A sketch for my Harry Potter crossover, long in development

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A sketch for my Harry Potter crossover, long in development

Postby andurilwest » Sat Sep 30, 2006 3:41 am

Back in October 24, 2003, a mere six days after joining TORC, I had a wild idea about the Red Book of Westmarch being in Albus Dumbledore's library. I posted a thread about it in Tom's House, not knowing that it was primarily a thread game forum. I claimed that the idea came to me in a dream; I lied. :oops: (It's probably been used by other people.)

http://forums.theonering.com/viewtopic. ... sc&start=0

I thought of putting such things as an exchange student who's actually a "teen" Elf (around , house-elves as debased Avari, and Gringotts Goblins as evolved Orcs. Tolkien was actually a good friend of Dumbledore's, who bequeathed the Red Book to him after his death. (Thus I invalidated the existence of all of Christopher Tolkien's books.)

Despite the "fun" things that an Elf student might bring about, like being able to see the Golden Snitch from far off, and having the other guys wondering at his lack of facial hair (they've got to shave, right?), now I think it just isn't right.

If the Elves were still around, surely they would keep their presence secret. and besides they're not actually called "Elves" by anyone in-universe; that's Tolkien's representation of the term for them.

Well, I'm reposting my alternate Half-Blood Prince and Book Seven "outlines" here in the forum where it belongs, with some changes since I last posted it, somewhat against my better judgement... Feel free to pick it apart. Footnotes are marked thus: []


The story begins at Harry’s house at night. He wakes up from a nightmare, in which he was being chased by Voldemort and two tall guys in black, one with a sword, the other with a mace[1]. Harry reflects on the prophecy.

It’s his birthday, in fact. Hermione has given him a children’s book called The Hobbit, to his puzzlement. The summer has been tense. Voldemort is lying low again. The Daily Prophet acknowledges his insistence but reports nothing. It contains reminders to report anything unusual, and some inspirational posters of Cornelius Fudge making the “V for Victory” sign with “Let us go forward together” slogans, reminiscent of Winston Churchill’s WWII posters.

Dudley is rather sad this time. But we never learn what his worst memory is (possibly the pig tail Hagrid gave him?)

Hermione has invited him and Ron to her house, strangely enough. Ron is already there. She and her dad’ll pick him up. Uncle Vernon is indifferent, Aunt Petunia a bit nervous. Harry wonders about protection. But Hermione says that we’ll be well protected, and Voldemort won’t expect this. Harry figures, fine.

Two days later, Mr. Granger arrives. His name is William. Uncle Vernon likes him. Dudley is attracted to Hermione, and Hermione is repelled by Dudley. Mr. Granger plays Beatles music in the car. They live in a nice house. Their dental clinic is nearby. Mrs. Granger has her daughter’s hair. We meet Ron, and he and Harry share the (big) guest room.

Hermione’s room has lots of books in it. Among other works, we discover that she likes the works of Tolkien, which she devoured when she was six (even The Silmarillion). She comments on the Istari (weird – don’t use spells, etc.) "What would Tolkien think if he knew our world existed, I'd like to know."

The rest of the summer passes uneventfully. Finally, they go to King’s Cross, and the Grangers drive them there. They meet up with the other Weasleys. Being prefects, Ron and Hermione go to their respective section. She brings a copy of RotK with her, to have something different to read. Harry meets up with Neville, Ginny and Luna. She didn’t see any Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.

The four look for an empty compartment. In the one they pick, an unfamiliar boy about Harry’s age is dozing. He has grey eyes and dark hair. He introduces himself as William Ryder, Muggle-born, son of a businessman in the shipping business. He used to live in , where his father worked for his company. He used to study in different magical schools as his father was assigned to various places. Lately, his father was assigned back to the UK, so his family followed him here, in spite of the dangers.

Malfoy and his bouncers show up, but exchange no words with Harry, only hateful glares. However, they notice William, who unwittingly divulges that he’s Muggle-born in the ensuing conversation. They call him a Mudblood, which William doesn’t understand but gets him mad when he does. Malfoy warns William about bad company and being caught in the crossfire. William scoffs.

We learn that William can see thestrals. He joins the first years and waits outside. We meet up with Ron and Hermione. The Sorting Hat sings a new song.

