Maedhros and Tygarya Saga - Finally an Engagement!!!

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Postby rowanberry » Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:00 pm

Rowanberry nodded curtly. "I was sent here to keep an eye on some things that are going on here." She lowered her voice and continued: "Also, I would like to speak with you, in private, or only with Lord Maglor present, and as soon as it can be arranged."

"I'll see what I can do", Maedhros answered.

When the elf lord moved on, Rowanberry suddenly noticed something different in him. And right at the same moment, she heard Celegorm exclaim: "Maedhros? Your hand - it is back!?"

Celegorm stormed in front of Maedhros, pushing Aragorn aside. "What is going on here? Are you even really my brother, or some demon of this place that has taken his shape?" he shouted, and grabbed the hilt of his sword.

Rowanberry rushed forward and grabbed Celegorm's wrist as firmly as she could, preventing him from drawing his sword. Maglor stepped between his brothers.

"Calm down, Turko", he said, calling his younger brother by a name that had hardly been used after they left Aman. "I can assure you that, he really is our brother. But, if you want definite proof, ask him something that only a member of our immediate family can answer. Something about our youth or childhood."

Celegorm thought for a second. "Which work of art by Mother made King Finwë cry?" he then asked.

"The Broideress, the statue of Míriel Serindë which Mother made of Father's request", Maedhros answered without hesitation. "Although she had to work by the description by Father, never having seen Grandmother Míriel alive, she got it so lifelike that when Grandfather first saw it, it brought tears into his eyes, although he had been remarried to 'that Vanyarin woman', as you called the Lady Indis at your most polite, for a long time."

Celegorm relaxed. "All right. Apparently you really are Maedhros. But, what about your hand?"

"I'll explain later, on a better time", Maedhros answered.
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Postby MorgulCouncil » Sun Dec 09, 2007 3:24 pm

The Generals stood just to the right of Maedhros, together showing a united front. Baphomet was standing to the left, his hands clasped together in front of him, looking amused by the whole thing. The Generals had calmly placed their hands upon their swords when Celegorm had pushed up to Maedhros making wild assumptions of demon possession. Kador suppressed a snicker, he knew a demon when he saw one – had in fact seen several in his short life time – Maedhros definitely wasn’t one.
Both Generals visibly relaxed as Maglor took control of the volatile situation and removed their hands from their swords.
Barrock then stepped up to Maedhros’s shoulder sensing his unwillingness to talk about his hand – although the Generals had wondered the same thing several times, it was known by them the power of Tygarya so they had put it simply down to that, now though Barrock wondered if perhaps it had something to do with her failure to leave her rooms.
‘Perhaps we should venture inside to the Hall of Welcoming my Lord?’ Barrock said indicating the large double doors leading inside that stood open with a guard on each side.
‘Wonderful idea’ Maedhros conceded gratefully and motioned for everyone to follow the Generals inside.
As they all walked up the grand steps leading in, both ladies gasped in pleasure to see the wealth and opulence of the interior. They twittered happily to each other pointing to marble columns and brocade drapes, lush divans and a large marble fountain that was in the centre of the large auditorium. Both were graciously pleased to know that they wouldn’t be sleeping rough inside the fortress.
General Barrock lead them across the large open expanse to another pair of over sized wooden and iron doors, where two guards were stationed on either side. Upon reaching the doors the guards swung them open, revealing to the guests a small antechamber where a small selection of drinks and food was set up on a stone table. The Generals hung back and allowed the guests to follow a servant into the room where they were given refreshments from their long journeys. As the servant explained that they would all be given a chance to have a light meal now, freshen up in their rooms then return later for the main feast in the Banquet Hall/Throne room, the Generals were giving out their own instructions, picking certain guards to accompany the guests wherever they went.
Kador then motioned Maedhros to stay behind as the others, talking freely, helped themselves to the refreshments while servants took their belongings to their rooms.
‘What is going to happen my Lord, when Tygarya is not at the welcoming feast?’ Kador demanded, keeping his voice low. ‘We can not let such as King Aragon know that we are currently without a Ruler’
Maedhros raked a hand through his hair wondering how best to deal with this situation himself.
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Sun Dec 09, 2007 7:48 pm

Before they had all entered the fortress, Alatar had slipped away unnoticed. Changing out of the warriors attire he had moved into the castle through a kitchen door which joined the antechamber within which the food and drink were layed. As the company walked into the room, Alatar busied himself with gathering food and drink for the ladies. "My ladies, welcome to Minas Ithil. I trust your journey was, uneventful?" the wizard said, bowing so low his long beard touched the floor. Rowan smiled at the sight, "I think you know more than you let on." she said with a wink. Alatar exploded with a booming laugh and once again started with the food. "I know much, and not enough. But come, let us eat now. There will be time for talk later I feel."

Motioning to Maglor to come to the furthest corner of the table, well out of ear shot of the other guests and the Generals. "How went your journey, friend?" Alatar seemed untroubled, "It was nothing to worry about. My fears were unfounded, they seemed only to gather information on them. But I do not think we can sit easily yet, for I am sure the Generals are more than they seem." Maglor rubbed a hand over his tired eyes, he had not been sleeping well. "Could you go and sit with Tygarya for a while? Maedhros will need me soon I think." "Of course I will, and I shall send word of any change should there be any. Though I will be sure not to use an orc, we dont want any more rumours of a take over." With that, he left the room. But as he passed Kador and Maedhros, he heard the general say "What is going to happen my Lord, when Tygarya is not at the welcoming feast? We can not let such as King Aragon know that we are currently without a Ruler"
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Postby IVIaedhros » Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:02 pm

Damn He hadn't thought this through.

The euphoric bubble that was his visit to the silmaril was distinctly wearing off.

What to say? Arwen was, hopefully, going to know precisely what was wrong with Tyg as soon as the feast ended. Maedhros had no intention of swearing her to secrecy from her betrothed - he reasoned that if Tygarya did make a full recovery, there was no harm done.

But he couldn't explain all that to the generals! Not yet...not til the Queen was healed....and they had a very valid concern. How to allay those fears, without stirring up more...? Kador seemed reasonable, and not too rash, but he was entirely too insightful.

Maglor came to his rescue. He mouthed "Earnur" to his brother, and suddenly Maedhros was very grateful that he'd listened to some of the crash course in the history of the Third Age Maglor had insisted on giving him.

"Sir, the last king of Gondor who came riding to Minas Morgul with only a few men in attendance...was the last king of Gondor. Lord Aragorn has exhibited great trust in coming here with no show of might. It is only proper that show him the same courtesy. No doubt he will meet with the Queen tomorrow, but we need not disabuse him of his notion of comfort today."
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Postby rwhen » Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:24 pm

Aragorn was showing a pleasant enough face but his mind was swimming with questions and looked forward to having some private time with Maedhros. There was certainly some explaining to do about the appearance of his hand. What sort of place is this where one can re-grow limbs, he mused in silence.

The formal banquet was beginning, the guests seating themselves. Rwhen had a seat closest to what would have been the Queen's own, had she been there. Maglor was pushing in her seat when she had the oddest feeling.

Whispering..."Maglor, I am getting the sense that the message you sent to me requesting aid for Queen Tygarya is really more urgent than all this fuss and pageantry would suggest. I would beg off of this fine food and see the Queen at once, if you would be so kind."

"Of course, Lady Rwhen. Allow me to show you the way." Maglor looked at Maedhros and gave the slightest nod to let him know where the pair were going. "My lords and ladies, Rwhen, most recently of Gondor, would like to change before the dining. Please abide in this place until we return."

Rwhen bent to give a squeeze to Aragorn’s hand as he stood, "I need to see to Tyg now, please keep everything in order here until I get word back to you." She spoke low and then raised her voice. "My friend Rowanberry, would you be so kind as to accompany me? You have also been traveling and we both could use a change before the feast."

"Indeed," Rowan replied, but her eyes glowed with the knowledge that the pair had in fact bathed and changed before arriving. "I shall be glad to accompany you."

As the trio made their way from the banquet hall, Rwhen could hear Aragorn commenting on the clean up of Minas Morgul and the work that Tygarya had accomplished in so little time. Moving through several passageways and up flights of stairs Rwhen found the corridors leading one to another, impossible to recall later where she had been taken inside the fortress.

They finally arrived at an ornate door and Maglor entered without knocking or any fanfare. Alatar was standing at the head of the bed with the slumbering Tygarya unaware of anyone's presence. Rwhen immediately began sizing up the situation...the smells, the very air in the room, she could taste the wrongness in the back of her throat. Kneeling beside the sleeping Queen, Rwhen placed two fingers on Tyg's right temple and two fingers on the left. Probing with her eyes closed, she was not able to locate the essence of Tyg on the surface.

Standing and giving Maglar a concerned look, "you will please assure My Lord Aragorn that I will be attending the banquet when my work here is done. Also, let Maedhros know that I shall do all in my power to bring back our friend and the Queen. Please allow me the time to work my skills with the Lady Rowanberry in private. The stupor that is embedded within the deepest reaches of her soul can only be tapped by female energy and the last time I looked, you are no female." She didn't crack a smile, but the attempt to lighten the mood was not lost on Maglor, who dropped to a tasteful bow and exited the room.

"Well that only leaves you, Sir. May I have your name and interest here?" Rowanberry said and moved up beside Rwhen, ready for anything.

Alatar once again swept the ground with is beard, laughing. "My name is Alatar and I serve the Queen.........for now. I may be of assistance to you, Lady Rwhen, if you will but grant me insight to what you have found in the mind of the Queen." He looked hopeful but doubted he would be allowed to stay.

Rwhen considered the odd man and shrugged her shoulders. "Do you know the herb anduviante'?" he nodded an affirmative, "good, find me some and it must be fresh, nothing dried. I want it steeped in a copper kettle, no other and brought to me immediately, if you would be so kind as to help me with that, I should be most grateful."

Alatar nodded happily and made for the door, "My Lady, anduviante' brew will be yours within the hour and I do mean YOURS." He tapped a finger to the side of his nose, "it does make the most delicious tea, does it not?" On those words he closed the door behind him, exiting soundlessly.

Rwhen looked curiously at the door and then cleared her mind for the task ahead. "Rowan friend, I shall need you to watch for Tyg to return to consciousness, the moment you note a change in her breathing, I want you to break my singing, do you understand?"

"Yes, but I do not like this singing which takes you so deep, Rwhen. Are you certain you are prepared to risk yourself?" Rowan's look of concern was written clearly on her face.

"I am uncertain of the outcome myself, but the risk must be taken. Already it is almost too late to reach her." Rwhen sat on the generous sized bed next to Tyg and calmed her mind for the song. It had been about a half hour when Alatar returned with the tea. Rowanberry relieved him of the kettle and closed the door to him without a word.

"Drink this, it will help to strengthen you," Rowan poured the brew and handed it to Rwhen.

"Pour yourself a cup as well, I shall need you before we are finished."

Rowan and Rwhen drank their tea silently taking comfort from the strength of the anduviante'. The last thought Rwhen had before confronting the task at hand was how the men were getting on down at the banquet.
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Postby rowanberry » Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:07 am

Rowan was shocked when she saw Tygarya lying on the bed, looking like she were dead. But now, she also understood that, Rwhen had been aware of the situation all the time. "What has happened to her?" she asked, when all the others were gone, and the two women were drinking the anduviante brew.

Rwhen nodded. "I think you'll have to know, so that you see how great a challenge I've got in front of me, and why I need your help", she said. "Something unexpected happened in the ceremony to reattach Maedhros's hand, and Morgoth got a hold on Tygarya. She is safe right now, but all the time, it gets more difficult for her to return. Maglor sent for me to get here before it's too late. I must get to work at once, or she slips too far away."

Rowan gasped when she heard the name of Morgoth. "All right then", she answered, and put away her empty cup. "So, is there anything else I must do, except to watch both her and you, and pull you back if you yourself are in danger of falling too deep?"

"Just to be prepared for anything," Rwhen said, and turned to the unconscious Queen.
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Postby rwhen » Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:05 pm

"I shall begin," Rwhen closed her eyes and began a chant in ancient elvish, soft and steady, willing her theta to search out that of Tygarya's. As she drifted from one lay and into another seeking just the right match, buried deeply in lore for the final pairing, she finally found it. Beads of perspiration were standing on her forehead and she was still aware of Rowan standing right beside her. She reached out looking for a comforting hand and Rowan understood, excerting the slightest pressure back to the elven princess.

