So I'm writing my own "The Hobbit" script for fun...

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So I'm writing my own "The Hobbit" script for fun...

Postby Muzozavr » Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:10 am

... and liveblogging the process chapter-by-chapter on

"The script so far" is at

First chapter is 99% done, but it's almost the same as the book, so there's no real reason to look at the script yet and I'm more interested in the "reasons behind my decisions" that I'm highlighting in the blog post. It's going to get a bit more interesting and complicated further on and I'd love to have some feedback simply to let me know that people are actually reading this and yes I have to finally stop procrastinating. :lol: I'm publicizing my "progress reports" in order to keep writing instead of procrastinating.

Basically, I'm a complete nobody in screenwriting, so this project is partly for fun, partly for practice. Plus, I haven't seen PJ's films yet, so I'll get to compare once I finish my script. That should be interesting. :lol:
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