The first years are sorted. William walks in last. After the sorting, he is introduced by Dumbledore, who reveals that Hogwarts hasn’t had a transferring student in about 50 years. He puts on the hat, but, strangely, the hat cries out loud, and wonders if there was some mistake. But it sorts him into Gryffindor.

William goes to the Gryffindor table amid cheers (and jeers from Malfoy and cronies.) who appears taken with him, much to Ron’s discomfiture. William notices the copy of RotK, and expresses fondness for it, also to Ron’s (and Harry’s) discomfiture.

Dumbledore introduces the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Miles Meardon. He is an jovial man wearing glasses, in his late fifties, balding, and slightly pot-bellied. His hair is white interspersed with brown threads. He is dressed in a brown checkered suit, wears a brown bowler hat, and carries a cane. Except for the hair and an unidentifiable accent, he is a dead ringer for Sean Connery.(!)

Dumbledore makes a speech about being prepared for anything, unity, cooperation, friendship, and help when and from where you least expect it.

The feast goes pretty much as before. William is very much interested at the starry ceiling.

The prefects escort the first years. Harry and the others go to their respective dormitories. There is an extra bed in the boy’s room; it has been magically enlarged. The room is very well made. Harry comments on the Hogwarts house-elves. William nods absently. As he goes to sleep, Harry has an inexplicable feeling about him, that something’s not quite normal about him. But he shrugs it away.

The lessons go this way: William has extra classes because he isn’t exactly on the same level as Harry and the other students his age. Thus, he isn’t with them at all times. He spends time with Ginny, Luna, and Colin Creevey.

In Defense Against the Dark Arts, Meardon introduces himself. He helped defeat Grindelwald in 1945. He isn’t affiliated with the Ministry, and is just a quiet researcher in his backwoods home. Ron gets in trouble with him, because he is jealous of William/Hermione. (Their relationship is entirely platonic, as far as William is concerned.) There is an in-depth discussion of the Dark Arts, and the magical world’s reaction to it.

History of Magic – Binns just drones. Surprisingly, William stays awake, and even asks a question.

Transfiguration - Human transfiguration, including specific body parts. Ron’s long nose becomes shorter. Harry’s hair becomes pink. Hermione and Wlliam partners.

Potions – Snape tells them about potions and substances that can be used to disguise oneself.

Care of Magical Creatures – Hagrid shows them a small non-fire-breathing dragon. (Later Norbert makes an appearance.) Grawp is hidden.

Charms – Flitwick shows them defensive and offensive charms.

Harry is reinstated as the Gryffindor Seeker, and becomes Captain. There are two vacant Chaser slots on the Gryffindor Quidditch team; Ginny tries out and is accepted. There is one slot left. It turns out William is pretty good at Quidditch, but he flatly refuses to join the team. They get Seamus instead. During the games, Willliam keeps chuckling to himself as Harry and Draco search for it.

Snape gives Harry more Occlumency lessons.

Dumbledore’s Army meets regularly. William tags along. Ron is uneasy, but Hermione gives him a signal Galleon.

As the weeks go by, Ron gets more and more jealous on what he perceives to be a blooming romance between Hermione and William. The two spend more and more time together (discussing lessons). Also, he gets suspicious of William, who seems not what he appears to be. He notices that he drinks from a mysterious flask at a specific time every Friday, which he keeps in a bag nobody is to touch. He tries to open it, but he can’t, even by magic.

Remembering Snape’s lessons on disguising potions, he tells Harry about it. Intrigued, they use the Invisibility Cloak to snoop on him. They find out that William writes a letter to someone every week, in some unknown alphabet. He also sneaks around the castle and grounds at night, using a special cloak on his own. He mutters in a strange language. He may not even sleep at night! He never even shaves. Finally, they check the Marauder’s Map to find out his true identity. To their surprise, they can’t find him there!

They go to Hermione, who is shocked and intrigued. They go to Dumbledore. When they enter his office, William is already there. He introduces himself as he really is – Gilrohir son of Gilladan (yeah, original names, I know), of the house of Círdan the Shipwright, – as Tolkien would put it, an Elf not yet gone West. He has not taken his potion, and they find out that he has vaguely leaf-shaped ears. Hermione is astounded that these literary characters really exist.

Dumbledore explains that he was sent as a messenger, the Elves’ agent. They know of Voldemort’s rising again, and they are willing to help, because the fate of their world as well as that of Men is at stake. He shows them some loose pages of the Red Book of Westmarch, Tolkien's hitherto imaginary source for his Middle-earth books. Hermione is further astounded.

