “I wished that he’d rather go – but, seems that Maedhros needs him, and I’m afraid that it would mean that you would leave as well. You’re here because of him, aren’t you?”

Rowan shrugged. “More or less. For the small part that I can, I’m trying to help his brothers keep him at bay. But, there isn’t much that I can do. I don’t have any ties to him that would give me anything to say in his doings; and, although childless Elf women are practically as strong as the men, well – Fëanor didn’t name his third son “Strong Finwë” for nothing.”

Tyg nodded. “That’s what I thought. But, I think that, you do have ties to him. I just saw how you were looking at him; and somehow, I sensed that your account on the time alone with him during the hunt was quite superficial. Even if you just talked, there was something more, wasn’t there?”

Rowan couldn’t help blushing a bit. “Well, maybe there was. When we were talking – telling each other about things we had lost – there was a feeling of sameness, of unity – something that I’ve never felt with anyone before. But, I’m not sure if it was mutual.”

“Perhaps you should find out. Go out to the woods for a hunt, again – just the two of you this time.”

“Maybe”, Rowan agreed. They started walking on.

“I would be sorry to see you leave too soon”, Tyg said after some time. “Rwhen is a great friend, and without her, I wouldn’t be here now. But, I think that in some respect, you are more like me – to me, you come across as more bold and sensual…”

“Could be”, Rowan answered. “Or, perhaps it’s just that, I’ve spent half of my life among the Wood Elves, who tend to be more down-to-earth and open about many things. I believe that the elves of whom you have, well, experience, were Wood Elven rogues. But, even they usually desire someone who is also their soulmate, and in most cases, they end up marrying that person.”

“But, what if the desire comes first, and only afterwards do you realize that you are soulmates as well?”

To that, Rowan couldn’t find any good answer.


From the corner of his eye, Celegorm spotted a dark-haired lady in a copper coloured dress on the wall above the exercise field. For some reason, it inspired him to get at his brother even harder.
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Postby rwhen » Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:37 am

Aragorn dispatched a note to Faramir cautioning him to hold at Minas Tirith until Aragorn could return and discuss the issues with Ithilien. He knew that he could trust Faramir to follow his instructions and with Legolas in residence at Minas Tirith, he was able to keep both of them in place until his arrival.

As he was galloping South towards Ithilien, he noticed that the area was beginning to look like it was in its former glory. Coming abreast of a grove of trees, he was shocked to be stopped by some elves.

"Whoa, who goes there?" shouted one silver haired elf.

"King Aragorn, who stops the King?"

"We are the wood elves here to retake Ithilien from Minas Morgul. It is too long since we have enjoyed the comfort and beauty of this land."

"Please, if we may, I would like to speak with you. It is said 'Go to the elves for council', will you take council with me?" Aragorn knew that he could actually force the issue, but chose a softer approach first.

As the five-some made themselves comfortable in crossw-legged positions on soft grass, Aragorn spoke first. "I have just come from Minas Morgul, where as you are aware, Tygarya sits as Queen."

As one the four elves began to dispute her holding. Aragorn gave them a moment and then held up a hand. "I do understand your considerations, however, the fact is that Tygarya has massed a sizable army of Orcs and that is not all, Maedhros and two of his brothers are currently guests of Tygarya."

A murmer and nod of understanding was thrown around the elves.

"So you see, the situation is touchy and I have assured Tygarya that no move will be made to cement the repopulation of Ithilien until an accord can be reached between Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul. I ask you to please await until my return to Gondor and my council with Faramir and Legolas. Is that fair enough?"

The elves stood and asked for a moment to confer. When they returned, "We will comply for one week, Aragorn. After that, I can not vouch for my brothers or sisters."

"Good enough, I ride for Minas Tirith now." Aragorn leapt to his steed and heeded off towards his home, his mind conflicted on so many levels he wished he could just sleep for a week.
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Postby Tygarya » Wed Jan 30, 2008 3:52 pm

Tyg left Rowan then and made her way down a flight of stairs to the exercise yard. She bypassed Maedhros and Celegorm sparring, although she did whisper to a nearby soldier who grabbed a sword and walked over to Maedhros, handing it to him so he now had a sword in each hand. Maedhros looked up across the yard at Tyg, who just winked and kept walking. She walked up to Maglor who was stringing a bow. In front of him were about 10 of Tyg’s elite soldiers. They were all lined up in front of several target boards about 200 paces away and were taking shot after shot at them…a couple of them showed real promise. Tyg once again whispered to a soldier who scampered off quickly.
“So you have decided to teach my people the elfin art of the long bow, Maglor?”
“Trying to, your Majesty, it was Maedhros’s idea” Maglor said with a grimace.
“Call me Tyg, Maglor”
“As you wish”
“So this was Maedhros’s idea was it?”
“He..ah..felt we should do something here to help and well…your army isn’t the best with a bow from what I’ve seen” Maglor tried to be delicate.
Tyg laughed and placed a hand on Maglor’s shoulder. “It’s okay with me Maglor, General Kador told me about it, naturally”
“Where is the General?”
Tyg looked off into the distance nonchalantly “On an errand”
Maglor got the hint and said no more.
Just then the soldier was running back carrying something under a blanket which he handed to Tyg. Maglor looked curious.
Tyg glanced over to where Maedhros was fighting Celegorm…now with two swords. Maglor looked around and saw for the first time Maedhros beating his brother back using two swords.
“I told him it’s the better way to fight” Tyg said with a smile. “Now, to the question of the bow…I have here something else I wish you to play with…you will find it a bit different from the long bow, but it is something my soldiers have been using in the East with great success. It doesn’t have the range of a long bow, but is far quicker and deadlier in closer quarters.”
Tyg lifted off the blanket to reveal this. Maglor took it from Tyg intrigued, he had never seen such a weapon, however Tyg broke through his thoughts.
“You can play with that later though Maglor, right now I need to talk to you regarding another matter”
Maglor lowered the crossbow and looked at Tyg intently. “Okay then”
“In private”
“Right” Maglor said as he wrapped the crossbow back up in its blanket and laid it down and followed Tyg to a private corner of the yard. He guessed what this was about.

Tyg turned when they were sufficiently away from everyone and held out a piece of paper to Maglor. He took it and read it quickly, an eyebrow shot up in surprise as he read the note Maedhros had written to Tyg.
“Oh” he said “I see”
“I see what?”
Maglor glanced over his shoulder at the distant figure of his brother.
“What does it mean, Maglor?” Tyg asked.
Maglor turned back. “For some reason, he thinks it important to tell you how dedicated he is to you. I know I’ve been away for a couple of days, but this looks like an apology, of sorts”
“An apology?” Tyg said half to herself, “For what?”
Maglor shrugged “That I don’t know. But if I’m not mistaken, he’s telling you what he will do to make up for what he did not do. But you should probably ask him about it yourself”
Maglor looked cautiously at Tyg. Tyg seemed to have worked something out, her eyebrows were knitted together in thought. She looked up at Maglor.
“The banquet for the Southron”
“What of it” Maglor was not going to betray what his brother had told him.
“At the end, I might have..ah…invited Maedhros to follow me to my room” Tyg admitted as Maglor looked shocked, “Only in teasing” Tyg felt she had to add.
Maglor gave Tyg a disconcerting look. “Don’t tease where my brother is concerned, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go talk to my brother”
Maglor turned on his heel and strode off across the yard, taking the note with him. Tyg stood still and watched perplexed as Maglor interrupted Maedhros and Celegorm, who were having a rest, grabbed Maedhros by the arm and led him from the yard, with Celegorm in pursuit.
Tyg smiled to herself that she had obviously managed to stir a nest of some sort. Although she was a bit annoyed that Maglor hadn’t really been of any help.

Just then she spotted Baph walking towards her from another entrance, she grinned and started to walk towards him.
Baph stopped and waited for Tyg to reach him, falling into step beside her as she kept walking back the way he had come, out of the yard.
Tyg took Baph’s arm and hugged it to her side.
“Baph, I’m so glad your back, you must tell me how things went hunting?”
“Not before you tell me what the hell happened to the Vale?’
Tyg stopped and turned to look at Baph’s face. He looked peeved causing Tyg to shrug.
“It was Maedhros”
“I realise it was Him, what I want to know is why?”
Tyg sighed, she knew this conversation was going to happen sooner or later, she just wished it was later, when she knew exactly what was going to happen with Maedhros.
“Alright time for some explanations” Tyg said then dropping Baph’s arm and walking down the hall. “Follow me”

They silently went down the hall till they reached the libraries. Tyg opened a small door that lead to a tiny room which had in it only a small wooden table and a chair. On the table was a half used candle sitting in a brass holder. As Tyg entered the small room the candle spluttered to life. Tyg looked around the room a moment as Baph entered and closed the door. When he turned back there was suddenly an extra chair.
“Sit” Tyg said as she did the same.
“Now listen, do not interrupt”
Baph sat down and folded his arms.
“I have been giving serious consideration to making Maedhros my King”
Tyg watched Baph with a deadly expression as he struggled to remain silent. His face started to go from his usually chalk white to a deathly gray.
“I do not know what will happen as yet, but I know he feels strongly for me” Tyg continued, she waved her hand around, “Hence the Vale…it was a gift to me from him.”
Baph looked at the table top not wanting to meet Tyg’s gaze anymore, the news was devastating him.
“I plan to talk to him tonight….after dinner. I will send him a note inviting him to my rooms to discuss matters…”
“Enough!” Baph yelled out standing up, clenching his fists. “I can not bear to hear another word!’
With that Baph turned to mist and disappeared.
Tyg placed her elbows on the table and buried her face in her hands. She was afraid Baph would take the news badly, she had hoped not that badly.
Now she knew Maedhros had just made an enemy. She would have to warn him. Once she knew what his actual feelings were.
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Postby MorgulCouncil » Wed Jan 30, 2008 4:20 pm

General Kador had decided to be the one to go into South Ithilien in secret pursuit of Aragon. He took with him ten of Tyg’s elite soldiers…his men and had left the fortress using a small secret side entrance that went through the mountain side and came out on the East-West road to Osgiliath about a mile from the fortress. They went on foot knowing horses would be too conspicuous and headed away from the road in the general direction of where the reports said the elves were camp.

By the time they reached the camp site it was dark and all they found was a cold fireplace.
“Good” Kador said “looks like they took Aragon’s advice and left, but let’s make sure. Spread out, lets head towards the river”

As the men moved stealthy through the darkness they seemed to find no one, although they knew that the elves were good in this terrain and in the dark so they took no chances. They finally reached the edge of the trees to find the elves had moved their camp back to the banks of the river, but not quite leaving Ithilien. They had posted a watch, so Kador knew they had obviously been warned.

