A Comprehensive list of Acronyms & Abbreviations

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A Comprehensive list of Acronyms & Abbreviations

Postby Earnil » Tue Mar 22, 2005 7:21 am

Since the original Acronyms and Abbreviations thread was lost in the recent setback the Welcome suffered, I have decided to restart the Abbreviations/Acronyms thread. (Luckily, I had a word document copy of the thread as it was before its sudden disapperance).



The Categories:
    *TORCs Founders and Moderators
    *Members Names
    *General Expressions
    *Tolkiens Books
    *Middle-earth Reference Books
    *Tolkien Movies
    *Other Movies
    *Websites and LINKS

In charge of the entire site:


Jonathan jonathan@theonering.com / info@theonering.com

Ted ted@theonering.com

Jon and Ted no longer handle day-to-day interpersonal issues on the boards. Those matters should be referred first to the Moderators. If escalation is required, the mods will forward the issues on to Jon.


messageboard MODERATORS:

By popular demand, we now have a global email account that all Moderators have access to. If you have no particular preference as to which Moderator you want to handle a particular problem, please send your complaint or comment to this address. It will ensure the fastest response possible, as we will all receive it. The first Moderator to deal with the issue will notify all others so that there is no conflict. Please do be aware that we are all real people, with real lives, and even with this new system in place, it may take some time to obtain a response. Allow for a minimum of 24 hours before repeating your request.

NOTE: The Mods receive a lot of spam and virus mail. Please be sure to start your Subject line with the word "TORC". Otherwise, there is a good chance your e-mail will be lost in the Great Spam Flood and will be missed / deleted.

Global Moderator Email moderators@theonering.com

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Note: There are no assigned Forums. Any and all Moderators can and will deal with any issues in all Forums as needed.

Alys. Alys@theonering.com

Daefaroth. Daefaroth@theonering.com (toothy)

ElvenArcher. ElvenArcher@theonering.com (EA)

Hobbituk. Hobbituk@theonering.com (Hobbi) A RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)

luthienelflover. luthienelflover@theonering.com (Luthy) A RINGBEARER(10,000+ posts)

Metatron/Gilaglar. metatron@theonering.com *** (Gil)

Sandra. Sandra@theonering.com (Sandie) A RINGBEARER(10,000+ posts)

InnocentEvil. innocentevil@theonering.com * (IE) A RINGBEARER(10,000+ posts)

You may see some members who have another version of the TORC symbol in their alliance, one with a medal hung about it. These represent retired mods. We appreciated the time and service they devoted to us and have honored them by granting them an Emeritus status.


Seperate from the Messageboard are:

LadyCoralie CoraliesCorner@theonering.com


LadyCoralie and Hisstah


* IE is semi retired, serving in a consultant capacity and as needed for emergencies only.

*** Gil on sabbatical

    *Members Names (The most important part of this MB.)

    (If an abbrev. for your "nick" is not listed, please let me know. I will be glad to add it to the list.)