In the Fifth Age, when the kingdoms of the Dúnedain and the Eorlingas had long fallen and been forgotten, and the shape of all lands had changed due to continental drift into the familiar continents of today, the Red Book found itself in the hands of the Greeks, then the Romans, then the Germanic invaders, and then the Norsemen, and then the Gauls, and then back to the Italians, who kept it in an abbey.

This abbey later burned to the ground[2]; fortunately, a visiting monk, spellbound by its mystery, stole it. It went into the hands of famous occultists and curiosity collectors.Then it disappeared again.

In the Sixth Age, it was found in a pile of old documents by J.R.R. Tolkien while a student at Oxford. His invented sister, Mary-Susan[3], is a Muggle-born witch, studying at Hogwarts.

Ronald (Tolkien, of course) communicates this to Sue, who tells her House Head, Professor Dumbledore, about it. Ronald also tells his teacher, a Mr. Singer, about it. Mysteriously, a thick letter addressed to Ronald, sent by a certain M, soon arrives at their guardian’s house. Inside are the keys for translating the book. Ronald can’t believe it, but he tries them out, and it makes sense.

Many years later, he has finished translating the books. He has told the story of Bilbo to his children. He has even told his friend C.S. Lewis about other parts. Then a letter comes from M, telling him to publish any part of it in whatever form he likes, in his own time, as long as he should not change the story. In return, he will pay generously.

The result is The Hobbit. It is well received. M requests more. Ronald follows it up with LotR. M tells him to publish the material about the First Age. However, he dies before he can publish the Silmarillion. His son Christopher does that for him.

After The Hobbit is published, the Elves are in a flurry of excitement. Círdan writes to Ronald, signing with the Tengwar, inquiring about the whole affair. The flabbergasted Ronald replies with all he knows about M. Círdan gives his consent, saying that no one could detect them anyway.

Ronald has told all of this to Sue, who is a Healer by now. Dumbledore, who keeps in touch with his old students, also finds about the affair, but tells no one else.

When he dies, he leaves Sue, among other things, a few detached pages, which tell of the origin of the Wizarding World. (To make a long story short, Morgoth, Sauron and the Blue Wizards did it.) She donates it to Hogwarts, but Dumbledore hides it away in his office, because the past deserves its privacy.

Ron calls a council in the Room of Requirement. They discuss more backstory. The conversation touches the issues of house-elves and S.P.E.W. Hermione tells Gilrohir to talk to his "brothers". Gilrohir points out the fundamental differences between Quendi and house-elves - in short, they're not related - and seems highly insulted. Hermione is shocked, and rounds on his people for using the patronymic formula (son of ____) and ignoring the mother. She storms off in a huff.

Through the window in the boy’s dormitory, Gilrohir stares at the stars, namely, the Star of Eärendil. Ron points out it’s Venus, but he’s lost in thought. He chants "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" softly. He tells them that though the world itself may change, Eärendil would still shine. He points out Orion. He tells them it’s a sign of the Great End, when the Dark Enemy would return and the Black Sword would strike him down once and for all.[4]

Later, Gilrohir apologizes to Hermione. He explains that he feels great pain for the house-elves but he can’t do anything, because the first ones were enslaved by magic. Besides, they’re used to servility – it’s ingrained in their psyche.

Draco Malfoy has brought a Hand of Glory, and also sneaks around at night. He steals the Marauder’s Map. He finds out William is an Elf, but tells it only to his closest friends. He also misunderstands the whole "house-elf/Elf" business, and thinks that Gilrohir is somehow of house-elf stock. He can’t believe it himself. However, he passes insulting remarks about house-elves to Hermione, making sure William overhears. Crabbe and Goyle make even more explicit hints, mentioning non-existent relatives such as "Wendy". Gilrohir believes that his cover is blown.

During the Halloween feast, Malfoy passes by the Gryffindor table and knocks over a goblet. He tells him to clean the mess up. Gilrohir throws another goblet at him, and it hits him in the nose.[5] Malfoy draws his wand, but Gilrohir cuts it in two with a table knife. He grabs him by the collar, and whispers fiercely, "Well are you named, for you have a dragon's tongue." Malfoy screams that he is not human, he's an elf. Professor Meardon restores order. He takes away 50 points from Gryffindor and gives him detention. This takes away Gryffindor’s lead in the House Cup competition, and Gilrohir’s cover is blown.

