Comments-Two Ordinary Roads

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Comments-Two Ordinary Roads

Postby Rylar » Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:17 pm

In keeping with the latest trends in the Scriptorium we are adding a comments thread for our story as well. Two Ordinary Roads is a story that began in the Green Dragon Inn thread over in the Prancing Pony many months ago. This story is being written by Rholarowyn and Rodia who, once we discovered we enjoyed writing collaboratively, decided to move the story over here to explore our characters in a more “controlled” environment.

Rodia is writing the character of Fennel the Peddler.

Rholarowyn is writing the characters of Rylar, Bryttar, and Cidyllor.

The early part of this story will be the posts that were written in the Inn thread with some minor changes. Once we catch up to the point where we left off with the story in that thread our story will be as much of an adventure for the readers as it will be for us the writers.

Please us this thread to post your comments, suggestions, questions, etc. and let the other thread be strictly for the story.

Thank you,

Rholarowyn and Rodia

Edited to add: There were several characters that were also being written into the story. In this version we have decided to keep only a few of them. This will include the two elves in the beginning, Hirgon, and a young woman who was in the story for a brief time.

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Postby Rodia » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:31 am

Ah, this took a long time to get started, but I'm glad it wasn't just a straw fire. Perfect, just in time for the New Year. :D
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