Was Galadriel able to impair Sauron's vision?

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Was Galadriel able to impair Sauron's vision?

Postby Oberiko » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:15 am

I recall reading a passage somewhere, and can't find it again, that Galadriel / Lothlorien was able to somehow impede Sauron's vision / shadow westward.

After Frodo's experience on the Seat of Seeing, we can tell that there is some directionality to Sauron's outreach.
The two powers strove in him. For a moment, perfectly balanced between their piercing points, he writhed, tormented. Suddenly he was aware of himself again. Frodo, neither the Voice nor the Eye: free to choose, and with one remaining instant in which to do so. He took the Ring off his finger. He was kneeling in clear sunlight before the high seat. A black shadow seemed to pass like an arm above him; it missed Amon Hen and groped out west, and faded. Then all the sky was clean and blue and birds sang in every tree.

And from UT we can see that Galadriel is able to drive back the shadow of Dol Guldur
In part this was due to events unknown to them, which had come to pass since Borondir set out; but other powers also were at work. For when at last the host drew near to Dol Guldur, Eorl turned away westward for fear of the dark shadow and cloud that flowed out from it, and then he rode on within sight of Anduin. Many of the riders turned their eyes thither, half in fear and half in hope to glimpse from afar the shimmer of the Dwimordene, the perilous land that in legends of their people was said to shine like gold in the springtime. But now it seemed shrouded in a gleaming mist and to their dismay the mist passed over the river and flowed over the land before them.

Eorl did not halt. "Ride on!" he commanded. "There is no other way to take. After so long a road shall we be held back from battle by a river-mist?"

As they drew nearer they saw that the white mist was driving back the glooms of Dol Guldur, and soon they passed into it, riding slowly at first and warily; but under its canopy all things were lit with a clear and shadowless light, while to left and right they were guarded as it were by white walls of secrecy.

"The Lady of the Golden Wood is on our side, it seems,” said Borondir.

Is there another example? I vaguely recall reading an author's note, or something by Christopher Tolkien, that Galadriel was able to hinder Sauron's westward gaze beyond Lorien.
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Re: Was Galadriel able to impair Sauron's vision?

Postby scirocco » Fri Jan 17, 2020 5:18 am

I'm not sure that it's anything as specific as blocking Sauron's view in a particular direction. That would have been a bit too literal for JRRT I think. But certainly there is an aspect of a one-way directionality between Galadriel and Sauron, as with the examples you mention.

Another one is at the Mirror when she says to Frodo:

I say to you, Frodo, that even as I speak to you, I perceive the Dark Lord and know his mind, or all of his mind that concerns the Elves. And he gropes ever to see me and my thought. But still the door is closed!

LOTR, The Mirror of Galadriel
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