People get freaked out by Gilrohir’s presence, not quite understanding. Only his friends stand by him. Luna, however. doesn't believe he's an Elf. Dennis Creevey takes pictures of Gilrohir until Colin stops him.

Hermione starts pestering him with questions like “Do Balrogs have wings?”, "Was Legolas blonde or dark-haired like you?", “Did the Ringwraiths attack the inn at Bree or was it Bill Ferny and his friends?” and "What exactly was Tom Bombadil?".

Dumbledore fears that sooner or later, Voldemort will find out.

Lord Voldemort does find out about what’s going on through Draco, who writes to him. He is intrigued, but gives it little thought. All the while, attacks by the Death Eaters take place. An entire neighborhood is destroyed. The adults are tortured in front of children and other nasty stuff. Fudge is having lots of problems. The Daily Prophet reports thing in a positive way.

Harry finds Gilrohir polishing his sword, a conception-day gift.[6] Gildor comments on Harry's random sword-swinging when fighting the Basilisk.

Meanwhile, many of the Gringotts goblins resolve to desert from the side of good, and to take all the gold. Bill Weasley finds out and he notifies Dumbledore. Dumbledore really worried. He tells Fudge of the situation, but doesn't mention the Elves. However, Fudge doesn’t believe him again.

Charlie Weasley notes that the dragons are acting strange, and he notifies Dumbledore. Voldemort plans to take control of the dragons by invoking a spell. Dumbledore is really, really worried. He notifies the Order of the Phoenix, and Moody, Tonks and Lupin come to school in secret.

The students try to relax a little at Hogsmeade. Harry and company have some Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. As they drink, express edition Daily Prophets arrive. They learn that the Gringotts goblins have made off with the gold and joined Voldemort. Ron learns that most of the faithful goblins and the other employees of Gringotts were killed. Bill is not listed among the casualties; he’s missing. Ron frantically writes home. The Ministry, which has been interrogating the captive Death Eaters with Veritaserum, hasn’t anticipated this.

In the following week, an unbelievable financial crisis results. Most wizards and witches in the U.K. have little Wizard money. Ministry gets foreign aid from France and Bulgaria. Cornelius Fudge “has tea” with Prime Minister John Major. The British Government later loans a million pounds to “charity”.

Bill returns, fortunately unscathed. They learn more bad news. Giants have gone over to Voldemort. He now has goblins, Dementors, Death Eaters and giants in his forces. Battles occur every day. Some students are orphaned.

Harry celebrates Christmas with his friends. Hardly anyone goes home now, even if they want to, because Hogwarts is safest. Gilrohir gives Harry a knife and a mail-shirt. The Yule Ball is cancelled in light of what's happening.

Voldemort’s forces storm Azkaban, freeing the Death Eaters. Popular opinion turns towards Fudge. He resigns, appointing... Percy(?) in his place.

During the spring holidays, everyone investigates. Many birds come and go to Hogwarts. Meardon can talk to them.

Some dragons fall under Voldemort’s control. Charlie is burnt to death.

Voldemort leaves Harry alone this year.

Gilrohir secretly leaves for the Havens by a swan-boat that rises from the lake.



Next year, Uncle Vernon mysteriously falls ill. Aunt Petunia has to go to the hospital. She brings Harry and Dudley with her.

When they get back, their house, along with the rest of the block, is destroyed. A hysteric Mrs. Figg tells Harry that a group of Death Eaters apparated and started killing everyone and blowing up everything in sight. A group of Aurors apparated soon after, and the battle destroyed their house. The survivors had cast Memory Charms on the surviving Muggles, and blamed it on a gas explosion as always.

Now homeless, Harry and the Dursleys stay in a hotel ten miles away. Then Lupin and Tonks Apparate at Harry’s hotel room. After talking with the Dursleys, Lupin offers Sirius’ house as shelter. The Dursleys agree, very much frightened. Aunt Petunia is put off by Tonks’ hair. Lupin takes Harry aside and tells him that Sirius left his house to him, since Tonks refused it.

They all go to 12 Grimmauld Place by portkey. Kreacher is there, same as ever. He knows about Sirius’ death. Harry restrains the urge to hurt him. The portrait of Sirius’ mother knows it too.