Kador made a movement to signal retreat and moved back form the edge of the trees. They reached a clearing about 200yards back and gathered there.
Kador took out a piece of parchment and quill and wrote a quick note on it saying:

My Queen,

The elves have retreated to the banks of the Anduin where they have stopped and set up camp once more. Aragon has warned them to beware as they set a watch at night.

How would you like us to proceed?


He rolled the note up and handed it to one of the soldiers who ran off immediately into the darkness heading back to the fortress.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:03 pm

Celegorm chased his brothers back up into the fortress, after Maglor had interrupted their sparring so suddenly. He seemed upset about something, and Celegorm thought it best to find out what was going on.

Maglor whirled on Maedhros as soon as the door closed behind them. "What," he asked, holding something in his hand, "was the purpose of this?"

Maedhros saw what it was, and looked at him in some alarm. "Where did you get that?"

"Where do you think? Tyg showed it to me."

Maedhros made a move to grab it out of his brother's hand, but Maglor moved it away from him. "No. Talk."

Maedhros looked at both of his brothers, and then let his eyes drop. "You were...gone."

"So? You are now making declarations of love to the Queen, promising her your sword if she should need it?" Maglor was not happy.

"He did what?" Celegorm asked. Maglor handed over the letter.

"No, it's not like that. You don't understand."


"You didn't see her. You didn't see how that damned Southron was looking at her."

"Nor did I hear what she said to you - when were you going to own up to all of this?"

"Nothing happened! I didn't do anything. For all I know, she doesn't even remember what she said..."

"Oh, she remembers," Maglor informed him. "And that's another thing - how on earth do you plan to court a woman who does not understand the meaning of courtship?"

"You think I don't know all of this? You think it hasn't occured to me?"

"Then start acting like it! You cannot just let this progress as if you were still a minor princeling in Aman and she were some lovely lady of Tirion. She's a Queen, with -" He stopped, when he saw the dangerous look in Maedhros' eyes.

"Yes? What were you going to say about her?"

"That she has an army," Maglor retorted, rethinking his words quickly.

Maedhros crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at both his brothers. "I know who and what she is," he informed them. "And if I choose to care about her and do nice things for her, I do not see why that is any business of yours nor why you should take issue with it. That note was just a...thank you."

"And I'm a dwarf," Maglor shot back.

"Because you are going about this like a fool," Celegorm interrupted unexpectedly. "She obviously doesn't understand your intentions, because she had to ask Maglor what the note meant. And you obviously don't understand her intentions, if you think this is just a matter of doing a few nice things for her."

"Do not be a fool. Do not let her use you..." Maglor said earnestly.

"Enough! I am not stupid or blind. And you are not very generous, if you think that she is the one who is using me. Who is who's guest? Have you forgotten already that she risked her life to give me back this hand?" He snapped it in Maglor's face. "If I did not have two hands, do you think any woman would look at me?"

Maglor looked down. He knew Maedhros had been very different after Thangorodrim, but never had he put it so harshly. "Curufin's worried about you, too," he said quietly.

Maedhros stopped, and turned away from them, walking over to the balcony to look out. "Maybe this is all easier when you are younger," he mused with a sigh.

Maglor smiled crookedly at his back. "Probably.

"But Celegorm's right," he continued eventually. "You need to talk to her, because right now, you are working at cross-purposes. It will only get messier if you continue to be hands-off about this. And I will never forgive myself if I train her archers only to have them shoot at us."

Celegorm punched him in the shoulder, and he desisted.

"I know," Maedhros said, smiling a little. "I'll talk to her...soon."
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:03 pm

At that moment, there came a knock on the door.
"Who is it?" Maedhros replied to the person.
"It is Alatar, am I interupting anything?" the wizard said, poking his head round the corner of the door. Noticing Celegorm his eyes lit up, "Ah!" he exclaimed, "just the person I wanted to see. Would you be interested in having a little target practice later today? I think I need it after the hunt, my aim seemed a little off."
Maglor and Maedhros both looked at Celegorm for an answer. "I would love to. But I do not know when Maglor will be finished with his new...pupils." He nudged his brother in the side with caused him to flinch.
Alatar clapped his hands together and grinned. "Splendid! Maglor, will you be so kind as to inform me when you are finished schooling the men?"
Maglor bowed his head, "Of course, it is a shame you can not teach them with me. I could use the help."
"I'm afraid I have other matters that need my attention right now. Although if they require another lesson I will gladly lend a hand."

And with that, he left the room closing the door behind him. Maedhros scratched his head, "He always pops his head in at the most random times, doesnt he?" he said to his brothers. "I think he is a delightful old fellow. Just that he finds his talents somewhat restricted in our current situation." Maglor told him. Celegorm was smiling, "I just find it comforting that I have someone I can test my arrows against." Maglor turned around with a worried look on his face. "Oh you know what I mean." he retorted. "Anyway, shouldn't you be getting back to the archery range? They'll be wondering where you've gotten to. And you, my brother, we still have some unfinished business on the sparring grounds." Maedhros pushed his younger brother. "It wont be unfinished for too much longer, unless you pick up your game a little. You're getting sluggish in your old age."
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Postby IVIaedhros » Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:02 am

Maedhros returned from the exercise field sweaty, sore and pensive. His brothers were right; he needed to talk to Tyg…and sooner was definitely best. He was handed a note from one of the servants when he arrived at his door; apparently the Queen agreed with him. But he couldn’t talk to her now – somehow, he thought “What do you want, woman?” wouldn’t go over very well, and he was in no mood to be pleasant. Hopefully, washing up and getting some dinner would change that…

If Maglor noticed that his older brother was particularly well-groomed at dinner, he said nothing. But when he saw him heading downstairs afterwards, he intervened. “Wait, let me…”

“No, don’t worry, I’m not doing anything. I won’t touch it.” Maedhros smiled disarmingly.

Maglor acquiesced, and Maedhros descended the stairs alone. The light from the Silmaril was…well, he still didn’t have a good word for it. Healing? Calming? It was just…good. Simply sitting in its presence put things into perspective for him. Finally, he began the long trudge up to the other part of the Tower. He was as ready as he was going to be....

Maedhros entered Tyg’s apartments and faced her. Tyg looked curiously at him, a light smile on her face; she had been pacing since dinner, hoping he’d respond to her note. “We need to talk about a few things,” Maedhros said gently.
Tyg smiled even fuller and took Maedhros’s hand.
“Not here, there’s somewhere I want to show you. Come.”
Tyg lead Maedhros by the hand into her bedroom. He tensed slightly, but Tyg turned and smiled again.
“Don’t worry,” Tyg said “Watch.”
Tyg dropped Maedhros’s hand and walked over next to the large fireplace. She placed a hand upon the stone work and Maedhros heard a click then a rumbling as the stone moved back into the wall to reveal a small stairway leading up.
Maedhros wondered where it could possibly lead to since Tyg’s apartment was at the top of the tower. Tyg motioned for Maedhros to follow and Tyg disappeared into the darkness.

Moments later they appeared out onto the flat surface of the top of the tower. Large spires rose from each corner to points ending the tower’s climb to the sky. Other than that there was only a vast round stone in the middle, it had at some time been cut through the middle to make the top now perfectly flat. There was a light breeze and the gloaming was clear; the clouds from earlier in the day had all rolled away. One could see quite far in every direction. Maedhros walked cautiously over to an edge and peered out; it was a sheer drop straight down. As he looked up across the horizon Tyg came to his side, putting a tentative arm around him.
“Makes you feel like the King of the World, doesn’t it?”
Maedhros turned to her. She looked up at him, the wind blowing a lock of hair over her face.
Maedhros brushed her hair away from her face, bent down, and kissed her. There was no hesitation on his part, but it was gentle. At first. Tygarya stepped closer, feeling his body flush with hers, and after a moment he made a guttural noise in the back of his throat. Finally! she thought.

But then his left hand moved from the back of her neck to her shoulder. She felt both his hands grasp her shoulders. He held her firmly and stepped back.

“What? Why did you stop?” she asked, looking at his face in frustration.

“I…” he stopped, searching for words. He knew he should have planned out what he would say in advance. It was so difficult to think with her here!

“I know you want this,” she insisted, bumping against his hip. He did not let go of her, but his right hand stroked up and down her bare arm.

“Even a starving man may inquire if the meal is poisoned first,” he said.

“So, I’m tainted, is that it?” She was furious. How could he start something if he didn’t intend to follow through? “Since I’m not a dainty little virgin elf who swoons at your feet and sighs ‘O Maitimo!’ after you, I’m poison. Well, I’m sorry, but Melkor may have made me to look like an elf but he didn’t make me that way, and I –“

“Don’t say that,” he interrupted her. He reached for her chin and tilted her face to look directly in his eyes. “Never say that. Morgoth never made you.”

“Yes he did, Maedhros, I was there,” she retorted, but she saw that he was being serious and not mocking her.

“No. Morgoth could not have done that. He bound you to this form, and made you who you are, but he never made your spirit. You have been since the foundation of the world. And as for this….” He pulled her into his arms again. “I think I can say that of all the works of Morgoth, it was the only fair.” Her heart fluttered strangely at his words, and she didn’t know why.

He kissed her forehead. “Trust me, Lady, I do not hesitate for any perceived defect in you. There are none that concern me. But we Fëanoreans are greedy. I do not want you just for tonight, or for this week, or for this year. I want you for a lifetime.” He bent down and whispered in her ear ‘The lifetime of the world.’ He trailed kisses along her jaw, but when she captured his mouth, he ended the kiss again.

“I…I need to know what you think about that,” he ended awkwardly.

“I do not understand what the big deal is. I want you, you want me. If we feel the same next week, and next year, and…and later, then we do. But if not…why must we discuss all the endless ages of Arda tonight?”

“Because if you ask it of me, I will pour out my spirit for you, without reserve. But I will not do so rashly or if you do not understand the meaning of it…” he smiled wryly. “I do not want to have another hasty decision to regret.”

“You would regret a night spent with me?” She sounded offended.

“I seriously doubt it,” he said, and she felt reassured that her charms had not failed her. She had his full attention, and if he would just follow through on what his body so clearly wanted him to do…. “But…do you know what you are asking of me?”

Finally, she understood. “You would not be able to marry an elf.”

“No, I would not,” he agreed. “Nor would I have any interest in doing so. If I choose you tonight…my choice is made.”

She stepped back from him, away from the edge. “But how do you know that you choose wisely when you do not first experiment with what love is….your ways, your elven society…it makes no sense to me at all.”