    AA = AinaAmarth
    a. = akallabeth
    AdaB = Adaminth the Blue
    Adam = Adam Weishaupt
    AG, Geddon = Armageddon
    Am, Amal = Amaltheia
    Amrun, Rune, Runey = Amrunelen
    AoN = Abrodd
    Andu = -|---Anduril :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    Arat, Tariel = Aratariel
    Ari = Arithon
    Ash, Ash Nazg, Twin = Ash*Nazg~Renatus
    AT or Teela = ateelah ( Not to be called Al ;) but is called Moogie by her daughter, ShadowMist who is also a member. )
    Ax = Axordil
    B & Ironic Man = Bernd
    B25, PB25, UB25, Papa, GFB25, GF, GP, GPB25 = Bilbo25, Papa Bilbo25,Uncle Bilbo25, GrandfatherB25, Grandfather, Grandpa, and GrandpaB25
    Babs, Rina, Tarinababs = Tarina :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    Bard, Hue = erinhue :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    Bardy = Bardhwyn
    BR = bramlerose
    BT = Balrogthane
    Cassie, CB = CassieBaggins
    Cela = "Celandine" Roper from Gamwich
    BBDB, Darin, DB = JrrT
    ( DB not meaning ding bat, but meaning Dwarf Boy )(Big Bro DB)
    DD = Ddraigwen
    DDD, MB = Mungo
    Dellia = LordofRivendell Once again I'd like to say that I'm female and hope people see this post cause it'll probably be the last time I announce it.
    Dim = DimelenienGreenleaf
    draup = draupnir
    Drogo = Drogo Baggins
    dx, dy = riseoverrun
    *E*, Evenstar, Evie = *E*V*E*N*S*T*A*R*
    Ear(with two syllables) = Earendilyon
    eari = earendil81
    Earnil = Earnil :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    EAW = EnderAWiggin
    Ekfy, Elfy = elf-maiden :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    El = Elian_Ranel :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    Elfe, Lossë = "elfetawen" Lossefalme
    Elsha, The Other Elfy = elfshadow
    Enchie = enchantress
    EoI, Eve, Imi = Evenstar_of_Imladris :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    EoR & Eve = Evenstar-of-Rivendell
    Eri = Eriugeaf
    Evy, Even = *Evenstar*
    EWL = EntwifeLost
    FCD = fatcatdave
    fea, FG = feaguire
    FF = Faramir_Fanatic
    Fire, HT = Firetongues (HT meaning Hottongues)
    Fishy = fishy071
    FM = FMaggot
    FT = FrodoTook
    G = Glamdringolorian
    Galadriel_E, Elanor = Galadriel_elanor
    GB, Goldie, Berri = Goldberri007
    G_E = Grey_Elf
    GG = Gazmog
    Gilv = Gilvala
    Gimli = gimli_axe_weilder :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    Gloam = Gloamglozer
    Gor = Gorhaur
    Goaty = goatboy
    GM = Gandalfs Mother - Ultrapurist who dresses up like Peter Pan
    Griff = Griffon64
    GSC, GS, Stormy = GandalfStormcrow
    GT = gladrieltook
    GW = GamgeeWench
    gwil = gwilwering
    Gwyd = Gwyddyon
    Haefie and Hae = Haefalas
    Harv, Harve, Harvi, Harvy = Harvestar
    HFB = HelpingFriendlyBook (One of the most prolific and beloved posters on TORC. Currently away on sabbatical)
    High = highelveninfantryman
    Hobby = Truehobbit
    IH = IsildursHeir :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    ILvE = ILvEowyn
    Imthulëiel, Thulë = Obloomsgurl
    IQ, Istari, I, Aerrone = Istariquendi
    Ithy = Ithilien
    Jae = Jaeniver
    KBB, KB = KBrandybuck
    KDD = "Kaya" de Danàn
    Kel = Kelannar (another famed, and now banned, poster on the Movies and Philosophy forums)
    Klonkky, Klonkero, Klonk, & Klonkasso = Klonkku :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    L*R, ladyR, rohy = lady*of*rohan
    L, Lom, Lomi = Lomedhel
    L_E, Luthien_ellie, Luthie, Luthien = Luthien_elentari
    LG, Lady G, LGL = LadyGreenleaf
    LadyG, LG, LG786 = Lady_Galadriel786
    Lego, leggy Legolas the Elf
    LGOM = Lady Gwen of Mirkwood
