Speculation: Migrations of Eastern Elves and Dwarves

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Speculation: Migrations of Eastern Elves and Dwarves

Postby Otaku-sempai » Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:41 am

Earlier I was in the Middle-earth Roleplaying forums at Cubicle 7, and a question was asked about the Wood-elves' "kinsfolk in the South" as mentioned in The Hobbit. The easy answer is that Bilbo was referring to the Elves of Lothlórien, though contact between Lórien and the Woodland Realm probably waned anywhere from 500 to 1000 years previously.

That did get me thinking (again) about the East-elves and their possible movements in the centuries following the Great Journey. I've wondered if Avari Elves might have wandered south along the East Sea into the Hither Lands, eventually to colonize rain forests in what would become Far Harad. East-elves might have also come to inhabit the wood north of the Sea of Rhûn, trading with their neighbors in Dorwinion. They might even be the source of the strong Dorwinion wines.


Dwarves from the East might have settled in the hills south of Dorwinion. The prospect of Dwarves settling in the distant South seems less likely, if only because they would have to travel long distances in order to reach mountains in the Hither Lands. The Mountains of Mordor didn't seem to exist before the Second Age, though Dwarves might have attempted to colonize them during one of the periods when Sauron was quiet (the first centuries of the Third Age or the years of the Watchful Peace). Dwarves fleeing south from the Mountains of Shadow would have had to cross the deserts of Haradwaith to reach the mountains of Far Harad south of Umbar.

I am basing my observations on Karen Wynn Fonstad's maps extrapolated from Tolkien's sketched map of Arda in the First Age, so there is a lot of room for speculation and debate on the subject. It is entirely possible that Tolkien would have made major revisions if he had taken the opportunity to revisit his map. Here is Tolkien's original sketch:

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