"I have her, now to bring her back to us, do not leave or let go." Rwhen then caused music to fill the room.

As she touched Tygarya's theta, memory music played to the core of the Queen, reminding her of earth and sky.

The music wound deeper and deeper as the song began:

There is no place left inside
No where you can run or hide
I hold you now and draw you in
Let go, let go I call you again.
Look to me my woman friend
This darkness stops, let it end
I hold you now and draw you in
Let go, let go I call you again.
Feel the warmth of the new sun
Feel the peace of being with one
Feel the pleasure of goodness and might
Feel the love, come back to the light.
There you are , just open your eyes
I am here, there is no disguise
I hold you now and draw you in
Let go, let go I call you again.
Reach out Tygarya, reach out to me
I feel you wanting to awaken and be free
I hold you now and draw you in
Let go, let go I call you again.
Feel my breath making you whole
Feel my strength reaching your soul
Feel my arms stretching for you
Take ahold, that is all you need do.
Time to wake, no time for fear
No pain, no hunger, the light is near
I hold you now and draw you in
Let go, let go I call you again.

As the words died in the room, Rwhen felt the sting of slapping on her face. She squinted her eye's and put up her hands to fend off the blows. "I am okay, I am here."

"I was so concerned, Rwhen. Please don't ever do that again. I was yelling your name over and over, did you not hear me?" Rowan now stood with her hands on her hips, feet spread.

"I am sorry to have worried you friend. Had you not been here, I could have been lost. Thank you." Rwhen rose and embraced Rowan softly, that was all the strength she had.

"Rwhen." a soft voice called from the bed. "Rwhen?" Tyg slowly opened her eye's as a tear dropped to the pillow. "I was so far, I didn't think I would ever make it back." Tygarya struggled to sit up but the two ladies came to her side.

"Please do not attempt rising yet, Rwhen has done the impossible. You will need your rest for a short time." Rowan went to the sideboard and poured a hot cup of the anduviante for both ladies. "The power of this herb is amazing, you should be able to feel the strength returning immediately."

As Rwhen and Tygarya sat quietly, Rowan rose from the bed. "If you will be so kind, there is yet a thing I need to do. I am pleased you are with us once again, Tyg." She smiled as she left the room.
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Postby Baphomet » Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:09 pm

As everyone gathered again in the banquet hall, Baph noticed the strange looks at the empty throne. he worried that Aragon would take it as a slight against him. Just then Lady Arwen gave her excuses and left with Lady Rowan to go see Tygarya. Baph hoped they could bring her back, and fast.
He scanned the table and its occupants. Maedhros was sitting to the left of the head of the table, which was vacant. Aragon was opposite and one over, from Rwhen's seat (which had been to the right of the table head) Maglor and Celegorm were next to their brother. Alatar hadn't shown up yet.
Baphomet calmly strode in and sat down at the opposite end of the table. Aragon turned to face him, regarding him a moment, knowing that there was something sinister about him. Baph smiled at Aragon, grabbing a glass he held it out for a servant to fill then raised his glass in a toast

To King Aragon and Queen Tygarya...may they find an agreement of peace and resolution in the days ahead.
Maedhros scowled and Aragon nodded in recognition, both raised their glasses with the rest of them.
Once that formality was done Aragon decided it was time to find out a few things.

So tell me, what keeps the beautiful Queen Tygarya from joining us this evening?
Maedhros, Maglor and Baphomet all looked at each other, no one wanting to answer such a question.
Just then Alatar arrived, striding across the hall to the table in a flurry of blue robes. Enough to distract everyone from the question that had just been posed. baph, relieved gulped back a few mouthfuls of ale as Alatar introduced himself to Aragon and Celegorm
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Postby Tygarya » Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:30 pm

‘Rwhen, what are you doing here?’
Rwhen looked calmly down at Tyg showing no reaction to Tyg’s green cat eyes and raven black hair. ‘Saving you it would seem, that was quite a scare you gave us all.
Now rest, that tea should help you sleep I added another herb, and you should feel a bit stronger in the morning, although you will still be quite weak I would guess’
‘Thank you Rwhen, I do not know how I can ever repay you’ Tyg said sleepily as Rwhen tucked the covers around her.
‘Hush, don’t worry yourself about such things, sleep’

Tyg slept peacefully the rest of the night. Next day, as Rwhen checked her over and Maedhros sat by her bedside - as usual - waiting, Tyg’s eyelids finally fluttered and opened again. She looked, dazed and confused, into the handsome face framed by that signature auburn hair; she smiled faintly her lips pressed together tightly.
‘Maedhros’ Tyg said in a whisper ‘What are you….’
Rwhen’s face appeared over his shoulder. ‘Now, not too much talking just yet young lady, you need to rest’
Tyg screwed her face up at the order.
Tyg eyes were coming more into focus, to the extent of becoming piercing, her gaze slid back to Maedhros, down his arm to his right hand and back up to his face.
‘It worked then?’ Tyg said smiling again ‘It really worked’ She sounded surprised which made Maedhros frown a bit, but he nodded and flexed his hand to show her.
Excited Tyg started wiggling in bed trying to sit up. Rwhen clucked her tongue in disapproval and placed a hand on Tyg’s shoulder stopping her.
‘I said you must rest’
Tyg, too weak to fight her, slumped back down already exhausted. Rwhen handed her some more of the tea she had had the night before.
‘Do you want anything to eat?’ Maedhros asked as he gingerly reached across and removed a strand of hair from Tyg’s face. She watched his hand as it moved towards her then away. The look she then gave him was one that left him feeling very confused about his feeling towards her. He went and grabbed a bowl of fruit.
Rwhen saw the exchange and smiled to herself. ‘Maedhros has been by your bedside the whole time, except for when we arrived and he greeted us at the gates and hosted at the banquet.’
Tyg smiled warmly at Maedhros when he returned to the bedside. He had gone a colour close to his hair, she reached out and placed a hand over his. ‘Thank you’ was all she said.
Then it sank in what Rwhen had just said. Tyg looked back at Rwhen.
‘We?’ she asked as she popped a grape into her mouth.
Rwhen looked confused a moment.
‘You said when we arrived….whose we?’ Tyg asked again a sternness coming into her voice.
‘Oh, the Lady Rowanberry came with me and my betrothed and also Maedhros’s brother Celegorm.’
Tyg shot up to a sitting position before Rwhen or Maedhros could stop her. She went dizzy for a moment, but pushed the feeling aside as ‘Queen Tygarya’ took over, setting a steely gaze upon Maedhros.
‘You mean to tell me King Aragon is here in my fortress?’
‘Ah, well I couldn’t leave him outside the gates and only let Lady Rwhen in, could I?’ Maedhros tried to explain while thinking to himself ‘Here we go’. Rwhen also tried to calm Tyg.
‘It’s okay Tyg, Aragon is on his best behaviour, I promise you that’
‘I need to see him’ Tyg announced as she struggled to get out of bed, fighting with the sheets. Rwhen ran around the bed to stop Tyg getting up, pushing her back down.
‘It can wait Tyg’
Rwhen looked at Maedhros for support and help; however he was sitting there with a look on his face like he thought it may be a good idea.
‘Maedhros, you can’t be serious’ Rwhen said raising her voice slightly.
Maedhros stood up and indicated to Rwhen to follow him. Tyg sat with her arms folded in a huff while the two of them walked out of the room into the lounge room.
‘She needs to be seen by her people, they are getting restless. I don’t know how long I can keep control of the Generals, even now I see soldiers coming in reinforcing the battalions already here.’

‘What are my Generals up to now?’ Tyg asked from the doorway where she was desperately trying to hang on from toppling over, looking frail in her black chemise.
Maedhros jumped up and ran over to Tyg, scooped her up off her feet in a flurry of Tyg trying to slap him away and carried her back to bed. Rwhen followed and solemnly commented. ‘I don’t think we are going to be able to keep her here anyway, unless we tie her down’
Maedhros smiled ‘Could be an idea’
Tyg gave Maedhros a very sultry look which caused him to blush again, and then stuck her tongue out at him as he sat her back on the bed. ‘I think she’s getting better’ he commented with a cough.
‘I need to greet King Aragon, I don’t think you understand the volume of the situation here’ Tyg huffed.
‘Oh, we understand it all too well’ Maedhros answered, then looked up at Rwhen, ‘That’s why I think she does need to do down to the throne room’ Rwhen frowned, she knew Aragon better than these two, who were both by nature extremely suspicious people, but she knew she wouldn’t convince them otherwise.
‘Alright, but only for a few minutes. Just long enough to say Welcome and be seen, then back to bed, okay?’
Tyg and Maedhros looked at each other and grinned.
Rwhen had a glimmer of foresight as she watched the two of them. ‘Oh dear’ she muttered to herself ‘Double trouble, if ever I saw it, we are all doomed’ She rolled her eyes and started shooing Maedhros from the room so Tyg could get up, bath and get dressed and presentable.

Once bathed Tyg felt much better. As she tried on a couple of different gowns, Rwhen was going through her wardrobe, choosing things. Tyg had decided that since Rwhen was Aragon’s betrothed she knew exactly what sort of outfit Tyg should be seen in to make an impression.
Once it had been established between them just what sort of impression Tyg meant to give, they had set about going through her wardrobe to find the perfect gown. Which wasn’t easy for Rwhen, since most of Tyg’s gowns left little to the imagination and she definitely didn’t want Tyg giving Aragon ‘that’ sort of impression.
They finally settled on this just as a light knock sounded on the door, and Rowan entered.
‘Maedhros said you were getting up, I thought you might need some help’ Rowan said with a smile, happy to see Tyg up and about, although she was still very pale. Rowan stared at Tyg’s eyes a moment, finding them haunting. Tyg looked into a mirror then and changed them back to the normal azure blue everyone was used to seeing. She noticed the two elves looking at her strangely; she turned and smiled at them.
‘Do you think I should keep my hair black? Or change it to blond?’ Tyg’s hair suddenly changed to blond starting at the roots and sweeping down the length of her hair. ‘What about auburn?’ It changed to auburn.
Rwhen’s eyebrows shot up ‘That colour is the same as Maedhros’s hair’
Tyg frowned and looked in the mirror, ‘What, you think he wouldn’t like it?’
Rowan smiled teasingly ‘You worried about what he thinks?’
Tyg spun round to look at the two women; they both had huge grins on their faces.
‘Enough talk of Maedhros’ Tyg said suddenly, her mood changing as her hair slipped back to black.
Rwhen could see then, that she had work to do concerning those two.
‘Right well, now the show off has finished rubbing in the fact she can look however she likes, perhaps we can get going?’ Rwhen said light-heartedly.
Tyg wrapped a light pashmina around her shoulders and headed for the door.
‘Ok, then…just be there in case my legs decide they won’t hold me up any longer’
‘Of course, Tyg we will be with you every step of the way’
Rowan and Rwhen then followed Tyg out of her rooms and down the vast stair case.
‘Ever thought of putting in a lift?’ Rwhen asked
‘You know, every single person that comes here, asks the same thing’ Tyg answered amused.
‘Well, perhaps that is a good indication that you should consider it’ Rowan said diplomatically.
‘Perhaps’ Tyg said vaguely and carried on down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs Tyg stopped for a rest, sitting for a moment on a divan by the fountain. Maedhros had obviously organised everyone to the throne room, as the place looked deserted.
‘Best to go in the other way I think’ Tyg said as she stood up and walked off in the direction of a hallway. After a couple of twists and turns she opened a door and entered a small but comfortable room, where a couple of servants were waiting. They bowed to Tyg, then to Rwhen and Rowan.
One of them then held out her royal ermine cloak and the other held her crown Tyg whispered to the one holding her cloak, as he slipped it round her shoulders, he bowed and quickly left the room.
Rwhen and Rowan looked at Tyg a moment seeing the ‘Queen’, until Tyg grimaced under the weight of the cloak. Rwhen laughed, ‘The trials of royalty, my friend’
Tyg smiled knowing Rwhen would find out soon enough, although she was already a princess, Tyg knew the elves didn’t go to much pomp, Gondor however did.
Once ready Tyg went out another door, that lead out directly behind the throne.