He nodded. “I know. That is why we have to discuss this. If we were both elves, it would be understood what was meant by falling into each other’s arms. And if we were both shape-shifting Maiar…” She looked at him in surprise. “It would likewise not require discussion. But because I am not like you…I…I wanted to make sure we both understood one another.”

He took a step back from her as well, towards the stairs. “You don’t have to answer me now. It…it will not be tonight,” he said, swallowing. Her disappointment was not hidden from her face.

He took her hand and kissed it reverently. “Goodnight, Tyg.” He turned and walked to the doorway. Tyg called him back.

“Wait Maedhros, please.” Tyg walked over to the large stone table and hoisted herself up onto it, sitting with her legs hanging over the sides. “I know there is much to think about and talk about, but will you sit with me?”

Maedhros didn’t know if it was a good idea, but his feet responded on their own accord. He walked over to the stone table and sat down beside her, looking out over the vast view to the East, framed by mountains.
Tyg wrapped her arms around one of his and laid her head upon his shoulder, also looking out at the view.
They stayed that way for a few minutes, neither of them speaking, until Tyg finally raised her head from his shoulder and looked into his face.

“You’re right, I do need to think about what you said, but not for the reason you may think”
Maedhros looked at her quietly as Tyg continued, moving away from him slightly looking down at her hands. This was hard for Tyg; expressing feelings was always hard for her.
“This whole thing scares me, I’ll be honest to admit. Never have I felt this way before. Never have I even thought about being with someone for the rest of my life. It never seemed realistic anyway. Now I find myself amongst people talking of love and marriage and eternity…..” Tyg paused, lost for words for a moment.
Her vulnerability reminded Maedhros of the night before she did the rite to reattach his hand, when she had gone to his room for comfort and he had just held her. He reached out his arms to her again now.
“I know” he whispered as she crumpled into him “I know”
“I’m scared to death of making a wrong decision. I’m sorry,” Tyg whispered against his chest.
“Don’t be sorry,” Maedhros said, feeling strangely bitter and relieved all at once. “We’ll take it slow and see how things pan out.”
Tyg looked up at him again, smiling once more.
“So does this mean we’re courting, as you elves call it?”
Maedhros laughed, “I suppose we are.”
“Well doesn’t that mean you can kiss me again?”
Maedhros looked at Tyg startled a moment; her mind was fast. He grinned then.
“Yes, I suppose it does.”
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Postby rowanberry » Fri Feb 01, 2008 1:14 pm

After separating from Tygarya, Rowan still walked around the fortress for some time. Huan appeared from somewhere, happy to find her; and, she had nothing against the dog joining her – he was a better bodyguard than any of the soldiers of Minas Morgul. “You’re bored, eh? Pity that there isn’t much to do for a dog like you, while your master is exercising.” She scratched the dog behind the ears for a while, before they set on.

On a wall facing to Morgul Vale, she stood for a while admiring the change that had come upon the valley. The flowers shone in the light of the sun, which was now emerging from behind the clouds, in almost black, with a white patch here and there. Black and silver – Tygarya’s colours.

Back in the castle, Rowan commanded the dog to go to his master’s room, and headed for her own quarters. But, in the stairs, she met Rwhen, who had got her letters written and taken them to the couriers. She stopped her. “Rwhen, I’d like to ask you something in private. Can you come to my room for a while?”

Rowan closed and locked the door behind them, and made sure that no servants were accidentally around. “Rwhen, I believe that, while we were out hunting, Tyg told Aragorn about the Silmaril – am I right?”

Rwhen nodded. “Actually, it was already on the night before you left.”

“Did she show you where it is?”

“Yes, she did. Why do you ask?”

“I thought – could you show it to me, or at least tell me where it is hidden? I might ask Tyg herself, but at the moment, she seems to have so much else to take care of. Now would also be a good time, while all the men are out exercising.”

“All right”, Rwhen agreed. “Come.”

Followed by Rowan's almost ever-present bodyguard, Rwhen and Rowan went down to the deep dungeons under the main tower. When they got to the two soldiers who were guarding the entrance, Rwhen told the bodyguard to wait for them there: "We know our way, and don't want to be disturbed."

She led Rowan along a long corridor, and finally stopped at a door. She whispered: “It is in this room. But, I'm not sure if we can get inside. And, anyway, nobody can see it; it’s hidden somewhere inside the wall. Still, you can feel its presence.”

Rowan tried the door. To her surprise, it opened. She stepped inside, holding high her torch, which seemed to flare brighter inside the room. Like Rwhen had said, she couldn’t see anything that would have revealed where the jewel was hidden; but, the air in the room felt soothing and wholesome.

She turned to Rwhen, who was waiting for her at the door. “Who else knows about the jewel, except Tyg, Maedhros, Aragorn, and you? I don’t want to inadvertently mention it at the presence of anyone who doesn’t have to know.”

“Maglor does, of course. As do Alatar and Baphomet, as far as I’m aware, although I’m not absolutely sure.”

“Good. Thank you.” She left the room. “Maybe we’d better go now, before the guards get suspicious.”
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Postby IVIaedhros » Mon Feb 04, 2008 4:21 pm

Maedhros arrived back at the suite with no recollection of the walk down the stairs. He opened the door very quietly....but he needn't have bothered. A lamp was lit; Maglor was sprawled on the couch with a book.

"You're back awfully late," Maglor said, not looking up.

"Um....yes," Maedhros said, suddenly at a loss for words.

Maglor looked up now. "Oh, for heaven's sake, wipe that goofy grin off your face." Maedhros complied. "So I take it your meeting with the Queen went well."

"Yes. Very well." The goofy grin was back.

Maglor narrowed his eyes at his brother. "Come here. Let me see your face in the light."

Confused, Maedhros complied. Then it dawned on him what his brother was looking for. "Not that well!" he yelped. "We're...courting."

Maglor raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yes, and if you must know, I kissed her. Again. And now if you don't mind, I think I'm going to go relive the past few hours for the rest of my life. Goodnight." He went into his room and closed the door.

Maglor sighed and went back to his book.
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Postby Tygarya » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:36 pm

Tyg was in a wonderful mood the next morning, as she sat in front of the mirror on her dresser brushing her hair, she almost felt like singing; except Tyg didn’t sing, it seemed to have a strange effect on people when she did.
Her hair matched her mood this morning, looking as golden as the sun’s rays hitting a field of wheat. Her azure blue eyes sparkled as she looked out the window to see a glorious day dawning. The rain had cleared up during the night and it was going to be a lovely sunny day.
Tyg got up then and went to get dressed for breakfast. As she made her way over to her large wardrobe she had already decided what she was going to wear. As she slipped on the pale blue dress she knew Maedhros would like it.
Humming she made her way down stairs.

Meanwhile in the Feanor’s rooms Maedhros had been stalling the brothers going to breakfast, when there was a soft knock on the door. Maedhros almost bowled Maglor over getting to the door first. As he opened it Tyg stepped in, wrapping her arms around his waist and rising up on tip toes gave him a very warm kiss which Maedhros reciprocated, wrapping his arms around her. Celegorm and Maglor glanced at each other with surprised expressions on their faces. Maedhros had not told them anything about last nights discussions. Maglor coughed causing the couple to stop ‘greeting’ each other. Tyg turned and looked at Maglor with a grin.
“Did Maedhros not tell you the wonderful news?”
“Well kind of” Maglor said looking at Maedhros rather than Tyg.
Celegorm was frowning in what almost looked like suppressed rage.
“Does this mean that you’re going to become Lady of Himring?”
Tyg’s smile slid off her face as she glared at Celegorm.
“Or does this mean that you will be handing Minas Morgul over to my brother as King” Celegorm continued with his arms folded. Maglor had turned and was stalking towards his brother.
“It means nothing of the sort I will not give away my sovereignty to either move to Himring or to give to Maedhros” Tyg said through gritted teeth as she made a step towards Celegorm, reaching over her right shoulder to where a dagger was hiding.
Maedhros caught the movement and grabbed Tyg’s hand to stop her.
“Enough!” Maedhros roared. “I will not put up with this pettiness” Maedhros placed a hand on the small of Tyg’s back and steered her towards the door. “I will speak to you later Celegorm!”
Tyg flicked her head to glance at the brothers, a beaming smile back on her face as she wriggled around and once again got her arms around Maedhros’s waist, his arm draped over her shoulders. Maedhros walked them out the door and firmly closed the door.
“I will not have you trying to kill my brothers Tyg” Maedhros said firmly standing away from her.
“I was going to do nothing of the sort….just shut him up is all” Tyg said studying a fingernail.
“Still my brothers are very important to me I cannot have you trying to maim them”
“Oh I know how important your brothers are Russandol” Tyg said looking up at him again. “But, I am not going to stand idly by while Celegorm tries to break us up, just because he thinks it means you will not be returning to Himring with him”
“I know” Maedhros said with a sigh. “I will talk to him, just try and stay clear of him”
“Not if it means staying clear of you I won’t” Tyg replied impishly as she again wrapped her arms around him.
“No that won’t do” Maedhros said also smiling.
“Good, I’m glad we understand each other” Tyg said reaching up and placing a kiss on his lips. “Now, I have a special breakfast organised just for the two of us”
As Tyg stepped out of Maedhros’s arms she grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs.
As Maedhros watched Tyg’s rear swishing down the stairs in front of him he smiled. “I think I could get used to this” he muttered to himself.
“What was that?” Tyg asked over her shoulder.
“Nothing….nothing at all” Maedhros answered smirking to himself.

