Confederation of Easterlings and Haradrim (C.O.E.A.H)

The varied peoples of Middle-earth at times found unity in their pursuits, and all too often experienced deep rifts. Engage in lively conversations as we banter about the differences between the Alliances, and recruit for our People as well. Remember, keep it friendly.

Confederation of Easterlings and Haradrim (C.O.E.A.H)

Postby Billobob » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:34 pm

I've decided that there needs to be a society for everything east and in middle earth. I'm relatively new so I don't expect people to join but I think it would be cool for there to be a group that discusses the most mysterious and dangerous :eye: regions of middle earth. This thread will mainly focus on as the name Implies easterlings tribes and the Haradrim but we will discuss other elements of the east and south regions of middle earth.
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