As she made her entrance all chatter in the hall stopped. Tyg sat down upon the throne, resting her arms on the arm rests, her hands falling lightly upon the clawed ends. The large emeralds in the panther eyes of the throne, blazed with light at her touch. Tyg swept the room with her eyes, noticing that everyone seemed to be there. Aragon was standing with Maedhros, Maglor and Celegorm. Baphomet and Alatar were standing together and the two Generals were standing to attention directly in front of the throne. As Tyg stepped around it and sat down, Rhwen made her way to Aragon’s side. Rowan decided to stay next to Tyg. After her discussion with Maedhros it was as good a place as any for now.
The generals both bowed to Tyg and saluted. Then Kador stepped forward.
‘My Queen, it is good to finally see you again’ Tyg just nodded as she glared down at him. ‘May I present to you the King of the West, Aragon Elessar?’
Kador stepped to the side as Aragon strode forward. He stopped before Tyg’s throne, looking up slightly at her on the elevated platform. He inclined his head in a polite recognition to her status here. Tyg inclined her head back.
‘King Aragon, it is nice to finally meet you. As you know I have become close friends with your betrothed the lovely Arwen. I hope your visit here will go a ways to that friendship broadening to include yourself.’
Aragon smiled his roguish smile ‘It is indeed a pleasure to meet you finally Queen Tygarya, and I have indeed journeyed with my Lady here in the hope of peace and friendship between the West and the East.’
‘Excellent’ Tyg said with a smile, then leaned forward and in a lower tone added ‘You can call me Tyg’
‘Thank you, and you can call me Strider, if you so wish, or just Aragon’
The servant that Tyg had whispered to and had scurried away, came back then carrying a wooden box, he bowed and handed the box to Tyg then disappeared again.
Tyg stood and walked down the two steps from the throne and up to Aragon, holding out the box to him.
‘A gift, for friendship’ Tyg said to him simply, but all knew the meaning was vast.
Aragon took the box and opened it, staring in wonder at the jewel encrusted dagger
‘Thank you, Tyg’
Tyg smiled and then turned to Celegorm, having met him briefly at MoME she waved protocol.
‘Welcome to Minas Morgul Celegorm, I hope you will enjoy your brief stay here’ Tyg said with a hard line to her voice. ‘I do hope you and your brothers will keep out of mischief during your stay’
Celegorm was just about to say something snarky back, when Maedhros loomed up beside him, placing his arm around Celegorm’s shoulders.
Celegorm inclined his head and muttered a mere thank you. Tyg smiled as she looked to Maedhros, who winked.
Tyg then caught a look from Rwhen.
‘Well I must cut this short I’m afraid, duty calls and all that’ Tyg said then as Rwhen stepped up to her. ‘Stay with your beloved Rwhen, I’ll be fine, enjoy the festivities. I believe there is a tour planned for you all.’
With that Tyg stepped back up onto the dais behind the throne and stepped from the room.

As soon as she was away she tossed the crown off into the waiting hands of a servant and threw the cloak off her shoulders onto the floor.
She was starting to feel much better, having regenerative powers, she was re-cooperating a lot quicker than anyone knew…and that was exactly the way she wanted it for now.
She changed form into a black cat, slipped out the door into the hallway and scurried off on a reconnaissance mission to see what sort of state her fortress was really in.
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:50 am

The night before.

Alatar swept into the room, seemingly at the right moment. Noticing the lordly Aragorn he walked over to him. As he did so, Aragorn stood and asked "Who are you, dressed such as a wizard?" Alatar bowed, "I am known only as Alatar, and am of the Maiar of Orome, Huntsman of the Valar and Lord of the Forests. Am i correct in assuming you know one of my kind, Olórin?"

At this name, Aragorn and a few others, looked utterly confused. Alatar shook his head, "I am sorry, you may know him as Gandalf. He remained in the western parts while my friend and myself travelled east." Then Aragorn's face lit up, then was replaced by his royal demeanour. "Yes, he was of my council for many years. I am glad to meet one of his bretheren. I am..." He was cut short by a raised hand of the wizard. "I know who you are and of your great deeds, oh Envinyatar." He bowed low. "I have returned from the Queen Tygarya's chambers. She regrets to tell you all that she will not be joining us for tonights banquet, as she has just returned from a long journey to the far eastern fronts. She will see you as soon as she is rested. Now," he clapped his hands together and smiled greatly, "let us eat tonight and talk of lighter things." He laughed loudly and as he did so, black, red and white flower petals fell from the roof. But they fell in such a manner that they disappeared before they settled on the floor or table. Baph rolled his eyes at this display, but said nothing.

That morning, Alatar walked with Baphomet through out the fortress. They talked about things of old and magics that were seldom used by any save the very wise and powerful. "I do hope that your little speech last night does not play havoc with the Lady Rhwen's plans." Baph said suddenly. "I do not think that there is cause to worry. She is an elf of great power, do not forget. Her father, Lord Elrond, was also a great healer when need arose. Remember that young hobbit fellow, Frodo? The one that left to Valinor with Olórin? When he was pierced by a Morgul blade Elrond was able to bring him back, even though he was far from their world." Baphomet nodded, then smiled. "I believe you are right." He spyed something glinting in the necromancers eye, suggesting a deep, but hidden feeling for the Queen.

"And what of Aragorn? What do you make of him?" he asked Baph, steering the conversation away from Tyg. "I think he is a great leader, and a fearsome warrior...." Alatar silenced him, "No, I meant what is your impression of him. Not what you have heard of him." Baph opened his mouth, then closed it. He hadn't thought about the Elfstone as a human before, only as a King. "I think he is an honest person, although at times he may not say all that he means. We will have to be wary. Along with Celegorm. People say he is the most ambitious of the seven brothers. If he wanted to, he could cause much trouble. But then," he added with a wink, "So could we." Alatar smiled, "Rightly so, friend."
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Postby rowanberry » Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:04 pm

After Rwhen released her, Rowanberry went directly to find Maedhros in the banquet hall. "The Queen is back", she whispered to the elf lord. "Rwhen is there taking care of her. You can go to her now any time that you like. But, she will still be very tired."

The news made Maedhros's face light up. "That's marvellous! I was afraid that, even Rwhen wouldn't succeed in bringing her back... But, if things are fine now, I'll let her rest still for a while. I think that, now it is a good time for you and me to talk. Come, let's go where nobody will disturb us.

He turned to his guests and said: "You must excuse me for a while; I just heard that the Queen wishes to see me. I will be back soon, unless she wants me to stay."

Maedhros led Rowan into the suite where he and Maglor were staying. He asked the lady to sit in a comfortable armchair, and himself took a seat in another. "Now, lady, what was it that you wanted to talk about?"

Rowanberry looked firmly into his eyes. "It's about the reason why I am here. I wasn't sent by Elrond, but by Curufin. I honestly can't understand why King Aragorn invited Celegorm to join him and Rwhen on their visit here; if you can say 'calling for trouble', that definitely is what he was doing. Curufin alerted me at once when he heard where his brother was going. I managed to come across him on the road, and he thinks I'm on an errand from Elrond. Now, I might have some influence over your brother, but I'm afraid that, it is quite insufficient for keeping him at bay for long; I am not close enough to him. You know him, and you already saw earlier today what can be expected. And now, there is his unrequited crush on the Lady Rwhen, to top it all; you hardly have forgotten the Lúthien fiasco that cost you a powerful ally. So, to prevent any disasters to the diplomatic relationship between Gondor and Minas Morgul, I ask you to help me. Please, try to make Celegorm leave as soon as possible, before he has time to do any serious damage."

Maedhros lowered his eyes. True, he knew what his brother could be like at his worst. And, the situation in Minas Morgul definitely could give him some wrong ideas... But, he couldn't just be told to leave, now that he had seen that his brothers were all right. He would have to think of something with Maglor. He looked at Rowan again, and said: "I fully understand your worry, and will try to make Celegorm understand that, it would be better for him to leave. In any case, I will do everything I can to keep my brother in control, together with Maglor." Then, he smiled. "Though, you restrained him quite well, too. Not many women would dare to physically restrain a Fëanorian."

"Thank you, Lord Maedhros", Rowan said, and got up to leave. But, she was stopped by a question from Maedhros: "Lady Carnilwen - what happened to you? You just disappeared, and everybody thought that, we would never see you alive again."

Rowan smiled. "Carnilwen? That is a name I haven't heard for a long time..." She turned, went to the window, and looked into the moonlit yard. "And, I prefer Rowanberry nowadays. Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, please, tell me. Where did you go, where even our best trackers couldn't find you? And why?"

She was silent for a while. Then, she said: "In the First Age, I thought for a long time that, things would ultimately turn better. But, the failure of the Union of Maedhros gave me second thoughts. And, the attack to Doriath was the last stroke that killed my hopes. Elves behaving like orcs, attacking women and children... I was so depressed that, I didn't care if I lived or died. I just had to get away, somewhere, anywhere. So, one night, I just rode off eastward, not knowing what I might encounter.

"And, maybe I would have died, if I hadn't met the Shepherds of the Trees. No orc dares to come near them, and they are friendly with elves. I got especially well along with the Shepherd of the Rowans, whom the elves call Bregalad; it was he who first named me Rowanberry, and I've used that name ever since. I travelled with them for a long time, and crossed the Blue Mountains to Eriador in their company, rather than sailed West, when I found out that it would have been possible. Those lands were then almost uninhabited, and full of mighty forests... I lived practically as a hermit, with the Ents as the only ones I spoke with. Finally, I crossed even the Misty Mountains, and on the banks of the Anduin, I came across Wood-elves who lived there, descendants of those elves who separated from the Teleri on the Great March and never got to the Sea, and joined them. I believe it was the simple, relaxed life that they lived, that ultimately healed me. I stayed with them, first on the western bank, later in Greenwood the Great on the western bank, until a shadow fell there, and the elves had to move north. Then, I found my way to Rivendell, where I've lived since."

Maedhros sat in silence for a moment. “Thank you for telling me”, he then said. “Sometimes, it is still hard to understand how much pain was caused by the wrong choices we made. And, because of them, we are here now… But now, I will see you back to the banquet which you’ve almost missed; you must rest and enjoy the evening. Then, I will go to see Queen Tygarya.”

At the banquet, Aragorn and Celegorm seemed at times to be glaring at one another, but Maedhros and Alatar seemed to have the general situation in control. Baphomet and the generals were in their own company, enjoying pints of ale. Rowan didn’t stay there long, although the food and drink were excellent; she was tired from the healing session, and felt that she wanted a hot bath. The soldier who had been appointed to her escort took her to her room, and stayed on guard outside the door.

When she entered, she saw something that she didn’t expect. Huan was lying on the rug, looking very content.

“Huan, what are you doing here, boy? Somehow, I don’t believe that your master has sent you here”, she said. The dog waved his tail lazily, and looked at her with a face that clearly was an equivalent of a grin. “All right, stay here, then. You can keep watch while I’m taking a bath.”

Two young Easterling women came to prepare the bath for her, and soon she enjoyed lying in the warm water and scrubbing off all the dust of the long journey. When she had dried herself and was brushing her long dark hair, Huan came to sit next to her. She scratched the dog behind the ears.

“Hope your master won’t storm in here in the middle of the night to get you back,” she said. “Why does he have to be such a hothead? And why does he have to be so darn attractive?”
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Postby IVIaedhros » Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:08 pm

Earlier, at the banquet ... the Fëanoreans have become unstuck in time; so it goes.

Maglor thought the feast was one of the most nerve-wracking meals he had ever 'enjoyed'. He never noticed the food; it could have been anything they were eating, even those awful rolls Elrond served at the opening banquet of MoME. Most of his attention was focused on Celegorm. He loved his brother, he truly did. He was wonderful to have at your back in a fight, or to travel with...or to spend time outside hunting together. But Celegorm was the least diplomatic of Fëanor's sons, and thus state banquets were not his forté...unless, of course, you were trying to start a war. Celegorm was much better with animals than with people. In the family, it was just couldn't take him anywhere.

And he had been thrown into a volatile situation that threatened to bubble over at any minute without any help from the youngest Fëanorean present. Maglor was nearing his breaking point. He'd been been babysitting Maedhros when his nerves had threatened to drive them both to distraction. Then he'd had the inenviable pleasure of creating Maedhros' plan to maintain control while Tyg was out of commision. he just hoped no one would draw a weapon before the meal ended. He looked at the generals again. He wished he had a better read on them. They seemed decent fellows...but for that very reason, it would be unwise to make them think Fëanorean ambition threatened them in any way. And now there were three brothers here, and Tyg was still missing....if Rwhen didn't cure her soon, their days were numbered.