They meet Gilrohir again. This time he isn't coming back to Hogwarts.

Sometime later...

Forsythe returns as the DADA professor, breaking the jinx.

Bill turns out to be under the Imperius Curse.

Trelawney makes a third genuine prediction about the Dark Lord whose name is "feared", "hated", and "dark", who would “cast aside his doom” and “defy the order”, and "release the great power".

The Dark Lord would “unleash terrible malice,” “break loose from his shackles”, “return from nothing”, and bring about “horrors upon horrors, until the End."

Through his mental link with Voldemort, Harry learns that he is planning to get the Holy Grail(!) Voldemort believes that drinking from the Grail will grant him immortality. Dumbledore contacts a mysterious figure who calls himself Harper.

Gilrohir and/or Harper analyzes the descriptions of the Dark Lord’s name and concludes, to his alarm, that the prediction could refer not only to Voldemort (whose name is feared) but to Sauron (whose name means “abhorred” in Sindarin) and Morgoth (the Dark Enemy).

If Voldemort becomes immortal, the order of the universe will be ruined, since no human is meant to be immortal. (Nicolas Flamel’s Elixir of Life did not give true immortality as such; he evidently had to drink it time and again, so I would say that it was only a temporary measure. In contrast, drinking from the Grail would give the drinker definite immortality.)

Casting aside his doom would refer to his casting aside the Doom of Men. Once he casts aside his doom and order is broken, first the spirit of Sauron and then of Melkor would gain strength, and in time they would be able to re-embody themselves and go down to Earth and wreak havoc once more.

Offically, no one knows where the Grail is for sure, but he reveals that it is actually a "stone", and the castle where the Grail was kept was called a Templar castle - both in an opera. The Templar bit is just a red herring, fooling legions of "authors", but the stone bit is real. The description of the Grail just got mixed up with lots of other stuff in the telling, and "Grail" is just one of many of the force/entity/power's names. (I'm Catholic, BTW, and have never read The Da Vinci Code.)

In the meantime, Dumbledore informs Fudge of all of this, and asks him to probe for wizard members of these groups, in the hope of finding out the secrets for their cause, because the future of the world is at stake. But he won’t listen.

Later, Harper is revealed to be Maglor, the last of the Fëanorians and the royal Noldor in Middle-earth (and M as well, who sent the Red Book to Tolkien). Forsythe reveals himself to be Radagast the Brown, who was made younger and sent though time by the Valar, who had forseen all this, in order to avert this catastrophe from happening.

In the end, Voldemort swallows what pretty much everybody thinks is the Grail Stone but it is actually Maglor's Silmaril (he was planning this all along, maybe?). His insides burn, and Harry defeats him.


Things/concepts/characters alluded to:

[1] Morgoth and Sauron, of course
[2]The abbey of The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco
[3] The Mary-Sue of fanfiction, and Susan Pevensie
[4]One version of the Dagor Dagorath, wher Túrin kills Morgoth
[5]Túrin throws a goblet at his tormentor
[6]In Laws and Customs of the Eldar, it says that Elves celebrated their conception-days instead of birth-days (if I remember right)


One of my problems is that I can't think of new magic spells and concepts. I want to get this down in story form, but I'm not much of a writer, just a thinker...

I'm thinking of junking the whole William/Gilrohir plot and putting Harper/Maglor among the mourners at Dumbledore's death... maybe he saves the trio from Death eaters at Godric's Hollow. But after that I don't know. But I want to have Voldemort swallow a Silmaril! :)

I've written a few pages in prose, but most of them aren't on my hard drive. Anyway, as it stands, they're obsolete, one way or another. But I might post them anyway, in the future... The following post is a version of a scene where Meardon reveals his identity (repost, updated):
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“All of you know me as Miles Meardon. Once, in ages long past, I was known as Aiwendil.”

“Aiwendil…” repeated Gilrohir. “You are the one whom men called Radagast!”

“Radagast.” repeated Meardon. “Yes, that was their name for me. Radagast the Brown.”

“Hey, I think you’re mentioned in The Hobbit,” said Hermione.

“I am. I was one of the Istari – men then called us the Wise Ones, and your Tolkien called us "Wizards". Five we were – proud Curumo, wise Olorin, shrewd Alatar and Pallando, and myself. It was the Valar, the great Powers, who sent us to Middle-earth as their messengers, to aid the Free Peoples in the struggle against the Dark Lord. Alas! Not all of us succeeded.”

