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:D Hello new member! Welcome to the Messageboard! :D

We are glad you are here!

This messageboard is affectionately known as TORC which stands for The One Ring.com.

So, you are now officially a TORCer!

In the other announcement in this forum is a message of welcome and some guidelines that will help you settle in here. It provides additional information that will help make visits here much more enjoyable for yourself and everyone else. (Please bear in mind, though, that it was written some time ago, before a change of messageboard, so some things may be out-of-date.)

A note about the change of messageboard: The software that runs the messageboard was upgraded at the end of 2012, and as a result, things are still in flux. For instance, the formatting of older posts is messy and makes long posts unreadable. The messageboard is currently a work in progress, and I hope to keep this thread updated with all necessary changes. Any suggestions regarding the messageboard should be posted in The One Ring forum.


In this introduction message you will find information on...

  1. The Terms of Service
  2. The Administration / Staff of TORC
  3. The Layout of TORC
  4. The Role-playing Forums
  5. The Emoticon Gang , a.k.a the Smilies
  6. Pictures and Text in Signatures
  7. Codes for formatting your posts
  8. The fine art of "Bumping"
  9. Double-posting
  10. Subscribing to Threads
  11. Searching Threads

There is a lot of information in this message, but it is all worth reading. It is a compilation of many tips which have been picked up from other members.

Before we get started here are some good words of advice from your fellow TORCers.

From ateelah ...

If you find a thread on the messageboard that you would like to participate in, it's a good idea to read the beginning post and some of the replies. Some of the threads are started as jokes. This sometimes gets lost as the replies start to stack up. Some of the threads are serious and your response should be too.

If you feel someone has responded to your reply in a harsh manner, ignore them. There is no point in exchanging insults with them. It's better just to find another thread, or start one of your own.

Make sure you are posting in the correct forum. There are many to choose from related to the different books, movies, art, etc.

From Liendle ...

Open your eyes, open your mind, pay attention and make a habit of reading more than you post.


1 - T H E   T E R M S   O F   S E R V I C E

A must read for all members is the Terms of Service. The TOS covers the rules of etiquette and decorum for this Family Friendly Site.

If you come across a post that is in violation of the TOS you should use the global mod address, Moderators@theonering.com

Finally, consider getting adopted. Several respected members of the TORC community take newcomers under their wings in the Adoption forum and mentor them in the ways of this site. To become "adopted" just pop into the forum and post on the thread that you feel would suit you best (at the moment, there are really only two active Adoption threads: Bookworms' Gateway to the Lounge & Garden III - All Welcome and Now known as Vana's adoption thread!).


2 - T H E   F O U N D E R S   A N D   M O D E R A T O R S   O F   T H I S   S I T E

To just drop a friendly note/suggestion, provided below are the email addresses of the people who maintain this site. All of them want you to enjoy your visits to TORC and need your participation and help in keeping this a fun place to visit.

The Founders of this fine web-site are:

Jon and Ted no longer handle interpersonal messageboard problems, please refer problems to the:

Messageboard Moderators

These are the guys who oversee the running of the board and help keep a "method to the madness", which means they have the power to lock threads, delete posts, move threads to the appropriate forum, and if necessary warn or ban people for anti-social behaviour, or refer problems they can't handle to Jonathan. There is a global Mod email address, Moderators@theonering.com But if you need to contact them individually, the currently-active Mods are:

NOTE: The Mods receive a lot of spam and virus mail. Please be sure to start your Subject line with the word "TORC" . Otherwise, there is a good chance your e-mail will be lost in the Great Spam Flood and will be missed / deleted.

You can recognize the Mods by the symbol that appears above their names, which is also the TORC logo: Image


3 - T H E   L A Y O U T   O F   T O R C


FIRST - The symbols directly above your post count indicate your current "post count status":

Image (Sword) = 10 posts

Image (Diamond) = 50 posts

Image (Red Shield) = 100 posts

Image (Rohan Shield) = 500 posts

Image (Gondor Shield) = 1000 posts

Image (Mariner's Shield) = 5000 posts

Image (The One Ring) = 10,000 posts

SECOND - The symbol above your nickname is your "banner" (or "avatar").

You start with a "default" banner (the Blue Wizard) but can change it by going into User Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit Avatar (located at the top of any screen).

The Alliance, just below your title, corresponds with your current banner choice. (Since the messageboard change, this isn't visible at the moment, although the banner and Alliance images are.)