As if on cue, the Lady Rowan returned and, though she made no announcement, the smile she gave them was encouraging. That...was unexpected, but a relief. He hoped he had not misunderstood; the Lady Rwhen was still absent. Surely she would tell Maedhros later, but not in such a public setting, of course.

Relieved, he finally looked at King Aragorn, seeing him as if for the first time. He observed the man's voice, and then looked closer at his face. When he caught sight of the eyes, his breath caught.

It was a moment later, when all conversation stopped, that he realized he had been staring.

"I...I..." he stammered, caught off guard. "His eyes," he gestured towards the King. "I've seen them before..."

Aragorn looked up, puzzled, but not thrown. Apparently, he was used to unusual comments about his appearance.

Maedhros looked again. "Yes, they do seem familiar. But I've known so few mortals...."

"Elros. You have the eyes of my son Elros," Maglor said, finally. "I never thought to see them looking out of a mortal face."

"I am descended through many fathers from Elros, first King of Numenor," Aragorn said mildly. "I have met only one person who knew him personally, though, so the similarity has not been remarked upon before."

"No, I suppose Elrond wouldn't have mentioned it," Maglor said, troubled.

Baphomet looked back and forth between the two. "Wait - you're related?"

"No," Maedhros said quickly. "Not by blood. My brother adopted his...ancestor." He explained as succintly as possible. "It was a long time ago." Not a story he wanted to get into at the moment. If the generals suspected that he and his brothers were in league with Gondor...that would not bode well.

"Tell us of your lands, Aragorn King," Celegorm said suddenly. "I have not been to the South before, and I saw only some of them briefly on my way here."

The conversation turned, and Maglor took a deep breath. Maybe they would make a diplomat of Celegorm yet! Though even a blind man found his way by chance occasionally.... was proven a moment later, when Celegorm began to disparage this place he had never seen by comparing it unfavorably to East Beleriand. Maglor shooke his head. It would be a long, long visit.

Apparently the Lady Rowanberry thought so as well, for she whispered something to Maedhros and they excused themselves. He would have to find out what was going on later from Maedhros.
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:40 pm

The next day

Alatar woke early, as was his style, to walk around the castle and make sure everything was alright. He deicided to go and check on Tyg, as he was worried. As he got to the top of the stairs and neared the door, he heard a thump followed by a groan. Placing his hand firmly on the hilt of his sword, he opened the door slowly. Peeking in through the gap in the door, he noticed Tyg lying on the floor. With his hand still on his sword he rushed over to help her. "My lady, what happened?" asked the wizard, softly. Tyg shook her head, looked up at the old man and said "I must have fallen out of bed." she glanced at his sword, "There really is no need for worry, none can scale these walls into my chambers." With that, Alatar removed his hand from his side, and proceeded to help her back onto her bed. Nothing had been seen of the queen as she was still recovering from her ordeals.

When Tyg was comfortable she asked of the wizard, "Has everything been running smoothly? I regret that I had not the strength to run the fortress, but I think, today, I am well enough." She made to stand, but the wizard pushed on her shoulders back onto the bed. "You may think so, but I do not." Tyg shot a look at him of surprise and slight annoyance at being told what to do. It quickly faded when she thought about it. "I'm glad you see it my way, your highness. But to answer your question, everything is fine, Maedhros and Maglor have been doing a splendid job with the army, and Baph has continued to address the public matters. I will bring up some food, if you wish it?" Tyg look whistfully out the window, nodding slightly. "Very well, my lady." he replied, bowing as he left the room.
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Postby Tygarya » Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:07 pm

Just as Alatar was about to open the door from Tyg's antechamber to the stairway Tyg called his name from where she was in the doorframe leading to her bedroom. He turned to find her staring at him intensely.
'Just remember Alatar, you are still new here, I'm watching you' Tyg said it charmingly enough but it still sent shivers down Alatars spine. He knew -and rightfully so - that she was suspicious of him still, although he knew Baphomet had put in a good word for him over the help he was. Alatar bowed to Tyg in answer and left the room.
Tyg watched him go, then turned back into her bedroom.
She hadn't just fallen out of bed at all, something had woken her. She had feigned fatigue for Alatar, although she wondered why he had been on the landing outside her rooms in the first place. Dawn was only just approaching, strange for him to be wandering this far up the tower alone. She decided it was time to set a guard at her door.
She walked to the most interior wall of her room and placed her hand upon it. Closing her eyes she felt for the lines of magic she had woven around the fortress. She followed them down, feeling them tremble at being disturbed. She smiled.
Maedhros was in the basement. Unaware of tripping webs of magic at his passing, they had alerted Tyg's mind to the trespass.
Suddenly Tyg's mind was full of song and joyousness, Maedhros had touched the Silmaril. Tyg pulled back to reality and walked over to the balcony doors, looking out over the vale.
She was glad the Sil seemed to have accepted Maedhros and that he was obviously experimenting.

A knock came and Tyg called out for the person to enter, knowing already it was a servant, bringing the food Alatar had gone to get. Tyg watched as the young female Easterling set down the tray, curtsied and left the room. The strong smell of coffee filled the room. Tyg smiled and filled a cup with the steaming brew. Sipping it she walked up to the balcony doors that lead off the antechamber and they opened of their own will. Stepping out Tyg looked down. It was a long way, but her sharp eyes could still see the soldiers in the exercise yards training.

What a splendid idea Tyg thought. As she went and got changed into her leather gears, she felt exhilerated and having a bit of training with the soldiers was exactly what she felt like doing, and if she went now hopefully no one would think to look for her there for a couple of hours.
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Postby Baphomet » Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:17 pm

Maedhros was walking down one of the many corridors that the servants use throughout the fortress when Baph appeared before him with a cloud of mist.
‘Must you do that?’
Baph smiled. “Her Majesty requires your company, my Lord.”
“She does?” Maedhros exclaimed. “I’ve spent the better part of the morning looking for her, where is she?”
“Outside, in the exercise yards.”
“Exercise yards? What on earth is she doing there?”
“Exercising,” Baph said matter-of-factly.
Maedhros scowled at him.
“You know, those quip remarks are going to get you into serious hot water one of these days.”
Baph laughed and bowed floridly to Maedhros.
“They already have, that’s why I’m enslaved to the Queens service.”
“I made a remark once, that set my fate here,” Baph said non-committally, waving his hand. “Doesn’t really matter”
“You’re here because you’re in love with her,” Maedhros countered.
Baph laughed again.

“You don’t get it, do you? We are all here because we love her.”
Maedhros scowled again and ran a hand through his hair. Baph watched him a moment leaning against the wall he folded his arms.
“Does it bother you that much?”
Maedhros looked up. “Does what bother me?”
“That our Tyg is not some pure elf maiden,” Baph said with not a hint of a smile. “She takes what she wants, and as you know from MoME she gets it willingly.”
Maedhros looked at him wide eyed. “I have never mistaken her for a maid of Tirion,” he said carefully.
“Oh, I know about what happened at MoME and if its any consolation to you, let me explain something.”
Maedhros stood stock still listening to Baph; this conversation was going to realms he hadn’t really tried to think about, but which had nagged at the back of his mind for some time now.
“Tyg is a Queen, a warrior and a formidable woman to boot. She is extremely powerful and although she likes the company of men, I know for a fact she would drop her playing for one man, if she could find one to match her – if ya know what I mean.”
Maedhros knew he meant in persona, and wondered if he were such a man… He used to be, could he be again?
“Gwaihir came close,” Baph continued. “Having the same abilities to change form was something Tyg had never had in common with anyone before. However, we all know that that wasn’t going to last. Gwaihir wasn’t a King or a warrior leader. Their ideals were too different and as it resulted, it drove a wedge between them.”
Maedhros’ scowl deepened; he didn’t like being reminded of Gwaihir. “Gwaihir had never tasted darkness before,” he said disparagingly.
“You could come close too,” Baph continued with a serious look as Maedhros again looked at him to see if he was being funny. “But, I can’t help you with that. I can give you one hint, however.”
“What’s that?” Maedhros said finally, his voice cracking slightly.
Baph grinned
“Tyg doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”
Maedhros suddenly remembered why Baph had seen him and went to hurry off, he turned then back to Baph.
“Thanks for this chat” he said then strode off down the hall.
Baph, leaning on the wall still, watched Maedhros walk away till he rounded a corner and disappeared. Baph grimaced then, it hurt inside to give another man the chance to Tyg’s heart knowing he would never have it.
Baph then turned to mist and disappeared.
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Postby Tygarya » Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:34 pm

As Maedhros walked out into the glaring bright sun of the exercise yards he had to squint slightly. In front of him was a figure that appeared to be battling three others. All were using wooden practise swords. The lone figure appeared to have two, one in each hand. As Maedhros’s vision came back into focus he noticed that the figure was Tyg.
As he walked nearer, Tyg suddenly turned and threw one of the swords at him, he deftly caught it – with his left hand. As he caught it Tyg had closed the gap between them and wrap him sharply on the left wrist.
“Oh no, you need to exercise that right hand and start strengthing your right arm again. No left hand”
With that Tyg launched an attack at him, she was grinning. He side stepped just in time and swung the sword over to his right hand. He grinned back.
Tyg leapt at him again, bringing her sword down towards his head, he blocked the blow by raising his own sword. Tyg’s sword clashed dully against his, jarring through his arm and driving him to his knees. A battle of strength ensued then as Tyg used her force against his sword pushing it down with her own. He realised then how right she had been. His right arm had gotten weak and he was losing. His competitive spirit kicked in then and he gave a shove back. Giving him enough break to stand again, but only just before Tyg was on the offensive again. She intended to give him no rest. They battled back and forth for the next few minutes, until Tyg finally bluffed by swinging her sword high, but as Maedhros raised his sword to meet it, Tyg jumped up in the air and planted both feet to Maedhros’s chest sending him flying backwards and landing in the dirt flat on his back with Tyg’s sword pointed on his chest. He looked up at her. She had tied her hair – still raven black -back in a high pony tail, that was waving like a banner across her left shoulder in the breeze. She azure blue eyes were sparkling with barely suppressed mirth, and her mouth was open in a vicious grin.
‘Formidable woman indeed’ Maedhros thought, just as the cheer from the watching soldiers went up at Tyg’s victory.
“You call taking advantage of a man’s disability a victory?” Maedhros asked, still on his back.
“I don’t see any disability, I just see lack of training” Tyg replied coolly as she stepped back to allow Maedhros to stand.
As he stood and patted the dust from his pants Tyg indicated to a soldier to throw her another sword which she caught in her left hand. Now armed with two swords Tyg turned back to the three soldiers she had been battling before and charged forward back into the fray.
Maedhros watched as Tyg with two swords was more than a match for the three soldiers. Deftly she unarmed them one by one until finally she had motioned that she had just run the last man through. Maedhros scratched his chin, he had never seen a woman sword fight before, let alone watch one that was so skilled with using both hands that he could now see why and how she maintained rule here.
Tyg walked up to him then, a thin veil of sweat glistening distractedly on her skin. He watched a small droplet run down the side of her neck.
Tyg caught the look in his eyes and as she reached him she threw both swords to him – which he managed to catch – grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him in towards her. She kissed him then, which quite literally took his breath away. She pushed him back again and grinned.
“If you practise every morning out here with these guys, you can be just as proficient with two swords, you could be unstoppable”
Tyg then turned on her heel and walked away from the exercise yards. A small secret smile on her lips. Maedhros fought the urge to go after her – his conversation with Baph still new in his head - and grab her but just watched silently.

