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Postby Valandil3430 » Tue Feb 28, 2006 6:34 pm

This thread is for those who start a story-thread in the Scriptorium - to post a brief synopsis / advertisement about their story.

Please try to keep each entry to a single paragraph. Then potential readers can easily scan through and see which stories they would be most interested in reading.

Thank you.

EDIT: Please don't comment on other threads and start discussions about particular story-threads here - that should continue to happen in those threads themselves.
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Postby Valandil3430 » Tue Feb 28, 2006 6:48 pm

First of all, I should say that I am an "Arnophile" - I like all kinds of stories about the Northern Kingdom of Arnor - and the daughter kingdoms that came from it once it was divided, and the line of Chieftains who ruled over the remnants of those people once their kingdoms were no more - the line which culminated in Aragorn II. So - I write stories about them. My great desire would be to compile enough material to have a credible "Chronicles of Arnor" - from the time of Elendil to the time of Aragorn.

These are the story-threads I have started.

Visitors Come to Court
This is set right about the year 1000 of the Third Age. Arnor has been divided and the line which leads to Aragorn rules in the Kingdom of Arthedain. This story centers on a young man in the family of Kings - and his experiences with a group of travelers who come passing through. My plan is for seven chapters. As of this writing, I have written and posted three of them.

Annals of the Northern Kings (Excerpts)
This was an outline I wrote mostly for myself, fashioned after the list of Numenorean Kings provided in Unfinished Tales. I wrote it mostly so I could keep my own story straight, and figured on not really revealing it at large until the other stories (the germs of which you might detect within it) are ultimately written. However - after forming some relationships here, and the topic coming up, I decided to post excerpts from it relative to the times of the Three Kingdoms - so I have posted those portions that involve Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur. This one is a "living" document and I plan to make frequent changes to it as I go along - although I hope I have the basics firmed up.

In my writing I do my best to research all I can - from the stories in The Hobbit, LOTR, Silmarillion, UT - as well as whatever information I can get from Tolkien's Letters and pertinent portions of HoME (Volume 12 - "The Peoples of Middle Earth" has been especially useful) - and whatever other sources have seemed helpful. I was also largely inspired by a few of Michael Martinez' essays as posted on Suite 101.

I hope that even a few of you will find them somewhat interesting, and I welcome all of your comments.
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Postby DrummerGirl » Wed Mar 01, 2006 7:26 pm

Don't forget to make a link to your story-threads! (This includes you, Valandil :) )


Will write synopses when time permits; in meantime, see sig for links.
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Postby Valandil3430 » Sat Mar 04, 2006 9:33 pm

Tales of Nolduryon
An early source for my "Chronicles" - Nolduryon is a son of King Arantar of Arnor (Arantar was the grandson of Valandil, Isildur's youngest son), and a younger brother of King Tarcil. He was Arnor's Chief Loremaster for over 100 years - more than 70 under his brother Tarcil and 30 under his nephew Tarondor. Nolduryon would have compiled much of the older information, but this is a collection he wrote after his service as Chief Loremaster, and it involves stories of the royal family - so far, two romances. We find out how Eldacar son of Valandil, and Tarcil each choose their brides.
Link: ... 74#3340774

This all began with my attempts to conceptualize what royal matrimony might be like in Arnor. I imagine rather structured and formal, with a lot of protocol, etc. I will say now that I imagine the Dunedain to have lived as the Elves - at least while they were living as "The Faithful" - so there would be no extramarital fooling around. On the other hand, I think it's fair to imagine that some might try to 'break the mold' of the formal ritualized match-making.

In these stories, Tarcil's marriage is pretty much 'by the book' - while Eldacar is the 'mold-breaker'. I hope you will enjoy them. If you read them, please feel free to post and make comments.

Thank you.
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Postby WithyWyrm » Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:22 am

Cool idea, Valandil! :P

Journey's End
This is a short (2,800 words, more or less) story about an author's journey through her own story. Vague, odd fantasy that requires great leaps of imagination, but aside from revisions it is complete. No LOTR connections. Any critique would be more than welcome. :)

(If I begin any other story threads, I'll add them to this post.)
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Postby dlloyd » Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:21 am

I posted a short item called "Wetbeard" a few months ago, about a dwarf who is trying to overcome one aspect of his nature in order to embrace another.

A cleaned up, better formatted version is on my web site at (though now that I skim through it, I see there's still some editing to be done...).
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Postby Thalion_Eledhwen » Sun Mar 19, 2006 2:46 pm

"What Fans Do To Other Fans"

Known in the Reading Room as "Muse Quest: Being the tale of five fanatics, their companions, their adventures, and their angst." ... 10715b2159

WFDTOF consists of the tale of five friends who find themselves on a quest to find the Lady Coralie's Muses and return them to her that she may continue her story. It began with various comments on her (current) final chapter and became a story when the comments numbered 40. The Immies, as they are known, have so far visited Rohan, The Dead Marshes, Mirkwood, Dunland, Pinnath Gelin, and have many further adventures in store for them. Various characters leap in and out of the tale and some never return. For a better, or rather, more understandable version, read "Muse Quest" by Tuima.

This tale is mainly written by: Tuima, The E.I.Cebu, Eicys, White-Lady-of-Rohan=Eowyn (Wlore), Linsul Songbreeze, and Dilly, and (belatedly added) Eredolyn. Recently added authors are: *yona*, and Thalion_Eledhwen. A few others have written but are no longer around.