    Li, LMB = LiMuBai ( Also "Lover of MessageBoards" ) :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    Lil = Lileah
    Lin ( short for Linteannaiel ), and FantasyGirl, FG, TFGOL = thefantasygirlofLegolas
    Lis, Lisse = Liss_Eruvande
    Lith = Lithtaur16
    Lily = LilyRoseTook
    LK = Ladykat
    LL, losse = laurealosse
    LN, Lossy, Los = "Lothoroniel" Niuntarmaiel
    Loop, Loopster = Loopy
    LOR = LordofRivendell
    Lord A, Asriel, A = Lord_Asriel
    Lord V., Velociraptor, Verces, Vercy, Ver, V, Vercel, Verky, Vacuumcleaner, Estarriol = Vercelestarriole
    Loth, Lothy, Luthe = Lothloriel
    Lu = Luthien
    luine = luinedring
    Lurea, Ture = Turelie_Lurea
    M, Morri and Mo = Morrigan
    mel, mlb = meluvborormir
    Melly = Meneltarma
    Merry = MeriadocBrandybuck
    Mith = Mithfânion :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    MOS, Davey = Mouth of Sauron
    MT, MT Head, MT Butt, MT Goat, Ronchy, Tookie, MrsT, Chipmunk Cheeks =MrsTook
    Merrytm, MTM, MerryTM, Sir Merry = Meriadoc_the_Magnificent
    miss elf = misplaced_elf
    MV = "Morisiliel" Vanwalammenien
    Naz = nazgul_lord ( Naz adds "any other nicknames which are added, particularly those rhyming with snazzy, are unauthorized and illegal" )
    Ni = Nienna
    Nienor, NN = NienorNiniel
    Nim, Nim89 = Nimrodel_89
    Nin = nienor-niniel
    NNE, None = None_Elf_Ear
    Olorin, Ol, Lori = Olorin_of_the_West
    Oreo = orodreth111
    P~J = Parador~J
    PB, Pat, Patriot, Blade, Kat, Heather = PatriotBlade
    Per, Tiriel = Perhael
    Pip, Pippy = Shieldmaiden_pippin
    Puppy, PL = puppylove
    Raven, Rave, Rav = Ravenelle
    RT RavenTinuviel
    RL, Ruby = Ruby_Loamsdown
    Ro = Rodia
    ^S^ = FPShimmer
    SB, Bane, Dirk = SmaugsBane
    Scribbles, Scribe = SilverScribe :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    shel = shelrond
    Sil = Silmarill :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    SK = Selket
    SNW, the Lady Legrace, the Dark Lady of Mordor, the Lady of the Dark Tower = Saurons Nagging Wife
    Soc = Socrates
    Speaker, S2A = Speaker-To-Animals
    Squiddy = Mighty_Squid
    Star, SoH = Star_of_Hope :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts) [FIGURATIVELY];)
    T.r.m. = The,real,Meaglin :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    TANI = Taniquetil
    Tari = Tari_Lightfeather
    Telta = Teltasarewen
    TD = TerryD :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    tg = tolkiengique (the alter-ego of bramlerose)
    TG = TheGentleman
    Thark = Tharkun
    Themedes = Themedes :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    thenie = B_Athena
    Thinui = Thinuialiel
    Tigg, Tiggy = I-am-Tigger
    TL = TolkienLover
    Toby = oldtoby
    TU, Tinu = Tinuviel Undomiel
    TW = The_White
    TWT, White, Whitey = Thewhitetree
    U = Undomiel
    Uinen = UinenMaia - Lady of the Sea
    umi, undi, undumi = undumiel
    V, Vol = Volcanus
    Vala, VE = Valandil_Eluchi
    Vampy = Stryder23
    Vana = Vanaladiel :DA RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    WB = Winged_Balrog
    WiKi = The_Witch_King
    Willow = Spirit_of_the_Willow
    Witchy, WW = Witchwench
    WKA = Witch-King_of_Angmar
    WW = WildWood -the purest purist on the movies forum. Famous for smilies and chocolate
    Wyny = Eowyn37
    Yoda, emperoryoda = emperoryodadeesith
    Ysbryd, Ys, Loch, Lochrann = Ysbryd-lochrann
    Zeke = !Isaiah! :D A RINGBEARER (10,000+ posts)
    (People tend to call him by his real name instead of his nick.)
    ZEKE = Zekes
    (To avoid confusion, I am leaving our most recent ZEKE in all caps.)

