New user here, but not a new fan!

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New user here, but not a new fan!

Postby Elaini » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:31 am

Mae Govannen!

I am a female, born in 1983, from Finland. I started to read Tolkien books right before Jackson's movies came out, in 2001. I continued on to Silmarillion and the Hobbit there, and even to a part of History of Middle-Earth. I have most of my books in both Finnish and English.

I do enjoy the movies, but I'm mostly inclined towards the books, and I am a part of roleplaying group (kinship) in Lord of the Rings Online. Since I joined the group, I have composed Arda related music (with lyrics), as well as made Arda related digital art.

Anyway, seems like my Arda obsession hasn't gone anywhere over the years, and there aren't any signs of it passing, either. So I thought of at least saying hello, and getting to know the place. :)
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Re: New user here, but not a new fan!

Postby Ladykat » Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:21 pm

Hello Elaini. Nice to meet you.

There are a wide variety of threads on the boards. I'm sure you'll find something to interest you.

Have fun posting and welcome to TORC.

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