They enjoyed a lovely private breakfast in a small private dining room that Maedhros hadn’t seen before, somewhere on the 3rd level of the Tower.
As they feasted on bacon, sausage, eggs, pastries, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice Tyg decided to discuss the peace accord with Maedhros.
“I have a formal meeting with Rhwen coming up soon regarding this peace accord business….I would like you there”
“Well, I suppose, but I don’t know how much help I will be.”
“Don’t be modest Russ, you can be diplomatic, if you try” Tyg laughed. Maedhros grinned sheepishly then laughed also.
“So what do you think the discussions will start with?” Maedhros asked.
“Probably trade I would think, I imagine that things about land ownership and claims will be left till last….I dare say that Aragon will want to either return here to discuss them himself or have me go to Minas Tirith”
“Would you go?” Maedhros asked with some surprise.
Tyg shrugged, “I haven’t given that option much thought to be honest, let’s just concentrate on getting the first part sorted out”
“Ok then, so what does Minas Morgul have to trade?”
“Well when you talk about Minas Morgul these days, don’t forget your talking about the vast East as well, we have porcelains, silks, teas, coffees, spices, rice, wines, sugar, fruits like these…” Tyg picked up a slice of pineapple.
Maedhros mulled the information over. He certainly enjoyed these new exotic fruits from the East, as Aragon had told him one night, Gondor would in bigger quantities too, at the moment they were only taken in in very small quantities and were terribly expensive and elitist.
“So what does Gondor have that you want?”
“Skills mostly…skilled men that want to move to the East and make a fortune is what I’m hoping will happen…with them there the people of the East will learn and in turn we will prosper.
Maedhros nodded his head, Tyg certainly seemed to have the best interests of her people in mind.
“I can see how that is important, but how do you think people are going to take to moving in with orcs?”
“You did it” Tyg countered.
Maedhros looked at her his eyes narrowing, “You want me to be an emissary to peace with the orcs?”
“Darling, if this courtship of ours is successful, you will be their King” Tyg said rather pointedly.
Maedhros raked a hand through his hair but remained silent.
“Perhaps I should show you just what has been accomplished in the East, Russandol”
“How could you do that, unless we travel there and that would take days…even months.”
“There is a quicker option” Tyg said musing as she nibbled on a Danish.
Maedhros looked at her questioningly for a moment, then his eyes went wide.
“No! Absolutely not!”
“It’s exhilarating, you’ll enjoy it….I promise” Tyg said grinning.
“No! I will not get on one of those foul disgusting beasts…let alone actually fly!”
Maedhros pushed his chair back from the table and folded his arms.
Tyg laughed and standing came round the table, she sat down in Maedhros’s lap causing him to unfold his arms and wrap them around her waist.
Discussion ended for now Tyg then took his mind off things by curling her arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his lips.
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Postby MorgulCouncil » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:50 pm

General Kador finally got word from a scout that the messenger was on his way back. It had taken all night and now half the morning, but he was finally getting back with a reply from the Queen.
The messenger ran in and stopped before the General, saluting and handing over a piece of parchment folded thrice and sealed with wax showing Tyg’s seal. He broke it open and glanced at the message;

I am quite happy at this stage to leave the elves where they are on the banks of the Anduin. Please keep a watch on them to make sure they do not advance again, other than that return to the Tower.
Queen Tygarya

Kador looked at the message, it seemed very nonchalant, not her usual orders. He almost got the feeling from reading the message that she was distracted.
Kador shrugged, “Oh well, orders are orders”
As he gave the order to make their way back to the Tower he pointede out one soldier to stay behind and keep watch.
“You will be replaced at night fall, wait till then, you have enough supplies…but no fire, keep out of sight. We will have a watch on the tower, if anything happened light an arrow and send it high into the air, we will see it and know it’s meaning”
The soldier saluted and watched as the rest of them turned and disappeared into the trees heading back to Minas Morgul.
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Postby Baphomet » Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:58 pm

In the small graveyard just north of Minas Morgul, where the elite tombs lay, a black cloud descended. It hovered over the graveyard dimming everything to night. It loomed dark and dangerous, sending a foreboding message to anyone wishing to enter the graveyard not to.
Baphomet was furious. As he appeared from the mists inside his tomb he started cursing. He did this for several minutes until he ran out of words even in the Black Speech…then he started to make some words up. That went on for several more minutes as he stomped around, kicking at anything that got in his way.
Finally he collapsed in a chair exhausted.

He will not be allowed to get away with this! I will not let him.

Baphomet leaned back in the chair closing his eyes

I must get rid of him….rid of his influence over my Mistress…but how….

Baphomet lapse into a brooding silence as he thought, then a purely evil smile came over lips

Oh yes…..perfect….

Baphomet turned to mist and disappeared
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Postby rowanberry » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:36 am

The night before:

Celegorm returned to his quarters, tired but feeling excellent. Hard physical exercise was just what he had needed; and, after sparring with Maedhros in the morning, he had spent most of the afternoon at the archery range with Alatar. He and the wizard had started to get along quite well.

Getting sluggish in your old age, he snorted. If anybody else but Maedhros had dared to say that... But, he had definitely shown his brother that, that was not the case.

He just washed away the sweat and dirt of the day, had a small supper, and went to bed.

That night, he had the dream again. It had come to him every now and then since his return to Middle-earth.

He was walking in the wilds, alone. The place was familiar to him, and yet wasn't. He knew that he was seeking for something, or a road to somewhere; but, there was no path that he could have followed, nobody that he could have asked, no sign at all of where he could find what he was looking for. Yet, he knew that, all he had to do was to look into the right direction...
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Postby rwhen » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:59 pm

The day was a lovely one, just perfect for any sort of domestic chores or for that matter non-domestic as well. Rwhen ate a sparse breakfast and headed off to find Rowan. Knocking on the door, she only had to wait a few moments for her friend to respond.

"Your looking well this morning, Rwhen," noticed Rowan and offered her a seat.

"It would be hard to not feel well on a beautiful day like this one." The dog that seemed to follow Rowan where ever she went was stretched across the length of the floor. "I see you still have a shadow," she nodded her head in the direction of the canine.

"For now. Was there something you needed of me?"

"Nice side step there, Rowan," Rwhen winked to take any seriousness off of her comment, "but, yes. I will be working out some details of the accord between Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul this morning with Tyg and wondered if you might like to come along? Just to be certain the 'ladies' remain 'ladies', if you get my meaning."

"Indeed, I should like to attend with you. Is now a good time?"

"I say the sooner the better." Both Rwhen and Rowan left her suite and of course, the dog followed. At the door to the suite set aside for the Fëanorians, Rowan knocked and when Maglor answered, she simply guided Huan into the suite and then turned with no explanation back to the hallway.

"So where is Tyg this morning anyway?" inquired the ancient elf.

"I was told that she and Maedhros are dining on the third floor. Some special room or balcony. Let us see if we can get directions." They stopped the first orc they saw and it turned out to be a hand servant for Tyg who took them right to the proper door. A brief knock and the door was opened to reveal Tyg and Maedhros in an intimate embrace.

cough cough "Are we interupting anything important?" Rowan started trying not to stare at the couple. Rwhen strode purposefully into the room and when she passed Maedhros she muttered, "about bloomin' time." She smiled largely and hugged her friend Tyg.

"Sorry to break up you two love birds, but you do recall that we will begin working on the accord today? I only have two more days until I have to return to Gondor or Aragorn will have my head."

"I don't think he is all that serious, Rwhen. Men LIKE to be missed by their women." Tyg shot a wink at Maedhros. "Yes, I did remember and I have asked Maedhros to stay, if that is okay with you."

"I asked Rowan to also be a friendly observer for us, so I think that is fair enough." The pair sat across a smallish hardwood table both had blank scrolls and ink at the ready.

Tyg jumped right in, "As you know we have abundance of fresh fruits just right for the export in the East. You have been enjoying them since you arrived I assume?"

"Myself, I am allergic to fruits, but Aragorn was very impressed with the variety and sweetness of your Eastern produce. There are Western food stuffs that you could use in the East as well, I would think. Any root vegetable comes to mind."

Both ladies made notes as they cataloged the different food stuffs, linens, hardwood materials, metals, gems and other everyday consumables. The time went by quickly. "Okay, that about does it for the easier items, no question in my mind that Aragorn would approve of trade agreements for import and export." Rwhen sat back and closed her eyes for a moment.

"Now, I want to talk about the skilled laborers in Gondor and how people from the East could benefit from an exchange of crafts tradesmen." Tyg watched as Rwhen slowly opened her eyes, no emotion showing on her serene face.

"I could see that your Orcs are skilled in some trades that are of no use to the West, but the manufacture of war machines and arms is something to consider."

Tyg's face looked tight as she replied. "I think you will find Rwhen, that there are many more skilled tradesmen in the East in other areas as well." She smiled.

"Have you taken into consideration how many people would be willing to work with Orcs? Enemys for ages? I do understand that you want equality for the Orcs and Easterners, Tyg. But I think it would be unwise to assume that the Gondorians or any other free peoples of middle earth would easily set aside generations and generations of blood shed. It will take time. If I am right, a LOT of time."

Maedhros stood up. Until then he had been a quiet observer. "I hear you, Rwhen. My thoughts were the same," Maedhros saw the flash of betrayal swim across the beautiful features of his intended, he held up his right hand, "but Tyg assures me that many changes have already been put in place and improvements have taken root over all of Minas Morgul and beyond." He smiled at Tyg to show he was in unison with her and she relaxed.

Rowan spoke next, "Are you then prepared to speak for the Orcs, as emissary? I have to agree with Rwhen on this one. My kin would not be very open to having swarms of Orcs rambling about Lorien or Mirkwood or even Imladris."

"Are not the elves leaving Middle Earth?" Tyg asked point blank.

"This is truth you speak, however, many will still remain for quite sometime and the lands are inhabited by humans, men, hobbits and other free folk. It is not just the elves for which I am speaking." Rowan chose her words carefully.

"Why not let them make up their own minds then," Tyg offered. "It is too soon to know whom will put up with what."

"My point exactly," Rwhen countered. "I think we should pen a paragraph that OPENS this discussion to be ratified when more information is gathered from the people's of Middle Earth.

"I can agree with that, for now." Tyg stood and paced the room, it was obvious to all that she was preparing to speak of something that was uncomfortable. "Then right to the point, what about Ithilien. That is MY land now, gained fairly. It is on my side of the Anduin and I intend to keep it as mine."

Before Rwhen could express her strong feelings over Ithilien, Rowan spoke again, "Tyg, if you will give me leave to speak openly."

Tyg waved her hand in acceptance, but her face was serious.

"It seems to me that Ithilien is actually the first place where you can show that you are serious about rehabilitating the orcs and coming to peace with the West. I do not know if Aragorn would be open to the suggestion, but how about the one place that is neither Minas Tirith nor Minas Morgul, but a co-regency, a neutral place for both yourself and Aragorn to make decisions from? A lovely palace could be erected having both architectures from the East and the West, symbolizing the accord. A place for the folk to come with disputes rather than waste yours or Aragorns time. That way, neither Morgul nor Tirith has to appear to cede any ground at all." Rowan stopped speaking and Maedhros filled in the silence.

"I think it is a fine suggestion." He looked to Tyg who was chewing on the end of a tie from her dress. "It may well be that I will be residing in Morgul for well...." he stopped and smiled for no apparent reason, but everyone already knew. "For a long long time. I would hate to think that every dispute on who grew what cabbage came to our front door. If we set up a base in Ithilien, we could have marshalls and commanders to handle the everyday business for us." It was apparent that he was speaking to Tyg.