    *General Expressions(some for this site only)

    ABT = About
    AD&D =Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (3e)
    ADMIN = The Administrators of this site(David, Jon & Ted)
    AFAICT = As Far As I Can Tell
    AFAIK = As Far As I Know
    AML = Anti-Morder League
    AMMM = Angband Minas-Morgul Mordor (Federation)
    ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
    (This is related to unformatted text files).
    ATM = At the Moment
    Avail = Available
    Bakshi = Ralph Bakshi, director of the 1978 cartoon LotR
    BBIAB = Be back in a bit
    B & B = The Bird and Baby Forum
    BB = Doing a Barliman Butterbur(Making a simple mistake)
    also means to make a Big Blunder
    Big D.( I'm going to the BIG D and don't mean Dallas) = Barad-dur
    BBLOL = Big Belly Laugh Out Loud (courtesy of erinhue)
    BOT = back on topic
    BRB = Be Right Back
    BTW = By The Way
    Bump = When used as the only word in a post, means someone
    has put a reply in to bring it back to the top where others can
    read it. ie..they "bump" it back up.
    CCBBIAS = Computer Crashed Be Back In A Second
    CJ = Claim-jumper
    (A computer problem associated with an illegal user using a paying customer's IP addie and continually bumping the paying user off the net.)
    CMU = Crack Myself Up (EntwifeLosts Fav.)
    Danimal = Daniel (erinhues 5 ½ year old son)
    D&D = Dungeons & Dragons (2e)
    Disc = Disconnected or Discontinued
    DOW = Dumb or What
    DP = Double Post
    DVD = Digital Versatile Disc
    EFMC = Evil Flying Monkey Computer...courtesy of Lith
    ( A computer which is evilly slow and often the cause of double post )
    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
    FAV = Favorite
    FOAF = Friend Of A Friend
    FWIW = For Whats It Worth
    FX = Special Effects
    FYI = For Your Information
    GaL = Gathering at Lindon guild
    GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
    GJ = Good Job
    GP = Ghost Posts
    (Posts that don't show up until someone else posts in the same thread. Another server problem associated with double-posts.)
    gtg, g2g = got to go
    Henry = Durins Bane - the Balrog
    HP = Harry Potter
    IC = In Character (During Role Play)
    IDK = I Dont Know
    IIRC = If I Remember Correctly.
    IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.
    IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble Opinion.
    IMO = In My Opinion.
    INA = Information Not Availible
    IOW = In Other Words
    IRL = In Real Life
    JJ = Just Joking
    JK = Just Kidding
    L8R = Later
    LAM= Lorien Alliance Members
    LFV = Long Forgotten Veterans
    LOL = Laughing Out Loud
    LOML = The Love Of My Life (erinhue referring to his wife, Cynthia)
    LTNS = Long Time No See
    LtsOL = Lots of Love (per Ari = Arithon)
    MB = Message Boards
    ME = Middle-earth

    Some acronyms for The Onion Ring War:

    M.E.C.D.S.O.R.B. = Middle Earth Clan Death to the Smelly Onion Rings Bonfire
    (led by mister; the dreadful burning of onion rings *shudders*)
    A.M.E.C.D.S.O.R.B.A. = Anti M.E.C.D.S.O.R.B. Army
    (led by myself; Morisiliel the saving of onion rings)
    O.R.L.'S Onion Ring Lovers
    O.R.H.'S Onion Ring Haters

