Thranduil's wife

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Thranduil's wife

Postby Faervel » Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:48 am

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I am writing a fanfic about Thranduils wife/Legolas mother and wants some background story for her. I know that she was never ever mentioned in any of the books, only in the movies, and Even there i dont think her background is hinted to...
So I wanted to make up a backstory of my own, only I wanted it to be realistic about it. I've got a few ideas though.
I think of her as a sinda elf(possibly High born) mostly because of Thranduil in the movies refusing to let Legolas marry Tauriel "the lowly silvan elf" so why should he have married a silvan elf himself? If only following the books, it would make more sense... But dammit i like the movies too!
OK, so here are my ideas:
1. I heard that when Doriath was sacked, many of the sindar from there moved to Lindon, but since they didnt want to be governed by the noldor they moved to Greenwood/Mirkwood. I've got three ideas here, one is that Thranduil and his wife already knew eachother in Doriath since Thranduil and his father also were some of the elves that moved from Doriath(they might have been children at the time when they left Doriath though, idk), she hears that her childhood friend is in Mirkwood and goes to live there, and they're like "I thought you were dead", they had a crush on eachother as kids, but now they fell in love and married.
Is this realistic?
My other idea here is that they didnt know eachother in Doriath since Doriath is big, but it would probably mean that she was not a part of the court(since Thranduil was) and therefore not High born? Idk if High born or low born would matter within the same race(sinda) though?
My Third idea is that her parents were refuges from Doriath, and that she herself was born and raised in Mirkwood(I dont know, but Mabye Thranduil also was born in Mirkwood, if they are about the same age? Or was he mentioned to have lived in Doriath?)
2. She and her family could have been part of Orophers household when they left for Mirkwood... That would probably mean she would be a servant though(mabye Thranduil wouldnt marry a servant Even if she was sinda, or mabye he would), or closely related to Thranduil, so idk
3. Thranduil was an adult and already married when he left Doriath, so his wife was already a natural part of the household. It would sort of make sense, but then... It seems like Legolas was born way later(just how I see it), idk if that is logical(I think he was born in Mirkwood?). Anyways I find this idea the most boring(just saying) because its very ordinary...
4. Thranduil was engaged while leaving Doriath. i think it said in Laws and cusfoms of the eldar that elf children could Get engaged and that it often happaned in years of peace(idk if this actually means teenagers rather than small children) but nontheless they would have a bond and travel together. Still... child engagements are a bit disturbing to me.
5. Mabye Thranduil and his future wive's family were Close friends and therefore traveled together? But it dosent say anything about it though, I think it probably wouldnt be logical...
6. mabye she escaped from something and sought refuge in the woodland realm... i have no idea what she should escape from though.
Could be the balrog mabye, but then she would probably be a silvan elf from Lothlorien and not a sinda/High born.
7. OK, so this is the most "out there" idea that i have, but quite possibly my favourite. When Oropher settled down in Mirkwood he had a Good friendship with Amdir. Amdir was a sinda elf leader of Lothlorien.
He had one son, Amroth. But could he also have had a daughter that married Thranduil? she would have been the right race(sinda) and very High born(princess), their families would be friends, and they would live Close by, PERFECT!.
Problem would be why she didnt inherit Lothlorien aften her brother died, idk how the elven rules are for if females can rule or not... But I know that when Celeborn and Galadriel tok over Lothlorien they never called themselves king and queen(as far as I know), only lord and lady or "guardians".
Mabye there was a reason for this? Since they didnt really have the birthright? Idk why Amroths sister wouldnt take over though(if she existed), mabye she didnt want to, mabye she wasnt fit to, mabye she couldnt since she wanted to be with her husband in Mirkwood? However if this would happan... Thranduil and his wife would have different opinions about Celeborn/Galadriel just like their parents had. Thranduil didnt trust them because Galadriel was noldo. But his wife knew that they could be trusted, she had probably known them since childhood because they often visited Lothlorien while Amdir/Amroth ruled.
Does this idea seem Good? Any flaws?

what do you think was the best idea?
Do you have any better ideas yourself? Let me know
And by the way, any name ideas? For the last theory I was thinking "Amriel" or "Amrian" since it sounds like Amdir and Amroth.
Is this a Good idea? I have seen elves having similar names to their parents or siblings, like "Finwe, Finarfin, Fingolfin" or "Elrond,Elladan and Elrohir" or "Elwing,Elrond and Elros" or "Celeborn and Celebrian", so would it be cute for a father, a daughter and a son to share similar sounding names? What do you think?
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Re: Thranduil's wife

Postby Daefaroth » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:04 pm

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