The Alliances:

Image - House of Beren (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Finrod Felagund (Wikipedia article)

Image - no alliance (Blue Wizard)

Image - Rohan (Wikipeda article)

Image - House of Bëor (Wikipedia article)

Image - Valinor (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Gil-galad (Wikipedia article)

Image - Númenórë (Wikipedia article)

Image - no alliance (Eowyn)

Image - House of Elwë (Wikipedia article)

Image - Servant to Galadriel (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Haleth (Wikipedia article)

Image - Dol Amroth (Wikipedia article)

Image - Mordor (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Círdan (Wikipedia article)

Image - Dale (Wikipedia article)

Image - The Shire (Wikipedia article)

Image - Fangorn (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Eärendil (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Hador (Wikipedia article)

Image - Grey Havens (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Finwë (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Fëanor (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Elrond (Wikipedia article)

Image - Saruman (Wikipedia article)

Image - Minas Morgul (Wikipedia article)

Image - Gondor (Wikipedia article)

Image - Stewards of Gondor (Wikipedia article)

Image - Haradrim (Wikipedia article)

Image - Angband (Wikipedia article)

Image - Servant to Melian (Wikipedia article)

Image - Easterlings (Wikipedia article)

Image - Durin's Folk (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Fingolfin (Wikipedia article)

Image - Servant to Lúthien (Wikipedia article)

Image - House of Thranduil (Wikipedia article)

The Moderators can be identified by their Alliance, "The One Ring", and by their banner: Image

ImageWhat is this banner and why can't you find it on your Alliances list? It is a mod Alliance with a medal, and symbolizes a person who was once a Moderator but has since retired to being a regular poster. It's a sign of our appreciation for them and all they have done.

THIRD - The "Title" just below your nickname indicates your ranking as follows:

(This applies if you are not a Premiere Member. Premiere Members are noticeable by their names being in red and having signatures - see below.)

Petitioner to the Council.............1 post
Citizen of Imladris....................20 posts
Shield Bearer..........................100 posts
Rider of the Mark.....................500 posts
Ranger of the North...................1000 posts
Mariner.................................5000 posts
Ringbearer.............................10000 posts
Herald of Manwë......................25000 posts


4 - T H E   R O L E-P L A Y I N G   F O R U M S

Role-playing (or RP, for short) can be intimidating for a newcomer, particularly if English isn't your first language. I'd suggest trying to find a role-playing thread that has only recently started, or else an inn thread, as that is what we call "RP-lite" ie: not quite so intense and gives you a more gentle introduction to role-playing. However, you'll find that everyone who takes part in RP is very welcoming and understanding as long as you read the introduction and don't immediately kill any of their characters. They're always willing to help. A bit of background research into the role-playing never goes amiss, but if you're interested in it, then that's no hardship.

Look at Rules and Guidelines for Role Playing for an idea of what role-playing is and how it works. Then, get your role-playing feet wet in the Beginner Role Playing Thread entitled The Lucky Fortune Inn - Grand Re Opening, courtesy of erinhue. erinhue welcomes all newbies to pay a visit to the The Lucky Fortune Inn in the Welcome forum. So stop in for a drink on the house and get your first taste of newbie-friendly role-play.


5 - T H E   E M O T I C O N   G A N G   a. k. a.   T H E   S M I L I E S

You can insert "emoticons" or "smilies" to brighten up your post or make it more expressive, by typing the appropriate code. The picture won't appear as you type them, but will when you submit your post. Instead of typing the code, you can also insert a smiley by clicking on its picture to the right of the reply window - more smilies are available when you click the View more smilies link.


6 - P I C T U R E S   A N D   T E X T   I N   Y O U R   S I G N A T U R E

***This is available only to members with " Premiere Memberships "***

A Premiere Membership (or PM) is a paid subscription to TORC, and allows you some extra priviledges, such as having a signature and a custom title. However, at the moment, there isn't an option to buy a Premiere Membership as Jonathan is busy tweaking things with the new messageboard. Those posters that have a PM have had them carried over from the old messageboard.

However, when you are able to buy a PM, here's how to insert a text into your signature. You simply need to choose an image that is hosted on the internet and use the BBCode for "img". (The same way you would if you were inserting an image into a post.) Bear in mind that there is a limit to image dimension and size (as is noted in signature box). A couple of popular free image-hosting websites are Flickr and Photobucket if you want to upload your own images to use in your signature.


7 - C O D E S   F O R   F O R M A T T I N G   Y O U R    P O S T S

This messageboard uses BBCode for formatting your posts. Even if you are familiar with BBCode, I suggest you look at this BBCode guide to see what code is enabled for this messageboard. (Note that BBCode is not enabled for The Adoptions forum.)