    Mod = Moderator
    NARF Courtesy of luinedring = National Alliance to Restore Freakdom
    NFL = Not For Long
    NP = No Problem
    NZ = New Zealand
    OED = Oxford English Dictionary
    OOC = Out Of Character(during role play)
    oh my = Oh My God
    OT = off topic
    OTOH = On the other hand
    P/R = Purist/Revisionist
    PJ = Peter Jackson
    PM = Premium Membership
    PP = The Prancing Pony (Forum)
    PPD = Posts Per Day
    PoME = Peoples of Middle-earth Forums
    POV = Point Of View
    PTB = The Powers That [u]B[uU]e.
    QP = Quadruple Post
    R/Bass = Rankin/Bass 1980 cartoon RotK
    ROT = really off topic
    ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    ROTFLOL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
    ROW = Rest Of the World
    RPG = Role Playing Game
    sdtrk = sound-track
    SFX = Special Effects
    SIG = Sorry I Goofed or Signature
    Sig Pic = Signature Picture
    SO = Significant Order or Smart One
    TBTB = The Bird and The Baby
    TOR = Thread Originators Rights (per cc)
    TORC = The One Ring .com (this MB.)
    TOS = The Terms of Service (of this MB.)
    TP = Triple Post
    TTFN = TaTa for now
    TTYL = Talk to you later
    VHS = Video Home System
    VTSG = Virtual Tolkien Study Group
    Wiki = Witch King
    WTG = Way To Go
    ? = I Guess

    *Tolkiens Books

    BoLT or LT = The Book of Lost Tales (Part I and / or II)
    (JRRT)(Edited by Christopher Tolkien)
    FGoH = Farmer Giles of Ham (JRRT)
    FR, FoTR = The Fellowship of the Ring (JRRT)
    HoME = The History of Middle Earth
    Vols. I - XII (JRRT)(Edited by Christopher Tolkien)
    LETTERS = A published book consisting of letters written by Tolkien during his lifetime.
    LR, LoTR = The Lord of the Rings(JRRT)
    RGEO = The Road Goes Ever On (JRRT & Donald Swann)
    RK, RoTK = The Return of the King (JRRT)
    SIL, SILM = The Silmarillion (JRRT)(Edited by Christopher Tolkien)
    TH = The Hobbit
    TR = The Tolkien Reader (JRRT)
    TT, TTT = The Two Towers (JRRT)
    UFT, UT = Unfinished Tales (JRRT)(Edited by Christopher Tolkien)

    *Middle-earth Reference Books

    AME = "Atlas of Middle-earth" by Karen Wynn Fonstad
    ATB = "A Tolkien Bestiary" by David Day
    TCG = "The Complete Guide to Middle-earth" by Robert Foster
    TLoME = "The Languages of Middle Earth" by Ruth S. Noel
    TMoME = "The Mythology of Middle Earth" by Ruth S. Noel
    TTC = "The Tolkien Companion" by J.E.A. Tyler

    *Tolkien Movies

    A&A = Aragorn and Arwen
    AAHD = Arwen At Helm’s Deep
    AATF = Arwen At The Ford
    EAHD = Elves At Helms Deep
    EASS = Eowyn / Aragorn Sparring Scene
    ECB = Elves’ Curved Blades
    EVU = Eowyn Versus Ugluk
    FOTR EE = Fellowship Of The Ring Extended Edition (also SE = Special Edition)
    FOTR TE = Fellowship Of The Ring Theatrical Edition
    GBSM = the Gimli Beard Saving Maneuver
    GHATROAP = Gimli Hacks At The Ring On A Plinth
    GVS = Gandalf Versus Saruman
    HOH = Houses of Healing
    HD = Helm’s Deep
    LOSS = Legolas On Surf-Shield
    OCDP = Orcs Crawling Down Pillars
    PA = Plate Armor
    PASIM = Pippin And the Skeleton In Moria
    POTD = Paths Of The Dead
    ROAP = Ring On A Plinth
    RSWD = Round Spiked Wheelie Dealie
    SWAGWAP = Sam Whacking At Gollum With A Pan
    TTT EE = The Two Towers Extended Edition (also SE = Special Edition)
    TTT TE = The Two Towers Theatrical Edition

