Eldar's Guild Act III

The varied peoples of Middle-earth at times found unity in their pursuits, and all too often experienced deep rifts. Engage in lively conversations as we banter about the differences between the Alliances, and recruit for our People as well. Remember, keep it friendly.

Re: Eldar's Guild Act III

Postby crystal_seed » Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:04 am

As she watched the exchange between the small sídhe and the tiger, Crys smiled, yawned and stretched. It felt like she had slept almost a month, and indeed, looking back on her last post date, it almost had been a month! :Q

After Fionavar left and the lovely aroma of breakfast began wafting through the room, Crys moved away from her cozy bed and decided to seize the day. First things first. She remembered that Pandemonium had taken a detour towards the pond on their way to the Guildhouse. In order to prevent a sudden lake in the parlour, she roused him gently and led him to the double glass doors that led to the grounds in the the back of the Eldar Estate in order to take care of his morning needs.

Pandemonium sauntered slowly towards a clump of bushes and disappeared in the shadows under a great Hanging Fir.

Crys watched the tiger depart from the French doors and heard the exchange between Vana and Eff Tee, who seemed to have been on an adventure of his own whilst the ladies slept. Bits of leaf and twig were still clinging to his trousers. And as Vana asked where he'd been, he absently brushed a bit of oak leaf from his curly hair. Waiting with great anticipation deepening curiosity for the answer, Crys moved to the kitchen, still in earshot, to prepare some corn and soymeal mash with butter and cream for the tiger's morning victuals.
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Re: Eldar's Guild Act III

Postby rwhen » Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:19 am

rwhen shoo'd Fionavar off to her own amusement, which could always spell disaster, in favor of the aroma's coming from the kitchen. She loaded up a plate with some fresh crispy bacon, two soft boiled eggs and some toast with butter. Some marionberry jam half made it to the side of the plate as the elf red faced, took a towel and cleaned it up. She then made some flower arrangements for the table and sat down.

"Crys, what is that you are concocting, you look like a mad scientist," rwhen could see the lady stirring and adding liquids to a large bowl.

Crystal Seed laughed lightly. "It is for my Pandemonium, we wouldn't want him eating the daisies you just so artfully displayed."

rwhen eyeballed the flowers then turned back to her friend. "They are not all that special, would it help to have them in your bowl?" She pushed forward a vase full of the flowers.

"No thanks, not today. He will do just fine with this soymeal mash and corn." rwhen turned up her nose. "I know, it isn't the normal fare for his sort, but with no teeth....." she trailed off meaningfully.

"Got it," rwhen replied, clearly not getting it at all. As ever distracted easily, the soft talk between Vanaladiel and Frodo Took caught her sensitive ears. "BREAKFAST!!" she smiled at Crystal Seed. She was not always the most subtle or delicate elf in the bunch. "HURRY BEFORE PANDEMONIUM EATS YOUR SHARE!!"


The elf shrugged and attacked her eggs and bacon, licking her lips and fingers as the marionberry jam fell from the toast.
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Re: Eldar's Guild Act III

Postby Vanaladiel » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:39 pm

Sadly the Eldar's have lost another of their special lady members.

We lost Rowanberry on March 1st, 2014! We are still in shock and unbelief since she was so vital and so active! We will miss you forever Rowanberry! :( My sister friend forever!

We lost vison just a year ago on Thanksgiving day! She fought so valiantly against the Cancer that attacked her a second time. I pray that I can face the challenges of life with the same zeal and fortitude that she did. She was a woman of great strength and love! Forever your friend!
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