2004 WCA Press Release

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2004 WCA Press Release

Postby erinhue » Sat Nov 13, 2004 11:59 am

Attention everyone, we would like to make a brief announcement regarding the 2004 White Council Awards. The schedule for the award show will be posted in this space as soon as it has been finalized. We ask that any questions pertaining to this be asked in the previous ( and now stickied) press conference thread here in Talk.

Firstly, the 2004 WCA Dream Team; Elengil, Eluchil, GwenElf, Impenitent, Lady Galadriel 786, Larueanna, Luthienelflover, SilverScribe, Teltasarwen and this year’s Master of Ceremonies, Erinhue would like to thank everyone for their participation in the vote. This message is basically to let you all know that we are still counting on your support to make this year’s award show as all-inclusive as the ballot aspired to be.

This show is for everyone. We are aware that the time may not be perfect for everyone on the boards. We took it into consideration to be sure, but to make it a perfect time for everyone that posts here would be impossible. On the bright side ( and didn’t ya just know I had one for ya) one benefit of a message board is that you can come back anytime and see the proceedings in their entirety at any more convenient time.

We will maintain a separate thread where the results will be posted as soon as they are made public. This is a service for those who do not want be involved with the Role Play that will no doubt be going on in the Award Show thread.

That is the heart of this message.

While there are many of you that are new to and or unfamiliar with Role Play as done here on TORC, I want to assure you that this will be Role Play Lite with the emphsis on being a part of the fun. If you are new to RP and looking for a chance to stretch your wings or show your stuff here’s your shot at it

Closet RPer? If you always secretly wanted to try on another persona or wanted to play pretend for a little while, here’s your no pressure, no fault, no foul chance to come out and play.

No need to worry about Plot. Here it is. You are gonna get dressed up, hang with a bunch of friends and go attend the most fabulous event of the entire TORC calendar. Limo? Horseback? Winged Dragon? How you arrive is totally up to you ;) and once ya get there, you’ll know what to do? Sure you will, just act the way you would if you were going to something like the Oscars, or act the way you would never, ever dream of acting ANYWHERE. All’s fair out in the audience.

The Official Red Carpet thread will be opened in a day or two so think up something fabulous or outrageous to wear. Tell us about it. If you can find something ya like on the web, link us to it. If ya got a PM, show us what ya gotJ. Once inside get yourself a glass or a mug or a bottle and some popcorn or whatever (concession stands will be welcome to set up in the outer courtyard. perhaps you guile would like to set one up?) get to your seat and watch the show. Clap for the winners and shout encouragements and perhaps even ( don’t you dare )heckle the MC.

The point is - this is your awards show and you are gonna make it as big and bad (=good)as you want it to be. The team has thought or two but we will also be looking to you and your ideas to make the show a blast worth talking about the next morning.

Be sedate, Be outrageous. Simply clap for the winners or go dance in the ornamental fountain (Just for you TerryD;)) Whatever ya do, BE THERE OR BE SQUARE
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Postby elengil » Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:39 pm



2. Crystal Thread Best Guild/Alliance

The Bards' Guild

3. The Last Homely House The friendliest and most welcoming Guild/Alliance for all TORCers

The Bards' Guild

The complete list of winners may be found at: The Official WCA Winner Anouncements and Award Pickup Thread
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