Butterfly Garden, the mists of legends...

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Butterfly Garden, the mists of legends...

Postby Terry D » Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:09 am

As we build with the foundational blocks of Language, we search for the devices that transcend the limitations of mere words. As dawn enlightens the forest dark, so does the illumination of butterfly wings, lighten our hearts.

As scribes born after the reigning Elemental lords, we strive to etch what meaning we may encounter on our forest flight. Upon copper and golden plates these etchings survive as children, with which we all grow. Our words are heirs, carrying the meaning of our lives, the motion of our names, within a cascading heritage.

Our words, archaic Faithful, on a pilgrimage of expressive legacy... each sentence a quest, every verse a marvel of connectivity. As we reflect within this Garden, the Universe is mirrored in the silvered ponds, as each of our faces peers to gaze into tranquil waters. Take rest beside the Butterfly Garden's pools, discover the mystery of seeing in others, what they have seen of themselves.

Welcome all, take heart, take pen in hand, let creation unfold, as we write. Our words are the mists of legends....
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Postby Terry D » Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:51 am

Darkness ceased into a glimmering twilight,.. twilight passed its delicate hand upon Mother Earth. This Earth, these worlds we create and dwell within, renewed with an innocent vigor. Or, rather, renewal, more marvellous, re-awakend each of us?

Soft light, barely sufficient to make a sky, emanated through air, within flower, over each blade of grass. Light, tremulous, vivified skin and shell, husk and hair,.. unveiling everything, anything, each leaf, feather, dew-drop, gust of wind. All visible with unworldly perception. Either by a nether-light that poured from them, as fire from cosmic orb,.. or by inner-twilight that glowed of our eyes, of our recognition. Nothing cast a shadow, within, without...

Dancers of color and hue, things were things no more, interchanging memories of light. Things, ever growing, things ever showing, shape and colour, ethereal form and substance, became idea indwelling. What each was, was all being. And what was memory, was now revealed.

With our feet bare, we are in love with tended lawn and free pasture. As toes touch grass, naked, moist, soft... every plant, each world, being, life, unite within tender step and we are one. Micro, macro are at length atoned, harmonious, blended into supernal light! Bare foot, tickled toe discover life renewed with each step. This dance enters and enlivens with its light-hearted syncopation. This dance of twilight is Awareness.

Knowing life at once, knowing whence we came, to be there and at home as well. Alive, cognizant that life is dancing through all.

Sense after sense, hitherto somnolent, awakens with each step. Sense after sense incredible, bereft of description, heedless of words, reveals without description. Expansive recognition, ever making heart to receive, sight to consume and be consumed with hungry apprehension. Dwell within that consciousness entering, when doorway opens and all are one. That twilight moment when breeze brushing lips of flower petal, is our breath, our unspoken yearning, when wing of flight is tinkling bell. We are that exquisite joy of the Tolkienian bell. We are that release of breeze. Each becomes glad-union, every becomes you. The Abode of being enlightens a temple of revel, a tabernacle of joyous revelation.

We are a peaceful ocean...
Wave swells with continual thrill
of ever lifting wave...
Life is a cosmic dance....

Realize that light and life and truth lovingly glow, with the twilight of our eye's glance. Each dancing Elemental, mere and pure, is in itself bliss. When not blissful, not light, Element is but mirrored reflection-in-darkness. Inspiration is recognition, that dark breeze is were-shadow, that singing flight is a universal sigh of thanks-union.

Dawn's Herald, is auroral wind
softly reminding,
luminously recollecting,
sweetly urging memory...
Awareness' approaches.

Each prismatic ocean wave
of scarlet and orange
and crimson and gold,
transforms aloft into below...
horizon into footfall.
With Dawn's rising,
every little flower
straightens its slender neck,
stalk uplifted,
head outstretched, expectant...

Something more glorious than Dawn,
more crystaline than light,
is approaching...
Love Himself! Life Herself!
They ever near,
as the necks of all things,
the stalk of human-kind
reach out to see Mother-Father parade!

Childlike we dance,
with beast and forest,
garden and starlight!

Flutter on butterflies,
dream dragonflies
hover cloudlike,
colour the sky
with raining acceptance,
spectrum awareness
with infusing unity...

Dance on the new earth,
frolic under the new heaven,
discover them
Visit that old friend,
who has opened conversation,
revealed heart,
and we gaze deep within.

Dance now, dance free,
dance onward into what was
and ever will be.
Fluttering wings in forest
uplift soaring heart.

Heart and embowered canopy
become haven,
betwixt leaf and wing
the uplifting air revels
within and without...
Butterfly Garden is an aerial vault,
where children fly
and elders dance,
and memories eternal awaken,
as if by twilight's chance....
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Postby Terry D » Wed Oct 03, 2007 5:59 am

Where does Gnosis and Eternal Law meet? In the ineffable act of existence, the fact of being. It is both Inspiring Mother and Creative Father, dual as one!

Do not falter with the singularity of a limited vision. Binocular sight reveals actuality. Both Mother Spirit and Father Creator, invoke the memory of what we are to be. Woman awakens sleeping man... into child of Light, living celestial inferno in human form.

It is when People construct an altered, flawed, reality,.. composed of partial verse and borrowed song, that disguise becomes the end all and be all. Law is firmament's embrace and Light is heart unveiled! Sing with the heaven's stars, kiss each Dawn's lips,.. dance Free!

Rules are contrived annoyances that foster enslaving mediocrity... This is where the binding murk clouds daylight, within a false Luciferian World... when people take Law as Architect Supreme, and bind fellow travellars to yoke of rule and submission. Remember that it is both the Mother's tender awakening and the Father's virile sleep, that is the heart of our existence.

The Gnosis within Creation are not diametrically opposed entities. The shadows of sleep that is our created universe, unites with the joyous song of Mother Spirt's Inspiration! Sleep in shadows no longer, quickly the Light appears!

We long to return home. Father has constructed temporary memory. Mother is the way to new born remembering!

Awaken Child!

Return King!
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