    *Other Movies

    ANH = Star Wars: A New Hope
    AotC = Attack of the Clones
    Ep2 = Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    ESB = The Empire Strikes Back
    ILM = Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas FX company
    HP = Harry Potter
    JC = Jedi Council Forums
    PH = Pearl Harbor
    POTA = Planet of The Apes
    R/Bass = Rankin/Bass 1980 cartoon RotK
    RotJ = Return of the Jedi
    SW = Star Wars
    TPM = The Phantom Menace

    *Websites and Links

    AICN = Aint It Cool News.com
    AOA = Annals of Arda
    Calenrond = website for the Guildhouse for the Bards Guild.
    CoE = Council of Elrond
    EOA, EA = Encyclopedia of Arda
    HP = Harry Potter
    IGN = Internet Games Network
    IMDB = Internet Movie Database
    JC = Jedi Council Forums
    mIRC = mInternet Relay Chat
    NLC = New Line Cinema
    RB = Ringbearer.org.
    SW = Star Wars
    TORN = TheOneRing.net (another website)


Here is a link to Denethors very funny thread in which members made up Middle-earth acronyms....


Here are a few examples the many acronyms:

BARAD-DUR Behold! A Really Atrocious Dude Dwells Upon Rock

SHIRE Small Hobbit-Infested Realm Enclosed

If, after viewing all the abbreviations / acronyms listed below, you still have one that you didn’t see, then you could try the three websites provided by a few TORC members, below. The websites offer very large and comprehensive lists of acronyms and abbreviations that one will see being used on the internet, and you are sure to find what you are looking for in one of them.

The first website is Netlingo: A Dictionary of Internet Words, this was provided by Earnil, and the website contains a very comprehensive listing of abbreviations, acronyms, and internet vocabulary and jargon. A very helpful website, and one that I personally recommend. Follow the link below to reach it.



The second website is Acronym Finder, and it was provided by TolkienLover. This website doesn’t provide list like the previous one, instead it allows you to search it’s database of acronyms and abbreviations for what you are looking for. Don’t be surprised if your search brings up a multitude listings in the results, the website does contain over 300,000 acronyms and abbreviations. The following link will take you to the website.



The third and final website is Chat Abbreviations, and was also provided by Earnil. This third list is actually just one page of a large website, the list itself is rather long, although it is small compared to the other two, and does in fact contain some abbreviations that I have not found in the others. I would just like to briefly mention that the website hosting the list is rather helpful overall, for learning about the internet and computers in general. Here’s the link to the page.



The following website while dedicated to netspeak, rather offers translations for netspeak and acronyms to English and vice versa, as well as translations for text messages, and it also contains an emoticon dictionary. The main purpose of the website is to offer a translations to netlingo words, however, it does contain like the other websites, a list of terms, and also a texting thesaurus. The website, like the others listed above, is very comprehensive, and it is certainly as useful as the others.

Lingo2Word – Text Message Translator, Online Lingo Dictionary

If you find this thread helpful, please visit The TORC Introduction Thread. There you will find a reference to this thread and to many others that you will find helpful. Please visit it soon.

Many thanks to all the members who helped to make this list possible!

***If you come across any more abbrevs., including abbrevs. for nicknames that are missing or any new ones that need to be added to this list please let me know, I will add them to this list.***

I would like to offer many thanks to FrodoTook for putting in so much time and effort to create this large and comprehensive list.:)

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Postby Elflet » Tue Mar 22, 2005 9:07 am

You need to change Luthy to a Ringbearer, and could you add my other username:


Thanks. :D
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Postby Shieldmaiden_pippin » Tue Mar 22, 2005 8:23 pm

Could you add my name?

Pip, Pippy= Shieldmaiden_pippin
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Postby Evenstar_of_Imladris » Tue Mar 22, 2005 11:56 pm

Earnil - you are a lifesaver! :hug:

Thanks for getting this up again. :)

Could you also add me to the list? Eve, Imi, EoI

Thanks! :D

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Postby Eriugeaf » Wed Mar 23, 2005 12:07 am

Thanks for the help in putting up the thread again. Could you add my name? Eri = Eriugeaf

Eri :)
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Postby Nimrodel_89 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 3:20 pm

I didn't know the last one got deleted. :( Thanks for getting it up and running again Earnil! :D

Could you add me? Nim, Nim89= Nimrodel_89'

oh and Pippy I love your sig pic. :rofl:
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Postby Earnil » Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:30 am

It's great to know the work I have put into this thread is appreciated. Thanks people!