As she entered the fortress again General Kador was standing there.
“An excellent fight your Majesty” he said as he bowed “It is good to see you back to your normal routine once again”
“Quite” Tyg said as she pulled the tie from her hair and shook it out. Kador coughed slightly. “But don’t think for a minute that if Maedhros had that sword in his left hand I would have won”
“Indeed, I know his reputation”
“His reputation used to be as a right handed swordsman, it won’t take him long to get the skill back with his right also”
“And why, perchance, do you want that to happen?”
Tyg looked at Kador wistfully.
“That’s for me to know” she answered, then changed the subject
“So now you can explain to me what the hell all these soldiers are doing back here and not still out in the field getting me the rest of the East!” she demanded as she swept down the halls towards the War Room. Kador followed chagrined.
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Postby MithLuin » Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:52 pm

Maedhros blinked after Tygarya left. It was like...waking up. He turned and, for awhile, watched the other soldiers. Most of the techniques they were practicing were quite familiar to him, basic training that any foot soldier would need, but some of it was different from what he was accustomed to, so he watched with interest. The soldiers were disciplined, serious...not at all like a clutch of orcs. But that was what he was coming to expect of Minas Morgul. In Angband, if someone had said the orcs were going to 'exercise,' it would have involved a pit, hungry wolves, and bets on who would live the longest. These Easterlings seemed a warlike people, and the orcs that did serve the fortress were disciplined. He was quite glad he'd gotten in without a fight; it would have been a costly war. While he was here, he did some strengthening exercises for his right arm. It was amazing how little you used an arm that had no hand! He had intended to test the limits of his new appendage, but had been so distracted in the past few days...

Now that all of his blood had returned to where it was supposed to be, it was safe to think of Tyg again. He understood why her people feared her. She was formidable, in many ways. He would not have challenged her, when he was so out of practice with his right hand, but he was glad he'd had the opportunity to see what she could do. It would serve incentive. He smiled to himself. He was quite sure she had more tricks that had not yet been revealed, but he would look forward to beating her.

Finished, he turned away from the practice field and went inside, intending to go to his rooms and meet his brothers. But he paused. He wouldn't really be missed, he could quickly go down and see the Silmaril for a moment...couldn't he? He hesitated. No, it would have to wait. He wanted to make sure Celegorm and Maglor were behaving. Or rather, that Celegorm was behaving, and Maglor hadn't been pushed to his limits. Maglor was the son of Fëanor least renouned for his temper, but if he lost would be much more memorable than Celegorm or Caranthir's outbursts. Maedhros knew he would rather avoid that, at the moment....

But his mind would not let him stay distracted from his conversation with Baph any longer. That had been...unexpected. He knew Tygarya was no elf, and at MoME he heard what had been said about her activities with Gwaihir...and Bard. He just hadn't spoken of it so frankly before. Baph made it clear that here, it was well-known and expected. And that did bother him, though he had not thought about why. He thought at first it was just because he did not want to share. Why should he? But now, he realized...he was nervous that she would cast him aside as easily as Gwaihir. He would be forgotten in a week, and that would be...unbearable. He could not do what Baph had done. He could not stay, chained to Minas Morgul, watching her move on to the next young man that struck her fancy. Or rather, he could, but only if nothing happened between them.

The kiss this morning suggested that he could no longer assume that would be the case. Perhaps she was just gently teasing him, and would have kissed any sparring partner who dared to look. But Baph's suggestion, that perhaps Maedhros could be more than just a simple distraction to the Queen...that was a tempting thought. He would have to ... to make up his mind. To talk to her. To find out what she thought and what she wanted. He could not assume he understood her. She was...different.

He had known many girls in Tirion. He was Maitimo, and he turned heads. He was used to it. But...elven maids were somewhat delicate, and his fiery spririt was often a bit too much for them. He recalled a lot of swooning. But that was so long ago! Since he'd lost his hand, his energies had been devoted to fighting Morgoth. All of his energies. And with six younger brothers, who needed an heir? Besides, after his imprisonment on Thangorodrim, he was much too formidable for most women - he scared them away.

But not for her. He would not have to worry about handling Queen Tygarya with kid gloves! She was fearless, and rightly so. The only time he had seen her truly spooked was when she spoke of Morgoth, and anyone who did not fear Morgoth was a complete fool. It was refreshing to meet someone who was so...strong in her own right. But he could not forget that she was very different from him. He would have to find out what her assumptions were going into this...complex relationship. She had shown him every courtesy in inviting him here, restored his hand and his family jewel, and practically given him free reign of the place. She was as generous as she was formidable. He did not need her to be an elf...but he would not have her forget that he was one, either.

As he climbed the stairs to his room, he thought he might be needing more advice from Baph in the near future. The thought troubled him, but perhaps he had really found an unexpected ally.
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Postby MorgulCouncil » Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:28 pm

General Kador followed Tyg nervously along the halls until they reached the War room. A large darkened room filled with maps, strategy books and writings. It over looked the entrance to Minas Morgul from Ithlien. A large oblong-shaped wooden table filled the room, with eight chairs around it. One for every General, one for Baphomet (Lieutenant Commander in charge of the ‘Death Squad’) and one for Tyg. On the North wall was a large tapestry depicting the whole of Middle Earth, in great detail. On the South Wall was another tapestry depicting Arda, a treasure left from Melkor’s day that Tyg had managed to salvage, although one corner was singed.
Kador wondered if they were going to have to find room for a ninth seat. His wonderings were cut short when Tyg, sitting down in a chair at one end of the table, turned to him and said simply.
Kador coughed, he really wished Barrock were here to help back him up. He stood in front of Tyg, stiff and formal.
“Well really your Majesty, what did you expect us to do. We hadn’t seen you for days, no one was telling us anything. They wouldn’t let us in to see you. We didn’t know if you were being kept against your will or what was going on.”
Tyg listened, her face betraying nothing.
“What do you mean they wouldn’t let you in?”
“Lord’s Maedhros, Maglor, Baphomet and that wizard Alatar”
Tyg studied a finger nail for a moment while Kador fidgeted, Tyg doing that was not a good sign.
“So let me get this straight, General” Tyg said as she leaned on the table with an elbow. Her empathsis on the word General made Kador wince. “You and General Barrock were refused entry to my person from a bunch of males, that for all goods and purposes could have had me prisoner and were taking over my kingdom….is that what your telling me?”
“Ah…well…Lord Baphomet, whom we know we can trust, assured us everything was okay” Kador explained “Otherwise your Majesty I assure you we would have stormed your rooms and taken them all captive until we sorted out what was going on” Kador stood straight and proud “That is why we called some of the troops home, we had decided if anything untoward happened we would be prepared to fight”
Tyg stared at the large tapestry.
“Sit down Kador”
Relieved the interrogation was over Kador sat down.
“Ah, that’s not all your Majesty”
Tyg’s gaze slid over to Kador’s face, her expression telling him to continue.
Kador scratched the back of his neck not knowing quite how to start.
“Well, your Majesty, I don’t wish to be over stepping my office here or anything, and I apologise in advance if it’s true and that would be fine but…”
“Just spit it out Kador, and stop jammering at me”
“Well, Lord Maedhros…. He kind of…insinuated that he was….and you, well and that’s why you were not with us”
Tyg stared at Kador for a moment, then burst out laughing.
“He what!” Tyg exclaimed. “Oh, that’s priceless…..he’ll keep” Tyg said amidst laughter, “Please continue with your report Kador, I can assure you nothing is ‘going on’ between Maedhros and myself in that capacity…..not yet anyway”
“So I assume it was restoring his hand that made you weary?”
“Yes, that’s all” Tyg said pointedly, discussion ended.
Kador inclined his head, his cheeks flaming, glad to have that conversation out of the way and started – very business like - to go over updating Tyg on what had been happening in her absence, a large pile of consignments and memos in front of him. Tyg’s face however kept an amused grin on it for the rest of the meeting.
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Postby rwhen » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:45 am

As Rwhen sat at her dressing table in the beautifully appointed suite that had been assigned to her, she reflected on the banquet last evening.

en retrospect...

Coming down the long flight of steps that led back to the banquet hall Rwhen was thrilled that Tygarya was now awake and regaining her balance. She could not help but feel the attractive energy that surrounded both Maedhros and Tygarya. She could do something to help gently nudge the couple into seeing what was so obvious to the Elven Princess. Laughing to herself, she entered the room and found that her Lord was engaged in conversation with one of the generals, his back to her. She would be able to surprise him, something she rarely had the occasion to do.

As she rounded the far end of the ladened table a chair was noisily thrust in front of her and Celegorm was brandishing his hand indicating that she should take the chair.

"My Lady Rwhen, please allow me to offer your seat," Celegorm had a wide grin on his handsome face.

"Thank you, Celegorm, I was actually about to surprise..."

Aragorn had heard the commotion and was now standing opposite Celegorm with a scowl on his face. "I believe that I can manage to seat my betrothed without any assistance from house Fëanor." He put on a tight smile.

"Now friend," began Celegorm not the least bit ruffled, "as the whole world knows, the Lady and I became quite attached at this years Male of Middle Earth competition. She would never begrudge me the opportunity to show common curtesy." His eyes bored into the King of Gondor.

"Celegorm," Rwhen rounded on him hotly, "WE are not now and never have been attached. My Lord Aragorn knows me well enough to know that I would never have abused our relationship while out of his line of sight. I thought we had this cleared up during the competition."

"So there WAS something that happened while you were away, then." Aragorn was not asking a question. His eyes now held a hurtful expression that pained Rwhen more than he could ever know. "You told me that nothing of import happened except Maedhros coming to Minas Morgul with Tygarya. That is why I sent for Celegorm in the first place." He spoke as if the Fëanorian was not even present.

"I can assure you that the Lady Rwhen and I were almost to terms when she left Imladris, besides, I needed to protect her from that rogue Bard. You were certainly not there as any respectable intended would have been. Indeed, allowing your Lady to travel so far unattended." Celegorm was full of haught and bravado.

"Bard? BARD? That cad from Laketown? You can NOT be serious, Rwhen. And, what do you mean by terms?" He was again staring down Celegorm. "Do you care to step outside and we shall have an end to this once and for all."

"Alright by me," Celegorm turned and ran face first into Maglor.

"Alright by me," Aragorn also turned to see the diplomatic face of Maglor.

"Not alright by me," Maglor began. "King Aragorn, if I might have a word with you?"

"I think not, insult has been heaped upon houses Gondor AND Imladris, redress is called for. To your weapons, Celegorm."

"Please, My Lord. You need to understand, the Lady Rwhen bears a striking resemblance to Luthien. My brother here tends to confuse the two from time to time, but I assure you, he has no claim on your Lady and she was every inch the proper Princess during the entire MoME competition." Maglor hoped this would help alleviate the confrontation.

"She was NOT. She spent that time in the loft with Bard, I know it AND she also watched while Eomer was bathing, I stake my life on it." Celegorm was indignant.

Rwhen's eyes grew as round as her mouth. She was speechless.

Maglor's hand clenched harder into the soft flesh of Celegorm's upper arm. "WILL YOU SHUT UP!! You have upset this couple enough for one night. They will not be on speaking terms in the morning, now enough."

"Good, I do not wish them on speaking terms. I WILL have my way and we will see this finished, King Aragorn!"

As fast as lightening Aragorn's weapon was unsheathed and was now residing under the chin of Celegorm. "Not one more word. I would never think to shed blood while a guest of Minas Morgul, but I am reconsidering. If you will excuse us, my Lady and I have some talking to do." Aragorn sheathed his sword and took Rwhen by the arm as he escorted her to her suite. The commotion behind them of trying to restrain Celegorm from following was left in the shadows as the King hurried them up the stairs.

Closing the door, Aragorn ran a hand over his eyes. "Now, talk."

He was angry, Rwhen could see that. "There is nothing to speak of. Tell me you do not believe a word of that raving lunitic. Bard and Eomer were contestants and I had to spend time with each one during the competition, but don't you know me well enough to trust that I would never compromise our relationship?" It was Rwhen's turn to look hurt.

A silence filled the space between the two. The next person to speak would lose the argument.

Seconds, minutes passed. Letting out a deep breath, Aragorn chose to stand down. "I do trust you, my love. Out of respect for both our houses, I am certain you would never do anything to bring shame upon your father or myself. However, once we are married, I think I must insist you not officiate at MoME again."

Understanding what it took for this great man to concede, Rwhen agreed in the best way possible. She encircled his neck and kissed him deeply. When they parted again, both were smiling.

