Leeds (or thereabouts) July 28 - 30, 2017

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Leeds (or thereabouts) July 28 - 30, 2017

Postby JewelSong » Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:05 pm

So, I was missing the annual Oxford Moot and also missing the UK and wishing there was a Moot there this summer and...well, it seems I have somehow organized one. I'll be in the UK from July 25 - Aug 2 and in the general vicinity of Leeds the weekend of July 28 - 30. Things are starting to shape up on the "secret" Facebook group called "The Mooters." If you're on Facebook and not in this group, message me and I'll invite you. :D I'll also post details here and on HoF, as they emerge. Heliona has already offered to get us in to the Tolkien Exhibit at Leeds Uni on the Saturday.

My itinerary (in case anyone wants to meet up with ME, but can't make it to Leeds) is as follows:
Arrive London Tuesday July 25 in the morning.
Hang out in London. Anyone up for lunch or tea? I may need a nap, too.
Tuesday evening, take the Caledonian sleeper to Inverness.
July 26 - 27 in Inverness. Men in kilts.
Train to Edinburgh morning of the 27th
July 27 - 28 in Edinburgh. Castle and single malt.
Train to Leeds morning of the 28th
July 28 - 30 - MOOT in Leeds and general vicinity. Much merriment and conversation. And real ale. Also, apparently I am staying in the bomb shelter in Hobbituk's back garden in Halifax.
Train to London morning of the 31st
July 31 - Aug 1 in London! London things.
Then I fly back to the USA for a couple of days in NYC.
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