“Olorin? I’ve seen that name before,” said Hermione. “One of the names of Gandalf the Grey!"

“Yes, he was Gandalf. Mithrandir. The Grey Pilgrim. The greatest of us all. Largely through him was the Enemy defeated.”

“Among our order, he was closest to me, you know. We were as close as kin. I remember him well – and I remember that I led him into a trap. Which brings us to Curumo.” He sighed.

“Saruman,” said Gilrohir.

Yes, men called him that, I believe. Saruman the White. It means “Man of Skill”. It’s Curunir in the Grey-elven tongue. He had little love for me, I recollect. He was unwilling to have me as a companion, as the Valar decreed, and we parted ways.”

“Now, Saruman - Saruman sought power for himself. He desired the One Ring. He took the men of Dunland into his service, bred a great army of orcs and made war on Rohan. Fortunately, Gandalf and his friends defeated him, and his stronghold was destroyed. But he escaped, and brought ruin to the hobbits of the Shire. At the last, he was slain by an oppressed slave.”

“What about the others?” said Harry.

“The other two – well, their history is shrouded in the mists of the East and the South. They went there, and Saruman accompanied them, for a time. I know they went among the potential enemies of Gondor, shielding them from the lies and malice of Sauron.”

“How did they do that?”

“By teaching them, of course. And they taught them many things – about Nature, about the stars – many, many things. Mankind owes a lot more to them than it knows. In fact, they were the ones who started “magic” as you humans know it!”

“The Blue... Wizards, the Ithryn Luin – who knows the full tale of all that they did, a lifetime, no, a hundred lifetimes ago? All I know for sure is that Alatar remained faithful to the Valar and continued to serve their bidding, teaching a few followers helpful spells, enchantments, and such. Pallando, however, was ensnared by Sauron, and he did his will, and aided by the Dark Lord he instructed his followers in the arts of dark sorcery, until at last the two slew one another in a contest of might. But their followers lived on.

Later they spread to other parts of Middle-earth, to the Reunited Kingdom, to Rohan, to Rhovanion – well, basically everywhere. Though they were never many, as it is now.”

“After Sauron had been defeated, I thought our task was over. As bearer of one of the Elven-rings, Gandalf sailed West over Sea with Frodo and the other Ringbearers. However, it was not finished for me. You see, out of all five of us, I had done the least – perhaps I had grown too attached to the birds and beasts of this world, and forgot about my true mission – at least that’s what Yavanna told me.”

“Yavanna!” exclaimed Gilrohir, and bowed his head.

“She appeared to me in a vision, in my dwelling at Rosghobel, near Mirkwood. She told me that I had not done enough of what was required of me, and thus failed, but had performed my duty sufficiently enough to remain somewhat in their favor. It was I who kept sending the Eagles, for Gwaihir their king was my good friend, as well as Gandalf’s.”

I could not yet go back to Valinor. The Valar still had a task for me to do. However, it lay ahead in the vast deeps of time. In the future, a new menace would arise among men, and he would proclaim himself a Dark Lord, and seeking ultimate power for himself would unwittingly unleash the ancient menace of the Great Enemy again on the world, and so bring about the Great End, if he succeeds.”

“The Dark Lord - Voldemort?” said Harry, though he knew the answer.

“The fate of the World, and of all things, was decreed long ago,” said Gilrohir, “and none may change or hinder it.”

“Yes, it was. The Great End will eventually come to pass. It is our Doom. And I told her that. But it would not yet be time! she answered.”

“It would not yet be time,” Harry repeated. He was beginning to understand.

“My task would be to hinder that menace. I would have to aid you people in the future, as I should have done in the past.”

“So she placed sleep upon me, and I slumbered in the Earth for many an age. As I slept, the world was changed. Great beasts walked the earth, and disappeared as suddenly as they came. The earth was encrusted with ice, and then thawed again. Empires rose and fell, and new nations were formed, and they made war and peace with each other. Man learned much of what he had lost, and learned new things. Many, many things happened in those ages of the world..." He trailed off, and stared into the fire.

“And then, I awoke. Everything that had passed since I slept, I knew. I found myself in the United Kingdom; the Reunited Kingdom had long since fallen, and had passed out of all knowledge. I got myself new clothes, and made for myself a new identity."


Of course, he isn't human, but a Maia....
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