"Luthien could not hold a candle to you, my love," Aragorn complimented as he laid his betrothed down on the satin bedsheets.
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Postby Tygarya » Thu Dec 20, 2007 6:24 pm

As Tyg casually made her way slowly back to her apartment, she was just crossing a hallway intersection when a small black furry object raced past her, followed by a huge loping Huan. Tyg stood in front of the huge dog blocking his path. He looked up and managed to look coy and embarrassed at having been caught chasing one of Tyg’s cats. Tyg put her hands on her hips.
“Oh no, this is not going to happen!”
She grabbed Huan’s collar and marched him back towards where the brothers were staying. Huan seemed to know he was in trouble and hung his head low coming along with no argument, as Tyg lead him up the staircase to the brothers’ rooms.
Tyg opened the door after a quick knock, and released Huan’s collar, letting him run into the antechamber. Tyg saw someone was lounging on a divan.
“Just the person I’m looking for” Tyg said as Celegorm jumped up at the intrusion, he glanced at Huan who was fawning at his feet, then back to Tyg.
“What did you do to my dog?”
“Nothing yet” Tyg said coolly as she stepped further into the room, coming up to Celegorm. Maedhros and Maglor appeared to not be there. “But if I catch him chasing any of my cats again I’ll have him skinned as a rug”
Celegorm huffed at that. “How dare you”
Tyg stepped even closer, face to face with Celegorm – being about the same height – and leaned in so her face was only inches away from his.
“Oh I dare alright” Tyg said with a threatening sound to her voice. “Just remember where you are Celegorm and remember your manners while you’re here”
“You can’t speak to me like that” Celegorm protested, but took a step backwards.
Tyg raised an eyebrow in surprise.
“Why ever not?” It wasn’t toned as a question “I can do and say anything I like to whom ever I like. In case you haven’t noticed Celegorm, I don’t like you much, you’re a trouble maker and the sooner you leave my fortress the better”
“I’m not going anywhere with out my brothers” Celegorm set his feet and folded his arms. To Tyg he looked like a spoilt brat child, the kind that held their breath till they got what they wanted.
“Then I suggest you learn to behave yourself while you’re here. I heard about your performance with King Aragon, and I am not impressed. Do you not realise that this could have caused a political bonfire! I will not have you upsetting either Aragon or Rwhen while they are here under my protection. I suggest you stay away from the Lady Rwhen for the rest of your stay. Are you understanding me?”
Just then Maglor came in.
“What’s going on here?”
“She’s threatening me” Celegorm answered, almost whining.
“I see” Maglor said and turned to Tyg.
“I am merely pointing out a few home truths to your brother here and telling him what sort of consequences he can expect if he insults my hospitality once again”
“I understand” Maglor said diplomatically, causing Celegorm to look at him bewildered. “Do not worry Tygarya, myself and Maedhros will watch Celegorm more closely from now on”
“See that you do”
Tyg glared at Celegorm one more time then took her leave of the brothers, closing the door behind her. She could hear Maglor already berating Celegorm. Tyg continued up to her apartments calling to a nearby servant to bring her something to eat and drink.

She stopped then, and called the servant back.
“On second thoughts please make that a basket lunch and get a stable boy to prepare my horse, Lady Rwhen’s horse and Lady Rowan’s horse as well. Go and tell General Barrock or Kador which ever you can find, to get a small escort ready”
The servant bowed and ran off down the stairs as Tyg changed direction and instead of going up the stairs went across the landing to where Rwhen’s apartment was.
Tyg knocked and waited. A musical voice, that could only be Rwhen’s, called out to enter. Tyg opened the door and found Rwhen and Rowan together chatting happily and sipping tea.
“Tyg” Rwhen exclaimed and jumped up throwing her arms around her friend who returned the embraced. Tyg then embraced Rowan who had stood up as well to greet Tyg.
“I’m so glad your getting better” Rowan said.
“Yes, I’m feeling almost back to normal, and I apologise for not coming to see you both sooner, but I had a lot of catching up to do”
“Well, you’ve also got a lot of explaining to do” Rwhen said with a smile on her face.
Tyg screwed her face up in a grimace at her.
“Don’t do that dear, the wind may change” Rowan said with a straight face.
Tyg poked her tongue out at her and they all burst out laughing.
“Now, get your riding gears on ladies, there is something I wish to show you and you will need to be on a horse to get there”
Rwhen jumped excitedly and clapped her hands.
“Where are we going?”
“That’s a surprise, now get changed and meet with me down in the stable yards in 10 minutes”
“Okay then” Rwhen said, happy to be doing something.
Tyg and Rowen left the room, on the landing Tyg went up the stairs and Rowan went down one level to where her rooms were.
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Postby rowanberry » Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:59 pm

Not long after Tyg had left, Maedhros entered the room, finding Celegorm gloomy and Maglor very irritated.

“We need to talk”, he said, sitting down opposite to his third brother. “According to what Maglor told me about last night, your behaviour at the banquet was totally unacceptable. What exactly are you trying to do? Your tendency to make a nuisance of yourself did cost us at least two potential allies in the past, remember? And now, there is at least as much at stake.”

“Queen Tygarya was just here, and she already gave a piece of her mind to Celegorm about this”, Maglor cut in.

“Was she? Then, I believe that, she made her opinion quite clear”, Maedhros said. “So, I’m just going to say this straight as well: Leave the Lady Rwhen alone. I don’t understand why her future husband wanted to see the man who paid all too close attention to his fiancée at the MoME; I think it was just plain stupid of him. Mortals have strange ideas sometimes. But, if you had any sense, you would have refused. Or, at least now that he has met you, you would leave.”

“Maybe I wanted to see what kind of a man she prefers over me”, Celegorm said defiantly. “And, I really wonder why an Elven beauty like her has fallen for such a scruffy Ranger type. I might leave, if you would help me to take the Lady Rwhen with me. I’m sure that, if I could get her away from here, somewhere where I could be alone with her, she would change her mind…”

Maedhros shook his head. “Forget it. Celegorm, haven’t you learned anything from your past mistakes? Didn’t you ever look back and re-evaluate your doings, in those long millennia that we spent in the Halls of Mandos, before we were sent back to try and earn a redemption by doing something useful in the battle against Sauron? Your ideas and behaviour definitely don’t serve that purpose. You cannot turn someone’s heart by force. You failed in that with Lúthien, and you would fail with Rwhen as well.”

The eldest son of Fëanor paused for a while, and continued then: “Recently, I was reminded of how we were in the end. Elves behaving like orcs… Now, what you would like to do would be acting the same way again. Celegorm, you aren’t stupid. So, don’t behave like an idiot. For now, I will speak for you, as does Maglor; but, if you make even one more wrong move, we will help the Queen to throw you out of Minas Morgul.”

Celegorm jumped up. “Maedhros, what has happened to you? You left Himring for this dark fortress, and are courting its Queen… And Maglor has renounced the Oath… Are you perhaps planning to do that, too?”

“Maybe I don’t have to”, Maedhros answered. “But, for your information, my being here serves the purpose for which we got sent back in the first place. If you want to stay and be part of it, you’ll have to keep yourself in check.”

“True, I have renounced the Oath”, Maglor said calmly. “Eru Iluvatar himself released me from it. And, you would be wise if you would do the same.”

Celegorm threw a furious look at his older brothers and stormed into his bedroom, slamming the door after him. Maedhros sighed. “I really hope that he'll pull himself together and stop behaving like a brat.”
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Postby IVIaedhros » Fri Dec 21, 2007 3:37 pm

Maedhros fell into a chair and ran a hand through his hair. He looked at Maglor.

"How are you holding up?"

Maglor gave him a wry smile. "Between the two of you..."

Maedhros leaned back, closing his eyes. "It could be worse...."

"Only if Rwhen hadn't awoken Tyg," Maglor retorted. "Or if Celegorm had decided to bring Caranthir along as company."

"Then we could pit them against each other..." Maedhros reopened his eyes and looked at his brother. "It is not easy being the anchor that holds our family together," he acknowledged.

"If only you wouldn't all make your own problems!" Maglor bit out. "I try, and I try, and all I accomplish is preventing disasters. Some disasters, not even all of them. When are we ever going to learn?"

Maedhros looked at the door that Celegorm had closed behind him in a huff. "You are being unfair," he informed Maglor.

"It's unfair to expect him to act like a decent Noldo for once?"

"No. It is unfair to expect a huntsman to act the part of a diplomat. Celegorm is honest. He never dissembles. That is why we all know him so well." He paused, thinking of their other brothers. "Unlike Curufin, who hides his thoughts from everyone until a time of his choosing."

"Why are you defending him?" Maglor asked, confused. "Aragorn, Tyg...why even yourself a few minutes ago... we are all agreed that he is out of line."

"He is," Maedhros agreed. "But we are looking for a correction, not a transformation. It is admirable that he pursues his target and will not allow anything to turn him aside. He just needs to stop pursuing the Lady Arwen."

"Speak plainly; I am not in the mood for riddles," Maglor growled.

"We need to distract him, not simply reprimand him. He is too stubborn for us to beat him into submission."

"And what would you know of stubbornness?" Maglor asked.

"Quite a bit," Maedhros acknowledged. They smiled at one another. "Let me help you with him, though. There is no need for you to bear all of our burdens at once. You were not made for that."

"No, I wasn't," Maglor agreed. "These past few days have seemed like years. Many more like this, and I will begin to show my age like Men."

"Don't even jest about such things!" Maedhros shuddered. "Though I wonder.... Celegorm asked why Luthien and now Arwen have fallen for these scruffy looking rangers. I do not pretend to know what women see in any man, but I wonder...I wonder if the briefness of their mortality makes them seem more dear? Something precious that must be grasped now, before it is gone..." He shook his head. "Am I talking nonsense?"

"I'm not sure..." Maglor said, slightly puzzled.

"Finrod was always better at figuring those things out."

"Finrod wasn't married," Maglor pointed out, definitely amused.

"Betrothed is near enough, which is why Rwhen is off limits to Celegorm." Maedhros stood up and stretched, wincing a bit as his right shoulder complained. "I'm exhausted. I'm ready to let Tyg and her generals go back to taking care of this place, and I'll help you with Celegorm as soon as he's finished sulking. But right now, I'm going to wash up and sleep." He flexed his right hand. "And then maybe see if I can still write with this thing."

Before he left, he saw that Maglor seemed less worried than before. Now if only his other brother were so pleasant to take care of!
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Postby Tygarya » Fri Dec 21, 2007 5:32 pm