I didn't know the last one got deleted.

Courtesy of a hacker that Jon and Ted managed to stop before some seriously serious damage was done.

I have made the following updates.

Eri = Eriugeaf

EoI, Eve, Imi = Evenstar_of_Imladris

Nim, Nim89/b] = Nimrodel_89

[b]Pip, Pippy
= Shieldmaiden_pippin

Willow = Spirit_of_the_Willow

luthienelflover given the rubberstamp mark of Ringbearer.
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Postby FrodoTook » Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:34 pm

Luckily, I had a word document copy of the thread as it was before its sudden disapperance.

I consider it more smart than lucky. You created your and TORC's luck through your safeguarding a backup copy of this information. Great job Earnil. :) Very good to see you are still around. I hope all is well. :)
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Postby Spirit_of_the_Willow » Wed Sep 14, 2005 1:11 pm

Those emails are all for the old address, and should probably be changed . . .

There are a few more Ringbearers to add too.

Evenstar of Imladris

Ro = Rodia

Gimli = gimli_axe_wielder

Scribbles, Scribe - SilverScribe

Tarina (I don't know if she has a nickname or not)

Elfy, Ekfy = elf-maiden

Canamarth - I don't know her nickname either

Didi - Doesn't have a nickname, but is a Ringbearer . . .

Lady_of_Rohan - Don' tknow hers either.

Andu = -|---Anduril
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Postby The-Tennis-Ball-Kid » Wed Sep 14, 2005 2:13 pm

Shouldn't this be a sticky? :)

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Postby Blackwood » Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:10 pm

The-Tennis-Ball-Kid wrote:Shouldn't this be a sticky? :)

Possibly, though we have 3 threads at the top already for newbies to read. And at least this thread is linked by those threads. Any thoughts on this from anyone?

Earnil, I have taken the liberty of updating the opening post so that links work under the recent change (changing viewtopic > viewtopic2, and tolkienonline > theonering); and modifying the active mod list slightly. Thanks very much for maintaining this thread :)
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Postby truehobbit » Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:43 pm

Hmmh, I'd probably not sticky it. There's some really good info in here, but much of it goes beyond what's necessary to find your way around on the boards.

The info on the mods' names and e-mails is contained in the welcome thread.

The short forms of names is informative, but can never be complete.

There are also a lot of abbreviations included here which belong to a very specific context, and wouldn't be seen in normal posting (I think - at least I've never seen NARF and things like that).

So, if it's clearly linked to in the main info threads, I think that's fine.

What I'd suggest is to merge the valuable info of this thread with the Welcome thread, i.e. add a list of common abbreviations there, and maybe enlarge the list of Ringbearers (which I don't really know the purpose of in the first place) in that thread to include all the kind of info given here, i.e. common short forms of regularly seen usernames.

Earnil's thread could then be kept as a thread where people can post to submit their own names or new abbreviations etc.

Just a thought. :)

(Btw, I was under the impression that Alys doesn't use her Tirith addy anymore - both here and in the Welcome thread her mod e-mail is given as Tirith@theonering, but in her sig she says it's Alys@theonering.)
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Postby The-Tennis-Ball-Kid » Wed Sep 14, 2005 4:00 pm

I didn't realize it was linked to in the other threads...I'd say its okay as is then...

