national poetry day

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national poetry day

Postby eowyn of ithilien » Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:52 pm

well, it's national poetry day here in rainy ol' britain and this year's theme is identity, so here's my contribution:


you talk of labels but they're just words -
slippery as eels, flighty as birds;

they change their meanings like the tides,
always misleading and changing sides.

they will not show you the real me
for i am much more than you can see.

people aren't labels that you can tick -
we're made of teflon so the labels don't stick.

identity is more than stereotype,
so forget tradition and ignore the hype -

look beyond the badges and you might find
identity of a different kind

and on a more personal note:

i am...

deep as black;
still as night;
hard as nails;
pure as white;

loud as gunfire;
calm as sea;
happy as larry,
but who is he?

right, that's me - now it's your turn. what are your musings on identity?
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