The ladies all met in the stables and once everyone was ready to go they set off.
Tyg took the lead with Rowan and Rwhen slightly behind her. The two guards assigned to the journey were on the outer most flanks and there was a young servant girl along at the rear with the basket of food.
They journeyed to the north, following a valley through the mountains. They were on a slight incline all the way making their way higher and higher, luckily it was summer so the snow line was still a way ahead of them.
Tyg then turned down a crevice off the main valley divide, and let her horse wander slowly up. Rwhen and Rowan looked around, the scenery was changing getting away from the Morgul Vale, little alpine flowers grew here and there and they were now following a little stream caused by snow melt. In their ears they could hear the tinkling of a nearby waterfall but couldn’t yet see it.
As they rounded a corner they came across a delightful little scene. A small water fall trickled down through the rocks of a high cliff and at the base was a pool, just big enough to bath in.
Rwhen and Rowan dismounted delightfully and went over to the pool, taking their riding boots off to dip their feet in the water. Tyg knew the elves would love this little place, knowing how much they all seemed to love nature. The servant went to work setting up a blanket for the ladies to sit on and putting out the food and drink. The guards had remained down the other end of the crevice, knowing that the ladies would probably be bathing, they were used to Tyg coming up here.
Tyg undressed and jumped into the pool splashing the other two ladies. They squealed in delight and also de-robed. They all splashed and played around in the water for several minutes, and then Tyg got out. The servant girl held up a blanket for Tyg to wrap herself in. Tyg sat on the rug and poured herself a glass of wine, while the other two also got out, wrapped themselves in blankets and also sat down.
“This is absolutely marvellous Tyg” Rwhen said. “Just what we needed”
“Oh yes, this place is wonderful” Rowan agreed.
“I thought you both might like it” Tyg said as she popped a strawberry in her mouth.
Rwhen stretched out and lay down on the blanket eating a bunch of grapes. She glanced over at Tyg.
“So, tell us Tyg, what exactly is going on with Maedhros” Rwhen said it in a way so Tyg knew exactly what she meant by the question.
Tyg looked at her a moment, then took a sip of her wine.
“Nothing is ‘going on’ with Maedhros, Rwhen, thanks for asking” Tyg said it sounding a bit bitter.
Rwhen sat up.
“Sorry I thought…well…”
“It’s like this; I told Maedhros at MoME that I could restore his hand to him, if he in turn could help me with my problem of Melkor”
Rwhen looked thoughtful while Rowan sat quietly listening.
“Yes, I felt the remainder of Morgoth’s presence in your mind, but I don’t see how Maedhros could have accomplished such a thing?”
Tyg chose her words very carefully then, watching Rwhen and Rowan
“He was able to use a Silmaril to shut off the connection and hold Melkor had had over me ever since my creation”
Both Ladies sat bolt upright, Rowan spilling her drink. They said almost simultaneously. “A Silmaril!”
“Yes, I have one in the fortress, secured behind a rock wall. Melkor was going to use it and others to come back from the void he was banished too”
Both ladies were speechless.
“And now I have Maedhros enslaved to Minas Morgul because he won’t leave the Sil because of his oath.”
Rwhen looked down at her hands as what Tyg said sunk in.
Rowan placed a hand on Tyg’s shoulder.
“I’m sure Maedhros is not here solely because of the Silmaril”
Tyg looked at Rowan.
“Really. Well I have seen nothing to the contrary”
Rwhen decided to put the seriousness of what it meant to Gondor having a Silmaril back in the hands of a Feanor aside – for now – and turned her attention to what it meant for Tyg and Maedhros.
“You forget dear, that he never left your bedside while you were lost to us, I think that displays emotions that belie what you are saying”
Tyg tucked her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She rested her chin on her knees.
“Well that may be, but seriously, how many hints must I give the man” Tyg looked at the water in front of her “I’ve never had to go to any sort of lengths like this before”
Rowan smiled “He is an elf, Tyg; we have certain ways things should be done”
“Yes” Rwhen agreed “You are very different to anyone he has probably ever met before. Your freedom in that area probably intimidates him.”
Tyg looked at Rwhen, questions in her eyes.
“He’s not the first elf to come my way you know, and he is known as Matimo, surely he has had girls falling over themselves to be with him.”
“He was always a very intense persona” Rowan answered “Although elven girls swooned at his feet, he, rather like you now, intimidated them and scared them off eventually”
“It’s his intenseness I find so appealing, he is so strong of character”
“Well just remember Tyg, he has not been with any woman before, to do so, in Elven society, is tantamount to marriage” Rwhen explained, and then screwed her face up. “Although obviously there are some rogue elves out there that do not follow some of our laws”
Tyg looked at Rwhen wistfully “Do you judge me for that?”
Rwhen laughed and patted one of Tyg’s hands. “No dear, you are not one of us and not bound by our rules, however if one of those elves were to return to our home, they would have to face their demons”
Tyg laughed a bitter laugh. “Demons indeed”
“Tyg I did not mean…”
“I know….i know”
“So you both think I should back off and wait?”
“Well, I wouldn’t back off too much dear, but perhaps taking things a bit slower would be better for Maedhros to have the time he needs” Rwhen replied
“Have you spoken with Maedhros himself about your feelings Tyg?” Rowan asked.
Tyg shook her head.
“Well, perhaps we can help you a bit with Maedhros” Rwhen said with a smile.
“You would both do that?” Tyg asked looking at the two ladies.
Rwhen and Rowan shared a volumnous look and smiled at each other.
“Why do I think this could be a huge mistake?” Tyg said looking at them.
They all laughed.
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Postby rowanberry » Sat Dec 22, 2007 2:34 pm

Rowan leaned back. “First, we’ll have to make Maedhros feel safe. Elves avoid committing to each other during times of unrest and danger; that is the main reason that, he never even thought of marrying during the First Age, not even in the relatively peaceful years of the Siege of Angband. He knew that the peace wouldn’t last in the end. And then, you’ll just have to let him understand what you feel for him, not in a too straightforward manner, but so clearly that there is no mistake. If he feels what I believe he does, that should get him to act.”

Tyg nodded. “Sounds all right to me. However, I see a serious threat to any peace right now. I mean Celegorm and his outrageous demeanour.” She then told the others about what had happened that morning; Rowan had already heard the account of Celegorm’s behaviour the night before from Rwhen. “I told him straight that, I don’t like him, and that he’ll find out that, if he continues to act in the same way, he’s out of Minas Morgul for good. Even if I’ll have to drag him out of the gates myself.”

Rowan took a deep breath. “I have no doubt about it, Tyg. And, I have talked with Maedhros about him. However, regardless of what he is like, I should advise you to act as diplomatically as you can. If there is even the slightest possibility that he feels mistreated, he can really try and do something stupid – like, agitate his younger brothers to attack Minas Morgul. And that, I’m afraid, would lead into a disaster, just the way the attack on Doriath did.

“Celegorm is an avid hunter, and Huan is a hunting dog. I think that, he was simply bored – chasing cats isn’t something that he would normally condescend to do.” Rowan’s face lit up, and she snapped her fingers. “That’s it – I’ll try and get them on a hunting trip. That should get him off your hair at least for a while. Tell me, Tyg, there sure are plenty of good hunting grounds around? I mean, for something big, like deer or boar?”
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Sat Dec 22, 2007 9:11 pm

Whilst Tyg and the elven women had gone, Baph had been walking the castle, brooding over his predicament. He had been walking for hours, and suddenly found himself in the uttermost depths of the fortress, where the Silmaril was kept. He looked around, to see that he was alone as he walked up to the pure white marble wall, in which the Sil was contained. Baph studied the wall, then ran a hand over the area of the Sil. He felt a sudden jolt, though not enough to cause any damage it was surely enough to make him retract his hand in pain. Out of the shadows, he heard a familiar voice, "It doesnt like anyone foriegn." Baph swung around to where the voice had come from, yet saw no one. "Who dares?! Show yourself!" he shouted at the darkness.

Emerging from the gloom he saw the shape of Alatar walking towards him. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, Baph spoke to him. "I apologise. I thought I was alone. And what do you mean by, it does not like forigners?" Alatar chuckled, "It merely means that anyone who has not come from the Undying Lands can hold the Silmarils without ill effect. Their light burnt the skin of The Ancient Enemy long ago, even though he was bretheren of Manwe."
"But the Queen touched it, and had no effect." was the riposte
"You forget, she has servants that are expendable to her"

Baph agreed with this. He had seen Tyg be most brutal with her servants when they had been out of line. He laughed suddenly, "Never had I thought I would learn something new from anyone save myself. It is a real treat." Alatar bowed, "It is my pleasure. Yet I am curious as to what I may learn from you. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am quite sure I am well informed, but you are head of her Highness' 'Death-Squad'? Also that you recall the bodies of your enemies fallen to aid you in the battle? Tell me, as I am curious, what is the history and origins of this practice?"

For the first time in many long years, Baph revealed his true personality. "You truly wish to know? It is a long story..." he asked of him, but still relishing the idea of having a conversation with someone of equal, or maybe even more, intelligence than himself. But still he was looking forward to anything that could take his mind off Tyg. Alatar nodded, "I am always looking for new and exciting knowledge, even if most of today's society shuns it and calls it evil or untowardly." With that, Baph started. "Necromancy has had a long and very disparate history between cultures and generations. The definition seems to slide in every way at once thus seemingly muddling its clarity. Many cultures and societies and sub-cultures have adopted the term "necromancy" as the title of their practice, which is not necessarily wrong, but it has caused quite a lot of confusion for the etymologically-minded who tend to be quick to point a finger at things which do not fit the strict definition of "corpse divination" as it might appear to their modern standards. Necromancy's etymology comes from two Greek words. "Nekros" which means "corpse" and "manteia" which means "prophesy". Despite these roots though, we must remember a fact about the nature of dictionaries which is most poignantly brought out by Jorge Luis Borges in the prologue to "El otro, el mismo". He cleverly noted that 'It is often forgotten that [dictionaries] are artificial repositories, put together well after the languages they define. The roots of language are irrational and of a magical nature.' The origins of the word "necromancy" itself comes from the Greek and Roman world where necromancy was practiced as the name might suggest: divination out of corpses..."
This conversation went till dinner was called, and the lady Rowan was sent down to break up the huge conversing that took place.
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Postby Tygarya » Sun Dec 23, 2007 7:07 pm

That night after the ladies returned from their journey to the waterfall, they all had a pleasant dinner in the dining hall that over looked the valley and the stream of Morgulduin. Tyg had decided that a less formal setting was needed to fully gauge the King’s true personality. She knew he could claim, technically, that Minas Ithil was his, although she had enough wealth to perhaps buy it off him if he so demanded, but with having the Silmaril there Tyg would fight to retain Minas Morgul if needed and she knew Maedhros would do the same She knew though that Aragon was schooled enough to know that what is lost in battle is no longer rightfully yours and it was lost before Aragon’s time.

After chatting politely for several minutes Tyg had decided that she quite liked Aragon, he was down to earth, honest and friendly. Must have something to do with his Ranger life, Tyg thought to herself, it taught him to be humble.
Tyg decided it was time to get things out in the open.
‘So, you may have noticed Maedhros seems to have grown a hand back’ Tyg said to Aragon suddenly.
The casual way Tyg said it made everyone fall silent slowly, as she sipped her glass of wine she watched everyone carefully. She laid a hand on top of Maedhros’s left hand that was near her, as he was sitting to her right. She patted it in reassurance.
‘I made an agreement with Maedhros at MoME that I could restore his right hand, if he returned with me to Minas Morgul. I felt it was a good deed, to show my intent of peace in Middle Earth. I had the capability, although it drained me to the extent of my dear friend Arwen having to come to my aid, but all is well now.’
Aragon scratched his chin, she was holding something back. Rwhen looked at Tyg wondering why she had not mentioned Morgoth’s influence on her, she had not had time to talk to Aragon alone herself. Maedhros was relieved Tyg hadn’t mentioned the Silmaril not knowing that Tyg had already mentioned it to Rwhen.
‘Our family is in debt to you for such a kind deed’ Celegorm said formally, Maedhros frowned fearing his brother would say something wrong, but Maglor interrupted.
‘Indeed we are, that is why Maedhros has agreed to stay in Minas Morgul with Tygarya and help her bring the East and orcs towards peace’
‘But why?’ Celegorm blurted out, causing Maedhros to hide his face in his right hand. ‘We want him home at Himring!’
Aragon looked around the table watching faces, surprised by some of the reactions.
Tyg calmly looked at Maedhros, leaning towards him slightly she whispered, ‘I think you need to have a serious talk with your brother again. Last warning.’
Maedhros looked at her, getting her meaning. He nodded.
Tyg then turned back to Aragon, smiling at Rwhen who was sitting close to her beloved.
‘I take it your rooms are to your satisfaction?’ Tyg asked then, promptly changing the subject again, with a tone that the subject was now closed - hoping that it would be.
‘Yes thank you for your hospitality” Aragon said “Rwhen has said wonderful things about you and the friendship you developed while at MoME, you have done nothing but show me the truth of it”
“Well, that may be true but we are still in opposing fortresses, standing wearily watching each other”
Aragon chose his words carefully. “Indeed, we are”
Tyg put down her wine glass and looked seriously at Aragon.
“I think it would be about time we did something about that, don’t you?”
“Depends on what ‘something’ you have in mind” Aragon countered. Everyone was looking at the two of them, holding their breaths.
“I believe it is about time there was a peace accord written between the East and the South, what say you Aragon?” Tyg said with a smile “Time to put old foes and history behind us and move forward?”
“I believe it would be a wise decision for all of us”
They shook hands on it….knowing that words were all well and good, but it would take months to actually get an accord written up to the point where all parties would be ready to sign it, but this was at least a start.
“Excellent, then as my first show of peace to Gondor I feel it is only fair that I reveal something to you in confidence.” Tyg said mysteriously standing up.
She glanced at Maedhros.
“Please accompany us Maedhros, this concerns you”
Tyg then looked at Rwhen.
“And my friend Rwhen, please accompany Aragon”
All three of them, Aragon, Maedhros and Rwhen stood.
“Please follow me.” Tyg said to the trio, but then turned to the rest of the company. “The rest of you, please continue your meals. Tomorrow there has been planned a hunt, Rowan’s idea, for you all to hopefully enjoy and expend some energy. It will be through the pass and out on the plains of the East where deer roam, so it will be a couple of days. I think you will enjoy it” Tyg looked mainly at Celegorm as she said it, then turned and left the dining hall.

They all made their way out of the dining hall and to the stairs, as they started walking down them Maedhros whispered to Tyg nervously.
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”
“No, but it must be done. Aragon must know what he is up against here, before he decides to seek peace with us; I want no surprises to ruin this”
“Peace is important to you then?”
“Yes, Maedhros, it is”

They continued down till they reached the foyer and then Tyg handed Aragon and Maedhros torches. They then stepped behind the stairs and down the dark stone steps to the dungeon where the Silmaril was.

