The Silubrilthin

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The Silubrilthin

Postby Ullumno » Thu May 14, 2015 3:23 am

The Silubrilthin, the wondrous gems of yore, are also the substances of our own being, giving us Life and Reality, as do Ilmen, Vaiya, and Vista to Eä, give life and being. Our bodies are of the Earth, yet our souls are not; just as Ambar is earth, and is of the Earth and only contained therein, yet it is not the source of Ambar, and may exist elsewhere in the Deeps of Time. The Silubrilthin of Fëanáro were the Silubrilthin of his own being transformed into a new and physical thing, never has there since been such an achievement within the Walls of the World, though the will to do so is in us all. Our Silubrilthin exist in our hearts, minds, and souls, and they possess the memories and thoughts from the moment we were first created, but as a condition, those memories are locked in our Silubrilthin when we are given life within the Walls of the World. And it is when are hearts become broken, and our minds made weary, and our souls ancient beyond all things known or forgotten, lost or hidden - that those memories and thoughts escape our Silubrilthin. And they take shape and being in the things we do, the words we speak, and dwell in the heights of gladness to the bottomless sorrows of our dreams and desires; thus filling the empty spaces left to us by Ilúvatar, showing our love and adornment for the themes of Life.
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