The Noble Steward's Chronicles (downloadable collection)

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The Noble Steward's Chronicles (downloadable collection)

Postby Cressida » Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:19 pm

"The Noble Steward's Chronicles, vol. 3," a collection of fanfiction and poetry devoted to the character of Denethor, is now available for download in .pdf format! This 115-page zine, compiled by members and friends of the Brothers of Gondor discussion board, can be found here:

Most stories in the collection are bookverse. All are gen or het, and none are rated higher than PG-13. All works marked "New" will be exclusive to this collection for the next month. Contents of the volume:

Cover Art by Enednoviel

All the World’s a Stage by Cadiliniel (New!)
Denethor’s life, based on the seven stages of man as Shakespeare wrote them in As You Like It.

The Ballad of the Lady Finduilas by Nesta (New!)
A song about Denethor's courtship of Finduilas.

An Evening Together by Athelas63 (Newly revised!)
While teenaged Boromir is away, the Steward of Gondor and the younger son share a meal and their thoughts.

White, Blue, Black by Illwynd
Denethor attempts to make Minas Tirith seem more like home to Finduilas.

Without Leave by Cressida (New!)
Nine-year-old Denethor slips away from his tutor and climbs to the top of the White Tower.

Six Drabbles by Annmarwalk

Even an hour apart is too long for some lovers.

Making Haiku
Finduilas charms and soothes her frustrated husband.

Beyond Imagination
Denethor receives an unimagined gift.

Where a Man’s Treasure Is, There Will His Heart Be Also
Denethor has all that a man could want; and so, he is an object of envy.

A birthday gift causes Denethor to reveal an unexpected skill.

A chance encounter reminds Denethor of what he has pledged his life to protect.

Refraction by Kielle
Did Denethor’s wife Finduilas truly “pine away for the sea,” as the tales say, or was it something more sinister...?

Three Drabbles by Chris (New!)

Denethor receives the broken Horn of Gondor.

Denethor tries to find the words to describe his beloved, only to find that he cannot.

Mirror Image
Denethor cannot bear to look at Faramir for reasons he would rather forget.

Ties Broken by a Sword by Athelas63
A visit from Denethor while Boromir and Faramir are practicing their swordsmanship reveals family tension and brotherly love.

Two Drabbles by Cressida

The Hope of Gondor
Denethor sees the future in his sons.

After the events of The Return of the King, Faramir visits the House of the Stewards.

Learning Letters by Lilan
Would Denethor have been a better father to a little girl? Not Alternate Universe! But perhaps slightly MarySue-ish.

Sonnets for Finduilas by Chris (New!)
A series of three sonnets for Finduilas, written by Denethor before their marriage.

Wiles of the Enemy by Twoflower2
Two great minds have a power battle.

Going Too Far by Astara (New!)
When confronted with someone from his wife’s past, Denethor is less than thrilled.
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