Upon reaching the dungeon the torches flared up - as usual - lighting the dark room. As Aragon’s eyes adjusted to the sudden light his eyes fell on the pure white marble wall where the Sil was glowing. He exclaimed through a sharp intake of breath.
“Aragon, I would like you to know that a Feanorian Silmaril is back in Middle Earth and Maedhros has full control of it”
Tyg studied both Rwhen and Aragon and waited for a reply.
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Postby rowanberry » Tue Dec 25, 2007 11:33 am

Rowanberry wasn’t very happy when she returned to her room after the dinner. The picnic had been great, and her idea of a hunt had been well received; but, she felt that, she had utterly failed again in her task of keeping Celegorm in some kind of control. She had been seated too far from him at the dinner table, in the company of Alatar and Baphomet, to be able to intervene in any way when he had started to be all mouth again.

And, speaking about Alatar and Baphomet… She still didn’t quite trust the wizard, and the necromancer even less.

When she opened the door, she found Huan waiting there again. She patted the dog, and asked as lightheartedly as she could: “Now, have you decided to move here for good?” He just waved his tail a couple of times, and tried to lick her arm.

Somewhat later, there was a knock on the door. “Lady Rowan?” She recognised Celegorm’s voice, sighed, and went to open the door. “Well?”

“I heard that Huan had been seen to come here. What on Earth is he doing in your room?” the son of Fëanor said in his usual straightforward manner.

Rowan was a bit annoyed of his tone. She shrugged. “Well, maybe he just prefers my quarters over yours, for some reason. I haven’t asked him to come, but am not going to command him to leave, either.”

She stepped back from the door to let him enter. But just at that moment, Huan playfully jumped against her, so that she lost her balance, and swayed right against Celegorm, who had to grab her to avoid falling himself.

They stood like that for a second. Then, Rowan quickly pulled back, as if the man’s touch had burned her, blushing for embarrassment. She turned to Huan, who looked totally innocent. “Stupid dog. What did you do that for?” she said sternly.

“Here, Huan”, Celegorm commanded. But, instead of obeying him, the dog turned his back at him, walked lazily to the fireplace, and lay down on the rug in front of it.

Rowan saw a flash in his eyes, and to stop him from losing his temper, she suggested: “Now, let him sleep here tonight. I’ll get him ready for the hunt tomorrow, and after that, he’ll have to come and stay with you again. Would that be all right?”

Celegorm didn’t look pleased, but didn’t do anything to go after his dog, either. “All right, then”, he said abruptly, turned on his heels, and stormed away.

Rowanberry closed the door and collapsed on her bed.
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Postby Son of Fëanor » Wed Dec 26, 2007 3:44 pm

Curufin was alone when the letter was brought to him, which was just as well.

    Maedhros Feanorion Lord of Himring to Curufin Feanorion Steward of Himring, Greeetings.

    Recognize the handwriting?

    I am happy to report that things are progressing well here in the south. I was quite surprised by the arrival of our brother Celegorm several days ago. While the fault for his presence must largely be placed on the shoulders of the King of Gondor, I would have expected at least a warning from you.

    I hope that other matters are being handled with more attention and care in my absense. I will not be able to return to Himring for some time, but as you can see, I have not been in better health since Thangorodrim. I will continue to update you on our progress here, and wish that you would be as diligent in this regard.

    The Lady Rowanberry did arrive, and she will do what she can to restrain our forthright brother, but the political situation here at the moment is very delicate, and it would be a shame if our family were responsible for yet another major war.

    I miss winters in the north. The stars are not so clear here. Maglor also sends his greetings, and wishes the best to you and Caranthir and the twins. Greet Celebrimbor for us as well.

Curufin resisted the urge to crumple up the paper and throw it in the fire. Maedhros was not always fair, but he was far more reasonable than their father. He could be grateful for the small things. So allowing Celegorm to go had been a mistake. He'd thought as much, but he would have liked to see even Feanor himself restrain Celegorm when he got into these moods. He had done what he could. But perhaps he had not understood the situation he was sending him into. Maedhros spoke of delicate politics now in the same way as he had before the Union before the Fifth Battle. That worried him. What was Maedhros up to down there in Minas Morgul?

Well, other than getting his hand back, of course. Curufin had not seen this flowing script since they left Valinor so many ages ago. Maedhros was a competent writer with his left hand, but it always slanted and looked merely passable. With his right hand - he had very fine penmanship.

Celebrimbor walked in. "Is everything all right, father?"

"Yes. We've just had news from the south. Your uncles send you greetings."

"So it turned out, then? Celegorm is behaving himself?"

"As well as could be expected, I suppose. Maedhros is not pleased."

"Well, better him than us," Celebrimbor grinned. "If he's that displeased, he can truss up Celegorm and bring him back here in person."

"Maybe he can, now that he has a right hand again."


He handed the letter to Celebrimbor, who looked at it in awe. "He really did then....How is that possible?"

"I'm not sure, but whatever is happening is ongoing. I won't expect him back for some time yet. And so I think we are free of Celegorm for a bit longer."

Before Celebrimbor had much time to digest this news, Curufin sent him to fetch his uncles, so he could share the news with them.
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Postby rwhen » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:21 am

Rwhen brought her hand to her mouth to cover what should have been a startled expression, she did not want her betrothed to think her disloyal at not having spoken of the Silmaril before. "Tyg, how ever....." Aragorn stopped her with light pressure on her shoulder blades.

"I will not think to ask how you came into possession of one of the Silmarils, Lady Tygarya," Aragorn attempted to keep his tone neutral, but was not too successful. "Could this be the reason the Lady Arwen had to awaken you from your sleep? Did the bauble somehow entrance you or take possession of you?"

Tyg looked to Maedhros, the Sil, Rwhen and then back to Aragorn. "I am certain that the process of restoring the hand of Maedhros had something to do with the sleep. The important thing is that I am now awake and have trusted you with a thing of great value. Have I misplaced my trust?" Tyg drew herself up to her full height, staring Aragorn full on.

"Tyg," Rwhen began "of course you have our trust. We would not be here if we did not trust you, right?" she turned to face her intended with a *you better agree with me, or else* look.

Aragorn coughed, having seen THAT look before. "I do not understand and incomprehension makes me wary, that is all. This is a powerful tool, dangerous as it is beautiful. Maedhros? You are in control of the trinket?" The look that Maedhros turned on The King of Gondor was flat and unmovable. Deciding a change of subject was called for, "Maedhros, have you regained full use of your hand?"

"It seems to be as if I never lost it. It will take time to adjust to using two hands instead of one, but I am sure the attachment is complete." The son of Fëanor ran a hand through his hair, using the newly acquired one to punctuate his point.

Tygarya had come to stand closer to Maedhros as if for protection in case things went sour. Rwhen, seeing the movement chose the opposite. She moved easily to stand between the couple and Aragorn. "I am a healer of sorts, would it be alright if I looked closer? Purely for medical interests of course. Tyg, would you be a dear and raise the sleeve a touch?" Rwhen had a twinkle in her eye and it was not lost on her friend.

"Indeed, Lady I would appreciate you making certain the hand won't just fall off at an inconvenient time." She rolled her eyes at her brash statement, which only Rwhen really understood.

Rwhen supressed the urge to giggle and carefully, thoughtfully examined the response to nerve pressure and flow of blood to the hand from the veins in the wrist. "It appears you should be able to perform all necessary tasks that you used to be capable of." She smiled at Tygarya. "Maedhros, would you please take Tygarya's hand and first put light pressure on it and then increase until I say to stop?"

"Why, what will that prove," Maedhros was about finished with being treated like a lab rat, "the hand works, that is all you need to know."

"Now friend," started Aragorn, "the Lady would not ask you this boon if it were not necessary, what say we humor her?" Aragorn was not smiling.

A brief silence was broken by Tyg taking the hand in question and smiling at Maedhros, "shall I squeeze first?" the wicked look in her eye was not lost to any in the room.

To the surprise of all in the room, Maedhros smiled hugely. "I think I can manage the Lady Rwhen's request." He softly caressed Tyg's hand and for some reason Rwhen saw a light blush coming to her face. The pressure began and when she could see the blood flow restricted in the Queen's wrist, Rwhen called for him to stop.

"Now, are you able to lift? Say, could you lift Tyg?" Rwhen had all innocence in her face as she waited for the reply.

Maedhros gladly complied and lifted the Queen off her feet and then set her back down again.

"That will do," Rwhen smiled. "That will do just fine."

Aragorn was getting annoyed by this posturing and decided it was time to move forward. "Queen Tygarya, you have shown me this tonight in an effort to convince me of your noble offer of peace between Tirith and Morgul. I accept your offer to draw a treaty between us. I would only ask one thing." He turned towards Maedhros. "Before this power is used for any reason other than personal, if any use affects Gondor or any other peaceful realm of Middle Earth, that I would at least be notified. Is that fair?"

Maedhros thought for a moment. He certainly did not intend to use the stone for evil. Tygarya only wanted peace. Seemed harmless enough a request and he put forth his newly attached hand as a symbol of agreement. The men shook and the ladies head out of the dungeon.

When they were sufficiently ahead of the men, Tyg turned to Rwhen. "What are you at then? Do you see Maedhros and I as a pair? And, if that were so, do you really think I need help?" Tyg smiled to show that she was mostly speaking in jest.

"First my friend, we could all use help, wouldn't you agree?" Tyg smiled in return. "Second, I am AT nothing and lastly, I will keep my thoughts to myself regarding Maedhros. Time waits for us all."

The men had caught up with the ladies and Tyg changed the subject quickly. "King Aragorn, will you ride with the hunt tomorrow or shall I arrange for other amusements?"

"Thank you for the offer, I need to be getting some messages off to my officers in the morning." Aragorn noticed the tight expression on the face of the Fëanorian. "Be assured, the knowledge of the Silmaril will not leave this dungeon by my lips nor my Lady's. But, there is a kingdom to run as you would know."

He bowwed to the Queen and took Rwhen by the arm as they made their way back upstairs, Tygara and Maedhros followed. When they came to the main floor, it was agreed to toast the meeting with a nightcap and meet again in the morning.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:59 am

Maedhros opened the door to the rooms he shared with Maglor, and wasted no time. "Where is our brother?"

"He's looking for his dog," Maglor replied.

"I have half a mind to chew him out when he returns, but I feel he'll soon be immune to lectures."

"At least he'll be away tomorrow."

"Yes, but he needs constant supervision." Maedhros frowned, considering.

"Won't you be going with him?" Maglor asked, a bit surprised.

"No, I'll stay here. I don't want to be away while Tygarya and Aragorn work out some of the details of this first peace accord."

"It's about the Silmaril, isn't it?"

Maedhros nodded. "Please don't tell Celegorm yet. I fear..."

"I understand. It would drive him mad. To have it just out of reach...."

Maedhros looked surprised. "But it's..."

"Accessable to you alone, because of your hand. If I still were bound by the Oath, I suppose it would be a torment to watch."

Maedhros frowned. "Yes, we definitely cannot tell him..."

"I'll go with him tomorrow, to keep an eye on him. Don't worry."

"Maybe I'll worry for you," Maedhros smirked, "but I've seldom worried about Celegorm while he was out on a hunt."

Maglor rolled his eyes at his brother. "I'm not that bad! And I'm doing you a favor."

"Okay, fair enough. You take him tomorrow, and I'll get him the next day. Distraction is the key..."

At that moment, Celegorm walked in.

"Where's Huan?" Maglor asked.

"With Rowanberry," he answered shortly, clearly not in a pleasant mood.

"I hope you enjoy the hunt tomorrow," Maedhros said.

"Aren't you coming with us?"

"No, I have some things to take care of here."


"Celegorm. I am not here because I find the climate pleasant. I came to Minas Morgul for a reason, and here I will remain until I accomplish what I came to do."

"But you have your hand back! Why can't you come back to Himring now?"

"I trust Curufin will take care of Himring in my absense. If you want to know details, ask your questions in private. I have had enough of being embarrassed by your naive outbursts in front of strangers."

Celegorm's face reddened, and he turned to go to his own rooms without further comment.

"I am not unwilling to give time to my brother," Maedhros said to his back. "We can spar in the practice yard on the morning after you get back."

Celegorm nodded in acknowledgement, but did not stay.
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