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Postby erinhue » Wed Sep 14, 2005 4:31 pm

As long as we're talking updates, The LOML is still The LOML but the Danimal is now 5 1/2 years old. He's still m'boy though :wink:
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Postby FrodoTook » Wed Sep 14, 2005 11:23 pm

One of Tarina's nicks is Babs
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Postby Earnil » Sun Sep 18, 2005 12:18 am

Thanks for the updates people. I have added them to the list. And thanks to Blackwood, for updating the mods list.
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Postby Loopy » Sun Sep 18, 2005 7:52 am

great thread! :D:D

i would also like to be added: Loop, Loopster : Loopy

Thanks! ;)
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Postby FrodoTook » Fri Dec 16, 2005 7:42 pm

Hey Earnil

Long time no see. How have you been?

I still appreciate your taking stewardship of this info. Could you please include me as...

FT = FrodoTook in the "Members Section" and while editing you should remove me from the "Mods Section" since I am now retired from Modding but still visit and post from time to time.

That would be cool. Hello to everyone.
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Postby oldtoby » Fri Dec 16, 2005 9:26 pm

Ooooo I had no idea the thread even existed :D:D:D

While yer doin' FT could ya add me as:

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Postby elfshadow » Fri Dec 16, 2005 10:56 pm

Hey, I just found this too! :D

Could you add:

Elsha, The Other Elfy=elfshadow


Muchos thank yous!! :horse:
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Postby Earnil » Tue Dec 27, 2005 3:13 am

You can consider your entry modified FT. :)

And elfshadow, oldtoby, your names have been added.

Toby = oldtoby

Elsha, The Other Elfy = elfshadow

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Postby FrodoTook » Tue Dec 27, 2005 2:43 pm

Thank you Earnil:D

I hope you had a Great Christmas and have a Fantastic New Year.

I am glad you are still around TORC.

edits to adjust text size.
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Postby Ash*Nazg~Renatus » Tue Dec 27, 2005 5:55 pm

hey, cool eh

im Ash Nazg, meaning the one ring in black speach of course,
ill go by Ash, or Twin...
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Postby Gloamglozer » Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:35 pm

I've not been in here for a while *Looks around at the welcome area* Busy as ever I see :D

Anyway. I would like to ask if you could correct my shortened name from Gloan to Gloam and could you delete Glo as well please so that my only shortened name is Gloam. :D


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Postby FrodoTook » Fri Feb 03, 2006 6:04 pm

Time to re-fresh this thread. Hello all. :)
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Postby Gildor of Mirkwood » Sat Sep 30, 2006 11:41 pm

I found this very helpful even though I've been around a coulple months. Thanks. :)
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Postby RavenTinuviel » Mon Oct 30, 2006 5:20 pm

This is a very worthy thread!
Frodotook, you are the best!
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Postby heliona » Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:36 pm

On a very, very boring night at work, I've found this thread, and just thought that I'd add:

Lego, Leggy for legolas the elf since he's back and posting regularly.

And also:

RT for RavenTinuviel since I saw even an old TORCer fall foul of that abbreviation not too long ago!

I don't have any abbreviations of my name! I suppose the only one could possibly be Hel but I've never seen anyone use it! :D

Oh, and Hobby for truehobbit and Hobbi for Hobbituk. :D

This is a great thread, by the way. I found out some things that I didn't know before. :)

ETA: Davey for the mouth of sauron along with the MOS that you mentioned. :)
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Postby erinhue » Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:03 pm

I know I haven't been here very long and I don't have a lot of posts over my name but while my name is Erinhue most folk do call me 'Hue and I used ta be on the list but I suppose ya just can't have every no name poster up there huh :roll: It's all right, Im not bitter or anything :twisted:
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Postby sandra » Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:36 am

erinhue wrote:I know I haven't been here very long and I don't have a lot of posts over my name but while my name is Erinhue most folk do call me 'Hue and I used ta be on the list but I suppose ya just can't have every no name poster up there huh :roll: It's all right, Im not bitter or anything :twisted:

You are on the list..under B for bard. :D
Now if were down to me I'd place you under S for sweetie :)

I've updated those for you heliona. I've put Hobbituk in the mods section :)
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