"It doesn't matter what agreements we reach today anyway," offered Rwhen. "We are just outlining the accord. It will be up to Aragorn and Tyg to radify and sign the final documents. But I just had a thought, why don't we call it "The Accords Of Ithilien"? We send a draft off to Aragorn today and then await his response."

Tyg stood and smoothed her dress. "I will agree for now, but I need to think on all that has transpired today before I will agree to anything permanent." She took Maedhros by the arm and headed for the door. "I will see you at supper, ladies." With that, the pair left the room and closed the door.

Maedhros stopped and turned her in his arms, "Are you really upset, Tyg? I think that went very well considering."

Tyg laughed, "I am not upset at all, but everyone needs to be reminded once and a while, I AM the Queen in residence. I will not be walked over or overlooked." She stepped up on her toes to plant a warm kiss to his lips and all else was lost.

Rowan and Rwhen stared at the door for a few moments. "So what do you think, Rwhen?"

"I think that we are well on our way to an accord. I want to thank you for your suggestion about Ithilien. It is perfect and I feel certain that Aragorn will approve, if he can only get Faramir and Legolas on board now. Lets get this off to him now, before any more time elapses."

The ladies headed to the aeria for an Eagle Express Messenger and then went to their rooms to freshen up.
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Postby rowanberry » Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:21 am

After spending some more time with Tyg, Maedhros reluctantly pulled away from her. “I hope that you will excuse me for a while, my love. There are some family matters that I must take care of. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

He went back to the suite, grabbed Celegorm by the arm, and pushed him into his room. “I need to talk to you. About this morning – what is up with you? Yesterday, you fully seemed to accept my evening in private with Tygarya, even encouraged me to go and talk to her. And now, you’re getting at her as soon as she shows up. What’s the matter?”

Celegorm stared defiantly at his older brother. “First, I want you to tell me exactly what you are up to, regarding her – and, most importantly, what she is up to, regarding you.”

“I thought that it was quite clear. I’m in love with Tygarya, and I’ve got every reason to believe that she’s in love with me. We have started courting, and my ultimate wish is to marry her. Do you have any problems with that?”

“I wouldn’t, if – if she just wouldn’t rush in here, as if – as if she already owned you, or something! And, you know that, I still don’t trust her. Cats have silky fur and soft paws; but, they also have sharp claws, and they can hurt you very badly if you’re not careful. I’m afraid for you, my brother. I’m afraid that you’ll get clawed in the end.”

Maedhros nodded. “It is always possible. But, in love, one has to take risks. I could end up clawed even if my intended were a Noldorin lady from Tirion, who just would show her affection in a less flamboyant manner than Tyg does.”

“And, if all goes well for you, and you really do marry her – what will her position be, and yours?”

“Only two things are sure: Tygarya will never leave Minas Morgul for Himring. And, the rule of Himring will stay with the House of Fëanor. What other arrangements there will be remains to be seen. Is there anything else that is bothering you?”

Celegorm shook his head. “Not at the moment.”

Maedhros paused for a while. Then, he continued: “Celegorm, I need you here. You’re absolutely the best sparring partner that I could ever get. All I ask from you is that, if everything goes right, you won’t in any way interfere in my relationship with Tygarya. And, if everything goes wrong – then, I will need you, I will need all my brothers to save me.”

He smiled, gave Celegorm a brotherly pat on the shoulder, and left the room.
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Postby Tygarya » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:19 pm

Later that evening Tyg wandered through the darkened halls of the fortress wearing a long cloak with the hood pulled up and made her way outside, she walked the small path northward to the graveyard where Baphomet’s spirit usually resided.
Upon approaching she felt before she saw the foreboding sense of warning. When she came over a rise to look across at the graveyard she saw the roiling black mass that covered the yard from sight.
Tyg stopped for a moment looking at the cloud mass, studying it.
Her eyebrows knitted together momentarily and the cloud shifted. It started to rise up into the air, revealing the graveyard beneath it, and then it started to thin and dissipate until it was no more.
Tyg continued her walk towards the graveyard then, entering she stopped before the large tomb, frowning.
She could sense that Baphomet was not there, but why leave that cloud?
Tyg did not like the look of what she saw, turning she headed back to the fortress quickly.

She made her way to the rooms of the Feanor’s and knocked on the door. She knew it was late, but she was not going to ignore the warning Baph had left.
Finally Maglor came to the door, opening it slightly he peered out.
“Tyg!” he exclaimed, then narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “What brings you here at this hour?”
Tyg grinned despite her mood. “Not that, Maglor, don’t worry. I have no plans to tarnish your brother….yet”
“Who is it, Maglor?” Maedhros said coming out of his room, a blanket wrapped around his waist. Tyg grinned wider.
“Never mind” Maglor said in warning as he opened the door wider to let Tyg in. “It’s Tyg” He said louder for his brother to hear.
Celegorm had come out of his room too and he and Tyg shared a brief look of loathing before Tyg turned to talk to Maedhros.
“Baphomet has gone” Tyg said
“Good riddance” Maglor muttered as Maedhros indicated for Tyg to sit, then made a motion for Celegorm to restoke the fire which had burnt down to embers. Celegorm grunted but complied.
“You don’t understand Maglor; this is not good news, right on top of him finding out about myself and Maedhros entering into a relationship.” Tyg said it to him, but looked at Maedhros.
Maedhros sat down beside Tyg as Maglor sat opposite. Celegorm had the fire going once again and stood silently in front of it.
“I thought it would be, good news that is” Maedhros admitted “Surely it is better he is gone than here causing trouble”
Tyg shook her head. “I fear he is definitely going to cause trouble, unfortunately, he didn’t take the news very well at all” Tyg explained. “But I fear with his disappearance, and knowing his devious mind, he will seek to separate us using more subtle methods”
Maedhros scowled, Tyg hadn’t seen that look on his face for a couple of days. Maglor exchanged a look with Celegorm, but neither of them said anything.
“What exactly are you trying to tell me Tyg?” Maedhros asked, suspicion arising in his voice.
“I’m not sure exactly, but the only warning I can think to give is keep a close eye on your other brothers”
“He wouldn’t dare!” A union of voices shouted.
Tyg looked at each brother as they all started to talk at once. Tyg held up a hand trying to silence them.
“I do not know for sure, I am only sending a warning. I know you can talk freely with your brother….” Tyg caught herself and glanced at Celegorm. “Just send him a letter and make sure everything is alright there, that’s all.”
“What’s going on here?” Celegorm asked stepping up to Maedhros and Maglor.
“Look”, Tyg said getting attention back to what she was saying. “The way I see it is Baphomet will probably try and get you to have to leave, rather than confront you. I guess I left his feelings unchecked for too long, I’m not exactly sure how he is going to react to this news about you and me, Russ, but I do believe he may try to upset things in Himring to force you to return home.”
“Okay, I’ll send a message to Curufin immediately and warn him” Maedhros glanced up at Celegorm who was standing with his arms folded and a scowl on his face. Maedhros stood and took Tyg’s hand helping her up. As he led her to the door he spoke quietly.
“Thank you for the warning Tyg, now I think my brothers and I are going to have to talk about this….I’ll see you in the morning”
As he opened the door he grabbed Tyg around the waist with his other arm and lifted her off her feet, planting a kiss on her lips. As he lowered her back to the ground she whispered. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to let anything slip; I hope you can mend this”
“So do I, if not we will have to come clean”
Tyg nodded in understanding and left the room, as Maedhros closed the door behind her.
She lingered long enough to hear Celegorm’s voice demanding. “What did she mean; you can talk freely with Curufin?”
Then muttered voices quieting him down.
Tyg closed her eyes and rubbed them. “Stupid” she berated herself, hoping Maedhros and Maglor could smooth it over.
She turned then and headed down to the libraries to seek out Alatar, knowing that like her, he seldom slept.
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Postby Baphomet » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:19 pm

The mists rolled fast over the land and sea searching, at last finding what it sought. A lone isle hidden by cloud; atop was a mighty fortress.
The mists coalesced into the form of Baphomet and for a moment he stood upon the cliff, clothed and hooded in heavy grey robes, watching the fortress.
Himring, the fabled home of Maedhros, was indeed an amazing place to see, even beautiful by some standards.

‘Well’, thought Baphomet, ‘I believe it is time for Maedhros to return to his hidden fortress and leave Minas Morgul and what better way to force him home than trouble in his fair kingdom.’
Baphomet grinned viciously and became, once again, mist.
Travelling up and through the defensive walls the mist rolled in, looking as innocent as mere sea fog, of which Himring was used to.
The mists found Curufin talking to his son, as they walked through the yards.
As the mists swayed and eddied around their feet Baphomet listened and learned as much as he could.
As the mist swirled thicker around Celebrimbor’s feet, reaching unseen up his legs, as he spoke to his father about matters concerning Celebrimbor’s wish to learn more about jewel-making and becoming a jewelsmith.
Suddenly Celebrimbor doubled up in pain, calling out sharply. Falling to his knees, he lost his breath. His hands going to his throat as he tried to get a breath. Curufin was shouting not knowing what to do. Asking his son what was wrong when he was unable to reply.
Celebrimbor collaspsed to his side on the dirt, his hands going from his throat to his stomach, not knowing which pain to grasp at.
Finally he past out, as Curufin scooped him up and ran into the fortress calling for help tears running down his face.
The mists remained in the yard, but became thinner. Trendils made there way through the small graveyard that was out the back of the fortress on a small hillock. Baphomet appeared then, walking through the small number of graves, reading the head stones. Mainly family of servants that had remained in Himring with the brothers over the years of exile, but it would do. Baph turned to mist once again and seeped into the earth.
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:10 pm

Tyg broke into a fast pace, she felt as if time was against them. She had to find Alatar soon, and she had a feeling where she could find him. Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks and thought to herself, "This would be much easier if..." and with that, changed into a jet black cat speeding off in the direction of the Library.

Alatar was sitting at his usual table, close to a window looking out over the vale. Glancing out of the window, he saw the flowers. He liked the change that had been made. It felt more, wholesome, than it had been. Although the colours were a little offputting, he was sure that the Lady Tygarya had liked it. He put his head back into his book, Necromancy and other Shadow Arts of the Ages. He had found out a great deal about the Shadow World and all the beings that could be called forth, and found this information very interesting. He was sure though, that the others of his order would disagree to his studies, but he was still adamant that it was better to know your enemy.

