The New Shadow

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The New Shadow

Postby Thor 'n' Oakenshield » Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:21 pm

There might already be a thread about this, but I was wondering recently about what Tolkien's sequel to the Lord of the Rings might have been like, and was trying to decide who the "New Shadow" was actually supposed to be. Obviously, the Herumor mentioned as having been a King of Harad can't have still been alive in the Fourth Age, when that name inspired such dread and mystery in the discarded story, unless – and I might have dates mixed up here :? – unless he was a Nazgul? Though how a Nazgul would have survived the destruction of the Rings? Or is Herumor the Mouth of Sauron, as I thought at first? I was wondering what the consensus among other readers was about who the Fourth Age enemy might have been, and what events it might have covered? The New Shadow has always fascinated me; the few pages that were written are extremely haunting, and, as Tolkien said, would have been a great opening for a ME thriller! Does anybody else feel that way?
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