Tolkien Day 2014 on the Lower Rhine, Germany

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Tolkien Day 2014 on the Lower Rhine, Germany

Postby Canamarth » Tue May 20, 2014 7:24 am

For those in western Germany or in The Netherlands (as it's just across from the border) - or those travelling a longer trip:

6th Tolkien Day at the Dragon Village, Bürgerpark Pont, Geldern, Germany, 14-15 June 2014

Following last year’s immense success, the sixth Tolkien Day, organised by the local representation of the German Tolkien Society, will again take place at Bürgerpark in Pont. The area will be extended to the complete town center, making more space available. The local Youth Center and the townsquare will be integrated into the event area as well. As usual, Tolkien Day will take place the weekend following Pentecost, 14 and 15 June.

The cooperation between the German Tolkien Society and the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor will continue, offering programme in both languages. The event location having proven its worth last year, now further local groups agreed to help, and there will be new guests, groups and bands, expanding the Tolkien Day programme. This includes the Federal Office of Magical Creatures, which will participate with a stall.

Tolkien Day offers, among other events, speeches by Dr. Dr. h.c. Frank Weinreich, Friedhelm Schneidewind, Dr. Christian Weichmann, Andreas Zeilinger, Marcel R. Aubron-Bülles and Prof. Dr. Arnulf Krause this year. Workshops will teach things such as making Mead like Beorn, dressmaking like Rosie, archery like Legolas or dancing like Lúthien, or explore virtual Middle Earth. Furthermore there will be animations of Middle Earth life by different grouls in nine camps. New among them is the Frisian team “Rheingold”, looking for “Baggins” in the Shire as Nazgûls on their proud black steeds.

There will also be games with professional game explaners and exhibitions with artists from Germany and the Netherlands. Of course there will be no shortage of live music. Like last year, famous bands were booked such as “Verus Viator” or “Fafnir”. New bands will be “Faelend” and “Bardensang und Zauberklang”, which will offer more musical diversity. There will be plenty of information for visitors – ranging from weird to scientific – concerning the successful author J.R.R. Tolkien, and a quiz will be offered with numerous prizes, in addition to a painting competition for children.

For the younger visitors, The Tolkien Day programme will be extended, thanks to a donation from the C&A foundation. Waldritter e.V. will organize a hobbit camp outside the kindergarten, where children will be welcome all day and where ongoing events will be offered (competitions, storytelling, food preparation). In special activities, the Shire will have to be protected from the orks, and the ork camp has to be raided, where the hoppits will be supported by the rangers. There will also be a hobbit celebration with parade and dance. Games, swords and costumes will be provided, children may also bring their own costumes.

There will be international specialties from Middle Earth. The event will take place in any weather.

Further information (in German):
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