All of a sudden, there was a yelping sound from outside the doors and the sound of a vase breaking on the floor. Whisking up his sword he ran to the door, flung it open and stood just in the frame to prevent anyone from entering. What he saw surprised him. He saw a black cat, picking itself up off the floor and examining the broken vase which it had obviously knocked over. "Foolish cat..." he mumbled. He was about to turn back to his table, when from the corner of his eye, he saw the cat grow larger and take the form of the Queen. "I beg your pardon, wizard?" Tyg scowled at him. This sight made him laugh. "I am sorry Your Highness. It is not unusual for your cats to alarm me when all is silent. Though, admittidly this is the first vase to be broken." They both glanced down at the vase. "Pity, I liked that vase." the wizard sighed. "I have a feeling you're wanting to see me about something urgent. Otherwise you wouldn't be rushing around the halls at this hour... Or, maybe you would." He motioned for her to follow him inside the library.

"Yes, I do want to talk to you about something. Something that has me very worried." Tyg said, closing the large wooden doors behind her. "The Queen? Worried? Now this must be something horrible to have worried a steely woman like yourself, if you don't mind me saying." Alatar said, leaning back in his chair arching his long thin fingers. "You understand that Maedhros and myself are..." "Courting, yes." he interupted. "Yes, and don't interupt." she said pointing at him. He raised both hands as a sign of apology. "Now, we are courting, as you say, and he has told his brothers, and I have told my confidant." Alatar seemed to understand immediatley. "You mean to tell me, that you told Baphomet, and he has decided to try and break this union?" Tyg nodded. "He is no longer here. I went to his tomb tonight and found it empty. I fear he will try and do harm to Maedhros' brothers at Himring. I need to know if there is anyway we can prevent that." No one spoke for a minute or two. Alatar stood and walked over to the queen placing his hands on her shoulders. "My lady, you know as well as I, that if he indeed wanted to do harm at Himring, he would already be there. Although, if he has done some damage, he will need to rest. The journey would have tired him."
"He will need to find a grave to do that."
"Surely they have servants at Himring, mortal ones of course."
"Maedhros mentioned that there were some, yes."
"Ok," he started pacing, "Now we know that he has a resting place, and his intent. The best I can do for now, is cast a spell over him to let him rest for longer than he first wanted. It should hold him until I can arrive there. Unfortunatly, I cannot travel in the same way he does."

He sat down again, proping his head up with a hand under his chin. "If only there were some way I could get there in under a day." Tyg thought for a moment, "Would you consider riding a Fell Beast?" she queried. "No!" he yelped. Tyg started at the sudden volume of his voice. "I apologise. If I were to ride one, I would perish. They are of evil origins, and I am from the Undying Lands. I could not endure being so close to something that evil." Tyg sighed, "The only way to get there is to fly." Alatar snapped his fingers, and his face brightened. "Gwahir! He is an old friend of a brother of mine. Surely he would not refuse me a ride." He noticed that at the mention of Gwahir, Tyg shifted uneasily in her seat. "Am I to guess that you have a pre-existing relationship with him?" Alatar whispered to her. She stood and looked down at the wizard, "That is my business. I shall send for him tonight, asking that he come here immediatly. Goodnight Alatar." Tyg swept from the room, leaving the wizard in a state of confusion.
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Postby rowanberry » Thu Feb 07, 2008 10:12 am

After Tyg had brought the alarming news, and he had confronted his brothers about the suspicion that they didn’t tell him everything, Celegorm felt that he just had to get to talk to somebody. First, he thought of Alatar; a man-to-man discussion might reassure him. But, when he got to the libraries, he heard the wizard speaking with Tygarya, and turned away. Then, he got to think of Lady Rowanberry.

She was still awake. She couldn’t hide her surprise when she opened the door and saw who had knocked. Quickly, Celegorm said: “Lady Rowanberry, may I come in for a moment? I just feel that I need someone to talk to, and I can’t think of anyone else.”

She stepped aside. “Well, why not – please come in.” He followed her into the room and closed the door.

Rowan had gone to a small side table, set with a carafe and a few glasses. She turned to him, and beckoned toward an armchair. “Take a seat. Would you like some wine?”

“Yes, please, I could do with some.”

She poured red wine into two glasses, gave one to Celegorm, and sat down in another armchair.

He noticed that she was wearing the copper coloured dress again. But now, he also realized for the first time that Rowanberry was beautiful. Not as stunning and perfect as Lúthien had been, or as Rwhen was now – but, undeniably, very beautiful, even according to the criteria of the Eldar.

She should wear red, he caught himself thinking. Red would really be her colour.

Rowan smiled at him. “So, what was it that you wanted to talk about?”

Celegorm took a sip of the wine and started. He told the whole story about Tyg’s warning and the worries of the three brothers. Rowan frowned. “So, it’s Baphomet? I’ve been very suspicious of him from the beginning, and it seems that I’ve been right. I wonder what he’ll try – and hope that he fails, whatever it is. I’m sure that the Queen can, and will, do something to stop him.”

“I definitely hope so. But, there was something else as well. Somehow, I don’t think that my brothers tell me everything. Tonight, Tygarya said something about Maedhros being able to ‘talk freely with Curufin’, and for some reason, I think that she didn’t just mean sending him a letter. Do you have any idea what it could all be about?”

Rowan just managed not to gasp. She had a very clear idea of what might be involved; but, it wouldn’t be from her that Celegorm would hear about it. She just said: “No, I’m afraid that I don’t see anything strange in that. I guess she just meant that, Maedhros as the eldest can freely talk with any of his brothers about anything, even the most serious matters. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.”

“That’s what they said as well…” Celegorm muttered.

On the table, he noticed a manuscript that Rowan had apparently been reading. He picked it up and asked: “What’s that you’re reading?”

“Oh, it’s one of the manuscripts of the Wood Elven lore that I’ve written. I occasionally go through them, and may add to them if I notice that something is missing or could be said better. You can borrow it if you want; I’ve got a couple of others with me as well, in case I need something to pass the time.”

“Thank you, I’d like to, if you have nothing against it.”

His answer actually amazed Celegorm himself. He did read, when he had time for it; but, the subject of Rowan’s manuscript wasn’t something that would have interested him earlier.

They sipped their wine, and moved the discussion into lighter matters, like Celegorm’s archery session with Alatar, and the amazing change in the Morgul Vale. Rowan didn’t say anything about Maedhros’s part in it, because she wasn’t sure if Celegorm was aware of it; probably not, regarding what it must have taken.

It was already quite late when he left, feeling somewhat easier, and taking Rowan’s manuscript with him. On the door, he still turned and said: “Oh, by the way – Huan still seems to come here quite often. You can let him stay if you want to; just let me know that he’s here with you, so that I know where to look if I need him.”

After he was gone, Rowan collected the wine glasses. Before she put them aside to be washed, she held Celegorm’s glass in her hand for a long time, gazing at it as if it were something rare and precious, without actually knowing why.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:50 pm

Maglor looked at Maedhros, troubled. "Now what?"

"I'm not sure." He looked at the door where Celegorm had left, leaving the suite eerily silent in his absense. "He doesn't really believe us, and I did not want to lose his trust."

Maglor's frown deepened. Celegorm had said he just wanted to clear his head, but his abrupt departure meant...he had taken Tyg's words to heart. "There's nothing more we can do about him tonight, though, so we might as well..."

"Take full advantage of her warning?"

Maglor nodded. "Especially while Celegorm is out."

They went downstairs, though Maedhros took care to inform the guards that they must never tell Celegorm he was down in the basement. Best to avoid any more slips, however innocuous.

"I just hope this is over nothing. Baph seemed...willing enough to discuss the possibility, earlier."

"Possibility of what? Poisoning us in our sleep?" Maglor asked as they descended the many stairs.

"No! The possibility of Tyg...courting. Choosing a king. He knew it would never be him."

"Oh. That...doesn't sound right, though."

"I know. He wouldn't have left on a whim, and I can't really see him just leaving to sulk. He has the ability to...." Maedhros wasn't really sure how to finish that sentence. He did not know the extent of the Necromancer's skills, and until now, he hadn't wanted to.

They arrived in the basement, and Maedhros thrust open the doors easily. Maglor put the torch in the holder on the wall. Maedhros plunged his hand into the wall, illuminating it with bright light. He took a deep breath, and Himring came into view. "Curufin?" he called.

*Maedhros?* came the answer

"Curufin, what's wrong?" he called out, alarmed by how sharply his brother had called his name.

*It's Celebrimbor; he's fallen ill.*

"Ill?" Maedhros' heart sank. It was too late.

*He collapsed - we don't know what's wrong.*

"I'm sorry Curufin, but this is my fault."

*Your fault - how?*

"I've made an enemy here...a necromancer. And now he's missing...."

*Do you think he came here? To Himring?*

Maedhros nodded. "Yes, I do. What healers do you have there?"

*No one special. I've sent a message to Elrond. I thought it might be some Mannish thing. I didn't even consider...necromancy.* Maedhros could feel his shudder at that word.

"I'm so sorry, Curufin. Please, keep me updated on his condition. I will let you know anything I can find out about your...assailant."

*Thanks....* Curufin seemed numb, not his usual sharp self.

Maedhros pulled his hand out of the wall, and covered his face. "What have I done?"

Maglor had no words to comfort him; he was worried for their nephew.
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Postby Baphomet » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:12 pm

As Baphomet awoke from his rest he felt the pulling of something not right. He let his spirit wander on the lines of wards he had set through Himring.
“So, Tyg obviously figured it out, she knows me so well” Baph said with a smile of wanting and regret. He knew now that he would forever have lost her favour, but he couldn’t turn back now, could he?
“No” He muttered to himself as he tore the fragmants of Alatars spell and rose from the ground “It is too late for that now, my only solace is to make sure Maedhros leaves Tyg. If I can’t have her then no one will”

The mists flowed in through an open window into Celebrimbor’s room, where he was laying almost at peace. No one was with him currently so Baph took the opportunity
“Time to fix that” Baph said as he became flesh and stepped to beside the bed.
He regarded the young elf for a moment before reaching out a finger and touching the boy’s cheek.
Celebrimbor screamed as his body was suddenly wracked with fever.
As Curufin came running in followed by the healers he noticed the open window, heeding Maedhros’s warning he closed it tight failing to notice the last trails of mist on the floor dissipating.
Curufin went to grab his son’s arm, but recoiled in fright, suddenly upon his arms were red sores.
The healers still couldn’t tell him anything.
In rage Curufin screamed, tears streaming down his face. It sent a vibe through every Feanor alive and dead.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:22 pm


Maedhros entered the library with a purpose. He wanted to find out all he could about what Baphomet may have done to Curufin's son before it was too late. He knew it was his fault, and anything that happened would threaten to tear his family apart.

