Gandalf needs YOUR help

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Gandalf needs YOUR help

Postby mvam » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:49 am

After the devastating last war against Mordor armies, it has fallen upon Middle Earth a terrible drought. After Frodo destroyed The Ring in Mount Doom, a stack of smoke raised from the volcano, which created a smoke cloud through all Middle Earth. This smoke started the draught and therefore water supply issues.
The Elves do not have much of a problem, since most have left Middle Earth, the dwarfs are used to getting by with little water, however hobbits and men are specially sensitive to the decrease of their water supply.
The water supply for most Hobbits is surface water. The Brandywine River, which flows North to South, is an important source of water for all the Shire. Hobbiton usually gets its water from the small river called “The Water”, which lately has completely dried out. “The Water” used to flow from the north to Hobbiton, and then east towards Brandywine River.
Gandalf is busy working with Aragorn (now King of men) trying to deliver more water to the kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan (specially to the fortress in Helm´s Deep and to the City of Minas Tirith). He is covering such a great area by horse, that has no time to help hobbits find ways of increasing their water supply. All the Shire is starting to get into a desperate state to obtain water, therefore Gandalf has appointed you, to solve the water supply problems of Hobitton.

Hobbiton is home to approximately 300 Hobbits, 6 cows and many smaller farm animals, in addition they grow crops, mostly vegetables, in 10 hectares. Your job is to design a sustainable (long term) water supply for Hobbiton using all means that can be available. You must take into account the amount of water needed for crops, animals and hobbits (you can assume hobbits consume the same amount of water than humans). You also need to take into account topography, location of other water supplies and relative distances among them, provided in the following maps.
You have to come up with as many strategies as possible to supply water to Hobbiton. One strategy will not be enough since it could find resistance either by some Hobbits that will not be happy to have their lands expropriated, or by other creatures outside the Shire who would not be happy either to see their water gone to the Hobbits without a proper compensation.
you can use
Map 1 – A general map of all Middle Earth
Map 2 – A map of the Shire (the home of Hobbits) which is located in the northwest-northcentral portion of Middle Earth
Map 3 – A map of northern portion of the Shire. In there you can spot Hobbiton approximately in the center (north of Tuckborough and the East Road).
In your analysis you must include the type of compensations that may be necessary to convince all creatures in Middle Earth that will be affected to accept your plans
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