I would suggest making liberal use of the "Quote" function, particularly when discussing the books. It makes things much clearer and helps to emphasise points when discussing topics.

You'll notice a little "Quote" button on the top right-hand-side of a person's post. If you click that, then it opens up a reply window with the entire post quoted. Obviously if you're quoting from something/someone else then just use the "quote" code.


This board has the useful option of making polls, if you want your fellow TORCers to vote on a question. A running total of the votes cast appears at the top of your poll thread. How to make a poll:

1. Click on "New Topic" like starting any other thread.
2. Enter in your title in the Subject line.
3. Enter text into message body. A poll MUST have text in the body.
4. Click the "Poll Creation" tab underneath the posting window.
5. Enter in your poll question in the field provided.
6. Enter in your poll option (each option must be on a new line, and you are allowed a maximum of 10 options.
7. Choose how long you poll should run, or leave that section as blank or enter zero for a never-ending poll.
8. Hit "Submit".


Tolkien's characters' names often have special characters in them, which some people's keyboards might not be able to reproduce. If you want to use them, there are several ways. You can:
  • simply copy and paste from elsewhere on the internet
  • use your computer's Character Map and copy and paste the relevant character (Windows computers only)
  • install AllChar (Windows computers only)
  • use Alt-codes (the codes for Macs can be found here)

(If anyone has any advice for Linux users, let me know and I'll add it.)


8 - " B U M P I N G " ?   W H A T   I S   T H A T ?

During your visits you will eventually go into a thread and in the last post the only word you will see is "BUMP".
When you see the single word "bump" posted in a message, the poster did that with the single goal of making that particular thread appear at the top of its respective forum again.

Since threads are listed in order of the most recent post, every time a thread is posted into it moves back up to the top of its forum.

The "bump" is a quick way to do this if you really don't have anything else to say. It is usually done for the benefit of someone else who is looking for the thread or it might be because the "bumper" wants all members to see the thread again with the hope of them clicking into the thread and reading it. Please be discerning with your "bumps" as too many of them will be seen as spam. Instead of just using the word "bump", try posting something of value in line with the general subject of the thread.


9 - D O U B L E - P O S T I N G

Sometimes you will accidentally post the same message two (or more!) times in a row. This happens quite often, and is nothing to get worried about. The best option is to go back to your extra posts and edit them, to remove all the text in place of something of like "sorry! dp" [dp = double-post].

If you post, and immediately get an error message, DON'T press the refresh button. Go back to a view of the thread, and press the refresh button to see if your post went through or not - most likely it did ... and you've just avoided double-posting.

In addition, sometimes TORC will just freeze and eat your post before you've submitted it. I'd strongly advise that if you're preparing a long post to type it up offline in Notepad, or Word or some other word-processing program and then paste it into the posting window, that way all your hard work isn't lost.


1 0 - S U B S C R I B I N G   T O   T H R E A D S

This is a service the messageboard offers for when you have initiated a thread or if you come across a thread and you want to know whenever it is updated (ie: someone posts a new message). Each time the thread is updated after you visit you will receive one email letting you know.

To get notifications, just click the "Watch this topic" link at the top of a thread you want to receive updates for, or, when you make a post, check the "Notify me when a reply is posted" box below the reply box.

Getting too many emails from TORC subscriptions? Then uncheck the "Notify me when a reply is posted" box when posting or editing. Or go to the thread and click the Stop watching this thread link. You can also see what threads you are watching by going to your User Control Panel and clicking on Manage Subscriptions.


1 1 - U S I N G   T H E   " S E A R C H   F U N C T I O N "

The Search function can be very handy (although at the moment, it is being very temperamental and isn't very good). I would suggest using it to see if there is a thread already discussing a topic that you can post to before you start a new topic. It is worth noting that some of the forums also have a handy index at the top of the threads.


In closing, a few more tips:

  • Roam around and visit as many forums as possible.
      It will help you find the places where you can regularly meet with other members with interests which match your own.

  • Join in on and reply to the threads you enjoy.
      Everyone's voices need to be heard.

  • Initiate threads ("Post a New Topic") on things that interest you.
      Please, try to post your new topics in the appropriate forums so you will get more responses to your post, and remember to make sure there isn't already a thread with your topic.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we hope you have fun

Once again, WELCOME! :hihi:

This thread has been revived and updated by heliona from the original thread composed by FrodoTook, luthienelflover, and Blackwood.

Any suggestions to add, please email me (heliona) or the mods. :)

[Last updated January 2013]
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New posters, there's a Welcome and Comprehensive Guide to the Messageboard to answer your questions.
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