"What has he done...?" he muttered.

"What's the matter?" a voice interrupted him, and he whirled around with a start.

"Who's there?'s just you," he said dismissively.

"Were you...looking for something?" Alatar asked.

"What do you know about diseases inflicted by Necromancy?" Maedhros asked distractedly, scanning the titles on the bookshelf.

"I've been reading up on it," he offered.

Maedhros turned around slowly. "And?"

"There are...quite a variety of things Necromancy can be used for, including inflicting all sorts of ailments, deadly or otherwise."

Maedhros growled. "This question isn't theoretical! I've got to find out everything I can before..."

"What did Baphomet do?" Alatar asked quietly.

Maedhros looked at him sharply. "What do you know?"

"Only what Tyg has told me," he said, spreading his arms and smiling disaramingly.

"It's Celebrimbor, my nephew," he admitted. "He's...fallen ill. His father is beside himself, and I have to..."

"What, precisely, do you plan to do?" Alatar interrupted.

"Something! Anything! This is all my fault..."

"And what do you know of Necromancy?"

"Before I came here, nothing, but there has to be something...."

"Maedhros," the wizard said gently. "I will do what I can. I will leave for Himring soon. But you have not studied these arts, and there is little you can do to help."

"Perhaps not. But Elrond knows something of healing attacks of the Enemy; Maglor made sure of that. And Maglor himself can treat minor maladies. But this is...."

"This is not minor," Alatar confirmed, "though I will not know the extent until I see the boy for myself."

"I'd go myself, but..."

"That is just what Baphomet wants," the wizard chided him.

"I know, I know, I can't play into his hands. But I can't sit idly by, either. There's a chance that whatever he did is described in one of these books." He waved his hand towards the shelf.

"Maybe so. And if that is the case, then we will need someone here who can research them while we are away."

"Who is 'we'?"

"Well, I can't very well enter a Fëanorean fortress without at least a letter of introduction, can I?"

"I can do better than that - I can send Maglor with you. He would regret it worse than I if he were not there to help."

"I would be grateful for the company. The eagles will be here tomorrow."

"Eagles?" Maedhros asked, but turned and left the room before Alatar could respond.
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Postby Baphomet » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:58 pm

Baphomet was not enjoying himself, usually he did when he was cursing the enemy with some plague, but this was different. Like the end of the last chapter of a book, he was slowly closing the cover on his life as he had spent it with his Mistress.

“Oh what have I done” Baphomet asked himself as he sat with his back upon a head stone, his face buried in his hands.
“All I ever wanted was for Tygarya to love me in the same way that I love her”

Baphomet looked up towards the sky, leaning his head back upon the headstone at his back. His face twisted with controlled anger

“But no! She couldn’t love me, had to fall in love with an elf” Baphomet spat the word ‘elf’ out like poison. “If only Morgoth could see how his protégé had changed, he would bind her forever in misery for turning to a Noldo”

Baph suddenly looked like he had an idea. He smiled a most vile evil grin that made him look insane

“Well, my work here is nearly done, why not pursue the spirit of Morgoth?” Baph asked himself then immediately berated himself for it. “No! How could you even think it! Baph banged the back of his head against the headstone “Imbecile!”

Baph buried his face in his hands again, sobbing with regret, but knowing nothing could turn back the clock now

Celebrimbor burned with fever, he appeared to be getting weaker. The rash upon his body was spreading and the healers didn’t know what it was.

Worse than that, Curufin knew now that what ever it was that his son had; it was contagious. Curufin sat beside his son’s bed feeling the fever starting to take him, he purposely wore a long sleeved shirt to hide the rash that was starting to develop on his arms. He was trying hard to hide it from everyone, but he knew it was only a matter of time before one of the healers came down with it too. Then everyone would know it was contagious and panic would undoubtly ensue.
He wished Maedhros, Maglor and Celegorm were here, especially Maedhros.
He stood up, feeling whoosy, and staggered over to a nearby table to get some water. He collapsed unconscious half way there.
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Postby rowanberry » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:28 am

Maedhros and Maglor were gone when Celegorm got back to their suite. And, when the two returned, he could see at once that something was wrong. “What is it?”

“We just got a message from Himring,” Maglor said quietly. “Celebrimbor has fallen mysteriously ill. The healers are totally at loss, and Curufin has sent word to Elrond. We have all the reason to believe that Baphomet is behind this.”

Celegorm jumped up, his hands clenched in fists, his eyes flashing of rage. “If I ever get that damn necromancer in my hands…”

Maedhros raised his hand – the left hand, from an old habit. “You couldn’t do much anything. Maglor and Alatar will travel to Himring as soon as there is enough light for the eagles to fly. We who stay here must try to find whatever information we can about necromancy, and hope that we’ll find something that could help them.”

It was a long night. Maedhros went out for a few times, to talk with Tygarya or Alatar, and Maglor made himself ready to leave. Celegorm helped him pack as well as he could, but for much of the time he sat like stunned, stroking Huan absentmindedly. As soon as the dawn broke, he couldn’t take it any longer. He had to go and talk to Rowanberry again.

Rowan hadn’t slept much that night, either; the worry about what Baph could do had made her restless. So, she was already up, when she heard a knock on her door. “Rowan?” There was something desperate in Celegorm’s voice, and she hurried to open.

She was shocked when he saw what the man looked like. His face was haggard, his eyes bleary, his shoulders sagging. “What is it?” she gasped.

“Baph has attacked Celebrimbor,” he answered. His voice was hoarse.

“Oh no…” Rowan gasped. “Come in, and tell me all.” She took his arm and pulled him inside. Huan slipped in after him, and took his usual place on the rug.

Rowan led Celegorm to sit on her bed, because it was the only place where she could sit right next to him. “Now, tell me,” she whispered in a calming tone.

Words stuck into his throat, but little by little, he managed to tell Rowan about the message from Himring. “The worst is the feeling that we can’t do anything. Alatar and Maglor are just leaving to go there, and Maedhros and Tygarya are working on the situation, and maybe Elrond can do something, if he gets there as well. But we… Can we even hope? Is there any hope?” Celegorm hid his face into his hands, and Rowan knew that he was trying to hide his tears.

Rowan pressed closer to him and placed her arm comfortingly around his shoulders. Huan got up from the rug and settled at their feet. They sat like that for a long time.

Why did it have to be just Celebrimbor, Rowan thought. The only one who has nothing to do with any wrongs of which the Fëanorians made themselves guilty…

But finally, the dog got restless and went to the door. Celegorm looked up. “I must take Huan out,” he said.

Rowan got up. “Let me take care of that,” she said. “Meanwhile, you can try and rest a bit – you look like you need it.” She left and took the dog with her. Celegorm took off his boots and stretched himself on the bed.

Rowan let Huan run for some time. On the way back to the castle, she came across Maedhros, who noticed the dog and asked: “Is Celegorm somewhere with you?”

“He’s in my room, resting – at least, I hope so,” she answered. “I heard what has happened. Just tell me if there’s anything that I could do.”

“If you would be so kind, you could come to the library and help us to seek out any information that could be useful. There are quite many books of necromancy, so the more there are to read them, the faster we might find something. Even better if you can get my brother to join us as well.”

“Good. I’ll get there as soon as I’ve taken the dog in.”

In her room, she found that the man had fallen asleep. She didn’t want to wake him up, so she wrote him a note, which she left on the bedside table: I’m helping Maedhros to gather information. You’ll find me in the library if you need me. R.

She spread a blanket to cover him, and went out again.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:56 pm

Maedhros knocked on Tygarya's door in the middle of the night. She opened it, and he saw that she hadn't been sleeping either.

"Good, you're awake. I...." His voice trailed off, and she gestured for him to come in.

Without asking, she poured him a drink and handed it over wordlessly. He took a sip, but then put it down.

"Baph's attacked Celebrimbor," he began without preamble. "I know you've spoken to Alatar, and I've decided to send Maglor with him. He knows more about healing arts and plants than any of my brothers. But neither of them are skilled in necromancy, so I'm not sure what they can do."

She put a hand on his shoulder. "They will do what they can, but until they get there, we won't know how serious the situation is. Baphomet is capable of causing great harm, but seldom has he used the full extent of his skills. If he is just trying to get your attention, the situation may not be as bad as you fear."

"And if he's bent on revenge and completely unhinged?" Maedhros asked.

"Then I will do what I can. I feel responsible for him, even if his actions aren't...."

"This is not your fault," Maedhros said quickly. "It's mine. I just did not realize he would choose the cowardly path, and attack my family instead of venting his anger on me."

"If you wish to hurt someone, you attack what they love most dearly," Tyg said, absently quoting something she'd learned years ago.

"Few of my enemies have ever understood the meaning of love," Maedhros countered. "I had to attack them directly."

"Baph is not a coward," she said. "He was just hurt more deeply by the news than he thougtht he would be."

Hearing her defend him, his eyes narrowed. "Eagles," he said abruptly. "Why are they coming here?"

"Hmmm? Oh, that. Alatar seemed horrified by my suggestion that he take one of the winged beasts I have here, and decided to call in a favor with some eagles who are friends of his."

"Would Gwaihir be one of these eagles, by chance?" Maedhros asked.

"No! It's Meneldur and Landroval. Friends of Gwaihir's I suppose, but then all Eagles seem to know each other. Do you still not trust me, Maedhros?"

"I..." he let his hand run through her hair for a moment. "I don't know what to think, right now. If my being with you hurts my family, I..."

"I will not let Baphomet take this too far. But if I were to go to Himring now, I would be playing into his hands. I cannot reward him for this...tantrum. That is why you are remaining here, is it not?"

Surprised and grateful for her understanding, Maedhros chose not to answer. Instead, he kissed her, quickly becoming more demanding than usual. "I will not give you up so easily," he murmured when they paused to catch their breath.
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Postby Son of Fëanor » Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:12 pm

Caranthir arrived back at Himring unannounced and unexpected. "What is going on here?" he demanded of the first guards he met.

" weren't...." the guard stammered.

"Try again. I am here because of my brothers. Something is going on. Now tell me, what is it?"

"Your nephew Celebrimbor. He's....he's fallen ill. It's very mysterious, and I know his father is worried sick for him."

Caranthir did not thank him, but immediately turned and continued up the hill to the main gate of the fortress. Inside, everything was in disarray. Some people were hurrying around, busy and distraught, but others looked worried, and were just standing around talking in hushed voices. As soon as he appeared, they stopped talking abruptly and looked away guiltily. Alarmed, he hurried upstairs to his nephew's room.

