Message of WELCOME to New posters and GUIDELINES OF CONDUCT

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Message of WELCOME to New posters and GUIDELINES OF CONDUCT

Postby PLEASE READ! » Sat Sep 11, 2004 12:15 pm

Welcome to TORC.

This is a large and busy site, and with so many people it's easy for the board to get congested with too many threads of conversation, and it can be confusing for new arrivals, especially if you've never been on a message board before. Here are a few useful tips to help you get the most out of TORC.

Note: please read both the general and TORC-specific tips, even if you have been on message-boards before.

General message board tips:
  • Don't crash the party.
    When you first arrive on a board, nobody knows you (unless, maybe, someone already there suggested you join). This does not give you license to do the electronic equivalent of jumping up and down screaming 'notice me'! If you draw too much attention to yourself, people will think 'ignorant newbie' and ignore you. Far better to join in the ongoing discussion or bring up valid points than to simply draw attention to your newness.

  • Think before posting.
    Particularly when posting new topics (as opposed to replying to existing ones), think about whether or not you have something new and interesting to say. Have a look at existing topics to see if someone has already started a thread proclaiming the extreme hotness of your favourite character before you start one yourself. If they have, join in there instead of creating a duplicate conversation thread. Also, think about where to post. There are descriptions below each forum title ('Tom's House', 'Bird & Baby' etc.) for a reason. Read them. If you, for example, post a thread about the Lord of the Rings films in the book discussion forum, then you will have this pointed out to you, and the thread will probably be moved by the moderators. This will make you look foolish for not reading the forum descriptions, displace relevant topics in that forum and create work for the mods, which is bad for both you and the boards. Also, do not post silly messages in the middle of serious discussion, as this will get people's backs up.

  • Be courteous at all times.
    This should go without saying, but sadly, sometimes it doesn't. Do not insult other posters over a difference of opinion (though healthy debate is positively encouraged, fighting is not), tell them to leave the site, spoil their threads with random or annoying messages, post obscene material, etc.

  • Take your time.
    Don't expect to overnight become well-known and highly respected. This takes time, often lots of it. Post interesting opinions, original points, and intelligent and/or entertaining ideas, and people will respect and remember you.
TORC-specific tips and information:
  • We have a Terms of Service.
    You can read it by using the link (TORC is currently undergoing an upgrade - the Terms of Service button is currently missing on the Messageboard pages.)

    Note that the ToS includes many of the common-sense points I've already made. Follow it or face the wrath of the moderators and their magic wand of death.

    Other useful information can also be found in the 'Tolkien-Online- One Ring' and the 'Announcements' forum.

  • The ever-popular topic of swooning, defined as commenting on the attractiveness (or otherwise) of any character in The Lord of the Rings or the actor who plays them in the films, has been officially restricted to the 'Movies (fandom)' forum. A swooning thread exists for most of the main characters. If you wish to swoon over them, please find the existing thread rather than starting a new one. This is to avoid forum congestion, as 'Movies (fandom)' is a heavily used forum.

  • If you have not read any of Tolkien's works (especially The Lord of the Rings), I suggest you exercise caution in the 'Movies (Tolkien)' and particularly the 'Books (Tolkien)' forums if you do not wish to have the story spoiled for you. Most people on the site have read at least The Lord of the Rings, and will discuss the books freely. The 'Tolkien Virgin' forum is a relatively safe place to ask basic questions.

  • Netspeak.
    Although it is commonplace on some Internet discussion sites, the use of Netspeak ('how r u', 'i luv u', 'got 2 go', etc.) and other non-standard English typing styles, such as wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs or TYPING EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS (equivalent to shouting), is discouraged where possible here. Do not abuse the different font and color options with lots of crazy sizes and colors for no reason, or else your post may be edited by a Mod, or at the least ignored by everyone else. Some of our members do not speak English as their first language and have enough trouble reading plain English without having to decipher strange abbreviations. Heck, people who do have English as their first language often have trouble reading Netspeak - I know I do. Please write clearly and use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible - it will put your points across better and make life easier for other posters. There is no rush to write posts - this is not a real-time discussion site like a chatroom and there are no prizes for writing the largest number of short, pointless and illegible posts.

  • Respect the Moderators and Admin.
    The moderators' requests should be listened to and followed at all times. We do have the best interests of the board at heart (we don't get paid for this, you know!) and we want to see everyone happy and the site flourishing with interesting discussion. Any modifications, suggestions or requests we make are geared toward this goal. We will listen to suggestions or complaints (unless they've already been recently addressed several times, in which case we'll say so in an exasperated tone) and take them into due consideration.

For additional information on the Administrators/Moderators of this site: Who Are The Mods?

This is a version of a message (courtesy of KeithF), written by Star-of-Hope and modified by me, Please email me with comments or suggestions.
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