Writing and Roleplaying

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Writing and Roleplaying

Postby Irensaga » Tue Dec 05, 2006 11:43 am

I figure this is most likely the best place to post this, since obviously this is where the writers come to gather. ;)

What this is, is an advertisement for Elendor, and online, though more importantly, text based roleplaying game. Unlike other online adventure games, this one is about story, and not killing monsters or gaining levels or anything like that. We have a great bunch of players on this game, a multitude of settings and cultures spanning the entirety of Middle Earth, and a love for Tolkien. We desire to tell thematic stories, through Rp, in a Middle Earth that mirrors the books as best we can.

Beyond being given the chance to play in almost real time with other players who love Tolkien just as much as yourself, you have the opportunity to assume a role almost totally. Whether you are a simple soldier of Gondor, a hobbit, a dwarven warder, or Elvish bard -- Rp and writing opportunities abound. If any are interested feel free to stop by our website, www.elendor.net, or drop me an email at fimjisher@hotmail.com. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

And since I'm here I have to do a plug for my culture on Elendor as well. Beorning. ;)

The Beornings are a culture with two species, the shapeshifters who are the kin of Beorn, as well as the humans who follow them. Of these humans there are two main groups: The people of Anduin Valley and the Woodmen of Mirkwood, both leading exciting lives in maintaining the flow of trade from west of the Misty Mountains to the east. Brought together by their hatred of orcs and need for common defense they have continued through the ages, proud descendants of the Edain, and later with help from the Beijabar who were driven from their mountain homes. A realm with large opportunities for roleplaying within the culture because of their diversity as well as outside the culture with the nearby realms. We are an equal opportunity culture with strong roles for women.

NEEDED: Smart, witty folks who want to RP in our exciting, growing culture!

PLOTS: We always have a lot to do: interactions with the elves and trolls of Mirkwood, the goblins of Goblin Town, and the eagles of the Misty Mountains help to spice up our interesting inter-village role play!

Look for Ulfver and I hope to hear from some of you soon! Thanks kindly.
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