A healer was standing outside the door, giving instructions to a servant. He made to move past him, but the elf stopped him. "I'm sorry, but you can't go in there."

"Why not?" Caranthir demanded. "Celebrimbor's my brother's son, and I wish to see him!"

"He is seriously ill, and resting. And..." the healer got the same furtive, guilty look that had alarmed him earlier.


"And his father has come down with the same ailment, so we are treating him as highly infectious. They are both under quarantine, and no one may enter their rooms."

"If Curufin is ill as well, who do you think rules this fortress?"

"Well, Lords Amrod and Amras are here..."

"...and will do whatever I say," Caranthir finished for him. "Now, tell me what you are doing to treat my brother!"

"Our first concern has been to bring down the fever, so we have been bathing them with cool cloths frequently. Also, we want to keep them hydrated, so we're feeding them broth as often as they are awake. So far, they've been keeping that down and some cordial, but we haven't risked feeding them bread..."

"Is that all? Isn't there anything else that can be done for them?"

"When Lord Elrond arrives, he can advise us on what treatment to attempt. We have never seen a sickness like this in elves before. At first, Lord Curufin thought it might have been a Mannish illness, but we doubt that. Lord Elrond will know what it is. We hope."

"Elrond is coming here?" The healer nodded. "And where are my brothers?"

"Lords Amrod and Amras were downstairs last I heard, m'lord," the healer said respectfully.

Caranthir turned around and hurried downstairs, anxious to hear whatever news his brothers could tell him. Just what had happened here while he was away?
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Postby Tygarya » Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:53 pm

Tyg gently pushed Maedhros back with great reluctance. He sensed there was more that she wished to say and watched her apprehensively.

“There is possibly something I can do to help the situation” Tyg said getting up and wandering over to the fireplace.

“What? Do you know what Baphomet has done? Can you fix it?” Maedhros asked eagerly.

Tyg turned the look on her face telling him the answer to those questions was no.
“Unfortunately, Maedhros I know nothing of healing people from ailments, the only thing I can help with in that department is to say that Baph enjoys using slow lingering illnesses…..”

“I’m going to kill him” Maedhros interrupted with a venomous whisper through clenched teeth as Tyg continued.

“….and I know his favourite is plague, so maybe Maglor can use that information to help diagnose the ailment”
Maedhros sat with his fists clenched staring at her, he briefly wondered how many times Tyg had sent Baph to kill people using just that method, he quickly put that thought far from his mind with a shiver.

“However I think I can help by drawing Baphomet away from Himring, before he can cause anymore damage”

“How so, can you just call your pet dog home?” Maedhros spat out in his fury, then immediately regretted it. As he looked at Tyg to apologise he saw in her eyes understanding and she shook her head as if to say no apology was necessary. Placing his elbows on his knees Maedhros buried his face in his hands. Tyg came over to him; sitting beside him she put her arms around him and rested her head upon his.

“It’s okay Russ, I understand, we can fix this yet, don’t worry” Tyg said in an intoxicating whisper, soothing his worry, sending calming feelings towards him.

Maedhros calmed down and finally lifted his head. He turned to Tyg and took her face in his hands. He looked at her with an intense look before kissing her deeply. As he pulled away he asked.

“So, what do you have planned?”

Tyg looked away from his eyes. “I know where Baphomet’s tomb lays, his one, his real one”

Maedhros looked confused for a minute.
“Baphomet ‘died’ several hundred years ago, that’s the problem Russ, you can’t kill him, as he is already a spirit” Tyg smiled slightly. “It’s one of the reasons he knows he could never be with me” Tyg shrugged as she thought about why Baph was reacting so strongly, as she glanced back up at the flame-haired Noldo she guessed it was because of her choice more than anything else.
“So you think you can call him back there and what, chain him there?” Maedhros asked still a little confused, knowing nothing about the diversity of Morgoth’s creatures.

“I believe so; I can only try it and see”

Maedhros caught something in Tyg’s eyes and he narrowed his in suspicion.
“Where is this tomb?” he asked then.

“It lies in the red mountains of Orocarni deep in the East, past the sea of Rhun, even past the sea of Helcar”

Maedhros didn’t know these places as he knew nothing of the Eastern lands, but it sounded a long way.
“How far would you have to go?” He asked not wanting to know the answer.

“It would be at least a week, by flight, to get there” Tyg said quietly.

“A week!” Maedhros exclaimed standing up in frustration and pacing the room. “So, that means you would be gone at least two weeks, not including how long it may take to lure that little snake back there!”

Tyg calmly watched Maedhros, looking faintly amused by his sudden change to possessiveness of her since entering into this ‘courtship’.

“You could always come with me, what better way to see the lands you will be helping to rule” Tyg’s eyes sparkled as she watched Maedhros’s face contort as he struggled with inner turmoil. Tyg couldn’t believe how much flying on one of the black beasts worried everyone around her.

“They are just beasts, Maedhros, no Nazgul have control of their minds now. They are not evil; their old masters were the evil ones”

Maedhros stood still in front of her, looking down. Tyg stood up to face him; she didn’t like the overbearing presence of him towering over her like that.
“I’ll have to think about it”

“Okay, I need to talk to my Generals and staff about this tomorrow, so I expect I won’t be ready to leave until the next day”

Maedhros nodded, his face still showing troubled emotions.
“Get some rest Russ” Tyg said gently as she walked him to the door. She planted a kiss on his cheek as she opened the door for him.
He stepped out then paused. Turning he grabbed her up in a strong embrace and kissed her passionately.
“Till tomorrow Tyg”

As Tyg closed the door she leaned against it closing her eyes, getting her breath back.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:46 pm

Rowanberry entered the library and found Maedhros in the midst of a great stack of books, open ones scattered all over the table.

He looked up to see her standing over him - alone. "Where's Celegorm?" he asked.

"He's still sleeping; I thought he should get some rest while he can."

Maedhros nodded, but looked impatient. "I need to tell him what he has to do..." He looked back at Rowanberry. "Tyg's library has an extensive collection on Necromancy. The goal is to narrow down the sources to those Baphomet may have used." He had no problems giving the instructions to Rowanberry; she would probably be better at researching this than Celegorm, anyway. "We're looking for slow, lingering illnesses. Plague. Infectious and deadly." He spoke in clipped tones, belying his concern for his nephew. But his drawn face spoke for him.

"I understand. I'll find the books that look most promising, and then stack them over here." She immediately went to work organizing the mess that Maedhros had made in his haste.

Meanwhile, he was making a list of possiblities - ailment and book title - so that it would be easy to find more detailed information later. They worked in silence for some time. He hated the idea of leaving here when he could do something useful...and yet.... The thought of letting Tyg go alone to deal with Baph was even more unpalatable. He felt guilty for being upset to lose her for two weeks. That seemed so...inappropriate. And yet, he had to admit that his first thought was not concern for her safety or impatience that it would take a full week for her to accomplish anything...but that she would be away from him. That just wasn't right, now now, not when Celebrimbor's life was in danger. He frowned. Why was this so confusing?

Celegorm knocked on the door before entering. He looked bleary-eyed, but anxious to help. "What can I do, Maedhros?" he asked.

Maedhros looked up, and pushed the books away from him. "Rowanberry can explain it to you later. For now, come with me." He stood and left, leaving Rowanberry and Celegorm to exchange confused looks. Celegorm shrugged his shoulders and turned to follow his brother. He stopped at the door. "Thanks for earlier," he blurted out, then left.

Rowanberry was left alone in the library to ponder the eccentricities of Fëanoreans.

Meanwhile, Celegorm caught up to Maedhros. "What is it you want? I thought we were going to research necromancy?"

Maedhros shook his head. "You can help Rowanberry with that...later. For now, I need your...advice."

"About what?"

Maedhros didn't answer, but led Celegorm outside, and around to the back of the fortress, where it abutted the mountains. "About those," he said, pointing up.

Celegorm looked at the creatures in surprise. "What...are they?"

"I have no idea. They're too small and defenceless for dragons, but I have to imagine they were bred by Sauron. Tyg keeps them now."

Celegorm was already eyeing the rocky ground, seeing if he could get closer. "Definitely not dragons," he agreed when he reached a ledge. "What does she keep them for? They don't look fierce enough to use in battle...."

"Transportation," Maedhros said quietly.

"Oh, you can ride them?"

Maedhros nodded. "Apparently. And that is why I need your advice. Is"

Celegorm turned around abruptly, almost losing his footing. "Why do you want to know?"

Maedhros had been a bit below his brother, but now climbed up to his level. "There is a chance that Tygarya can draw Baphomet away from Himring. But she needs to go far into the East to do it."

"And you're going with her?"

"Perhaps. This is all my fault, and if anything happens to Celebrimbor..." He didn't need to finish that thought. "I want to do what I can to help."

"But you were going to stay here, and learn necromancy, and..."

Maedhros shook his head. "I trust you can handle that without me. And if not, Rowanberry is likely better than both of us put together in a library."

Celegorm couldn't disagree with that, but was still uneasy about Maedhros leaving. "What's in the east?"

"A grave." Maedhros did not elaborate. "So...can an elf ride one of those things without getting eaten?" He nodded in the direction of the ugly winged beasts.

Celegorm sized up the creature before cautiously moving closer. He was still well ouside the beast's reach...but he wasn't sure how fast they could move. He reassured himself that his sword was on his belt where it belonged, before reaching into his pocket and bringing out something. He inched a bit closer, until he got the attention of one of the beasts. It eyed him with some curiousity, tilting its large head like a bird. He tossed what he had in his hand, and the beast deftly caught it and swallowed.

"She has them well-trained," Celegorm said quietly, not taking his eyes off the beast.

"What was that you fed it?" Maedhros asked with some curiosity.

"Strips of dried meat."

"You...keep that in your pocket?"

"For Huan," he said defensively. "I like to give him treats."

Maedhros shook his head.

Celegorm inched a bit closer, and closer...ever so slowly. He muttered something quietly in Sindarin, attempting to be soothing, but the beast screached at him and skittered backwards. And so he switched to the harsher tones of Valarin, that he had learned long ago as an apprentice to Oromë. This was not unpleasing to ears that were accustomed to the Black Speech. Sure enough, the beast quieted, and allowed him to approach. He shuddered a bit when he stepped within range of its claws, and his eyes never left the head. But eventually, he was able to touch its flank, and it did not protest. He patted it a few times, tossed it another strip of meat, and then slowly backed away.

When he returned to Maedhros' side he said, "Yeah, you can ride that. But a fall would be deadly, so no mistakes."

They both scrambled down the hill and made their way back to the fortress.
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