EDIT: Err...Oops. I thought I was missing something... Sorry, Ere, please don't slap me? I won't make you get seasick... :wink:
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Postby TheE.I.Cebu » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:03 pm

And don't forget Eredolyn! She'll slap ya!
Jejejejeje Ere!
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Postby DrummerGirl » Sun May 28, 2006 8:20 pm

I wrote this for a "Story Trailers" thread on the HASA site, and thought it would fit in well here, too.

Fade In:

A brown leather book fills the frame. The plain black lettering reads "Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth".

We hear the ratcheting sound of someone winding a music box as a work-worn brown hand opens the book's cover.

In a square, utilitarian hand, the title page reads:

"Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth
Being a Compendium of
Folk-Tales of
Diverse Peoples and Places
Suitable for the
Instruction and Amusement of
Persons of All Ages
As Compiled by
Samwise Gamgee
the Gardener"

A soft click sounds, a tinkling music-box melody begins.

Slow zoom out:

Sam and Rosie sit before the fire in a large parlor at Bag End, surrounded by their children and their friends. Elanor, a hobbit-lass in her mid-teens, steps back from replacing the music-box (real Dale-work!) on the mantel.

Sam: "What story shall I read tonight? Elanor-love?"

Elanor: "I like "The Sorceress", Da, but you know I've heard them many times. Let one of the little ones pick."

Sam: "Frodo-lad?"

Frodo-lad: "Huh, I'm not so little!" He makes a face at Elanor. "I want to hear "Birds and Feathers". It makes me feel like I'm swooping throught the air."

Rosie-lass: "I want to hear "Spiderwebs", with all the colors. It makes me think of the Queen and her pretty ladies."

Merry-lad: "How 'bout "Cloak-Ties", and I can kill the orcs. Grrrr-aagghh!"

He mimes stabbing Pip. They tussle on the rug.

Goldilocks: "Is the story of "Lady in the Water" wrote down yet?

Sam: "Now you know as Mrs. Maggot's a busy lady. She'll send it along when she gets the time."

Homm (a neighbor child, friend of Pip) tugs on Sam's sleeve.

Homm: "Mistuh Gard'nuh, Mistuh Gard'nuh!"

Sam: "Yes, Hommie?"

Homm: "When we was workin' in the flowerbeds, you said as I could pick sometime."

Sam: "Why, so I did. And so you shall, lad. Where shall I start?"

Homm: "At the beginnin', please, sir."

Sam: "What better place to start than the beginning."

Zoom in to Sam turning to:

"The Bear"

Sam (reads): "In the vales of the great river, under the eaves of the forest, lived a widow with her daughter and son. They tended their small farm, gathered nuts and berries in the forest, ... "

Fade out.
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Postby LEGOLAS_ESTELSTAR » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:36 pm

hello. im here to make an anouncement to all writers, aspiring writers or just anyone who has a talent for writting.
a new writting site has come up. its new and small, but with your support and participation, you can make it grow into a big important writting site. so i encourage you to give it a try and take a look, it wont take long of your time. share your work with the world. you have nothing to loose, and much to gain. good luck!
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Postby Nimhiril » Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:27 pm

Hey. :D I write A Maiden of Faith in the Reading Room and a few poems. :D You're welcome to check them out at this link: clicky

Here's the Synopsys (???) for A Maiden of Faith:
Basicly there's a Christian girl, called Katrina, "transported" to Middle Earth after the War of the Ring and she grows to love some of the characters on a whole new level, including Aragorn's eldest son, Eldarion, who is now in his 20's. The story is winding on and yet to be complete. Katrina is currently in quite a pickle...

Check it out! :D

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Postby Arassuil » Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:15 pm

Arassuil's Journal will be an ongoing journal and telling of deeds during the life of Arassuil, who was Aragorn II''s great great great grandfather.
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Postby SilverScribe » Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:26 pm

Better late than never . . . ;)

If anyone's interested in the humble story of the Scribe, there's a few bits and pieces out there . . .


The beginning of the "Redemption" tale - Redemption: The Curse Breaker's Journey.

The Scribe is joined in her Quest by Bardhwyn of Dale, Thenie of Rohan, Wisteria of the Weaver's Guild, Leoba of Ithilien, SmaugsBane (Dirk) of Esgaroth, and the Easterling Matrim Calhoun, Commander of the Band of the Red Hand. along the way they meet and are joined by the Lady Elenath, nienor-niniel, Rholarowyn, Jewel Burrows of Bree and at the edges of Fanghorn, an Avari, Dindraug. Disaster strikes the company, and they are scattered . . .

The middle of the tale - right here in the Scriptorium, Redemption: Lord Cemandorin's Court.

The Archer and the Scribe arrive at Oak Haven, the home of Lord Cemandorin. Here the Scribe stands trial for murder . . .

The Intervening Years:

The Scribe spends most of the time travelling between Rhudaur, Imladris, Rohan and other points of the west, except Gondor. She earns her Bard of Renown title and attends a few Festivals where she makes the acquaintance of several new Bards, among them a man named Façade and an elf named Orion. She runs into them both several times in the following year and then, Orion asks her to serve in the wedding party for his upcoming marriage. That tale can be found here, with the concluding posts in The Splintered Chamberpot thread, beginning on the 19th of March, 2005. ( . . . ignore the shamefull OOC spam fest though ;) )

The end of the Tale (hopefully) -
Redemption: The Reckoning.

This picks up the story where the conclusion of Orion and Elena's wedding (in the Splintered Chamberpot thread) left off. It is currently a Role Play work in progress, and is located of course, in the Prancing Pony forum.

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