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Postby Ullumno » Wed May 13, 2015 11:23 pm

There are some things in my imagination and philosophies that are unable to be suppressed in my mind, the greatest of these being thoughts concerning Fëanáro, the mightiest of the Elf-lords. Now most of these ideas involve the theory of the reincarnation of the Eldar, and certain qualities and actions of specific Elves; where I begin to see patterns and progressions in ways that are not directly of the story, that function outside the existence of the story; the frame and spirit of its entire Being become clear and remote, and the connections with the Creator are deeply profound and beautiful, yet it ever leaves me with a longing that is unobtainable, and a sadness that is ageless. Thus I will present to you now one of these 'ideas' as it is perceived in my mind's eye: Fëanor, whose foresight was greatest among the Eldar, understanding fully the measure and depth of Morgoð's deceit; and the shapeless mechanisms of those lies that grew in the unlight, and were hidden in the mind of Morgoð. It has been said that the spirit of Fëanor left not the halls of Mandos - for he never entered them. Fëanor, ere he met his death, and his battle against the Balrogs, passed the gates of Irenhell. There was he overcome by the strength of Morgoð, and in his retreat, crossed paths with Eöl and released him from his bonds. Fëanor and Eöl escaped through the eastern gates. It was then that Fëanor realized that his host was planning an assault on a western gate, which they mistook to be the Great Gate, thus underestimating the might of Irenhell. Eöl then fared south, and he could not convince Fëanor to travel with him, for Fëanor was clouded by dreadful visions, and deemed his host was bound for utter destruction; and he descended the roaring cliffs into the west swift as lightning, and with a wrath like thunder, he stormed the legions of Morgoð issuing forth from the Great Gate. Warring in the miasma of the fell pits and broken earth before the doors of hell, Fëanor was swallowed by the conflagration and wounded to death... Now Eöl resented the Noldor, and yet he held Fëanor in reverence, never revealing to them his encounter with Fëanor, believing their actions to be vain and perilous, and that they were blind to their own faults and corrupt judgement.

That is all I have for now, I am still working on the rest.
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Re: Fëanáro

Postby Billobob » Fri May 15, 2015 11:59 am

Wow that's really good are you going to write more about Eöl?
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